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2000_Aug-31: Compaq to Offer E-Commerce Solutions via Net in Japan
2000_Aug-31: Be Technology's Marketing Unit to Merge with PD Square
2000_Aug-31: Rambus to Pursue Hyundai for Patent Violations
2000_Aug-31: Sony Launches Handheld Computer Based on Palm Software
2000_Aug-31: Chinese Army Bans Cell Phones
2000_Aug-31: Bandai in Fresh Challenge to Nintendo
2000_Aug-30: Yamaha Offers Free Trials of Mobile Phone Tunes via Internet
2000_Aug-30: Tsuzuki Forms Venture Incubation Center; Eyes Asia Business
2000_Aug-30: Gravity of Chip Shortage Waters Down Effect of Intel's CPU Price Cut
2000_Aug-30: NEC Launches 16Mb Low Power Consumption Memory to Rival FCRAM
2000_Aug-30: Toshiba to Boost Notebook Computer Orders to Taiwan's Compal
2000_Aug-30: ICBC Promotes E-Banking Business
2000_Aug-30: C&W; Says Swaps PCCW Shares for CMGI Stake
2000_Aug-29: PictureTel, Sharp Team Up on Videoconferencing Systems
2000_Aug-29: China Decides Rules to Settle Domain Registration Disputes
2000_Aug-29: Taiwan's IC Upstream Sector Optimistic; Downstream Less So
2000_Aug-29: J-Phone to Use Yamaha's Sound Source ICs for Its Mobile Phones
2000_Aug-29: Inventec @ppliances Expected to Win PDA Order from Palm
2000_Aug-29: China Keeps Close Eye on Trans-Genetic Research
2000_Aug-29: Kyocera Jumps on Japan Chipmaking Profit Bandwagon
2000_Aug-28: Asia's Internet Infrastructure Development Surpasses Japan's
2000_Aug-28: Guangdong Expects Higher Economic Growth
2000_Aug-28: Disney Internet Group to Start I-Mode Character Download Service
2000_Aug-28: Protesters Disable Korean Ministry's Home Page
2000_Aug-28: Internet Firm Chinadotcom Cuts 48 Jobs in China
2000_Aug-28: NEC Doubles H1 Profit Estimate as Chipmakers Shine
2000_Aug-28: India Appeals against Planned Telecoms Strike
2000_Aug-25: Chipmakers Outsource Output to Overseas Firms
2000_Aug-25: Ericsson to Supply GSM Equipment to China Unicom
2000_Aug-25: ACFIP to Handle Troubles Concerning JP Domain Names
2000_Aug-25: Made-in-China Firewall Challenges Global Hackers
2000_Aug-25: EASP.Net Set to Kick Off in Taiwan
2000_Aug-25: China's Mobile Phone Users Rank Second in World
2000_Aug-25: Nintendo Unveils New Video-Game Console
2000_Aug-25: ATI's Graphic Chip to Power Nintendo Gamecube
2000_Aug-25: Study: Internet Use Widens Social Gap in Australia
2000_Aug-25: Telstra, PCCW Joint Venture a Step Closer
2000_Aug-24: I-Mode Sites Growing Rapidly in Tandem with Gains in Users
2000_Aug-24: Intel Sees Rising Sales in Taiwan
2000_Aug-24: Sony to Sell 'Town-Use' Portable Music Players in September
2000_Aug-24: LGIC, Lucent Join Hands for CDMA Biz
2000_Aug-24: Sony Europe to Use Certicom's Encryption Technology in Internet Mobile Phones
2000_Aug-24: Samsung Ranked No. 1 LCD Supplier in Q2
2000_Aug-24: Clinton Allows Japan's NTT to Purchase Verio
2000_Aug-24: China Mobile Phone Subscribers Hit 60 Million
2000_Aug-24: Shanghai's Computer Exports Rise 37.4 Percent
2000_Aug-23: Internet Offers New Opportunities in Copyright Business
2000_Aug-23: Capitel Group Ranks Top in China's Mobile Phone Market
2000_Aug-23: System Manufacturers Welcome Higher Q2 Profits
2000_Aug-23: China to Export Two Million Computers
2000_Aug-23: Motorola to Invest US$1.9B More in China
2000_Aug-23: HK's Pacific Century Cyberworks in Lackluster US Debut
2000_Aug-23: Nokia in $300 Million Equipment Pact with Philippines' Smart Communications
2000_Aug-22: JCB to Close Virtual Mall
2000_Aug-22: Touch Panels: Taiwan Manufacturers' New Investment Target
2000_Aug-22: Nippon Foundry to Build New Lines for 200mm Wafers
