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2002_Jul-31: Guangzhou Corporate Registration Made Easier Through Intranet
2002_Jul-31: Mitsubishi Debuts Mobile Personal Authentication System for Live Concerts
2002_Jul-31: Shipments of Wireless Communications-Enabled Products Rise 56 Pct. in First Half
2002_Jul-30: Amazon.com to Start Contract Business for E-Commerce Operations in Japan
2002_Jul-30: ACCA Networks Launches 10Mbps ADSL Service
2002_Jul-30: New 'LG.JP' Domain for 'Local Governments' to Appear in October
2002_Jul-26: Taiwan's IT Retailers Are Optimistic About Third Quarter of 2002
2002_Jul-25: Japanese ASP Market Valued at 37.7 Bil. Yen in 2001: Gartner Japan
2002_Jul-24: KDDI to Offer Corporate Location Tracking Service for GPS-Enabled Cell Phones
2002_Jul-23: 'Needs Are High for Hotspot Service,' Tully's Coffee Japan Pres. Says
2002_Jul-23: [Wireless Japan] FOMA to Grow Gradually: NTT DoCoMo President
2002_Jul-22: China Portal Sohu.com Reports First Profit
2002_Jul-19: Broadband Ad Distribution Similar to TV Commercials Set to Begin
2002_Jul-19: EBank Launches Money Transfer Service Using E-Mail Address
2002_Jul-19: Cisco Systems KK, Others Team Up to Advance Cisco's Web-Based Processing System
2002_Jul-18: Freechal Goes Through Intensive Restructuring
2002_Jul-18: Chinese Software Developers Highly Interested in Linux, Evans Data Says
2002_Jul-18: Softbank Group BB Phone Acquires Subscribers Including 200,000 Consumers, 3,000 Companies
2002_Jul-18: ISP Business Can be Profitable, Nifty President Says
2002_Jul-18: IYBank Mulls Cashing System Using NTT DoCoMo's '504i' Mobile Phone
2002_Jul-17: SK Telecom's Net Profit Jumps 48 Pct. in First Half
2002_Jul-16: KDDI to Conduct Trial of 5GHz Wireless Network
2002_Jul-15: Taiwan's Online Shopping Market Reaches Nearly NT$9 Bln.
2002_Jul-11: Beijing Company Develops 'Real Name' Chinese Searching Technology
2002_Jul-11: Overture's Japan Business to be Profitable in 2 Years, CEO Says
2002_Jul-10: BeTrend Begins ASP Push Service for Incoming Call Melodies, News to Mobile Phone Users
2002_Jul-10: Mobile Game Market to Reach US$9.3 Billion by 2008, Frost & Sullivan Says
2002_Jul-9: Upgrade for 'Opera 6 for Linux' Appeals to Asian Markets
2002_Jul-8: Chinese ISPs Sign 'Self-Discipline Pact'
2002_Jul-8: [N+I 2002] PDAs Featuring Mobile IPv6 on Display
2002_Jul-8: Watching TV on PCs May Become Popular in Japan, but Internet Phones Lag
2002_Jul-5: Anti-spam Laws Implemented, Placing Ad Industry in Tough Position
2002_Jul-4: New Platform for Browser-Readable E-Books to be Launched in Japan: Digitomi CEO
2002_Jul-3: Trigem Exports E-Voting Systems to United States
2002_Jul-2: HI Aims for Improved Business Model with BREW Technology
2002_Jul-2: Fujitsu to Build Network System for 'E-Japan' Market
2002_Jul-1: KDDI to Test Access from Mobile Phone to IPv6 Network
2002_Jul-1: U.S. Companies Expect Budget Increase for E-Mail Marketing: DoubleClick Survey
2002_Jul-1: VoIP Cell Phones Wait in the Wings


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