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2000_Oct-31: Mitsubishi, Others to Open E-Market for Electronic Parts
2000_Oct-31: V Tech Tester Slashes PDP Defect Finding Time to One-Third
2000_Oct-31: Sino-Overseas Telecom Operators to Construct Submarine Optical Cable
2000_Oct-31: Taiwan Consumers Reject Widely-Hyped Broadband Net Connection Service
2000_Oct-31: China's IT Output Expected to Double in Five Years
2000_Oct-31: NEC Posts US$690M in Consolidated Operating Profits in First Half
2000_Oct-31: Shanghai Exports US$8.7B in Machinery, Electronics Products
2000_Oct-30: Applied Materials to Refurbish Used Chip-Making Gear
2000_Oct-30: Singapore Similan.com Includes Japan in Pan-Asian Online Auction, Classified Marketplace
2000_Oct-30: Shanghai Maps Out Blueprint for IT Industry
2000_Oct-30: Student Wins FPD Contest Award with Cubic Prototype
2000_Oct-30: III Strengthens Role As Computer Talent Scout
2000_Oct-30: China.com Corp. Expects Profit by End of 2001
2000_Oct-27: Some 60 Percent of E-Commerce Sites to Use DRM Technology by 2002, Gartner Says
2000_Oct-27: Intel Steps Up R&D; Efforts in China
2000_Oct-27: NEC, Casio Tie Up to Expand Color TFT-LCD Businesses for Mobile Devices
2000_Oct-27: China Expects Overseas Venture Investment in Software Industry
2000_Oct-27: NTT Com to Launch Authentication/Settlement over Net Via IC Card
2000_Oct-27: VIA Tech, Acer Labs Cooperate to Develop Telecom Microchips
2000_Oct-27: NTT, Honda to Jointly Develop Next-Generation Car Navigation System
2000_Oct-27: Sony Profit Slumps in Q2, PlayStation2 Weighs
2000_Oct-27: NEC Back in Black as Mobile, PC Chip Sales Surge
2000_Oct-27: Ericsson to Help Bangladesh Launch Mobile Internet
2000_Oct-27: Amazon.com to Open Online Doors in Japan
2000_Oct-27: Fujitsu Expanding Linux Operating System Applications
2000_Oct-26: Nifty Teams with 6 Foreign ISPs for Global Services
2000_Oct-26: Matsushita Battery to Start Mass Production of Large Capacity Lithium-Polymer Battery
2000_Oct-26: Intel, Beijing Telecom to Jointly Provide Web Hosting Service
2000_Oct-26: Japan's Semiconductor Market Likely to Grow 26 Percent: Dataquest
2000_Oct-26: Fujian Province Reports US$30 Billion in GDP
2000_Oct-26: Sega to Buy U.S. Online Retail Shop FamilyWonder
2000_Oct-26: China Opens Internet to the Cable TV Industry
2000_Oct-26: Korea's Chip Exports Expected to Rise 15-20 Pct. Next Year
2000_Oct-26: Fujitsu First-Half Profit Leaps, but Outlook Cloudy
2000_Oct-25: Fujitsu Device Combines Laser Scanner, Mobile Terminal
2000_Oct-25: Casio to Launch Low-Priced Digital Camera for US$90
2000_Oct-25: Intel to Double Investment in Shanghai
2000_Oct-25: DataPlay of U.S. Establishes Japanese Optical Disc Corporation with Toshiba
2000_Oct-25: First High-Tech Park Firm Established in Chinese University
2000_Oct-25: Kyocera Wireless, Lucent to Collaborate on 3G Wireless Technology
2000_Oct-25: Beijing Sets Up Satellite Technology Applications Company
2000_Oct-25: India's Infosys Aims to Be One-Stop Shop
2000_Oct-24: FTC Launches Probe of NTT East over DSL Tactics
2000_Oct-24: Taiwan's Client Computing Device Makers Encouraged to Develop Brand Sales
2000_Oct-24: China Unicom to Become GSM, CDMA Provider