2000_Aug-22: Taiwan's ASP Market Reaches Take-Off Point
2000_Aug-22: Gene-Chip Technology in China Enters Mass-Production
2000_Aug-22: China Continues to Attract Big Investments from Overseas
2000_Aug-22: Acer Sertek, Leo Ready to Dip into Information Distribution
2000_Aug-22: China's E-Business Sector Still Immature, Survey Says
2000_Aug-22: Samsung Plans New Fab to Boost Non-Memory Output
2000_Aug-22: Toshiba Profits Get Big Lift from IT-Led Chip Boom
2000_Aug-22: India Seeks More U.S. Visas, Less Control for Tech
2000_Aug-22: China Approves US$1.9 Billion Motorola Investment
2000_Aug-21: DDI-KDD-IDO Alliance to Spin Off Cell Phone Operations
2000_Aug-21: Software Providers March into Electronic Software Distribution Market
2000_Aug-21: Samsung, Hyundai Electronics Aim for Nasdaq Listings in 2002
2000_Aug-21: Samsung SDI Develops Reflective Display for IMT-2000 Mobile Handsets
2000_Aug-21: Shenzhen Skyworth Group Opens China's First HDTV Network
2000_Aug-21: China Develops Advanced E-Commerce Service System
2000_Aug-21: Big Groups Change Networking Investment Strategies
2000_Aug-21: China Aims to Accelerate Development of Software Industry
2000_Aug-21: Institutions Cool on Taiwan State Telecom Auction
2000_Aug-21: Sanyo Licenses Psion's Symbian Technology
2000_Aug-18: Asia Internet Holding Ties Up with Internet Thailand
2000_Aug-18: Jusung Engineering Agrees to Merge with Apex, Strengthen CVD Sector
2000_Aug-18: Sumcon Starts Volume Production of STN-LCD Panels in Shanghai
2000_Aug-18: Samsung Electronics Completes New TFT-LCD Line
2000_Aug-18: Compaq to Dip into E-Markets in Taiwan and China
2000_Aug-18: Taiwan's Motherboard Sector Revenue to Rebound in Q4
2000_Aug-18: Korean PC Market Expected to Grow 84 Percent in Q2: Dataquest
2000_Aug-18: Nokia Provides Broadband Access Service for Yunnan Telecom
2000_Aug-18: Hong Kong Internet Baron to Use Phone Company Revenue as Growth Engine
2000_Aug-18: Carlyle to Invest US$250M in Indian Tech Firms
2000_Aug-18: Cisco to Invest US$150M in India
2000_Aug-18: DoubleClick Asian Venture Signs Pact with Yam
2000_Aug-17: Cybozu Software to Allow Remote Groupware Access via I-Mode
2000_Aug-17: Yahoo! Korea Launches Community; Talks Underway to Acquire More Sites
2000_Aug-17: Taiwan's IT Hardware, Cyber Sectors Grew Sharply in First Half
2000_Aug-17: China.com Suffers US$600,000 Operating Loss for Q2
2000_Aug-17: Heavyweights Compete to Dip into B2B E-Commerce Market
2000_Aug-17: TSMC Processing Breaks Ground for Communication Chips
2000_Aug-17: Former Monopoly Gobbles up China's Mobile Market
2000_Aug-16: Japan to Allow Foreign Carriers to Lease NTT Networks
2000_Aug-16: India Eyes Steps to Bring Infotech to the Masses
2000_Aug-16: NTT Communications: U.S. Panel Approves Verio Purchase
2000_Aug-15: Sony, 39 Others Join to Standardize Car Navigation System
2000_Aug-15: Privatisation of Taiwan's Chunghwa on Track
2000_Aug-15: Kmart and Softbank Say Add US$80 Million to BlueLight.com
2000_Aug-14: Matsushita Electric Works Ties Up with Cisco Systems in ASP
2000_Aug-14: Online Dissidents Protest Chinese Crackdown
2000_Aug-14: Hyundai Electronics' First-Half Losses Rise Despite Hefty Sales
2000_Aug-14: Report: U.S. Clears Japan NTT Comm Bid for Verio
2000_Aug-11: Rakuten to Open Shopping Mall for Cell Phone Users
2000_Aug-11: GSM Introduced to Three Gorges Dam Area
2000_Aug-11: CASID Helps Taiwanese Companies Build Commercial Aircraft
2000_Aug-11: Singapore's JIT to Merge with Flextronics
2000_Aug-10: NTT Comm, Covad to Offer DSL Phone Service in Japan
2000_Aug-10: China's Leading Investment Banker Opens Online Trading
