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2000_Jul-31: Non-Governmental Venture Capital Enters Info-Tech Field
2000_Jul-31: Taiwan's Linux Market Booms
2000_Jul-31: China Sets up Internet Committee
2000_Jul-31: Nokia to Supply GSM 1800 Network to China's Zhejiang Mobile
2000_Jul-31: Tom.com to Lay Off 80 Employees
2000_Jul-28: Taiwan's Communication Firms Actively Go Public
2000_Jul-28: China Education Network Expanding Nationwide
2000_Jul-28: Hitachi Living Debuts 310,000-Pixel Digital Camera for E-Mail
2000_Jul-28: Taiwan's Barebones Computer Sector Exports to Top 40 Pct. of Global PC Shipments
2000_Jul-28: Internet Use Spreading among Peasants in China
2000_Jul-28: DoCoMo Says 'I-Mode' Growth Beating Expectations
2000_Jul-27: Sewon Telecom to Sell US$100M-150M GDRs in Europe
2000_Jul-27: Shenzhen's Exports of Machinery, Electronics Rise
2000_Jul-27: Nan Ya Tech to Upgrade DRAM Processing Skills in 2001
2000_Jul-27: National Computer Application Center Opens in Beijing
2000_Jul-27: Chinadotcom Sees Opportunity in Shakeout
2000_Jul-27: Programs: a Little Learning, 'PokeROM' style
2000_Jul-26: China to Build Information Security Base
2000_Jul-26: Diamond Multimedia to Debut MP3 Audio Player Supporting WMA
2000_Jul-26: Taiwan's Electronics Firms Prepare to Make Notebook PCs in China
2000_Jul-26: AIP, ISPs Stage Trial Distribution of Motion Ads Using Satellites
2000_Jul-26: NTT DoCoMo, AOL Eye Pact in i-Mode Net Services
2000_Jul-25: Japanese Companies to Expand Purchases from Taiwan
2000_Jul-25: DDI Cellular, IDO to Expand Roaming Service Area to U.S. Cities
2000_Jul-25: China Mobile Cuts Charges
2000_Jul-25: Major Overseas Corporations Increase DRAM Procurement In Taiwan
2000_Jul-25: Shaanxi to Earmark US$265 Million for Telecom Upgrading
2000_Jul-25: Inventec Electronics Group Firms Compete for Notebook Orders
2000_Jul-25: Compaq Expands into Korea's PC Market
2000_Jul-25: Singapore Says to Award 3G Telecom Licences
2000_Jul-24: [G-8 Summit] Japan May Host Talks to Combat High-Tech Crimes, P.M. Mori Says
2000_Jul-24: [G-8 Summit] G-8 Leaders to be Linked by E-Mail Network
2000_Jul-24: Taiwan's Economic Ministry to Launch E-Patent Alliance
2000_Jul-24: IBM Begins E-Commerce Cooperation with City in Guangdong
2000_Jul-24: Brisk First-Half Sales of TFT-LCDs to Continue into Q3
2000_Jul-24: Shanghai Opens Internet Data Center to Promote E-Businesses
2000_Jul-24: Official: China to tax E-Commerce
2000_Jul-21: Taiwan's Electronics Firms to Enter IP Telephony Market
2000_Jul-21: Infineon, Fudan University Set Up New Microelectronics Lab
2000_Jul-21: NEC to Beef Up Lithium-Ion Battery Production
2000_Jul-21: Asia-Pacific Optical Cable Work Started in China
2000_Jul-21: G8 Nations to Consider Digital Divide
2000_Jul-21: Asian Stocks Lower Ahead of Greenspan Testimony
2000_Jul-19: Dalian to Speed IT Development
2000_Jul-19: U.S. Oracle Corp. Approves Japanese Version of Oracle Exchange
2000_Jul-19: 360Networks to Build Asian Network with Singtel
2000_Jul-19: Toshiba Sees Chip Profit Beating Estimate 20-30 Pct.
