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2001_Aug-31: Japan's NTT Delays Reform Deal Due to Union Spat
2001_Aug-31: Hitachi Says No Decision on Singapore DRAM Cut
2001_Aug-30: Korea's Hanaro Eyeing Merger with Thrunet
2001_Aug-30: Global PC Market Strong Despite U.S. Slowdown
2001_Aug-30: Gateway's Asia Exit Hits Japan and Malaysia Hard
2001_Aug-30: Report: Japan's Kyocera to Cut About 10,000 Jobs Amid Global Electronics Slump
2001_Aug-30: Two Arrested for Planning to Smuggle High-Tech Encryption Devices to China
2001_Aug-29: Gateway Cuts One-Fourth of Global Workforce
2001_Aug-29: U.S. Tech Firms Bank on Solid China, India Demand
2001_Aug-29: Korea's Hynix Fails to Pay US$314 Million in Matured Bonds
2001_Aug-29: China Tech Sector Can't Ignore Global Gloom
2001_Aug-29: Korea's Samsung Says Toshiba Offers DRAM Unit Sale
2001_Aug-29: Motorola, Chinese Communications Network Sign US$260 Million Deal
2001_Aug-29: China Turns Anti-Piracy Effort into Public Spectacle
2001_Aug-29: Thai Cabinet Approves IPO Plan for Internet Firm
2001_Aug-28: Korean Court Rules Against Local Song-Sharing Web Service
2001_Aug-28: Vietnam Widens Internet Service, Controls Access
2001_Aug-28: Philips to Increase Staff at Indian Software Unit
2001_Aug-28: Toshiba Slashes 17,000 Jobs
2001_Aug-28: SingTel Clears Last Regulatory Hurdle in Bid to Buy Australia's Optus
2001_Aug-28: Sony And Ericsson Reach Final Stages of Mobile-Phone Deal
2001_Aug-28: Japan's Hitachi Says No Decision on Workforce Cuts
2001_Aug-27: Koreans Are World's Biggest Internet Users, Survey Shows
2001_Aug-27: DoCoMo to Provide Technology to Three European Carriers
2001_Aug-27: Korea Says Government Will Not Intervene in Hynix Rescue
2001_Aug-24: U.S. Concerned over Creditors' Rescue of Hynix
2001_Aug-24: Tech Slowdown: Night in U.S., Sunshine in India
2001_Aug-24: Genius Drives Down China Markets, Angers Punters
2001_Aug-24: SingTel Gets U.S. Nod for Optus Takeover
2001_Aug-23: Cell Phone Companies Confront Chinese Users' Preference for No-Frills Service
2001_Aug-23: Creditors Eye Debt Swap to Help Korea's Hynix
2001_Aug-23: Australia Gives Conditional Approval for SingTel Takeover of Optus
2001_Aug-22: Hewlett-Packard to Cut Singapore Staff
2001_Aug-22: Creative Sees Higher Margins from New Sound Card
2001_Aug-22: Taiwan Acer, Acer Sertek to Merge
2001_Aug-22: Singapore Web Sites Feel Heat of New Rules
2001_Aug-22: Japanese Government to Back Development of More Powerful Mobile Phone
2001_Aug-21: India's 'Simputer' Set for November Roll-Out
2001_Aug-21: Furukawa Outlines Plans for Funding Lucent Fiber Business Purchase
2001_Aug-21: Fujitsu to Slash Global Workforce by 16,400
2001_Aug-21: NEC and Matsushita Team on 3G Mobile Technology
2001_Aug-20: Internet Service Banned in Vietnamese Province as Security Threat
2001_Aug-20: China Tries Internet Entrepreneur for Subversion
2001_Aug-20: Fujitsu to Cut 15,000 Workers by March, Report Says
2001_Aug-20: China's AsiaInfo Wins Key Unicom CDMA Deal
2001_Aug-20: China, Silicon Valley Talk Business
2001_Aug-17: Korea's Samsung to Supply Mobile Chips to Nokia
2001_Aug-17: Indian Portal Plays Patriotic Card to Compete
2001_Aug-17: Bangalore Set for Daily Paper Focusing on Tech
2001_Aug-16: A Fate Worse Than Napster: Korea's No. 1 Song-Swap Service Indicted
2001_Aug-16: Taiwan's VIA Thumbs Nose at Intel
2001_Aug-15: China Cell Phone Users Top 120 Million, Rivaling U.S.
2001_Aug-14: Living Where the Net Is a Threat
2001_Aug-14: Several Asian Countries Clamp down on Net
2001_Aug-13: Compaq Says China Business Remains Strong
2001_Aug-13: DoCoMo Listing Delay Not Seen as a Problem
2001_Aug-10: Taiwan Computer Producers Face Grim Outlook
2001_Aug-9: Code Red II Worm May Have Hit in Japan
2001_Aug-9: Five Arrested in US$28 Million Net Fraud Case in China
2001_Aug-9: Taiwan VIA's Chipset to Go Head to Head with Intel
2001_Aug-9: Toshiba to Cut Japan DRAM Output by 60 Pct.
2001_Aug-9: Furukawa Eyeing Profits from Lucent Deal in 2-3 Years
2001_Aug-9: China to Add 46 Million Mobile Phone Users This Year
2001_Aug-8: Hewlett-Packard Plans Testing Center in India's Technology Hub
2001_Aug-8: Asian Stocks Hit by Chip Selling, But Tokyo Up
2001_Aug-8: Taiwan's Flat Screen Makers Eye Strong 2002 Revival
2001_Aug-7: Asian Markets Look at Domestic Factors
2001_Aug-6: Taiwan's ASE Sees More Losses after Q2 Fall
2001_Aug-6: India's West Bengal Plans Microsoft Tie-Up
2001_Aug-6: Key Asia Markets Dip as Tech Sector Euphoria Fades
2001_Aug-6: NEC Eyes IPO, Lower Stake in DRAM Venture
2001_Aug-6: Taiwan Sets Up Research Network to Develop 3G Phones
2001_Aug-3: Intel to Open New Design Center, Produce Microprocessor in Malaysia
2001_Aug-3: PC Industry Is Past the Worst, Says Intel's Barrett
2001_Aug-3: Wave of M&As; Expected in India's Mobile Phone Industry
2001_Aug-3: Merrill Report Helps Propel Asian Markets Higher
2001_Aug-2: Sony Cuts Prices on 'Memory Stick' Format
2001_Aug-2: Major Japanese, U.S. Satellite Operators Agree to Joint Venture
2001_Aug-2: McAfee Chief Says Origin of Code Red Worm Murky
2001_Aug-2: Merrill Lynch Upgrades Microchip Foundries
2001_Aug-2: Korean Stocks Outshine Lackluster Asian Markets
2001_Aug-1: Techs Lead Asia Share Rebound
2001_Aug-1: Taiwan's UMC Posts Q2 Loss, Cuts Capacity
2001_Aug-1: NEC to Cut Global Workforce by 4,000
2001_Aug-1: Matsushita Posts First-Ever Quarterly Loss
2001_Aug-1: Singapore Issues Warning on Code Red Worm
2001_Aug-1: Chinese PC Monitor Maker Aims to Emerge from Obscurity


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