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2002_May-31: Nintendo Profits Down amid Price War
2002_May-30: Five Firms Bid for Malaysia's 3G Mobile Licences
2002_May-27: Samsung Electronics under U.S. Patent Investigation
2002_May-27: China Cellphone Radiation Law Could Cost Billions
2002_May-27: Yamauchi Stepping Down as Nintendo President
2002_May-27: UMC Says Q2 on Track for 70 Pct. Utilisation Rate
2002_May-24: Taiwan's Acer Labs Changes Name to ALi
2002_May-23: Interim President Named for Qualcomm China
2002_May-23: Low PC Sales in India Could Hurt IT Ambitions
2002_May-22: China Telecom to Set Up Units in North in Two Months
2002_May-20: Korea's SK Telecom Seeks 5 Pct. Stake in KT
2002_May-20: Sega Back in Black, Sees High Score Ahead
2002_May-17: China Unblocks Foreign Media Web Sites
2002_May-17: NEC to Spin Off Semiconductor Business
2002_May-17: Upturn Drives India Tech Firms to Hunt Chip Skills
2002_May-17: Morgan, Deutsche to Help Lenders Sell Hynix Assets
2002_May-16: Hynix Fails to Sell TFT-LCD Business
2002_May-16: Microsoft to Make Xbox in China, Eyes New Partner
2002_May-16: Singapore's Venture Manufacturing in Talks to Buy Agilent Unit
2002_May-15: Taiwan Powerchip Plans Plant for 12-in. Chip Wafers
2002_May-15: Flextronics Buys Casio Plants, Makes Outsourcing Deal
2002_May-15: Chinadotcom Shrinks Q1 Loss 71 Pct. after Cost Cuts
2002_May-15: Sony Reduces Price of PS2 by A Third
2002_May-15: World Cup Sets Stage for Mobile Phone Showdown
2002_May-14: Report: Asia Server Market Shows Recovery Signs
2002_May-13: Vietnam's Emerging IT Industry Eyes Huge Foreign Contracts
2002_May-13: Japan's NTT Expected to Unveil Record Loss
2002_May-10: Sony Sticks by Rosy Outlook, Sees Broadband Growth
2002_May-10: EFI Buys Out U.S.-Indian Unimobile for a Song
2002_May-10: Korea's Hynix Agrees to Split, Sell Assets
2002_May-9: DoCoMo Profit Withers on Writedowns
2002_May-9: Nintendo, Namco Form GameCube Alliance
2002_May-9: TDK Vows Reforms, Profit; Doubts Linger
2002_May-8: China Mobile Defies Trend, Seeks Debt-Funded Growth
2002_May-7: Recovery Begins for Asia Chipmakers, But Doubts Linger
2002_May-7: Hynix Ends at Lifetime Low as Minister Talks Tough
2002_May-6: China Vice President Visits Silicon Valley
2002_May-6: Venture Manufacturing in Talks to Buy Iomega Plant
2002_May-6: Korea Considers Receivership for Hynix
2002_May-6: Hynix, Creditors Revamp Asset Sale Plans
2002_May-2: DoCoMo to Post Loss, Put Focus on Rebound
2002_May-2: Hynix Creditors May Try to Revive Micron Deal
2002_May-2: Nanya Tech closes in On Wafer Deal with Infineon
2002_May-1: Hutchison Buying Asia Global's HK JV Stakes
2002_May-1: Hynix Board Rejects Micron's US$3 Billion Bid


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