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2000_Nov-30: Transmeta Confirms Recall of Crusoe Chips
2000_Nov-30: India Aims 200,000 IT Professionals A Year by 2007
2000_Nov-30: Japan Parliament Passes Internet Bill Aimed at Reviving Economy
2000_Nov-30: DoCoMo Shares Hit after S&P; Downgrade
2000_Nov-29: Indian Firms Wake Up to E-Customer Services Goldmine
2000_Nov-29: NTT DoCoMo Jumps Ahead of Expected AT&T; Wireless Deal
2000_Nov-28: Report: AT&T; Wireless, DoCoMo Deal Coming This Week
2000_Nov-28: Korean Chipmakers to Cut 2001 Investments
2000_Nov-28: Optical Fiber Maker Furukawa Reaps Record H1 Profit
2000_Nov-27: Easing Out of Isolation, North Korea Seeks to Get Wired
2000_Nov-27: Indian IT Firms Seen Boosting Exports to Europe
2000_Nov-27: Hotmail Predicts Chinese Users to Surge by 50 Percent
2000_Nov-27: Sega Posts Loss on Dreamcast Price Cut
2000_Nov-27: Useless But Fun, Robots Galore on Display in Japan
2000_Nov-27: Playstation 2 Hits Europe, Web Auction Price Jumps
2000_Nov-24: DoCoMo to Go Global with AT&T; Stake
2000_Nov-24: Nintendo Profits Up in First Half
2000_Nov-24: Hyundai Electronics Seeks US$2.9 Billion
2000_Nov-22: Home Tech Spending to Surge in India, Study Says
2000_Nov-22: Break in Undersea Cable Disrupts Internet Traffic in Several Countries
2000_Nov-22: Taiwan Website Threatens to Sue Yahoo! China
2000_Nov-21: Sony Plans to Issue Tracking Stock for Internet-Related Subsidiary
2000_Nov-21: Analysis: Taiwan Foundries Face Short-Term Pain
2000_Nov-21: NTT Profit Up as Analog Yields to Mobile, Data
2000_Nov-21: Softbank Returns to Profitability in First Half
2000_Nov-21: Net Phone Creator's Recipe: Keep The Technology Simple
2000_Nov-20: China Deals Blow to VeriSign's Web Domain Service
2000_Nov-20: Generation 2.5 Mobile Making Quiet HK Debut
2000_Nov-17: China Netcom Opens Network, Confirms Financing
2000_Nov-16: Bleak Days Expected for China Web Portals
2000_Nov-15: The Rush Is on to Claim Asian Dot-Coms
2000_Nov-14: Chinese Telecom Firm Jitong Faces Challenging IPO
2000_Nov-13: Internet Keiretsus Fall on Hard Times
2000_Nov-10: Japan PC Shipments hit Record High in First Half
2000_Nov-10: Beginning Thursday, Asian Domain Names Accepted
2000_Nov-9: PEC Leaders to Pledge Expanded Net Access
2000_Nov-8: Toshiba, Siemens Ally on 3G Cell Phone Development
2000_Nov-8: China Tries to Tighten Grip on Internet News, Chat Rooms
2000_Nov-8: NEC Eyes U.S. Listing in 2001, Seeks Equity Ties
2000_Nov-7: Indian Software Firms' Q2 Profits Sparkle, But Shares Drag
2000_Nov-7: PCCW Secures US$4.7 Billion Refinancing Package
2000_Nov-7: B2B Auctioneer FreeMarkets in Asia Push, Launches in India
2000_Nov-2: Amazon.com Opens Shop in A Land of Avid Readers, Risks Wait Ahead
2000_Nov-1: Microsoft Targets Indian Internet Market


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