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2000_Aug-31: Rambus to Pursue Hyundai for Patent Violations
2000_Aug-31: Sony Launches Handheld Computer Based on Palm Software
2000_Aug-31: Chinese Army Bans Cell Phones
2000_Aug-31: Bandai in Fresh Challenge to Nintendo
2000_Aug-30: C&W; Says Swaps PCCW Shares for CMGI Stake
2000_Aug-29: Kyocera Jumps on Japan Chipmaking Profit Bandwagon
2000_Aug-28: Protesters Disable Korean Ministry's Home Page
2000_Aug-28: Internet Firm Chinadotcom Cuts 48 Jobs in China
2000_Aug-28: NEC Doubles H1 Profit Estimate as Chipmakers Shine
2000_Aug-28: India Appeals against Planned Telecoms Strike
2000_Aug-25: Nintendo Unveils New Video-Game Console
2000_Aug-25: ATI's Graphic Chip to Power Nintendo Gamecube
2000_Aug-25: Study: Internet Use Widens Social Gap in Australia
2000_Aug-25: Telstra, PCCW Joint Venture a Step Closer
2000_Aug-24: Clinton Allows Japan's NTT to Purchase Verio
2000_Aug-24: China Mobile Phone Subscribers Hit 60 Million
2000_Aug-23: HK's Pacific Century Cyberworks in Lackluster US Debut
2000_Aug-23: Nokia in $300 Million Equipment Pact with Philippines' Smart Communications
2000_Aug-22: India Seeks More U.S. Visas, Less Control for Tech
2000_Aug-22: Toshiba Profits Get Big Lift from IT-Led Chip Boom
2000_Aug-22: Samsung Plans New Fab to Boost Non-Memory Output
2000_Aug-22: China Approves US$1.9 Billion Motorola Investment
2000_Aug-21: Institutions Cool on Taiwan State Telecom Auction
2000_Aug-21: Sanyo Licenses Psion's Symbian Technology
2000_Aug-18: Hong Kong Internet Baron to Use Phone Company Revenue as Growth Engine
2000_Aug-18: Carlyle to Invest US$250M in Indian Tech Firms
2000_Aug-18: Cisco to Invest US$150M in India
2000_Aug-18: DoubleClick Asian Venture Signs Pact with Yam
2000_Aug-17: Former Monopoly Gobbles up China's Mobile Market
2000_Aug-16: India Eyes Steps to Bring Infotech to the Masses
2000_Aug-16: NTT Communications: U.S. Panel Approves Verio Purchase
2000_Aug-15: Privatisation of Taiwan's Chunghwa on Track
2000_Aug-15: Kmart and Softbank Say Add US$80 Million to BlueLight.com
2000_Aug-14: Online Dissidents Protest Chinese Crackdown
2000_Aug-14: Hyundai Electronics' First-Half Losses Rise Despite Hefty Sales
2000_Aug-14: Report: U.S. Clears Japan NTT Comm Bid for Verio
2000_Aug-11: Singapore's JIT to Merge with Flextronics
2000_Aug-10: China's Ruling Communist Party Battles for Web Control
2000_Aug-10: How It Was Done: Telstra, PCCW and the HKT Deal
2000_Aug-9: China Gears for Battle with 'Enemy Forces' on Web
2000_Aug-8: China Portal Sohu.com Expects Profits in 2003
2000_Aug-4: Verio, NTT Continues to Cooperate with U.S. Probe
2000_Aug-4: Hackers Close Down Myanmar Government Web Site
2000_Aug-4: Fortunes Diverge for Two China Dot-Coms Sharing a Vision
2000_Aug-4: More than 200 Reports of New Computer Virus in Japan
2000_Aug-3: Asian Markets Tepid, Currencies Firmer
2000_Aug-2: Japan's Softbank Scraps Plan to List Holding Firms
2000_Aug-2: High-tech Workers Keep Culture of India Alive in Seattle
2000_Aug-2: Amazon.com Plans Japan Service Center
2000_Aug-1: Indonesian Computer Wiz First to Get German 'Green Card' Work Permit


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