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2001_Apr-30: Korea's Thrunet to Spin Off Portal Site
2001_Apr-27: Dacom to Spin Off Chollian Online Service in 2002
2001_Apr-27: Joint B2B Site for Tire Makers Established
2001_Apr-27: Everbright Bank of China Displays New Online Settlement Solution
2001_Apr-27: Taiwan's Online Population Could Reach 10 Million
2001_Apr-27: [NAB2001] Sony to Assign IP Addresses to All Products
2001_Apr-26: Internet Population to Reach 100 Million in Japan by FY2004, InfoCom Research Says
2001_Apr-26: U.N. Official Calls for Worldwide Efforts in E-Commerce
2001_Apr-26: Internet Users Grow Rapidly in Korea
2001_Apr-26: Asia's B2B E-Commerce to Reach US$51.6B in 2005: IDC Report
2001_Apr-26: Cybozu to Launch Card Database Accessible via Web Browser
2001_Apr-26: Bell Labs Joins 'Next Generation Internet of China' Project
2001_Apr-25: E-Commerce Symposium Opens in Ningbo
2001_Apr-24: E-Recruiting Markets in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan to Grow Sharply: IDC Survey
2001_Apr-24: LG Promotes Wireless Internet
2001_Apr-24: Content Distribution Council to Test Distributed Video Content Delivery System
2001_Apr-23: Nifty.ne.jp Regains Fifth Place in Access from Offices: Audience Survey
2001_Apr-23: Nikkei, NTT Affiliates, HP Japan to Start Member Portal Biz in August
2001_Apr-20: Access Unveils Web Browser for Home Info Appliances
2001_Apr-20: Most Companies Boost IT Capital Investment Despite Economic Downturn: JUAS Survey
2001_Apr-19: Sohu.com's Delisting Crisis Saved by Price Increase
2001_Apr-18: Universal Music, Mitsubishi Adopt InterTrust's DRM Technology for Music Delivery
2001_Apr-18: Amazon Japan Launches Bookselling, Book Information Service for I-Mode Users
2001_Apr-17: Nifty, Nippon Herald Films to Launch Cineplex@nifty
2001_Apr-13: E-Commerce Becomes Driving Force for China's Economy, Experts Say
2001_Apr-12: China Sees Promising Future for B2C Market
2001_Apr-12: MP3.com Teams with Being Inc. to Launch Japanese Language Web Site
2001_Apr-12: China to Build Digital Authentication System
2001_Apr-12: Yahoo Japan Adds New Menu for Baseball Games on Y! Mobile Service
2001_Apr-12: Global E-Commerce Faces Challenges, Experts Say
2001_Apr-12: PDAs Need Anti-Virus Software: CTO of Finland's F-Secure
2001_Apr-11: Impress Communications to Distribute Images to Pocket PCs
2001_Apr-11: Domain Name ".net" Wins Popularity
2001_Apr-10: China's Net Ad Market to Expand to US$1 Billion by 2004
2001_Apr-10: Mitsubishi, Space Communications, Tokyo Electric to Deliver Video via Satellite
2001_Apr-10: ProsoftTraining.com of U.S. Establishes Japan Unit
2001_Apr-9: Nifty to Offer Access to ADSL through Five Broadband Service Providers
2001_Apr-9: Access Develops Web Browser for PlayStation2
2001_Apr-9: Sankei Shimbun to Start Net Delivery of Newspaper that Looks Like Print Version
2001_Apr-9: China's Traditional Industries to Dominate E-Commerce Summit
2001_Apr-9: EAccess Starts Pilot Contents Delivery for Broadband Networks
2001_Apr-6: PSINet Japan Says Domestic Services Won't be Affected by Parent's Restructuring
2001_Apr-4: Konami Opens Web Site for Online Games
2001_Apr-4: China to Host E-Commerce Summit
2001_Apr-3: NTT DoCoMo, Walt Disney Sign MOU for Mobile Content Development
2001_Apr-3: Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates Says Xbox is as Exciting as First PC He Saw
2001_Apr-3: Gov't. to Enact E-Commerce Law to Help Protect Consumers
2001_Apr-2: Sega to Develop Game Titles for Xbox
2001_Apr-2: TI Launches Information Appliance Design Center in Taiwan
2001_Apr-2: Tokyu Cable to Ally with Sony to Accelerate CATV Internet
2001_Apr-2: Microsoft, NTT Com Team Up for Network Service for Xbox Game Machine


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