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2001_May-31: Hong Kong's AdSociety to Launch Animated Net Advertising Delivery in Japan
2001_May-31: JASRAC Usage Fees Surge on Higher Melody-Sound Alert for Mobile Phones
2001_May-30: NTT to Start L-Mode Service, Accessible from Public Phones Using Special Card
2001_May-30: Taiwan's IT Alliance Plans to Break into VoIP Market
2001_May-29: Cybird to Launch Instant Messaging Service Targeted at KDDI's EZweb
2001_May-29: Hoshin GigaMedia Boosts Wide Broadband Services to Expand Market Share
2001_May-29: Sony's Online Games to Give Gamers Multilingual Experience
2001_May-29: RSA Security to Sell Tool to Equip PS2 Games with Encryption Technology
2001_May-28: Changes on the Horizon for Digital Appliance Software Development in Japan
2001_May-25: Clarent, MII to Set Up China's First VoIP Training Center
2001_May-25: Japan Telecom to Launch Net Service for Fixed-Line Phones, Challenging NTT
2001_May-25: Output Value of China's IT Industry Expects to Hit US$46 Billion
2001_May-24: Justsystem to Market Kit With TV Tuner and Program Recording Software
2001_May-24: Mitsubishi Electric to Develop Digital Signature System for PDF Files Using IC Card
2001_May-24: Internet Users Worry More About Personal Data Leaking Than Delivery Problems
2001_May-24: NTT DoCoMo, AOL Partner on E-mail Service Linking Mobile Phones, PCs
2001_May-23: Half of ISP Businesses Suffer Deficits in Fiscal 2000
2001_May-23: Korea to Foster Electronic Market Under Government Leadership
2001_May-23: GartnerGroup Japan Revises Downward Projections for ASP Market
2001_May-23: KCCS, CA to Enter into Strategic Partnership for Data Center Business
2001_May-23: Japanese, Korean Firms Form Venture to Market Content for Mobile Phones in Korea
2001_May-21: Internet Business in Korea to Flourish with Broadband
2001_May-21: China to Build World's Largest Fixed, Mobile Phone Networks
2001_May-18: Nomura Research Survey Says 70 Pct. of Users Want Broadband Service
2001_May-18: Google to Establish Japanese Subsidiary
2001_May-18: Israel's InterWise to Distribute ELearning Software in Japan
2001_May-17: Sony Bank to Launch in June to Provide Account/Asset Management Over Web
2001_May-17: Corporate Worker Arrested for Distributing Illegally Copied Software
2001_May-17: Cybird to Partner With Commerce21 in Mobile E-Commerce
2001_May-16: Fujitsu, TurboLinux Release Free Tool to Convert I-Mode HTML into Java
2001_May-16: Infoserve Technology Presents Smart VPN Service
2001_May-16: Japan Telecom, Others to Offer Intranet Link Service by J-Sky Mobile Phones
2001_May-15: Most IT Workers Feel Stressful: Survey
2001_May-15: B-BAT, Dentsu Ally to Develop Music/Video Copyright Management System
2001_May-14: E-Commerce Transactions Decline 8.1 Pct. in March
2001_May-11: J-Phone Wins Web Domain Name Dispute, Files Claim for Compensation
2001_May-11: Motorola, Cisco Open Invisix Center of Excellence in Beijing
2001_May-10: IPv6 is Gaining Popularity: IETF IPNG Working Group Co-Chair
2001_May-9: Chinese Authorities Take Measures to Safeguard Against Hackers
2001_May-9: ADSL Users in Japan Expect Moving Content for Broadband, but Use Little
2001_May-8: China Seeks to Boost E-Banking Sector
2001_May-8: Cross-Straits Information Web Site Launched
2001_May-7: U.S. Financial Institutions to Monitor I-Mode System: Meridien Report
2001_May-7: Bandai Networks Ties Up with AboveNet Japan to Develop Content for IPv6
2001_May-7: Japan's IMT-2000 3G Mobile Phone Service to Launch Soon (Part II)
2001_May-4: Internet Users to Top 400 Million Worldwide by End 2000: Survey
2001_May-3: Aiming at the Top in Asia Means Being Truly Global Enterprise: Bertelsmann Chairman
2001_May-2: Postal Savings, Japan Net Bank Rated High in Online Banking Satisfaction Survey


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