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2001_Feb-28: Vodafone Intensifies Battle with BT over Japan Telecom
2001_Feb-28: NTT President to Challenge Usen with 100Mbps FTTH Service
2001_Feb-28: Chongqing Launches Web College
2001_Feb-28: NEC, Group Firm Complete Production Line of Graphics LSI for 'Gamecube'
2001_Feb-28: Sampo to Seek Chinese Partner for Digital TV Business
2001_Feb-28: Sony Computer to Boost Output of Graphic LSIs for PlayStation2
2001_Feb-28: Vodafone Buys AT&T;'s Stake in Japan Telecom
2001_Feb-27: DAC Ties Up with Australian Net Advertiser
2001_Feb-27: Samsung Japan Launches 17-Inch TFT-LCD Monitor for US$1,000
2001_Feb-27: NEC to Commercialize Reflection Color TFT-LCD Panels for Cell Phones
2001_Feb-27: Daewoo Electronics to Export Wall-Hanging Televisions to GB of U.K.
2001_Feb-27: TwinMos Technology Unveils 184-Pin SDRAM Module
2001_Feb-27: BroadVision Keen on China's E-Business Market
2001_Feb-27: Toshiba Tec, Microsoft Tie Up in Retail Industry, to Ship .NET-Based Development Tool
2001_Feb-27: Samsung Electro-Mechanics to Build Production Facilities in Brazil
2001_Feb-27: Chipset Makers Gear Up to Embrace Intel's Tualatin
2001_Feb-27: Vodafone May Unveil US$1.35 Billion Japan Deal Tuesday
2001_Feb-27: Nokia to Expand Networks in China in US$230 Million Deal
2001_Feb-27: Sega to Cut 300 Jobs, Will Post Special Loss
2001_Feb-27: Asia Poised to Lead Wireless Web Phone Race
2001_Feb-26: Canon's New Fax Machine Has Color Display for E-Mail
2001_Feb-26: Industry Old-Timers - The Conglomerates- Dominate Korea's Internet Market
2001_Feb-26: Sega Sues Kmart for Alleged Non-Payment
2001_Feb-23: Quanta Computer to Deliver Casio Crusoe-Based Notebooks in March
2001_Feb-23: J-Phone Extends Per-Program Data Capacity for Java Mobile Internet Service
2001_Feb-23: China Develops Advanced Laser Diode for DVD Pick-Ups
2001_Feb-23: Red Hat, Two Others Collaborate on Built-In Linux Business for Mobile Devices
2001_Feb-23: Mitsumi Electric Develops Bluetooth Modules Close to Version 1.1
2001_Feb-23: LED with High-Brightness Level Passes Evaluation in China
2001_Feb-23: Japan's Ministry of Public Management to Run Test of 'Mobile Office'
2001_Feb-23: Vivendi/Sony "Virtual Jukebox" Due in Summer
2001_Feb-22: Cybird Spreads Risk through Many Web-Phone Sites
2001_Feb-22: Sony Develops 13-In. Organic EL Panel
2001_Feb-22: Internet Access Fully Restored in Shanghai
2001_Feb-22: NEC, Casio Unveil Notebook PCs with Transmeta's Crusoe CPU
2001_Feb-22: VIA Gets CPU Orders from Four Major Chinese Computer Firms
2001_Feb-22: TU-KA Group to Begin 28.8kbps Packet Communications on EZweb
2001_Feb-22: China Projects 20 Pct. Growth Rate for Information Industry
2001_Feb-22: Guizhou Province Starts Lithium-Ion Battery Production Line
2001_Feb-22: Sony in Deal for Networked Arcade Games
2001_Feb-21: KDDI Service to Send Electronic Tickets to Cell Phones
2001_Feb-21: Pornographic Web Site Operator to Sue NTT-X over Domain Name
2001_Feb-21: China's Unicom to Invest US$1.2 Billion in CDMA
2001_Feb-21: Microsoft Releases Beta Version of Mobile Explorer 3.0
2001_Feb-21: Service Restored for Portion of Capacity of Severed U.S.-China Cable
2001_Feb-21: Linux-based Server Can Distribute 100,000 Mails per Hour
2001_Feb-21: China to Establish Electronic Enterprise Group, Minister Says
2001_Feb-21: Global E-Commerce Treaty Hits Snag
2001_Feb-20: Tecmo to Release PlayStation Game for I-Mode
2001_Feb-20: DGT May Start Accepting 3G License Bids in June
2001_Feb-20: Fujitsu Hitachi Plasma Display Completes World's Largest PDP
2001_Feb-20: Macronix to Unveil Efficient Flash Memory
2001_Feb-20: Japanese Govt. to Ease Entry of Engineers from India
2001_Feb-20: Liaoning Telecom to Expand LPMCN Capacity to 2.65 Mln Users