2000_Oct-24: European Stores Have Few PlayStation2 Consoles Left
2000_Oct-23: CyberCash, TurboLinux Japan To Promote Linux For E-Commerce
2000_Oct-23: Arima Communications Wins Mobile Phone Orders from Ericsson
2000_Oct-23: Major E-commerce Web Opened for Enterprises in Shanghai
2000_Oct-23: CyberWorks Crashes Down to Earth
2000_Oct-23: RealNetworks Teams with Sony
2000_Oct-20: Lucent Technologies Boosts Investment in China
2000_Oct-20: DVD Forum Starts Adjustment of Ideas on Standards for Next-Generation DVD
2000_Oct-20: Giga-Byte Launches New Server, Hopes for Strong 2001 Sales
2000_Oct-20: Tianjin Invents China's First 'Electronic Book'
2000_Oct-20: Toshiba Battery's UPS Small Enough to Fit in PC
2000_Oct-20: Hong Kong's Internet Star, CyberWorks, Crashes to Earth
2000_Oct-20: KDDI Mulling U.S. Tie after March Wireless Auction
2000_Oct-19: Capcom to Sell Video Games Compatible with All Major Consoles
2000_Oct-19: China Exhibits New Network Security Products
2000_Oct-19: Sony's New Vaio PC Delivers Live Broadcast
2000_Oct-19: High Technology Decides Future of China's Special Economic Zones
2000_Oct-19: Sony to Sell Two Plants to Solectron
2000_Oct-18: NEC Notebook Computer Runs 11 Hours on Normal Batteries
2000_Oct-18: Three Steps Needed to Expand China's VC Investments, Expert Says
2000_Oct-18: China Unicom to Issue CDMA Tenders
2000_Oct-17: Olympus to Offer Goggle-Shaped Display for PlayStation2
2000_Oct-17: Publisher to Provide Audio English Lessons via PHS Phones
2000_Oct-17: U.S. Telecom Boosts Wireless Internet Application in China
2000_Oct-17: Matsushita-Kotobuki Develops Miniature Bluetooth Module
2000_Oct-17: Optical Cable Network Launched in Southern China
2000_Oct-17: Hong Kong's CyberWorks Plunges, Despite Brief Rally on Telstra Deal
2000_Oct-17: Qualcomm Stock up 6 Pct., Boosted by China Plans
2000_Oct-17: Japan Online Brokers Struggle to Be Profitable
2000_Oct-17: Qualcomm Unveils CDMA Phone for Chinese Market
2000_Oct-17: Web Companies in China Take New Government Limits in Stride
2000_Oct-16: Global Net Exchange to Set Up B2B System in Japan
2000_Oct-16: Ritek and Lead Data Benefit from CD-R Demand Rebound
2000_Oct-16: Shanghai to Earmark US$18 Billion for Electronic Industry
2000_Oct-16: Taiwan DRAM Makers Count on Earnings from China Orders
2000_Oct-16: Chinese Researchers Develop First Multiple Force Biochip System
2000_Oct-16: Korea's Skylove Online-Chatting Firm to Enter Poland
2000_Oct-16: Toshiba to Pay US$23 Million in Computer Case
2000_Oct-13: Intel to Increase Investment in China
2000_Oct-13: SK Poised to Enter North Korean Market
2000_Oct-13: Chinese Consumers to Purchase US$96 Million Worth of Goods on the Internet
2000_Oct-13: Chinese Newspaper in Japan Starts E-Commerce Site on Japan
2000_Oct-13: Fujian Electronic Information Group Begins Operations
2000_Oct-13: Hong Kong Communications Consulting Firm to Enter Japan
2000_Oct-13: Qualcomm CEO Sees China Decision Soon
2000_Oct-12: Xian Establishes Photoelectricity Science Park
2000_Oct-12: DDI Pocket to Offer More Discounts for Datacom Users, Packet Service
2000_Oct-12: Shanghai Manufactures US$5.5B Worth of Information Products
2000_Oct-12: Video Viewer Works with IMT-2000 Cell Phones