2000_Jul-19: USTR Fisher Says Japan-U.S. Telecoms Talks Go Well
2000_Jul-19: Japan Automakers Trying Online Sales
2000_Jul-19: Amazon.com Casts Eye over Japan
2000_Jul-18: Shanghai to Construct GPS Application Network
2000_Jul-18: Mitsui, Increment P to Enhance Accuracy of Online Map Search Service
2000_Jul-18: High Tech Enterprises Urged to List on Home, Overseas Exchanges
2000_Jul-18: Japan-US NTT talks miss deadline, await Barshefsky
2000_Jul-18: Japan, Europe uphold Qualcomm patents
2000_Jul-18: NTT Data, Oracle Japan form e-commerce alliance
2000_Jul-17: Beijing Plans Software Park in Haidian District
2000_Jul-17: Murata Develops Compact Wireless Bluetooth-Interface Module
2000_Jul-17: Microsoft Taiwan to Focus Future Investment on XML Applications
2000_Jul-17: China's IT Industry Continues to Grow Fast
2000_Jul-17: Motorola, China Unicom Pursue GSM Multi-Contract Network Expansion
2000_Jul-17: U.S. Venture Capital Pouring Into China Net Start-Ups
2000_Jul-17: Japan's DoCoMo Eyes 20 Pct VoiceStream Stake-Source
2000_Jul-17: New Internet Domain Names OK'd
2000_Jul-14: NTT-ME Begins ASP Service for Location Info Using Compact GPS Device
2000_Jul-14: Small High-Tech Firms Receive State Support for Innovations
2000_Jul-14: Hitachi Debuts Monitor for Dioxin Generation
2000_Jul-14: E-Business Lab Established in Nanjing
2000_Jul-14: Astel to Debut PHS Phone with Web Browser
2000_Jul-14: Chinese Military's Mobile Phone Businesses Being Transferred to Leading Phone Company
2000_Jul-14: Vietnam Aims to Privatise 11 Telecom Firms in 2000
2000_Jul-14: Telecoms Talks Stall; Japan Tells U.S. to Ease Rules
2000_Jul-14: Web Regulators Mull New Addresses
2000_Jul-13: Declining CD-R Prices Force Makers to Diversify
2000_Jul-13: Hutchison, NTT DoCoMo, KPN in Europe 3G Assault
2000_Jul-13: US-Japan Telecom Talks Enter 3rd Day; Summit Looms
2000_Jul-13: Korean Co. Moves up Digital TV Date
2000_Jul-12: NEC to Market PDP TV Set Priced at Less Than US$9,350
2000_Jul-12: China Telecom Beijing Focuses on Net Infrastructure Construction
2000_Jul-12: SII Sets Up Firm in China to Make LCD Panels for Mobile Phones
2000_Jul-12: Shenyang Builds China's First Robot Manufacturing Company
2000_Jul-12: U.S. Turns up Heat on Japan on Telecoms Fees Row
2000_Jul-12: India's Infosys Set to Double Profit Again - Analysts
2000_Jul-12: DoCoMo, KPN, Hutchison to Unveil Link on Wednesday
2000_Jul-11: Allied Telesis Enters Korea's Communication Devices Market
2000_Jul-11: China Mobile, China Unicom Assure Inter-Network Connection
2000_Jul-11: High Premiums to Apply to More Taiwan High-Tech Businesses
2000_Jul-11: Chinese Firms Develop Handheld Computers
2000_Jul-11: 10art-ni Develops Java-Based PDA Prototype Using GPS Tech
2000_Jul-11: Lucent Moves Into Production, Sales and Research in China
2000_Jul-11: U.S. Calls Japan Proposals on NTT 'Inadequate'
2000_Jul-11: Indian Firms Plan to Spread Bandwidth Feast
2000_Jul-11: DRAM Shortage Seen Boosting Korea Chipmaker Shares
2000_Jul-11: NEC Tests W-CDMA Cell Phone System in China
2000_Jul-10: Sharp Reports US$85M Deficit in Environmental Accounting for FY99
2000_Jul-10: Wuhan Sets Up Large Optical Electronics Training Base
2000_Jul-10: ICANN to Launch More Top-Level Domains
2000_Jul-10: Shanghai Customs Allows Online Tariff Payments
2000_Jul-10: NTT DoCoMo Issues Call for Handset Prototype with Memory Stick Slot
2000_Jul-10: SinoBull.com Launches E-Finance Platform
2000_Jul-10: China Turns to Linux to Keep Microsoft at Bay
2000_Jul-10: Qualcomm Stock Falls on Korea Woes
2000_Jul-10: China Dotcoms Dream of Nasdaq Despite Netease Flop
2000_Jul-7: Japan's Mobile Phones Debut at Summit in Okinawa
2000_Jul-7: Semiconductors, Packing Test, Software Set for Steady Second-Half Growth
2000_Jul-7: Compaq Places Notebook Orders to Quanta
2000_Jul-7: Hitachi's Face-Reading Tech to Help Handicapped People Operate PCs
2000_Jul-7: FBI Holds up NTT-Verio Deal
2000_Jul-7: India, China Mobile Networks Face Fraud Threats
2000_Jul-7: Semiconductor Stocks Pull Down Key Asia Markets
2000_Jul-7: Fujitsu Ships Samples of Stack MCP Combining 16Mb Flash, 16Mb FCRAM
2000_Jul-7: Taiwan May Face Tech Exodus to China
2000_Jul-6: Adobe Systems Wins Chinese Copyright-Infringement Lawsuit
2000_Jul-6: Surface Mount Technology Equipment Manufacturers Respond to Rising Demand
2000_Jul-6: Legend Group Eyes World's Top 500 Slot
2000_Jul-6: More Wireless Internet Access Services Start in Japan
2000_Jul-6: China to Popularize Internet Knowledge
2000_Jul-6: Pentamedia Graphics Plans Big Push in U.S.
2000_Jul-6: Singapore Ionics Wins $1 Billion Philips Deal
2000_Jul-5: Toyota Says Considering Net Banking
2000_Jul-5: KPN, NTT DoCoMo Eye UK UMTS with Hutchison
2000_Jul-4: Sony, Toshiba and Matsushita Plan Joint Venture for Interactive TV
2000_Jul-4: Taiwan Venture Capitalists Shun Dot.coms
2000_Jul-4: Taiwan's Chunghwa Telecom Sets Big Internet Plans
2000_Jul-4: Japan, U.S. Move to Settle NTT Rates Feud
2000_Jul-4: CNN to Provide Internet Content to Japan Mobile Phone Users
2000_Jul-3: Games for Sega's Dreamcast Console Cracked and Copied on Web
2000_Jul-3: DVD Players a Hard Sell in Japan
2000_Jul-3: Sony, Tokyu Join Race for Japan CATV Network


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