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2002_Aug-30: Nintendo and Sony on Track for Bumper Games Year
2002_Aug-30: Acer's Chairman to Promote Digital Content Industry
2002_Aug-30: Taiwan's Biggest Microchip Maker to Build Factory in China
2002_Aug-29: Intel Chief, in Vietnam, Says Everyone Should Have Right to Information
2002_Aug-28: Samsung Electronics to Invest US$3.6 Bln. in System Chips
2002_Aug-28: Malaysia to Avoid Tech Price War against China
2002_Aug-27: Japan's KDDI Goes to the Movies with New Phone
2002_Aug-27: AMD Says Taiwan Deal Is the Way to Go vs. Intel
2002_Aug-27: Taiwan's Gemtek Covets Wireless Networking Crown
2002_Aug-26: More Taiwan DRAM Makers Cut 2002 Profit Estimates
2002_Aug-26: Korean Company's US$400 Mln. Deal with Texas Instruments Fails
2002_Aug-23: Rivals Envy Chinese Mix of High Tech, Cheap Labor
2002_Aug-23: Samsung Electro in $500 Mln. Intel Circuit Board Deal
2002_Aug-23: Hynix Shareholders Split over Capital Reduction
2002_Aug-22: Analysts Say IPOs of Taiwan LCD Makers a Tough Sell
2002_Aug-22: Sony Turns to Allies to Bridge Gap in TV Strategy
2002_Aug-22: Chinese Telecoms Gear Makers Face Tough Year
2002_Aug-21: DoCoMo to Cut I-Mode Service Rate
2002_Aug-21: Chinese Appliance Maker Settles with Online Analyst over Article
2002_Aug-21: ASML Sues Nikon Over Chip-Making Patents
2002_Aug-20: Music Industry Targets Chinese Download Site via Service Providers
2002_Aug-20: NTT Says Verio Restructuring on Track
2002_Aug-19: Philippine Electronics Sector Scrambles to Counter China
2002_Aug-19: Indian Technology Giant Wipro's Profits Dip
2002_Aug-19: Taiwan LCD Makers in Pricey War with Korean Rivals
2002_Aug-16: Creative Posts 4Q Loss on Writedowns, 3DLabs
2002_Aug-16: Japanese Electronics Maker Fujitsu Cutting 2,100 Jobs at Plants
2002_Aug-15: Korea's Hynix Posts Q2 Loss as Chip Prices Wilt
2002_Aug-15: Softbank Stands by Nasdaq Japan as U.S. Parent Reportedly Weighs Pullout
2002_Aug-14: Nasdaq May Pull Out of Japan
2002_Aug-14: Officials Step Up Fight Against Software Piracy in Malaysia
2002_Aug-13: Latecomer Sony Ericsson Dives into China
2002_Aug-13: China to Permit Hearing on Theft of Lucent Software
2002_Aug-12: Taiwan Chip Firms Can Apply for China Investments
2002_Aug-12: Hitachi Maxell, Nippon Columbia Merging US DVD Ops
2002_Aug-9: Chip Maker TSMC Reports First Sales Drop in Five Months
2002_Aug-9: Camera Phones Trim Japan Cellphone Shipment Slide
2002_Aug-8: New Japanese ID System Reports First Data Leak Just Days after Opening
2002_Aug-7: Japan Anger Rising at Cell Phone Scam Artists
2002_Aug-7: China's NetEase.com in The Black -- Barely
2002_Aug-7: Korea's Dacom Posts Q2 Profit on High-Speed Users
2002_Aug-6: Asia Microchip Shares Buffeted by Market Doubts
2002_Aug-6: Hitachi Gets EU Approval for IBM Hard Drive Business
2002_Aug-6: China Jails Politically Incorrect Net User 11 Years
2002_Aug-5: China Telecom Files U.S. and HK IPO Applications
2002_Aug-5: June Semiconductor Global Sales Flat, Europe Weak
2002_Aug-2: Hutchison, Cheung Kong to Boost Stake in Priceline.com
2002_Aug-2: Taiwan Chipmakers Set to Reap Outsourcing Trend
2002_Aug-2: India's Patni Computer Aims to Beat Industry Growth
2002_Aug-1: Intel Sees China Passing Japan in PC Market in 2002
2002_Aug-1: Oracle Expects 1,800 New Jobs in India
2002_Aug-1: ST Assembly Posts Narrower Q2 Loss


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