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2000_Feb-29: Sotec Registers 'E-One' Design with Patent Office
2000_Feb-29: Sharp Launches Handheld PC With 350,000-Pixel Digital Camera
2000_Feb-29: Qualcomm Still Awaiting Word from China on Delay
2000_Feb-29: Hitachi, Oracle Japan Tie Up in ASP Business
2000_Feb-29: Yulon Sizes Up Marine-Cable Business
2000_Feb-29: Cable & Wireless HKT to Be Sold
2000_Feb-28: Taihan Electric Wire Controls 35 Pct. Market Share in Mongolia
2000_Feb-28: Ohtec Launches 'Free PC' Service with Internet Access
2000_Feb-28: Macronix and Mitsubishi to Produce Flash Memory
2000_Feb-28: Singapore to Revive Y2K Help Center
2000_Feb-28: CDMA Mobile Technology Suspended in China
2000_Feb-28: Techs Hot as Blue Chips Drop on Asia Markets
2000_Feb-28: Vietnam Slashes Internet Charges, But Still High
2000_Feb-25: Mosel Vitelic Invests Heavily in New Wafer Plants
2000_Feb-25: Omron Unveils Software with Fingerprint Authenticator
2000_Feb-25: Avex to Offer Music Distribution Service over Internet in April
2000_Feb-25: Shanghai Lists Information Port as Priority Project
2000_Feb-25: Clinton Puts China Trade Deal at Top of Agenda
2000_Feb-25: Australian Telecom Firm Expands Reach in New Zealand
2000_Feb-25: China Postpones Mobile Phone Project
2000_Feb-24: Toshiba to Sell SD Card-Enabled Portable Music Player in March
2000_Feb-24: Hann Star's TFT-LCD Manufacturing Ahead of Schedule
2000_Feb-24: Innovative Technology Vital to China's Economy in 21st Century
2000_Feb-24: Taiwan's D-Link, China's Legend Holdings Forge Internet Venture
2000_Feb-24: Growth of China's Telecom Industry Appears to be Slowing
2000_Feb-24: Asian PC Market Surges to Top 14 Million Units in 1999, IDC Says
2000_Feb-24: Qualcomm, Kyocera Close Deal on Phone Unit
2000_Feb-24: Chinese Entrepreneurs Embrace E-Commerce
2000_Feb-24: Ex-Hacker Says Japan Takes Web Safety for Granted
2000_Feb-23: Japanese Version of Windows 2000 Has Bugs, Security Hole
2000_Feb-23: Motorola to Set Up Telcom R&D; Center in Taiwan
2000_Feb-23: Seiko Epson Boosts Investment in China Venture
2000_Feb-23: Sega Affiliate to Begin Chat Service for Dreamcast in April
2000_Feb-23: Winbond to See Anticipated Sales Profit
2000_Feb-23: Police Seize Computer Hacker in Northeast China Port City
2000_Feb-23: Taiwan Net Firms Eager to Follow Giga's Footsteps
2000_Feb-22: Shanghai Expects 10 Pct. Economic Growth
2000_Feb-22: Firm Tries to Ban Windows Trademark in Korea
2000_Feb-21: Advance Orders Jam Web Site for New Sony Video-Game Machine
2000_Feb-21: Jupiters Seeks Approval for Online Casino
2000_Feb-21: PlayStation2 Makes Its Debut for Japan Fans
2000_Feb-21: China's etang.com Eyes Nasdaq IPO
2000_Feb-21: Hong Kong Police Seize Pirated Windows 2000
2000_Feb-21: GM Steps up Internet Courtship of Toyota
2000_Feb-18: DVD Player Sales Forecast to Double in 2000
2000_Feb-18: Sharp, Nippon Paint to Develop Color STN Panels for Mobile Phones
2000_Feb-18: IP Telephony, Internet Forces Behind Telecom Growth in China
2000_Feb-18: EPoX, Dynalab Jointly Launch WebTV
2000_Feb-18: China Unicom, Qualcomm Sign CDMA Intellectual Property Agreement
2000_Feb-18: Lineo Forms Linux Partnerships with Mitac, Other Taiwan OEM Makers
2000_Feb-18: Hyundai Electronics Spins off Car Electronics Unit
2000_Feb-18: Sony, Intel Eye Home Networking Alliance
2000_Feb-18: Thai Internet Liberalisation to Attract Players
2000_Feb-18: China Finalises Mobile Phone Pact with Qualcomm
2000_Feb-17: LG Cable to Invest US$266M to Expand Optical Telecom Business
2000_Feb-17: Corning to Expand Production of Optical Fibers in China
2000_Feb-17: Hyundai Makes First 64Mb DDR Synchronous DRAM Sample Chip
2000_Feb-17: Beijing to Invest US$12M in Education Information Network
2000_Feb-17: Finet Online Delivers London-Hong Kong Live Stock Quotes
2000_Feb-17: Samsung Electronics Begins Selling 34-in. Flat Panel TV
2000_Feb-17: U.S. Says China Encryption Rules Must Change
2000_Feb-17: Apple Unveils Souped-up Notebook
2000_Feb-16: NTT DoCoMo's New E-Mail Terminal Enjoys Brisk Sales
2000_Feb-16: Fujian to Launch China's Largest Cable TV Network
2000_Feb-16: NEC to Ship VDSL Modem Capable of 52Mbps on Copper Lines
2000_Feb-16: Researchers at Chinese Univ. of Science Reveal New Computer
2000_Feb-16: China Says No Way to Identify Anti-Japan Hackers
2000_Feb-16: Zi Joins Group to Design Wireless Device Products
2000_Feb-16: Study: Japan Internet Users Rise
2000_Feb-15: Sakura Bank, Sony, Others Step Up E-Money Tests Using Noncontact IC Card
2000_Feb-15: Samsung Electronics' Digital Home Network Tech Chosen as Standard in U.S.
