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2001_Apr-30: China Lawmakers Urge Internet Copyright Protection
2001_Apr-30: Toshiba Profits Rise, but Prospects Cloudy
2001_Apr-30: Taiwan's PC Makers Face Tough Second Quarter
2001_Apr-30: U.S. Slowdown Seen Helping Asia, India Tech Sales
2001_Apr-30: Japan Chipmakers' Profits Rise, but Firms Are Guarded on Outlook
2001_Apr-30: Sony Profits Climb; Games Set to Lead Growth
2001_Apr-27: DoCoMo's Delayed 3G to Be Nationwide in A Year
2001_Apr-27: Report: China Arrests Internet Dissident, Tries Another
2001_Apr-27: Earnings Improve for Four Japanese Electronics Makers, Worsen for Two Others
2001_Apr-27: NEC Lukewarm on Cell Phone Alliances
2001_Apr-27: NTT DoCoMo Says Glitches Set Back 3G Rollout
2001_Apr-26: Matsushita Profit Expected to Be Hurt by Slow Telecom Demand
2001_Apr-26: Sony Unveils Three-Part Multimillion Ad Campaign
2001_Apr-26: Narcissus Makes Dubious History as China's First Delisted Company
2001_Apr-26: Analysis: New Wideband Chips Aim to Make 3G Worth The Wait
2001_Apr-25: Japan Chipmakers' Profits Expected to Dip in 2001/02
2001_Apr-25: NTT DoCoMo Delays Rollout of Next-Generation Wireless Service
2001_Apr-25: Ailing Crayfish Comes Under Fresh Threat
2001_Apr-24: India's Telecom Lobbies Fail to Reach Compromise
2001_Apr-24: NEC to Overhaul 10 of Its 16 Unit
2001_Apr-24: Analysis: Japan May Be BT's Last Bargaining Chip
2001_Apr-24: DoCoMo Tells Netherlands' KPN to Solve Own Woes
2001_Apr-23: Earnings Jitters Wipe 10 Pct. off TDK
2001_Apr-23: Yahoo Japan Hits Record Profit as Ad Revenues Soar
2001_Apr-23: Mitsubishi Electric Denies Motorola Handset JV Report
2001_Apr-23: India Software Giant Wipro's Q4 Profit Soars 151 Pct.
2001_Apr-20: China Renews Crackdown on Cyber-Dissent
2001_Apr-20: Sega Cuts Work Force by 28 Percent
2001_Apr-20: Japan's NEC Mulls Chip Partner for European Phones
2001_Apr-19: Aiwa to Close All Japanese Plants by March 2002
2001_Apr-19: Chartered, ST Assembly Seen in The Red for Q1
2001_Apr-19: Japan's Fujitsu to Build New Facilities to Compete with Intel
2001_Apr-19: Bush Advised to Deny Taiwan High-Tech Arms
2001_Apr-19: Asian, Mideast Languages Available as ".com" Internet Names
2001_Apr-18: Nortel Puts Indian Investment Plans on Hold
2001_Apr-18: Hong Kong Telecom Regulator Mulls Merger, Acquisition Rule Changes
2001_Apr-18: IBM Sees Japan Opening to Systems Outsourcing
2001_Apr-17: Toyota Sells J-Phone Stakes to Japan Telecom, BT Buys Stakes
2001_Apr-17: J-Phone to Set Up Ad Firm with Cyber Comm
2001_Apr-17: NTT Has 3-Year Plan to Boost Profitability
2001_Apr-16: Seoul Shares Seen Rising Led by Techs
2001_Apr-16: Sony 2001/02 Profit Set to Rise 20 Percent
2001_Apr-16: BT Grabs Bargain Option to Buy into J-Phone Units
2001_Apr-16: Bay Area Biotech Companies Branching Out to Singapore
2001_Apr-13: India's Hughes Software Foresees 61 Pct. Sales Growth
2001_Apr-13: DoCoMo Ties Up with SAP to Target Corporate Users
2001_Apr-13: Japan Chipmakers Join Hands to Seek New Technology
2001_Apr-12: Singapore Cancels 3G Auction, Awards Airwaves to Local Companies
2001_Apr-12: Analysis: Softbank Faces Tough Tasks in Dot-Com Drought
2001_Apr-12: Japan's Telecoms Shares Jump on Positive News Flow
2001_Apr-12: NTT May Revalue Verio, Post Special Loss
2001_Apr-11: India's Satyam Computer's Q4 Net Soars 164 Pct.
2001_Apr-11: GM to Expand Internet Car Sales Site to 40 Countries
2001_Apr-11: Taiwan Chipmakers' Sales Meet Low Expectations
2001_Apr-11: Japanese Dot-Coms in U.S. Touch Base Back Home
2001_Apr-10: Japan's NEC Plans to Withdraw from Chip Production in U.S., Slashes 700 Jobs
2001_Apr-10: Satyam Computer Net Ween Doubling, Outlook Bright
2001_Apr-10: Japan's First Online Bond Brokerage to Be Liquidated
2001_Apr-10: E-mail Inspires Indian Author with Novel Idea
2001_Apr-9: Japanese PC Makers Expect Slower Growth
2001_Apr-9: China Telecom Dials for Dollars, Will Market Answer?
2001_Apr-6: Asian Markets Cheered by Dell's Reassurances; Yen Steadies
2001_Apr-5: Indian Tech Firms Tighten Belts as Slowdown Pinches
2001_Apr-4: Yahoo Japan Swaps Out Search Engine to Google
2001_Apr-3: Sony Cuts Deal for US$4 Billion Credit Line
2001_Apr-3: High-Flying Korean Tech Industry Struggles with Slowdown
2001_Apr-2: First Asian-Language Domain Dispute Settled
2001_Apr-2: Gates Woos Japanese Market with Xbox Localization Strategy


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