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2001_Feb-28: Microsoft Improves Japanese Accessibility Software Page
2001_Feb-28: Chongqing Launches Web College
2001_Feb-28: Many Internet Users Refrain From Buying Year-End Gifts Online: Nikkei Survey
2001_Feb-27: BroadVision Keen on China's E-Business Market
2001_Feb-27: 'Dreamcast Shock' is Only the Beginning: Sega Undertakes Major Corporate Restructuring
2001_Feb-27: PCCW Japan to Launch Online Gaming Business
2001_Feb-23: Justsystem to Sell Audio Software with Net Music/Image Replay
2001_Feb-23: InterQ, Sons Test Marketing Effect of News Display on Chat Site
2001_Feb-22: Internet Access Fully Restored in Shanghai
2001_Feb-21: Pornographic Web Site Operator to Sue NTT-X over Domain Name
2001_Feb-21: B-BAT to Start Pilot Service for Internet Video Data Distribution
2001_Feb-21: Microsoft Releases Beta Version of Mobile Explorer 3.0
2001_Feb-20: CSK Network Systems to Support Internet Venture Firms
2001_Feb-19: Ask to Launch Home Page Editor Software for Mobile Phones
2001_Feb-16: Synnex Sets Out to Raise Profile in Internet Appliances Market
2001_Feb-15: China Launches Online Purchasing Service for Enterprises
2001_Feb-15: Successful Web Site for Women Coming from Finland
2001_Feb-14: Online Tourism Soars in China
2001_Feb-14: Korean Web Game Vendors Enter Japanese Market
2001_Feb-13: NEC Allies with Chincom Group of China on Internet Services
2001_Feb-13: [NET&COM21;] Sloppy Control of Passwords Invites Hacker Attacks, NPA Warns
2001_Feb-13: Chinese Web Sites Adopt DoubleClick's Online Ad Program
2001_Feb-13: Test Sites Help Measure Internet Access Speeds
2001_Feb-9: Half of I-Mode Users Pay for Contents, NTT DoCoMo Executive Says
2001_Feb-9: [NET&COM21;] Indian Firm Demonstrates OSGi-Based System; Parents Can Watch their Kids Via the Net
2001_Feb-8: Survey Finds 40 Pct. of Japanese Net Users Turning to Online Financial Services: NTT-X, MRI
2001_Feb-8: APEC E-Commerce Symposium to be Held in Beijing
2001_Feb-8: NTT Com to Offer Online Music Service Using Matsushita's SD Memory Card
2001_Feb-8: Taiwan Falls Under Spell Of 'Lineage'
2001_Feb-8: Chinese Domain Resolution Protocol Up and Running
2001_Feb-7: TV Tokyo, NTT East, Five Others to Set Up Net TV Broadcasting Company
2001_Feb-7: Alan Demos Delivery of E-Tickets with Bar Codes to Mobile Phones
2001_Feb-6: Java I-Mode Mobile Phones Quickly Become Top Selling Items: Survey
2001_Feb-5: Government-Backed Internet Fair Stages Good Start: Nikkei Survey
2001_Feb-5: Japan's CATV Internet Users Reach 600,000 at End of 2000
2001_Feb-5: Hanaro Telecom Enters Domain Biz
2001_Feb-5: Online Shoppers on the Rise, Interested in Shifting to ADSL: User Survey
2001_Feb-2: Users Rail Against Yahoo Japan's Plan to Charge Auction Fees
2001_Feb-2: Sohu.com Undeterred by Slowdown Forecasts
2001_Feb-1: Japan's B2B Market to Expand to US$944 Bil. in 2005: Accenture
2001_Feb-1: UUNET to Beef Up Data Centers; Provide Billing, Distribution, Monitoring Services
2001_Feb-1: Shanghai ISPs Enter Price War
2001_Feb-1: V-Sync Builds Low-Cost Clearance System Using Linux, Mobile Phones


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