2000_Feb-15: Leading U.S. ASP to Enter Japan in First Half of 2000
2000_Feb-15: Shanghai to Enhance Information Security
2000_Feb-15: Chung Hwa's ADSL Procurement Bids Draw Eager Response
2000_Feb-15: Fraud Reports Rising in Web Mail Orders, MITI Says
2000_Feb-15: Beijing to Increase Imports of ICs, Micro-Electronic Products
2000_Feb-15: Asian Personal Computer Sales Hit All-Time High
2000_Feb-14: Guangdong Province Reports Sustained Telecom Growth
2000_Feb-14: Sharp Debuts Keyboard with Built-In PC Card in New Desktop PCs
2000_Feb-14: China Develops Advanced Semiconductor Laser Device
2000_Feb-14: Acer Group to Put on xC Fair
2000_Feb-14: China Sees Growth in Electronic, Information Product Exports
2000_Feb-14: Korea Steps up Security Against Web Hackers
2000_Feb-14: Upstart PCCW Weighs Offer for C&W; HKT
2000_Feb-10: CD-R Manufacturers Bypass Holiday Break
2000_Feb-10: NEC Introduces PDPs With Quieter Cooling Fans
2000_Feb-10: New Venture eAccess Enters ADSL Services in Japan
2000_Feb-10: Dragon Gifts on the Web
2000_Feb-9: Prices of 15-in. TFT-LCD Monitors Continue to Drop
2000_Feb-9: Guangxi Approves US$404M in Projects with Overseas Funds
2000_Feb-9: Association for TFT-LCD Industry Established in Taiwan
2000_Feb-9: Zhongguancun to Set Up Office in California's Silicon Valley
2000_Feb-9: PC Sales Soar as Japan Gets Internet Fever
2000_Feb-8: Hitachi, Canon, Fujitsu, Others Launch BS Data Broadcast Company
2000_Feb-8: Shanghai's IT Industry Generates US$1B Output Value
2000_Feb-8: E+trade Sets Korea Web Trading Venture
2000_Feb-7: Scant Possibility of Feb. 29 Leap Year Computer Glitch, JEIDA Says
2000_Feb-7: Rohm Sparkles as Japan Niche Chip Maker
2000_Feb-7: FOCUS-India `dotcom' Media Firms Seen in Shakeout
2000_Feb-4: SISC Expects Microchip Supply to Return to Normal in Q2
2000_Feb-4: AsiaInfo Sets IPO at 4 Million Shares
2000_Feb-4: Microsoft to Include Photo Software on Fuji CDs
2000_Feb-3: China's Internet Newcomer Etang.com Raises $40 Million
2000_Feb-3: PlayStation2 Set to Lift Sony Revenues
2000_Feb-2: NEC Develops High-Speed, Wireless IEEE1394 Technology
2000_Feb-2: Japan's PC Makers, Retailers to Complete EDI Specs for PCs
2000_Feb-2: TurboLinux to Provide Dealer Support Scheme by Type of Business
2000_Feb-2: TI to Boost Outsourcing Orders for TFT-LCD Driver ICs
2000_Feb-2: Nikon Unveils Specifications for 3.34M-pixel Digital Camera
2000_Feb-2: Thailand Sees 'Explosions' in E-Commerce
2000_Feb-2: Qualcomm Shares Rise with Chinese Phone Deal
2000_Feb-2: India Software Firms Beat Forecasts, Y2K Bug in Qtr.
2000_Feb-1: Computer Virus Expert Issues 'W2K' Virus Alert After Y2K
2000_Feb-1: Sale of Anam Semicon Fails on Price Difference
2000_Feb-1: Mitsubishi Electric's Encryption Technology Adopted as W-CDMA Standard
2000_Feb-1: Western China Launches First High-Tech Belt
2000_Feb-1: KDD, Nihon Cisco to Conduct Large-Scale IP Telephone Test
2000_Feb-1: Zhongguancun Science Park Aims at 30 Pct. Growth Rate in 2000
2000_Feb-1: Taiwan to Join U.S., Japan at Forefront of Semiconductor Industry
2000_Feb-1: Shanghai Pudong's GDP Surges by 16 Pct.
2000_Feb-1: Japan's Game Makers Tie-up with Telecom Firms
2000_Feb-1: Few Comply as China Enacts Encryption Rules
2000_Feb-1: Texas Instruments CEO Says PC Era Ending


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