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2001_Jun-29: BPL, Birla-AT&T-Tata; in $2 Billion Mobile Phone Merger
2001_Jun-29: Sony to Cut PlayStation 2 Price in Japan
2001_Jun-29: Hitachi Develops World's Smallest IC Chip
2001_Jun-29: Sina.com Urges Wang to Sell to Employees
2001_Jun-29: TSMC Confident of Profitable 2nd Quarter
2001_Jun-28: Sharp to Launch PDAs in U.S. in October
2001_Jun-28: Indian Tech Firm Invents Cheap E-Mail Device
2001_Jun-28: Legal Wrangle Looms Over Sina.com's ICP
2001_Jun-28: India's BPL, Birla-AT&T-Tata; Decide to Merge
2001_Jun-28: Malaysia's Tech Oasis Faces Dry Future
2001_Jun-27: Matsushita Unveils Rugged-Use Portable PC
2001_Jun-27: Silicon Valley Cutbacks Are Felt in Malaysia
2001_Jun-27: Taiwan's Acer Sees Better Times, Plans to Spin Off Unit
2001_Jun-27: DoCoMo Says It Will Boost Investment in Asia
2001_Jun-27: Sina.com Embroiled in Corporate Wrangling
2001_Jun-27: Sony Returns to Its Silicon Roots
2001_Jun-26: Koreans Banned from Using Hand-Held Cell Phones While Driving
2001_Jun-26: Ciena to Provide Optical Networking Equipment to Beijing IDN
2001_Jun-26: NTT Hits Eight-Year Low on Break-Up Reports
2001_Jun-25: Microsoft Has No Contingency Plan for Breakup: Report
2001_Jun-25: Asian Shares Tussle with Economic Woes, U.S. Gains
2001_Jun-25: Japan Stores, Omron to Tie on Internet Sales-Paper
2001_Jun-25: AOL to Tie with Toshiba in Digital Movies, Report Says
2001_Jun-25: Nortel Networks Wins US$270 Million Contract for China
2001_Jun-25: Korean Chip Giants Loathe to Cut Output
2001_Jun-25: Reported SK Telecom Deal May Be Pricey for DoCoMo
2001_Jun-22: Softbank Taking over ADSL Venture
2001_Jun-22: Ericsson-Sony Joint Venture to Unveil New Phones Next Year
2001_Jun-22: DoCoMo 3G Videophones Set for Delayed Debut
2001_Jun-22: Swede Joins Sony Board of Directors
2001_Jun-22: Japan's Fujitsu to Focus on 3G Corporate Users
2001_Jun-21: Ericsson to Defend China Mobile-Gear Market Share
2001_Jun-21: Hotmail Co-Founder's Latest Venture Goes Under
2001_Jun-21: Toshiba to Temporarily Trim Chip Output
2001_Jun-21: Cisco Sees 50-60% China Sales Growth for Coming Year
2001_Jun-21: Japan's Hikari Tsushin Seizes Control of Crayfish
2001_Jun-20: Sega to Venture in Non-Gaming Businesses
2001_Jun-20: China, Taiwan Conflict Causes Flag Flap at Comdex
2001_Jun-20: VC Says China Must Marry Tech Skills with Market Savvy
2001_Jun-20: Motorola to Launch Low-Cost Phone Chip in China
2001_Jun-19: Japan Network Gear Makers Cushioned by Asia Growth
2001_Jun-19: Namco, Square, Enix Ally on Online Games
2001_Jun-19: Agilent Sees Strong Asian Sales Growth
2001_Jun-18: Ericsson Signs US$850 Million Contract in China
2001_Jun-18: Celestica Launches Omni Bid
2001_Jun-18: Japan's NTT to Set Up Audiovisual Broadband Venture
2001_Jun-18: NTT DoCoMo to Replace 1,400 Third-Generation Models
2001_Jun-18: CDMA Makes Asia Strides, Has Ways to Go
2001_Jun-15: Report: DoCoMo Plans to List in New York
2001_Jun-15: Taiwan's Giga Denies Merger Report
2001_Jun-15: Sony Adds Digital Photos to Its Field of Vision
2001_Jun-15: Japan April Chip Equipment Orders Fall 58.9 Percent
2001_Jun-15: Network Associates Sees Asian Growth Picking Up
2001_Jun-14: Amazon Expands Japan Online Book Business to Music, DVDs
2001_Jun-14: NEC, Veritas and Oracle Japan Tie Up in Data Storage
2001_Jun-14: J-Phone Group May Be Spun Off from Japan Telecom
2001_Jun-14: Network Associates Sees Asian Growth Picking Up
2001_Jun-14: Indian Firm Bets on Pre-Paid Cards for E-Commerce
2001_Jun-14: India's Mittal Answers His Telecoms Calling
2001_Jun-14: Survey Says Hong Kong Tops in Asia for Home Net Use
2001_Jun-13: Cyber Cafes Duck China Internet Clampdown
2001_Jun-13: Japan Camera Makers Jostle to Catch Digital Wave
2001_Jun-12: AOL, Legend Unveil US$200 Million Joint Venture
2001_Jun-12: Hitachi, Microsoft to Join Hands on Data Storage
2001_Jun-12: Sony's Internet Bank Opens to Glitches
2001_Jun-12: NetEase.com's CEO And COO Resign
2001_Jun-11: Matsushita to Slash SD Memory Card Prices
2001_Jun-11: Wipro/Sapient Talk Fuels Buzz on Indian Tech Buys
2001_Jun-11: HP Opens US$100 Million Plant in Singapore
2001_Jun-11: DoCoMo to Issue 80bln. Yen in 5-Year Debt
2001_Jun-11: India's Fabmart Aims to Buck Internet Retail Trend
2001_Jun-8: NTT Dominance Hindering Japan Net Access, Minister Says
2001_Jun-8: Job Scene Optimistic for India's Tech Workers
2001_Jun-8: Matsushita, Thomson Multimedia to Unify Cathode-Ray Tube Operations
2001_Jun-8: NEC Says U.S. Slump Worse Than Expected
2001_Jun-8: Taiwan's Asustek Bets on New Businesses
2001_Jun-7: China Displays Buying Power at Taiwan Computer Show
2001_Jun-7: Taiwan's Acer Sees Mobile Phone Recovery
2001_Jun-7: Japan's KDDI Seals Broad Tie-Up with China Unicom
2001_Jun-7: A Week on, DoCoMo's 3G Users Report Minor Glitches
2001_Jun-6: Sega and Sony to Link Game Consoles via Internet
2001_Jun-6: Analysis: Consolidation of China portals seen imminent
2001_Jun-6: Japan's Omron Develops Fast 3G Chip to Run Java
2001_Jun-6: Sony Aims High in Consumer Printer Market
2001_Jun-4: Failed Dot-Com President Scores Big as Japan's Symbol of Change
2001_Jun-4: Report Says Sony to Move Financial Operations to London
2001_Jun-4: An Architect of Taiwan's Economic Miracle Dies
2001_Jun-4: Chinese Mobile Phone Makers Forge Alliance-Paper
2001_Jun-4: E-mail Service Breaks Down in Japan's Third-Generation Cell Phone Test-Run
2001_Jun-1: Technology transforms rural land records in India


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