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2001_May-31: At Last: DoCoMo's 3G Debuts in Japan for Lucky Few
2001_May-31: Accused Lucent Scientists Win Bail Battle
2001_May-30: Global Chip Market Seen Down 13.5 Percent in 2001
2001_May-30: Dot-Com Downturn Brings Brisk Business to Japan
2001_May-28: Singapore Develops New Proton Beam
2001_May-28: Risks Lurk as Japan Carriers Reap Wireless Profits
2001_May-28: Report: China to Build World's Largest Cosmic Ray Observatory
2001_May-28: China's VC Sector Calls for High-Tech Board
2001_May-28: DoCoMo Suffers Minor Setback for 3G Trial Service
2001_May-25: Nintendo's Operating Profit Dips 42 Percent
2001_May-25: Analysis: China Needs Taiwan to Realize Bold Microchip Vision
2001_May-24: Japan Low-Price PC Maker Aims to Go Upmarket
2001_May-24: Electronics Makers Team to Make Home Appliance Network
2001_May-23: Sega Reports Losses on Cost of Dropping Dreamcast
2001_May-23: Officials Say Internet May Be New Money Laundering Battlefield
2001_May-23: Chinadotcom Loses US$0.27 Per Share in First Quarter, Revenues Fall
2001_May-22: SingTel Moves Toward Optus Deal, Bows Out of M1 Race
2001_May-22: NTT DoCoMo Links Up I-Mode to 'AOLi' E-Mail Service
2001_May-22: Crayfish Says No Decision on Ex-President Post
2001_May-21: KDDI Back in Profit; Competition Prompts Shake-Up
2001_May-21: Report: NTT DoCoMo to Tackle Junk E-Mail
2001_May-21: Tokyo Electron Posts Record Profit, Sees Pain Ahead
2001_May-21: Chinadotcom Slashes 500 Jobs as Cost Cuts Continue
2001_May-18: PCCW's Li to Consider Hiring CEO Next Year
2001_May-18: Matsushita to Sell Hybrid GameCube Soon After Launch
2001_May-18: Toshiba, IBM Set to Pull Plug on Display Joint Venture
2001_May-18: Sony to Add Macromedia technology to PlayStation2
2001_May-17: Japan's Top Mobile Carrier Raises Stake in Hong Kong Company
2001_May-17: NTT to Post $US4 Billion Profit Thanks to Healthy Units
2001_May-17: Asia's Online Music Industry Starts to Be Heard
2001_May-16: Satyam Shares Rise After IPO
2001_May-16: Ericsson to Deploy High-Speed Networks in China Provinces
2001_May-15: NTT May Return to Black Despite Weak Core Business
2001_May-15: Gartner Expects Gloomy Global Chip Market in 2001
2001_May-15: Computer Users May Soon Get 3-D Screens
2001_May-14: Dell Leans on Strong Asia Sales as U.S. Demand Slows
2001_May-14: Microsoft, Partners Show HailStorm in India
2001_May-14: Report: Japanese Telecoms to Open Access to Fiber-Optic Networks
2001_May-14: Japan Oil Firms to Launch Internet Exchange
2001_May-14: NTT DoCoMo Recalls More Phones in Japan
2001_May-11: Microsoft Sees Server Growth, No Cost Worries
2001_May-11: Japan Gives Funds to ADB for IT, Poverty Projects
2001_May-11: Sony Bank Hopes to Woo Japanese to Wise Investing
2001_May-11: Sony's Online Bank Aims to Link with Postal Savings System in 2002
2001_May-11: Chinese Hackers Call Off Attacks on U.S. Sites
2001_May-11: DoCoMo Slips After Record Profit, Opens 3G Website
2001_May-10: Chinese Hackers Call Truce in China-U.S. Cyberwar
2001_May-10: Web-Linking Cell Phones Push Profits Higher at Japan's Top Mobile Carrier
2001_May-10: Indian Start-Ups Target Booming DSP Chip Market
2001_May-10: Global Slowdown in IT Spending Could Benefit India
2001_May-9: Japan Electronic Parts Firms Brace for Profit Drop
2001_May-9: China's Datang Says It Has Not Obtained Lucent Data
2001_May-8: NTT DoCoMo Earnings Expected to Surprise on Upside
2001_May-7: Analysis: Japan Chip Rebound Expected to Be Gradual
2001_May-7: Samsung to Sell 2.5G Mobile Sets in Europe
2001_May-7: BT Exits Malaysia, Investors Braced for Cash Call
2001_May-4: FBI Charges Scientists Stole Lucent Trade Secrets for Chinese Company
2001_May-4: High-Tech 'Gold' Fever Grips Poor Malaysians
2001_May-4: Analysis: Policy Wrangles May Deter Indian Telecoms Investors
2001_May-4: Korean Memory Chip Giants Hope for Q4 Reprieve
2001_May-3: Chip Foundries See PC Sector Leading Tech Recovery
2001_May-3: Asia Global Crossing Posts First-Quarter Loss
2001_May-3: Chinese Hackers Hit Colo. High Techs
2001_May-2: BT to Sell Japan, Airtel Stakes to Vodafone
2001_May-2: Japan's New Call System Stumbles at Start
2001_May-2: Hitachi Shares Jump on Upbeat Earnings
2001_May-1: U.S. Data Excites Asian Stocks, But Doubts Linger


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