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2000_Jun-30: Europe, Asia in DoCoMo's Scope - Global Manager
2000_Jun-30: UN Plans Conference on Internet Technology in July
2000_Jun-29: Qualcomm Says Korea May Hurt Chipset Sales
2000_Jun-29: Analysis: Private Equity Heads to Japan, Faces Frustrations
2000_Jun-29: Asia Markets Chart Own Course, Watch Fed
2000_Jun-28: Indian Wipro, U.S. Ariba in Joint Marketing Drive
2000_Jun-28: Microsoft, AT&T; to Cement Japan Cable TV Footing
2000_Jun-28: Change in Australia Import Law Could Cut Software Prices
2000_Jun-27: Intellectual Property War Heats Up
2000_Jun-27: India's Infosys Spins Off Employee Firm Onscan
2000_Jun-27: 360networks signs Asia-Australia-North America Deal
2000_Jun-26: Japan Companies to Make Standard Digital TV Box
2000_Jun-26: Singapore Drivers Face Phonebusters and Jail
2000_Jun-23: New Japanese Bank to Offer Online Financial, Retail Services
2000_Jun-22: China Unicom Shares Climb in Strong NYSE Debut
2000_Jun-22: Online Is Off-Limits for Campaigning Politicians in Japan
2000_Jun-21: Japan's Telecommunications Report Predicts Booming Online Market
2000_Jun-21: AsiaInfo, Redback Form Pact for Service in China
2000_Jun-21: Sony Takes Aim at Global Cell Phone Market
2000_Jun-21: Matsushita, Sony Resume Rivalry in Digital Arena
2000_Jun-20: Nasdaq Japan Takes Modest First Step
2000_Jun-20: Nissan Outsourcing Systems to IBM
2000_Jun-19: Rambus Surges after Toshiba Licenses Technology
2000_Jun-19: Japan E-Politics Ban Can't Keep Candidates Off Web
2000_Jun-19: The Web Sets the News Agenda - Even in China
2000_Jun-16: Gates Launches Microsoft Deal with Electronics Maker Hitachi
2000_Jun-16: Taiwan Acer Raises US$260M Internet Fund
2000_Jun-15: India's Fascel Plans 3,000-km Internet Cable
2000_Jun-15: Philippine President Signs Law to Punish Computer Crimes
2000_Jun-15: Cisco CEO Sees Korea Sales Up 300 Pct. Y-O-Y
2000_Jun-15: Microsoft Sales Boom in Asia
2000_Jun-14: Britain's Cable & Wireless Approves Takeover of Hong Kong Company
2000_Jun-14: Web Entrepreneurs Thriving in Japan
2000_Jun-13: Motorola Works with IBM, Toshiba on Bluetooth Tech
2000_Jun-13: Taiwan Says Aims to Become 'Silicon' Island
2000_Jun-13: Cyber-Pirates Plunder Asia's Internet Boom
2000_Jun-13: Ruling Party Leader Calls for Lower Telecom Rates, Share Sale
2000_Jun-12: Philippine Congress Ratifies E-Commerce Bill
2000_Jun-12: Australia's Telstra Pulls Plug on Site Content Deal
2000_Jun-12: Hackers Invade Malaysia Web Sites
2000_Jun-12: Hacker Defaces a Govt. Web Site
2000_Jun-12: Dell Expects 70 Pct. of Asia Business on Web
2000_Jun-9: Asia Plays Down Microsoft Effect
2000_Jun-9: Sony Delays Digital High-Definition TVs to U.S.
2000_Jun-9: Qualcomm Signs Research Pacts in China
2000_Jun-8: China Unicom Sues Rival in Cell Phone Price Battle
2000_Jun-8: Ericsson to Supply Wireless Equipment in China
2000_Jun-7: Fujitsu, Lucent Tie up in Networking in Asia
2000_Jun-6: Sega, Motorola to Develop Internet Cell Phone
2000_Jun-6: Internet in India Could Grow through Cable TV
2000_Jun-6: Nasdaq Japan Aims to List Top 20 U.S. Nasdaq Firms
2000_Jun-5: Taiwan Electronics Firms Are Opening Plants in China
2000_Jun-5: AT&T; India Unit in Spice Merger Talks - Report
2000_Jun-5: Sony Selling PlayStation Chips
2000_Jun-5: Disk Drive Makers See Thailand as Hub for Parts
2000_Jun-2: Sony to Spend US$1.16B to Lift Console Chip Output
2000_Jun-2: Asian Markets Hesitant Before Release of Key U.S. Data
2000_Jun-2: Japan LDP Urges Big Cuts in NTT Connection Fees
2000_Jun-1: Seven Nasdaq-Listed Companies Begin Trading in Hong Kong
2000_Jun-1: Softbank-Led Group Misses Deadline on NCB Purchase
2000_Jun-1: Microsoft Says China Growth May Double in 2000


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