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2002_Jul-31: United Microelectronics Reports Profit in Q2
2002_Jul-31: Japanese Chipmakers Show Strong Q1, Fret Over Future
2002_Jul-30: India's Software Industry Expects 33 Pct. Annual Growth over Next Five Years
2002_Jul-30: Taiwan's SiS Sinks into Red in Q2
2002_Jul-30: Australia's Consumer Watchdog Hails Ruling for Man who Modified PlayStation
2002_Jul-29: Telstra Picks Sun Micro in Telecoms Platform Deal
2002_Jul-29: Malaysian Government Considers Allowing Schools to Use Pirated Software
2002_Jul-29: Korea Sees Chip Sales Doubling; Analysts Dubious
2002_Jul-26: Acer Expects 20 Pct. Sales Growth in Europe in 2002
2002_Jul-26: Taiwanese TSMC Reports Higher Q2 Orders But Warns of Slowdown
2002_Jul-26: NEC Profits Surge on Stock Sales Despite Poor Telecom Business
2002_Jul-25: Taiwan PC Hardware Output Seen Growing in 2002
2002_Jul-25: Hynix Says July Cash Flow OK; Analysts Skeptical
2002_Jul-25: EU to Investigate Alleged Korean Subsidies of Memory Chip Makers
2002_Jul-24: Amazon Sees Japan Market as Biggest outside U.S.
2002_Jul-24: 45 Million Online: China Claims Third Place among Nations in Net Usage
2002_Jul-23: Taiwan Exchange Finds No Macronix Insider Trading
2002_Jul-22: Samsung Electronics Reports Rise in Profit
2002_Jul-22: Korean Broadband Internet Access Hits 20 Pct.
2002_Jul-22: Yahoo Japan's Net Profit Jumps in Quarter
2002_Jul-19: New Telecom Alliance to Challenge NTT
2002_Jul-19: MegaChips Develops Digital TV Chip; Shares Surge
2002_Jul-19: Taiwan Macronix Denies Insider Trade Probe Talk
2002_Jul-18: Chinese Internet Portal Sohu Sees Revenues Increase
2002_Jul-17: Japan's DoCoMo, IY Bank to Offer ATM Access via Cell Phones
2002_Jul-17: Camera Phones Conquer Japan, Take Aim at the World
2002_Jul-16: NTT to Offer Fast Net Access at Train Stops
2002_Jul-16: Internet Portals in China Sign Pact to Restrict Access to Information Deemed Subversive
2002_Jul-16: New Frethem Computer Virus Detected in Japan
2002_Jul-15: Yahoo Banks on Asian Online Ad Growth
2002_Jul-12: Japanese Electronics Makers Set Up Company to Develop Computer Chips
2002_Jul-12: China Post, Finding Space between E-Mail and Regular Mail, Hopes for a Moneymaker
2002_Jul-12: Report Forecasts Booming Demand for Integrated Circuits Imports in China
2002_Jul-11: Matsushita to License Nokia Phone Software
2002_Jul-11: LG.Philips LCD Posts Higher Q2 Earnings
2002_Jul-11: Korea's Hynix Says It's Not in Merger or Sale Talks
2002_Jul-10: Korea's KTF Says in Alliance Talks with NTT DoCoMo
2002_Jul-10: Samsung Electronics to Spend US$136 Mln. on New Memory Lines
2002_Jul-10: Taiwan Contract Chipmakers Show Rising Sales in June
2002_Jul-9: Internet users in eastern China soon to have wireless access
2002_Jul-9: Study: Israel, Hong Kong Hotbeds for Hacking Attacks
2002_Jul-8: Report: Micron CEO Says Hynix Deal Still Possible
2002_Jul-8: Sony, Toshiba Target Higher Overseas PC Sales
2002_Jul-8: India Rolls Out Cheap, Handheld Computer in July
2002_Jul-5: Tech Giants Woo Indian Developers in Web Battle
2002_Jul-5: Chinese Net Retailer Finds Success Pedaling Its Wares
2002_Jul-4: India's Tech Capital Expects 60 Pct. Growth in Exports
2002_Jul-4: Taiwan's Macronix Warns of 2002 Loss
2002_Jul-2: Sony Sees Q1 Profit, Denies Reported Loss
2002_Jul-2: Telstra Buys Remaining 40 Pct. Stake in CSL
2002_Jul-1: Taiwan Tech Recovery Lifted by U.S., Japan Cost Woes
2002_Jul-1: Terra Lycos Sells Stake in Korea Venture
2002_Jul-1: Australian Music Industry Considers Deal with CD Burning Company


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