2000_Oct-11: Japan Compaq Refocusing Efforts on Financial Systems
2000_Oct-11: Guangzhou's Software Industry Enjoys Brisk Growth
2000_Oct-11: Lawson, Others to Open Convenience Store in I-Mode
2000_Oct-11: Chunghwa Telecom Boosts Submarine Cable Capacity
2000_Oct-11: Motorola Trains Management Personnel for Western China
2000_Oct-11: China Lays out Feast for Foreign Telecom Firms
2000_Oct-10: Sony Shows 'DVR-Blue' Prototype for Next-Generation DVD Optical Disk
2000_Oct-10: Wafer Foundries Predict Full Capacity Production in November
2000_Oct-10: Sony Sets New Environmental Performance Indicator
2000_Oct-10: Agency.com Expands in Asia, Latin America
2000_Oct-10: Trying out Honda Net Car Means More Clicking Than Driving
2000_Oct-9: Toshiba Video Storage Device Combines Hard Drive and DVD
2000_Oct-9: U.S. Trade Panel to Investigate Hyundai Chip Sales
2000_Oct-9: Hong Kong's PCCW Eyeing EMI Acquisition
2000_Oct-6: STN Driver Price Fall May Prompt IC Design Companies to Shift Investments
2000_Oct-6: Small Parts Exhibited for GPS-Capable Mobile Phones
2000_Oct-6: Sony Exhibits 'Memory Stick Walkman' Mobile Phone
2000_Oct-6: Toysrus.com of U.S. to Form Japanese Affiliate for Online Sales
2000_Oct-6: CMOS Camera Modules for Mobile Phones Stand Out at CEATEC Japan
2000_Oct-6: E-Commerce Trend Emerges among Consumer Electronics Makers
2000_Oct-6: Sony Plans New Pet Robot by Year's End
2000_Oct-5: Semiconductor Makers See Diverging September Sales Results
2000_Oct-5: Omron, Bandai to Cooperate in Agent Technology for Mobile Devices
2000_Oct-5: China Mobile to Acquire Networks in China
2000_Oct-4: Lawson, NTT DoCoMo to Open Online Store for I-Mode Users
2000_Oct-4: Information Distribution Companies See Light at End of Tunnel
2000_Oct-4: Sony Unveils LCD TV with Tuner, Screen Linked via Wireless Connection
2000_Oct-4: Sinoprojects Joins Hands With China Hewlett-Packard
2000_Oct-4: Yusen Broad to Test Maximum 100Mbps Internet Access Service via Optical Fiber
2000_Oct-4: Cofacerating.jp to Start Debt Rating Service for International Trade
2000_Oct-4: DDI Pocket to Begin Music Distribution Service for Sanyo's PHS Phone
2000_Oct-4: China Issues Restrictive Internet Edict
2000_Oct-3: Samsung Unveils Fast DDR SDRAM Graphics Memory Chip
2000_Oct-3: Matsushita-Kotobuki to Sell Digital Camera with SuperDisk
2000_Oct-3: LG Electronics Develops DVD Player with TV Function
2000_Oct-3: Matsushita Electric to Sell Photo Printer with LCD Monitor
2000_Oct-3: IBM Moves into Internet Data Center Market in Taiwan
2000_Oct-3: Sony to Offer Cheaper 42-Inch Plasma Display Panel
2000_Oct-3: India's Polaris Ends U.S. Acquisition, Faces Suit
2000_Oct-2: Toshiba to Sample Ship 7.7-In. Low-Temp Polycrystalline Si-TFT-LCD for E-Books
2000_Oct-2: China's Top Web Site Now Runs in Eight Languages
2000_Oct-2: CD, DVD Retail Group Sees Brisk Sales Via Mobile Phones
2000_Oct-2: Taiwan's Info Distribution Companies Gear Up to Enter China
2000_Oct-2: India Telecoms Behemoth on Tricky Path of Change
2000_Oct-2: Fujitsu Reorganizing LCD Production in Japan, Taiwan
2000_Oct-2: KPN, NTT DoCoMo to Launch European Mobile Internet Service
2000_Oct-2: Report: Sony Plans High-Tech Production Move to Europe


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