2000_Aug-10: LG Innotek to Supply Wireless-Phone Components to Sony
2000_Aug-10: China's Ruling Communist Party Battles for Web Control
2000_Aug-10: How It Was Done: Telstra, PCCW and the HKT Deal
2000_Aug-9: Sony, Kyocera to Join Tests of Fast Cell Phone Technology
2000_Aug-9: Tianjin Development Zone Begins Digitization Project
2000_Aug-9: Compal Group Expects to Reach Revenue of US$3.2B in 2000
2000_Aug-9: China Gears for Battle with 'Enemy Forces' on Web
2000_Aug-8: Yahoo Japan Sets New Fees for Demographic Targeted Ads
2000_Aug-8: Haixin Group Builds US$240 Million Info Industry Park
2000_Aug-8: Taiwan's Motherboard Sector Has Mixed Performance
2000_Aug-8: LG Electronics Posts US$6.17B in First-Half Sales
2000_Aug-8: Intel to Set Up Internet Exchange Center in Beijing
2000_Aug-8: China Portal Sohu.com Expects Profits in 2003
2000_Aug-7: High-Tech Product Exports on the Increase in Shandong
2000_Aug-7: Toshiba Halves Power Consumption in Reflective Panel
2000_Aug-7: Shanghai Expects Another Period of High Growth
2000_Aug-7: SK Telecom Enjoys Large Profit in First Half
2000_Aug-7: Taiwan's Companies Enter CRM Market
2000_Aug-7: Xingri, China's Largest Maker of Chip Condensers, Sets up Shop
2000_Aug-7: MITI Aims to Issue All-Purpose Smart Cards
2000_Aug-4: Japan Online Securities Starts Stock Trading Via I-Mode Phones
2000_Aug-4: Fujifilm to Introduce 6x Zoom Digital Camera
2000_Aug-4: First International Computer to Make Investments in China
2000_Aug-4: NEC Participates in IA-64 Linux Development Project in Shift from Windows Strategy
2000_Aug-4: Kyocera to Lift Exports of PHS Mobile Phone Gear to Asia
2000_Aug-4: Internet Surfers in Shenzhen Earn the Most
2000_Aug-4: Victor to Launch Low-Priced DVD Audio/Video Player
2000_Aug-4: Verio, NTT Continues to Cooperate with U.S. Probe
2000_Aug-4: Hackers Close Down Myanmar Government Web Site
2000_Aug-4: Fortunes Diverge for Two China Dot-Coms Sharing a Vision
2000_Aug-4: More than 200 Reports of New Computer Virus in Japan
2000_Aug-3: Taiwanese Chip Designers Plan Stronger Push in Japan
2000_Aug-3: Hanaro Telecom in Talks with Alcatel Over US$300M Investment
2000_Aug-3: GBOT U.S. Online Exchange Finds Market in Japan
2000_Aug-3: Korea Telecom Posts 464 Pct. Rise in Net Income
2000_Aug-3: Taiwan's Networks, Communication Companies Report All-Time Sales Highs for July
2000_Aug-3: Beijing Municipal Gov't Aims to Accelerate Economic Growth
2000_Aug-3: Asian Markets Tepid, Currencies Firmer
2000_Aug-2: China Makes DNA Sequence Databank Available on Internet
2000_Aug-2: Mobile Phone Subscribers Decline by 1M Over Two Months
2000_Aug-2: DRAM Contract Price to Challenge US$9 in Q4
2000_Aug-2: Beijing Science Park to Introduce E-Administration
2000_Aug-2: Taiwan's Manufacturers Compete for Notebook Orders
2000_Aug-2: Japan's Softbank Scraps Plan to List Holding Firms
2000_Aug-2: High-tech Workers Keep Culture of India Alive in Seattle
2000_Aug-2: Amazon.com Plans Japan Service Center
2000_Aug-1: Sharp to Cooperate with Malaysian Plant on Semiconductor Technology
2000_Aug-1: Taiwan Makers Expect Big Business with EHITEX Trading Web Site
2000_Aug-1: Tianjin Unicom Most Successful Branch of China Unicom
2000_Aug-1: IBM Japan Debuts 'WorkPad' with Built-in PHS Functions
2000_Aug-1: Jiangsu Province Draws More Overseas Investors
2000_Aug-1: Kenwood TMI Sells Power Supplies for Evaluating Battery Cells
2000_Aug-1: China Has 16.9 Million Web Users, CNNIC Says
2000_Aug-1: Indonesian Computer Wiz First to Get German 'Green Card' Work Permit


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