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2001_Aug-31: EA.com Enters Korea
2001_Aug-30: Believing is Surviving: Alibaba.com CEO
2001_Aug-29: U.S. Net Businesses Withdraw from Japan
2001_Aug-28: TV Programs Encourage Audiences to Participate by Cell Phone
2001_Aug-27: Mobile Commerce Trends Experience Major Changes
2001_Aug-24: Japan's Broadband Content Users to Reach 12.9 Million in 2002: Survey
2001_Aug-24: Japan's Broadband Users to Top 12 Million by 2005: IDC Japan
2001_Aug-23: Korea, Singapore and Japan to Launch Joint ASP Service Project
2001_Aug-23: Singapore Airlines to Offer In-Flight E-Mail Service for Japan Flights
2001_Aug-23: IE's Security Hole Disables Windows Operation After Accessing Web Sites
2001_Aug-20: Gamemakers Team Up in Online Deals
2001_Aug-20: Coca-Cola to Start Experiments to Combine Vending Machines With I-Mode
2001_Aug-20: Half of ADSL Users in Japan Prefer to Switch to FTTH: ASCII Survey
2001_Aug-17: Guangzhou Hosts IP Protection Symposium
2001_Aug-16: Japanese Movie Distributor to Offer Movie Contents for FOMA 3G Service
2001_Aug-14: Japanese Enterprises Bring Mobile E-Commerce Innovations to the World Stage
2001_Aug-14: Matsushita, Town Joho to Develop Local Info Distribution Service Using Moving Images
2001_Aug-10: Japan, China to Dominate Asia-Pacific Internet Subscriber Market, Gartner Says
2001_Aug-9: VeriSign Japan Reports Unauthorized Access to Web Site
2001_Aug-8: IIJ Completes Connection to IPv6-Based IX '6TAP Palo Alto'
2001_Aug-8: Sony Opens Broadband Facility in Osaka for Touch-and-Feel Experience
2001_Aug-8: Code Red Affects Tokyo Metallic's Network
2001_Aug-7: Infoseek Launches Search Service for I-Appli
2001_Aug-7: Global Mobile-Commerce Market is Still Developing, Except in Japan: In-Stat
2001_Aug-6: China's Dot-Com Companies Vow to Turn Profits by 2003
2001_Aug-6: E-Marketplaces Face Turning Point
2001_Aug-6: NEC Teams with Cybird in Developent of Mobile Phone Content, Infrastructure in Int'l Market
2001_Aug-3: Yamaha Begins Streaming Karaoke Distribution Service Via Internet
2001_Aug-3: Sony to Test Net Advertisement Service Using Motion Images
2001_Aug-3: DoubleClick, J-Stream to Collaborate in Moving Images Ads for Broadband
2001_Aug-3: NetPerceptions Japan Cuts Price, Strengthens Partnerships
2001_Aug-3: Sony Enters Hong Kong Broadband Market Through So-net
2001_Aug-2: KDDI to Offer Settlement Agency Service for E-Commerce Sites With EZweb
2001_Aug-2: Omron, Pia to Offer Mobile Information Service via Railway Ticket Gates
2001_Aug-2: Japan's CATV Internet Users Reach 967,000: Ministry Report
2001_Aug-1: China's Internet Population Reaches 26.5 Million
2001_Aug-1: Half of Japanese Companies Implement Online Business, 60 Pct. Satisfied With B2B: Survey
2001_Aug-1: E-Commerce Transactions Increase 8.8 Pct. Month-on-Month: Nikkei Market Access


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