2001_Feb-20: Japan's Sharp to Launch Global Linux-Based PDA Offensive
2001_Feb-20: C&W;, Free to Sell PCCW Stake, May Stand Pat for Now
2001_Feb-20: DoCoMo Places Entire Blockbuster Shares Offer
2001_Feb-19: Japan Firms Target Higher Cell Phone Sales Abroad
2001_Feb-19: Taiwan's VC Funds Move Ahead with Capital-Raising Plans
2001_Feb-19: R&D; Centers Crucial to Success of Shanghai Industries
2001_Feb-19: C&W;, Free to Sell PCCW Stake, May Stand Pat for Now
2001_Feb-16: eBANK, PayPal Ally to Offer E-Mail Payment Service in Japan
2001_Feb-16: China to Invest US$1.8 Billion in High-Tech R&D; Program
2001_Feb-16: Sweden Ranks First in Information Society Index: IDC/World Times
2001_Feb-16: China to Speed Up Server Development
2001_Feb-16: MIT Media Lab Will Expand to India
2001_Feb-15: Palm, DoCoMo to Debut Wireless PDA in Japan in '01: Palm COO
2001_Feb-15: HP Introduces Micro Edition of ChaiVM; CDMA Phones Can Run Java Applications
2001_Feb-15: China Launches Online Purchasing Service for Enterprises
2001_Feb-15: Yamaha Provides Tool for Converting to 16-Chord Sound Alert from MIDI Files
2001_Feb-15: Hyundai Electronics to Separate Satellite Services from Parent
2001_Feb-15: Zhejiang Province Eyes Information Industry
2001_Feb-15: Stage Being Set for Net-Capable PDA Battle in Japan
2001_Feb-15: Microsoft Prepares for Battle with Japan Xbox Tie
2001_Feb-15: Sega Looks in Mirror And Sees Gaming "Kingmaker"
2001_Feb-14: Cave, Blue Note to Distribute Jazz Info via Cell Phones
2001_Feb-14: Matsushita Develops MPEG4 Video Codec LSI Compatible with Core Profiles
2001_Feb-14: Samsung Electronics Releases 32Mb RAM
2001_Feb-14: Toshiba Examines Construction of Si-TFT-LCD Panel Factory in Singapore
2001_Feb-14: Intel China Gears Development Toward Cyber World
2001_Feb-14: Value of 128Mb DRAMs Set at US$4 Range
2001_Feb-14: Online Tourism Soars in China
2001_Feb-14: Sony to Sell Mobile CD-R/RW Drive with Music-Playing Function
2001_Feb-14: China, Taiwan, HK Emerge as Korea's Biggest Export Markets
2001_Feb-14: Motorola's Tianjin Factory to Yield 3,000 Chips per Week
2001_Feb-14: Dialer, Arima Communication Gear Up for Brisk Business
2001_Feb-14: Severed U.S.-China Telecom Cable to Resume Operation
2001_Feb-13: Casio to Sell PDAs Capable of Swapping Data with Mainframes
2001_Feb-13: Samsung Electronics Develops Technology for 4Gb DRAM Chips
2001_Feb-13: Matsushita Communication to Establish Mobile Telecom Lab in Beijing
2001_Feb-13: Zhejiang Province to Focus on Software, IC Industries
2001_Feb-13: Chinese Web Sites Adopt DoubleClick's Online Ad Program
2001_Feb-13: MP3.com Teams with Qualcomm for Music Distribution Tech for CDMA Cell Phones
2001_Feb-13: Shanxi Province's Exports, Imports Reach US$1.76 Bln. in 2000
2001_Feb-13: Test Sites Help Measure Internet Access Speeds
2001_Feb-13: Taiwan Semi: No Budget Cuts for Top Manufacturing Equipment
2001_Feb-9: Hewlett-Packard to Offer PC Recycling Service for Net Buyers
2001_Feb-9: Jobs to Make Keynote Speech at MACWORLD/Tokyo
2001_Feb-9: Nokia to Expand China Business
2001_Feb-9: NTT Group Announces Cryptosystem for Contactless IC Card
2001_Feb-9: China Netcom Initiates Price War in Long-Distance IP Calls
2001_Feb-9: Matsushita Battery Develops Coin Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery for Mobile Devices
2001_Feb-9: Samsung Electro-Mechanics Develops SAW Filters for IMT-2000 Handsets
2001_Feb-8: Mobile Phones Used by 50.8 Pct. of Japan's Population
2001_Feb-8: Jilin Province Aims to Build 'Optical Valley'
2001_Feb-8: Four Taiwanese Venture Capital Groups Report Successful 2000
2001_Feb-8: APEC E-Commerce Symposium to be Held in Beijing
2001_Feb-8: Justsystem Debuts 'ATOK14' Japanese Input Program for Mac OS X
