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2002_Feb-28: NC Japan President Expects Profits on 2 Billion Yen in Sales
2002_Feb-28: 'We Will Regain Growth in Japan with B2B Solutions,' E-net COO Says
2002_Feb-28: EBay Buys NeoCom to Move into Taiwan's E-Commerce Market
2002_Feb-28: Access Lets Users Try New NetFront v3.0 PDA Browser Free of Charge
2002_Feb-27: Elmic Systems to Launch Embedded IPv6 Stack with Encryption Function
2002_Feb-26: Japan's B2B Market Reaches US$253 Billion in 2001, Report Says
2002_Feb-26: Internet Ad Market Registers 73.5 Billion Yen in 2001, Dentsu Says
2002_Feb-26: Kyushu Home Users to Get 100Mbps FTTH Net Service in April
2002_Feb-22: Britain's Cable & Wireless Buys Exodus Japan
2002_Feb-22: Content Distribution Not So Easy: J-Stream President Warns
2002_Feb-21: HSBC, Hang Seng Attract 90 Pct. of Online Banking Users in Hong Kong
2002_Feb-21: Osaka Int'l Univ., Nihon Unisys to Begin Experimental E-Learning Distribution
2002_Feb-21: Telecom Ministry to Add New 5GHz Band for Outdoor Wireless Networking Use
2002_Feb-21: E-Commerce Sites Turn to Browser-Based Audience Behavior Measurement: Red Sheriff CEO
2002_Feb-21: NTT DoCoMo, Nissan Agree to Jointly Develop FOMA/Car Navigation Service
2002_Feb-20: SK Telecom in Talks to Acquire Yahoo! Korea
2002_Feb-20: Sendmail Launches Server Software to Enable Accesses from I-Mode Devices
2002_Feb-20: Germany's E-Plus to Offer I-Mode Service in Partnership with NTT DoCoMo
2002_Feb-19: AlphaOmega Soft Will Release Camera Server for FOMA
2002_Feb-19: Worldwide Internet Users to Surpass 600 Million by End of 2002: IDC
2002_Feb-19: Venture Expects to Stir Demand for 3D Computer Graphics on Internet
2002_Feb-19: NTT DoCoMo Subscribers Reach 40 Million, One Third of Japan's Population
2002_Feb-19: AlphaOmega Soft to Start Distribution Service of Korean Cinema Content
2002_Feb-18: Broadband Services to Change Japan's Entertainment Industry
2002_Feb-18: DoCoMo Subsidiary to Launch Software for Database, Distribution Server for I-Motion
2002_Feb-18: E-Commerce Credit Card Charges Rise 24 Pct. for December
2002_Feb-15: Broadband Services Markets of Europe, Latin America, and A-P to Grow to US$33B by 2006: Yankee Group
2002_Feb-15: SCE Unveils Broadband Service for PlayStation2
2002_Feb-14: SOK to Offer Room-Monitoring Service via Cell Phones
2002_Feb-13: Online Game Developers Intensify Distribution Channels Competition
2002_Feb-11: Matsushita's New Network Camera Comes with Domain Name
2002_Feb-8: [NET&COM;] Users of I-Appli Phones Reach 11 Million: NTT DoCoMo
2002_Feb-8: [NET&COM;] 'SecureIIS Web' Prevents Attacks without Patches
2002_Feb-8: Sega Distributes Content to 13 Companies via Broadband Network
2002_Feb-7: Illegal Net Access Cases Rise in 2001, IPA of Japan Says
2002_Feb-7: Toshiba, Korea's NeoWiz Jointly Open Trial Community Site
2002_Feb-7: [NET&COM;] Cisco Demonstrates 'Mobile Office' Shop
2002_Feb-7: [NET&COM;] Matsui Securities Wins NetBusiness Grand Prize for Profitability
2002_Feb-7: Mobile is Key to Video Distribution Market: PacketVideo Pres.
2002_Feb-6: QB to Start Rental Video Service Via ADSL in March
2002_Feb-6: Auction, NHN to Form Strategic Alliance for Online Auction Biz
2002_Feb-6: Vertex Link to Ship Copyright Protection Software in March
2002_Feb-6: AichiTelevision, J-Phone to Launch Interactive TV Programs
2002_Feb-6: Japan's Access Co. Forms Alliance with Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs
2002_Feb-5: TRUSTe, EPrivacy to Promote Seal Program for E-Mail to Protect Consumers' Privacy
2002_Feb-4: IBM Japan, Justsystem to Work with WebSphere Enterprise Information Portal
2002_Feb-1: K-Opticom to Offer FTTH Service to Cover 70 Pct. of Homes in Kansai Region
2002_Feb-1: Yokogawa Electric Launches Software to Authorize Access from I-Mode Cell Phones


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