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2002_Jun-28: Showroom for IPv6 Trial Opens Near Tokyo Station
2002_Jun-27: Online Games to Explode in China, Japan Office Rep. of Shanda Says
2002_Jun-26: 'Mega Consortium' Established Integrating 31 ISPs, Including ADSL Providers
2002_Jun-26: DDI Pocket Strengthens Function to Reject Unwanted E-Mails
2002_Jun-26: More Japanese Firms Consider Entering B2B Internet Business
2002_Jun-25: Biglobe Users Exceed 10 Million a Month, NetRatings Japan Says
2002_Jun-25: Acca Networks, eAccess to Launch Higher Speed ADSL Services
2002_Jun-25: Poet Software of the U.S. to Tie Up with Two Japanese Companies to Enter Market
2002_Jun-25: The Price of Meeting 'Future' Demand Now: DoCoMo's FOMA in a Dilemma
2002_Jun-25: Sony Plans Transformation into Online Firm Centering on Game Machines
2002_Jun-21: KTF Releases K-Merce Wireless Handsets
2002_Jun-21: Accenture, Interwise Reach Strategic Partnership Agreement
2002_Jun-20: Click-Through Rates of Rich Media Ads Six Times Higher Than Regular Ads
2002_Jun-20: Korea's Biggest Online Mall Lands Japan; Is 'Rakuten' Kingdom in Jeopardy?
2002_Jun-19: Nearly 60 Pct. of Users Accept HTML Mail Magazine: Survey
2002_Jun-19: Plazmic to Distribute Free Content Development Tool for Mobile Phones
2002_Jun-19: Japan's Streaming Content Market to Reach US$1.35 Billion in 2006
2002_Jun-18: Ariba Shifts Strategy from E-Procurement to Spend Management Solution Provider
2002_Jun-18: Japan's Internet Service Providers in Crisis Stage
2002_Jun-17: Studio Bullterrier, Others Launch Video Messaging Service for 2G Java Phones
2002_Jun-17: STM's Real-Time Streaming, MP3 Bluetooth Wireless Handset Shown at Bluetooth Congress
2002_Jun-14: Japan's Deliberations on E-Government Legislation to be Delayed
2002_Jun-14: Microsoft Japan, Sony to Offer Video E-Learning Service for VAIO
2002_Jun-14: Generic Media Expands Support to Video Streaming for FOMA
2002_Jun-13: Carriers are Making Money on BREW: Qualcomm Exec.
2002_Jun-11: Placement, Brands, Design Keys to Success in US$2.8 Bln. Online Game Market, BREW Developers Say
2002_Jun-11: Tahoe Networks to Develop Mobile/IP Eedge Router with Oki
2002_Jun-10: BREW, 1xEV-DO Said to be Best Combo for Wireless Internet Application Development
2002_Jun-7: Verizon Wireless to Start BREW Service in U.S. Market
2002_Jun-7: First Online Technology Market to Open in China
2002_Jun-6: KDDI to Start BREW Downloading Service in FY2002
2002_Jun-6: [Computex Taipei] Handlink Technologies Exhibits Gateway Device
2002_Jun-4: About 1.45 Mln. Users Illegally Download 75 Mln. Music Files Via File-Swapping: ACCS and RIAJ
2002_Jun-4: JASRAC Receives More Royalties in FY2001
2002_Jun-3: Intel, Sony EMCS Verify RosettaNet Interconnection
2002_Jun-3: Hitachi to Launch Linux-Enabled Internet Appliance Running Java/Windows Applications
2002_Jun-3: Numbers of Online Job Seekers Rise in Hong Kong


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