2001_Feb-8: Taiwan Falls Under Spell Of 'Lineage'
2001_Feb-8: Chinese Domain Resolution Protocol Up and Running
2001_Feb-8: Sony Takes on LCD Makers with Slim Screen
2001_Feb-8: Sega's Okawa Unloads His Stake as Gift to Company
2001_Feb-7: Mitsumi to Mass-Produce Bluetooth Modules
2001_Feb-7: Beijing High-Tech Zone Enjoys Highest Output Value in China
2001_Feb-7: Fujifilm Unveils 6.03 Million Pixel Digital Camera Designed by Porsche
2001_Feb-7: LG Electronics Develops 4th Generation TV Chip
2001_Feb-7: NEC Develops 'Post-Rambus' High-Speed Interface Technology
2001_Feb-7: KG Telecom to Launch GPRS Service
2001_Feb-7: Beijing to Further High-Tech Industrial Development
2001_Feb-7: Toshiba America to Lay Off 500 in Irvine; Shifting Work to Asia
2001_Feb-7: Sony Clashes with Independent Game Developers
2001_Feb-6: Computer Makers Adding Features to Compete with Cell Phones
2001_Feb-6: TSMC Unveils 0.13-Micron Low-K Processing Technology
2001_Feb-6: TurboLinux Offers I-Appli Development Tool for Free
2001_Feb-6: KT in Talks to Join Forces with Microsoft
2001_Feb-6: Compaq, Fujitsu to Team Up on Storage Products, Standardization
2001_Feb-6: IBM Teams Up with Beijing, Qinghua Universities
2001_Feb-6: Java I-Mode Mobile Phones Quickly Become Top Selling Items: Survey
2001_Feb-6: Guangdong to Export More High-Tech Commodity Products
2001_Feb-6: Japan's DoCoMo Sets Record Share Offering
2001_Feb-6: NTT DoCoMo Recalls 103,000 Defective Mobile Phones
2001_Feb-5: Kyocera-DDI to Launch Data Center Business in China
2001_Feb-5: LCD PCs Set to Replace CRT PCs As Monitor Prices Fall
2001_Feb-5: Hanaro Telecom Enters Domain Biz
2001_Feb-5: China Encourages International Scientific, Technological Cooperation
2001_Feb-5: Analysts Watch for TSMC Outlook on 2001
2001_Feb-5: Nokia to Shift Production to Korea, Mexico from Texas
2001_Feb-5: China Hits Snag in High-Tech Plan
2001_Feb-5: Malaysia's Village Internet Dream Stirs Questions
2001_Feb-2: Six LCD Makers to Develop Energy-Saving Technology Together
2001_Feb-2: Taiwan's United Epitaxy Forecasts Revenue Growth of 30 Pct. in 2001
2001_Feb-2: NEC Commercializes VDSL High-Speed Transmission System
2001_Feb-2: Sohu.com Undeterred by Slowdown Forecasts
2001_Feb-2: IBM Japan Adds Mobile Phone Functions to E-Commerce Server Software
2001_Feb-2: Sindo Wins US$50 Million Supply Contract With Xerox
2001_Feb-2: NTT Software, Fujitsu Develop System to Link Java Mobile Phones, Application Servers
2001_Feb-2: Taiwan's Yieh United Steel Group to Maintain Major Steel Prices
2001_Feb-2: IBM Japan to Enter Fast-Growing NAS Market in Pursuit of NetApp, EMC
2001_Feb-2: HP Injects US$400 Million into Singapore's Electronics Sector
2001_Feb-2: Sun to Invest US$20 Million in India in 2001
2001_Feb-2: Nasdaq to Open Indian Office on February 12
2001_Feb-1: Impress, Korean Firm to Launch Online Financial Info Venture
2001_Feb-1: DDI Pocket Will Not Support Circuit Switching for 128kbps Data Services
2001_Feb-1: Samsung Electronics Develops New Photo Resist Product
2001_Feb-1: Takara Unveils Remote-Control Humanoid Robot Toy
2001_Feb-1: Taiwan's IC Assemblers Issue Mixed Market Forecasts
2001_Feb-1: Siemens, Openwave to Supply Mobile Internet Services for CMCC
2001_Feb-1: Seiko Epson to Commercialize 260,000-Color TFD Panels for Mobile Devices
2001_Feb-1: Shanghai ISPs Enter Price War
2001_Feb-1: Sega Teams with Pace Micro, Incorporates Dreamcast into Set-Top Box
2001_Feb-1: Hyundai Electronics Develops MCU for Internet Use
2001_Feb-1: Sega to Provide Games to Palm Handhelds
2001_Feb-1: Sony Files for License to Start Online Bank in Japan by June
2001_Feb-1: Sega Dumps Dreamcast, Announces Record Loss


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