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2002_Jan-31: Hynix to Supply Memory Chips Only to Selected Customers
2002_Jan-31: Sony Announces Linux for Playstation 2
2002_Jan-30: Creative Technology Banks on External Sound Card
2002_Jan-30: Matsushita Sues South Korean Rival over Chip Patents
2002_Jan-30: Toshiba, Fujitsu Suffer Losses for Quarter, Lower Forecasts
2002_Jan-30: Singapore's Chartered Semiconductor Posts Record Loss on Chip Slump
2002_Jan-29: Talks between Micron Technology, Hynix Semiconductor Break Down
2002_Jan-29: Nintendo Cuts Price for Game Cube's Launch in Europe
2002_Jan-29: Taiwan's Macronix Slips into Red in 2001
2002_Jan-29: Third Bangladesh Internet Service Firm to Float
2002_Jan-28: Singapore Tightens Grip on Vocal Muslim Web Site
2002_Jan-28: Mobile-Mad HK Expects Lunar New Year 'Texting' Boom
2002_Jan-28: Japan Chipmakers Poised for Another Earnings Cut
2002_Jan-25: Mobile-Phone Companies See Vast Opportunity in China
2002_Jan-24: U.S. Tech Firms See Boost in Asian Customer Activity
2002_Jan-24: Sony Q3 Profit Seen Buoyed by PlayStation
2002_Jan-22: Intel Boosts Investment in Philippines Chip Plant
2002_Jan-22: World's First Luxury Mobile Phone Company Launched
2002_Jan-22: Taiwan Brands Gain Visibility in China Market
2002_Jan-21: China Orders Net Providers To Screen E-Mail, Use Less Foreign Software
2002_Jan-21: India's Wipro Q3 Net Up 17.4 Pct. on The Year
2002_Jan-21: Yahoo Japan Q3 Operating Profit Doubles
2002_Jan-18: Microsoft Announces Joint Venture with Chinese Software Maker
2002_Jan-17: Korea's Hynix Rules Out Debt Write-Off in Micron Talks
2002_Jan-17: Weak Chip Prices Hurt Samsung Electronics Q4 Results
2002_Jan-17: Jabil Circuit Eyes Long Road to Success in Japan
2002_Jan-16: Taiwan to Launch 3G Auction Without Fanfare
2002_Jan-15: Samsung Electronics' Q4 Expected to Be Weak but Analysts Stay Upbeat
2002_Jan-15: Taiwan Semiconductor Upbeat on after Strong Q4
2002_Jan-15: Taiwan Brands Come Out from the Veil in China
2002_Jan-14: Hynix Sees Deal with Micron Could Take Time
2002_Jan-14: TSMC Mulls China Investments
2002_Jan-14: Korea's Samsung Electronics in Handset Talks with Sprint
2002_Jan-11: Micron, Hynix Widen Talks, But Price Issue Remains
2002_Jan-11: Motorola to Cut Up to 1,300 Jobs in Texas, Japan
2002_Jan-11: Qualcomm to Invest in Reliance Comm
2002_Jan-11: Struggling Japanese Electronics Giant Matsushita Restructures
2002_Jan-10: Taiwan Chip Foundries' December Sales Lift Hopes for Q1
2002_Jan-10: China Set to Surpass Japan as Top Asia PC Market
2002_Jan-10: After Tough 2001, NetEase Looks to Non-Ad Revenue
2002_Jan-9: Celestica to Buy Two NEC Facilities in Japan
2002_Jan-9: I2 Sees Corporate Tech Spending Rebound
2002_Jan-9: Goldman Raises 2002 Earnings Estimates on Five DRAM Makers
2002_Jan-8: Riverstone to Supply Seoul High-Speed Urban Data Hub
2002_Jan-8: Taiwan Powerchip Speeds New Plant's Schedule
2002_Jan-8: Olympus Eyes Turnaround in Digital Cameras
2002_Jan-8: Korean Cyber-Soothsayers See Boom, Bin Laden's End in '02
2002_Jan-8: Motorola to Cut 700-800 Chip Jobs in Hong Kong
2002_Jan-7: Hynix Creditors May Push for $5 Billion Micron Deal
2002_Jan-7: Eager Workforce, Lower Costs Shift Tech Help Overseas
2002_Jan-7: Softbank, Callahan Eyeing Korea Investment
2002_Jan-4: Chipmakers May Recover Faster after New Price Rise
2002_Jan-4: TAC Sees 1.2 Million New Subscribers in 2002


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