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2002_Apr-30: Hynix Creditors Approve US$3.8 Billion Deal with Micron
2002_Apr-30: Mobile Downloads Hearten Loss-Making China Portals
2002_Apr-30: Taiwan Chipmaker UMC Surprises with Q1 Profit
2002_Apr-30: Hynix Lenders to Meet on Micron Sale; Shares Plunge
2002_Apr-29: Hynix Union Threatens Mass Resignation on Sale
2002_Apr-29: Telecom Companies Recruit Chinese in U.S. to Return
2002_Apr-29: Korea Hynix Asks for New Loan, Writeoffs
2002_Apr-29: Hitachi Records Huge Loss for Latest Fiscal Year
2002_Apr-29: Yahoo Japan Net Profit Doubles on ADSL Service
2002_Apr-29: Kyocera Reports Sharp Loss on Chip Slump
2002_Apr-29: Matsushita Loses No.1 Crown, Promises Comeback
2002_Apr-29: Japan Chipmakers Edge to Recovery, but Real Tests Ahead
2002_Apr-26: PlayStation Success Gives Sony Bullish Profit Outlook
2002_Apr-26: TSMC Q1 profits Exceed Expectations
2002_Apr-26: Indian Auction Site Baazee to Break Even in `03
2002_Apr-26: SiS Turns Profit in Q1 But Cautious on Recovery
2002_Apr-26: Japanese Computer Maker NEC Posts Loss for Latest Fiscal Year
2002_Apr-26: China Not Thought Capable of Hacking Sensitive U.S., Taiwanese Documents
2002_Apr-25: Taiwan ASE's Q1 Loss Narrows; Better Times Ahead
2002_Apr-25: Chartered Semiconductor Head Leaves as Industry Turns
2002_Apr-25: Hynix Creditors Split over Record Micron Offer
2002_Apr-25: China's Microchip Juggernaut Slowed by Road Bumps
2002_Apr-24: User Fees Push Portal Sohu's Q1 Revenues Up 10 Pct.
2002_Apr-24: Memory Chip makers Join Forces to Face Giant Micron
2002_Apr-24: Creative Upbeat, Launches New Products
2002_Apr-24: Taiwan Winbond Turns Around in Q1 But Cautious on Q2
2002_Apr-23: China Is World's Second in Home Internet Access
2002_Apr-23: North Korea Software Firms Meet World Halfway in China
2002_Apr-23: World No.2 Semiconductor Equipment Maker Says Orders Growing
2002_Apr-23: Nintendo Cuts Planned GameCube Price for Europe
2002_Apr-23: Telecoms Minister Says 3G Faces Obstacles in China
2002_Apr-23: Taiwan GoPo Media Eyes Xbox Software Market
2002_Apr-23: NEC, KDDI, 2 Others Ally on Internet Consortium
2002_Apr-23: Creative Expected to Hit Q3 Guidance
2002_Apr-23: Thailand's Delta Rides Tech Wave
2002_Apr-22: Japan's NTT Plans to Cut 17,000 Jobs in Three-Year Restructuring Plan
2002_Apr-22: India's Wipro Shares Sink on Q4 Results, Outlook
2002_Apr-19: Samsung Electronics Q1 Net Up 53 Pct. Year-Over-Year
2002_Apr-19: Japan's NEC to Start LCD Joint Venture in China
2002_Apr-19: Taiwan's Benq Sees Net Profits Doubling in 2002
2002_Apr-19: Shanghai Chipmaker Grows Away from Limelight
2002_Apr-19: Wipro Q4 Results Seen Supported by Domestic Sales
2002_Apr-18: Toshiba, Sumitomo Take Stakes in TC
2002_Apr-18: DoCoMo to Boost European Presence with French I-Mode
2002_Apr-18: Taiwan Government Ordered to Ditch Illegal Software
2002_Apr-18: Korea Chipmakers Turn the Corner; Q2 Outlook Bright
2002_Apr-17: Japan's Sop Telecom NTT to Pick Vice President as Next President
2002_Apr-17: Siemens Sees China Growth in New Mobile Networks
2002_Apr-17: Shanghai's Grace Ready to Join China Chip Race
2002_Apr-17: Priceline Launches Service in Hong Kong
2002_Apr-17: Japanese Internet Company Softbank Sells Part of Yahoo Stake to Cut Debt
2002_Apr-16: Samsung Electronics Set for Best Q1 Net on Chips, Phones
2002_Apr-16: Indian State Sees Jump in Biotech Investments
2002_Apr-15: Motorola, STMicroelectronics, Philips in US$1.4 Billion Chip Alliance
2002_Apr-12: Samsung Electronics Considering Hike in Memory Investment
2002_Apr-12: CalTiger And Net2Phone to Offer Net Telephony in India
2002_Apr-12: Japanese Electronics Maker Fujitsu Links with NCR in ATMs
2002_Apr-12: TSMC Says it Will Speed Up Plan to Build Two Chip Plants
2002_Apr-11: Nintendo Says Weak Yen Boosts Profits
2002_Apr-11: Flextronics Bets on China as Tech Sector Slogs On
2002_Apr-11: Micron, Hynix deal Clouded by 'fire sale' dispute
2002_Apr-11: LCD Maker Varitronix Slumps After Profit Warning
2002_Apr-9: Sony Ericsson to Set Up Chinese Mobile Phone Subsidiary
2002_Apr-9: Investors Seek Rebound Clues from Infosys Earnings
2002_Apr-8: Micron Seen Opposed to Hynix's Revised Offer
2002_Apr-8: NEC Joins Japanese Handset Makers' March to U.S. Market
2002_Apr-5: Japan's NTT Rings Up Deep Losses on Writedowns
2002_Apr-5: India's Satyam Infoway Starts Net Telephony Service
2002_Apr-4: Japan Patent Advisers Play Corporate Matchmakers
2002_Apr-4: Japanese Scientists Teach Cellphones to Lip-Read
2002_Apr-4: Boto to Sell Christmas Tree Unit, Turn to Computer Animation
2002_Apr-4: Taiwan Vows to Stamp Out CD Piracy; Artists Set to March
2002_Apr-3: Lifting of Taiwan Investment Ban to Help China Fulfill Chipmaking Dream
2002_Apr-3: IBM Signs Chip Development Pact with Sony, Toshiba
2002_Apr-2: Unmanned Chinese Craft Returns to Earth, Pronounced 'Technically Suitable' for Astronauts
2002_Apr-2: Nintendo Says It May Consider GameCube Price Cut
2002_Apr-2: KDDI Offers Next-Generation Cell Phone Service in Japan
2002_Apr-1: Korean Broadband Internet Firms End Merger Talks
2002_Apr-1: Lottery Links Isolated N.Korea to High-Tech World


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