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2001_Sep-28: Korean Firms in Joint Protest Against Microsoft
2001_Sep-28: Taiwan Mulls Easing China Investment Curbs
2001_Sep-28: TSMC Cuts Sharply 2001 Net Profit Forecast
2001_Sep-27: British Mobile Giant Vodafone Set on Expanding Business in Japan
2001_Sep-25: Asian Stocks Stage Tentative Recovery
2001_Sep-25: U.S. Reprisals May Delay Chip Recovery to 2003, Korea Says
2001_Sep-24: Intel Boosts China Investment Amid Global Slowdown
2001_Sep-24: Underwater Cable Damage Disrupts Singapore Internet Traffic
2001_Sep-24: Uncertainty Drags Asian Markets Down Further
2001_Sep-21: Hong Kong Tycoon May Up Stake in Priceline.com
2001_Sep-21: Vodafone to Make Bid to Boost Stake to Majoity Share in Japan's Third-Largest Telecom
2001_Sep-21: CommScope Says Attacks Delay Deal with Furukawa
2001_Sep-21: Nimda Computer Virus Still Spreading in Asia
2001_Sep-21: Economic Gloom, Uncertainty Weigh on Asian Markets
2001_Sep-20: Japanese Companies Give to Victims of Terrorist Attacks
2001_Sep-20: Vodafone May Secure Japan Telecom This Week, Source Says
2001_Sep-19: World Trade Organization Formally Approves Admission of Taiwan
2001_Sep-19: Asian Markets' Attempt to Rally Peters Out
2001_Sep-18: Vodafone Launches Bid for Control of Japan Telecom
2001_Sep-18: China Nabs First Hacker for Posting Porn on Sites Friday
2001_Sep-17: Quiet Debut for Nintendo's GameCube
2001_Sep-17: Mitsubishi Electric to Announce Revised Earnings Friday
2001_Sep-17: General Motors to Work with Three Japanese Partners on Online Car Sales
2001_Sep-17: Hong Kong to Launch 3G Auction, 5 to 6 Bidders Seen
2001_Sep-17: Vodafone Aiming for Control of Japan Telecom
2001_Sep-14: Nintendo Dips on Eve of GameCube Debut
2001_Sep-14: Some Asian Markets Rebound, But Sentiment Is Weak on U.S. Crisis
2001_Sep-14: Japan's Sharp Says May Build New Display Plant
2001_Sep-14: European, Asian Companies Brace for Impact of Terrorist Attacks in U.S.
2001_Sep-13: Asia Braces for Possible Market Confusion from Terrorist Attacks
2001_Sep-13: China's Economy Vulnerable to Attack on U.S.
2001_Sep-13: ASEAN Worried About Economic Impact after U.S. Attacks
2001_Sep-12: Japanese Electronics Maker Fujitsu to Sell U.S. Unit
2001_Sep-12: Ericsson, Sony Boards Approve Mobile Phone Joint Venture
2001_Sep-11: Layoffs Spur Return to India
2001_Sep-11: Vietnam Plans to Set Up New IT, Telecoms Ministry
2001_Sep-11: Korea's Hynix Needs to Invest More to Survive, Says S&P;
2001_Sep-11: Indian Engineers Develop Cheap, Portable 'Simputer' for The Masses
2001_Sep-11: Online Bank Challenges Japan's Conservative Investing Climate
2001_Sep-10: Web Woes Return to China with "Code Blue" Worm
2001_Sep-10: SingTel May Hit Singapore Market with Australia Debut
2001_Sep-10: Japan Hopes to Avoid Recession
2001_Sep-10: Intel Sues Via Tech for Patent Infringement
2001_Sep-7: Microsoft Aims to Win Game War with Online Network
2001_Sep-6: China Web Bulletin Board Closed, Students Angry
2001_Sep-6: Monster.com Says Slowdown Aids Its Start in India
2001_Sep-6: Korean Portal Sues Microsoft over Windows XP
2001_Sep-6: China Mulls Giving News Corp. and AOL Time Warner Access to TV Audience
2001_Sep-6: Report: U.S. Firm Eyes Units of Japanese Mobile Phone Giant KDDI
2001_Sep-5: HP, Compaq Merger Seen Hitting Asian Tech Firms
2001_Sep-5: Filipinos Enthusiastically Tap into Text Messaging
2001_Sep-5: China Web Firm in Talks to Buy NetEase.com
2001_Sep-5: TSMC Sees China Chip Advance as Unique Opportunity
2001_Sep-5: Paper: Texas Pacific Buying Japan KDDI Wireless Units
2001_Sep-4: Vietnam Starts Internet-Based International Calls
2001_Sep-4: Battered PCCW Expected to Post H1 Profit of HK$767 Million
2001_Sep-3: India to Open First Cyber Police Station
2001_Sep-3: Taiwan Semiconductor Eyes China Foothold
2001_Sep-3: Unlike The Rest of The World, China is Enjoying Strong Economic Times
2001_Sep-3: Philippine Court Halts Plans to Reduce Free Text Messages
2001_Sep-3: NetEase Restates 2000 Net Loss
2001_Sep-3: Government Official Says Hynix Will Be Under Receivership Barring New Bailout by Creditors


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