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2001_Jan-31: Konami to Deliver Baseball Game Contents for Java I-Mode Cell Phones
2001_Jan-31: Browser-Phone Users Have Many 'Pen Pals,' Send 11 E-Mails a Day: Survey
2001_Jan-31: Purchase with Nifty, Get Cosmo Gas Cheaper
2001_Jan-31: NTT DoCoMo, Sony Computer to Expand I-Mode/PlayStation Linkage Overseas
2001_Jan-30: IBM Develops Music Distribution System Capable of File Exchanges
2001_Jan-30: Content, Services Most Important to Mobile Internet, Corporate Users Say
2001_Jan-29: Netscape.com Declines on Web Audience Rating in November 2000: Survey
2001_Jan-26: Japan's Mobile Phone Operators to Adopt W3C's XHTML Basic
2001_Jan-26: TU-KA Cellular to Debut E-Mail Device with Digital Camera
2001_Jan-25: Commerce21 Sells E-Commerce Package System for I-Mode Mobile Phones
2001_Jan-25: Digital Island to Use Data Centers to Offer Streaming on Global Scale: CEO
2001_Jan-24: Broadband Internet Movie Preview Set to Roll
2001_Jan-24: HP Japan Distributes Computer Virus from Web Site; Cause is Lax Linux Security
2001_Jan-24: Year-End Sales Brisk; Online Shopping Hits Record in December
2001_Jan-23: H. I. S., Cybird to Tie Up on Travel Information Distribution for I-Mode
2001_Jan-23: Asahi Net to Support NTT's FTTH Fiber-Optic Service
2001_Jan-23: EWing Securities, Japan Online Securities to Merge
2001_Jan-23: Empirix to Launch Japanese Site, Sell Tools for Web/Network Infrastructure
2001_Jan-22: E-Commerce Penetration Remains Low in Greater China, Iamasia Says
2001_Jan-22: DLJdirect SFG Offers Night Stock Trading Service in Japan
2001_Jan-19: Distribution Company of EJB Components Starts Operation
2001_Jan-19: Intel, Marubeni Solutions, Seven Others Form Consortium for Set-Up of EC Sites
2001_Jan-19: China Internet Users Top 20 Million, Says CNNIC
2001_Jan-18: Garnet Connections to Start 6Mbps ADSL Trial Service
2001_Jan-18: Sony Music to Enhance Distribution Business
2001_Jan-18: ICBC's E-Banking Completes 397 Million Business Deals
2001_Jan-18: Yamaha to Establish Music Contents Company in U.S. with Two Music Publishers
2001_Jan-17: Yahoo Japan to Launch Auction Charge, ID Registry System
2001_Jan-17: Internet Users in Korea Surpass 19 Million
2001_Jan-17: PCCW, Huajian to Develop Chinese-English Internet Browser
2001_Jan-16: Matsushita Unveils Networked Future Home
2001_Jan-15: Inpaku Attracts 250,000 Viewers First Day on Web: Survey
2001_Jan-15: Nokia, China.com Team to Tap China's Broadband Market
2001_Jan-15: Beijing Adopts E-Government to Promote Online Office Work
2001_Jan-12: Design Is Main Factor in Internet-Capable Cell Phone Purchases: Gartner Survey
2001_Jan-11: Over 60 Pct. of Elderly Net Users Experience E-Commerce: Survey
2001_Jan-11: Internet Users in Shaanxi Hit 300,000
2001_Jan-10: EBay to Acquire Korea's Online Auction for US$120 Million
2001_Jan-10: Browser-Based Mail Services Face Security Risk, METI Says
2001_Jan-10: Konami Developing Java-Based Game on I-Mode
2001_Jan-9: China Launches Official Gov't Web Site
2001_Jan-8: China Construction Bank Launches Online Banking Services
2001_Jan-5: Total Lunar Eclipse to be Shown Live on Internet
2001_Jan-5: Asia-Tech.com Bridges Pacific Rim Electronic Component Business
2001_Jan-4: Capcom's Raynegard Online Game Allows 5,000 Players in 'One World'
2001_Jan-4: NTT DoCoMo Announces Java Specifications for I-Mode


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