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2001_Mar-30: Sony Music to Offer Song Samples to Mobile Phone Users
2001_Mar-30: Yahoo Japan Ventures into the 'Real' World, Opens Free Net Cafe in Harajuku
2001_Mar-30: PDA Sales Heat Up on Price Cuts and Aggressive Promotion
2001_Mar-30: Hyundai Electronics to Supply DDR SRAM Modules to HP, Compaq
2001_Mar-30: Coca-Cola, Two Others to Experiment with Buying Coke from Vending Machine Using I-Mode
2001_Mar-30: Quanta Opens Production Base in Shanghai
2001_Mar-30: UMC Cuts Stock Dividend Issue to Preserve Profitability
2001_Mar-30: Shenzhen Encourages Investment in IC Sector
2001_Mar-30: FIC Integrates Business Strategy to Adapt to Chinese Market
2001_Mar-30: Shenzhen to Launch 43 High-Tech Industrial Projects
2001_Mar-30: 'E-Japan' Plan Waters Down Call for NTT Fee Cut, Critics Say
2001_Mar-30: Microsoft Plans Online Xbox Gaming in Japan
2001_Mar-30: Hong Kong Firms Scramble to Comply with Software Piracy Law
2001_Mar-30: Sony Changes Corporate Structure to Focus on Mobile
2001_Mar-29: Sony to Add Mobile Phones to Core Businesses
2001_Mar-29: KDI Head Expects 4 Pct. Growth in 2001
2001_Mar-29: Mitsubishi to Offer 100,000-Pixel Camera Module for Mobile Phones
2001_Mar-29: Mosel-Vitelic to Produce MRAM Chips for USTC
2001_Mar-29: Guangzhou Hosts Online Copyright Protection Forum
2001_Mar-29: Disney to Put Pooh on I-Mode Phones
2001_Mar-29: Internet Not to Blame for Overheated E-Commerce, Chinese Experts Say
2001_Mar-29: Korean Stocks Decline on Falling Chip, Hyundai Issues
2001_Mar-29: Motorola to Boost Investment in Leshan-Phoenix Semiconductor
2001_Mar-29: Hong Kong Telecom Giant Shows Huge Losses
2001_Mar-29: Chinadotcom Cuts Staff in Bid to Reduce Costs
2001_Mar-28: Konami to Display 4 Game Titles for Microsoft's Xbox
2001_Mar-28: NTT DoCoMo Unveils I-Appli Development Toolkit
2001_Mar-28: LG Electronics Debuts 32-Inch, High-Definition Digital TV
2001_Mar-28: Matsushita Expands Investment in Tianjin
2001_Mar-28: SiS Rolls Out Cheap Chipsets to Challenge VIA
2001_Mar-28: Nokia Sees GPRS Launches in India This Year
2001_Mar-27: DSL Subscribers Seen Hitting 60,000: Research Firm
2001_Mar-27: Outline of J-Phone's Java-Capable Phone Unveiled
2001_Mar-27: Tianjin Development Zone Becomes Major IT Center in China
2001_Mar-27: NTT DoCoMo to Open I-Mode Mobile Network in Three Stages
2001_Mar-27: Taiwan IT Manufacturers Display Cutting-Edge Products at CeBIT Show
2001_Mar-27: Lotus to Upgrade Security for Notes Gateway on Java Cell Phone
2001_Mar-27: International Software Engineering Symposium Opens in Wuhan
2001_Mar-27: Cellular Phones Become 'Membership Cards' for Haruyama
2001_Mar-27: Analysis: Japan Promises Europe An Upwardly Mobile Future
2001_Mar-27: Oracle's Asia, China Business Expected to Weather Tech Woes
2001_Mar-26: Informatics of Singapore to Build IT Schools in Japan
2001_Mar-26: Bored Japan Lawmakers Cut Off from E-Mail Relief
2001_Mar-26: Chip Designer Altera Sees Wider Downturn
2001_Mar-26: Japanese Finance Authorities Approve Sony's Plan to Set Up Online Bank
2001_Mar-23: JVC to Increase Digital Video Camera Output by 50 Pct.
2001_Mar-23: China Mobile Delays One-Way Charging System
2001_Mar-23: Sharp to Load MPEG-4 Player in Its Linux-Based PDAs
2001_Mar-23: Apacer Technology, United Test Ally on Advanced Memory Module Development
2001_Mar-23: NEC Develops Personal Robot with Speech, Image Recognition
2001_Mar-23: Chinese Expert Urges Better Use of Cable Network
2001_Mar-23: J-Phone to Strengthen PDC Services Following IMT-2000 Postponement
2001_Mar-23: 3G Licensing Ignites Interest in Taiwan's Telecom Industry
2001_Mar-23: Sega Unit to Offer ADSL Service to Promote Broadband for Dreamcast
2001_Mar-23: Shanghai Telecom to Expand Broadband Networks
2001_Mar-23: Dell Deal Seen Helping Samsung Weather Chip Storm
2001_Mar-23: Singapore Telecommunications, Belgacom Team Up
2001_Mar-22: NTT DoCoMo to Open I-Mode Network to Rivals
2001_Mar-22: Samsung Electronics to Strengthen Smart-Card IC Biz
2001_Mar-22: Cable TV Users in China Surpass 90 Million
2001_Mar-22: VIA Technologies, SIS See Intensifying Sales Battle
2001_Mar-22: Shanghai Hosts International Computer-Net 2001 Exhibition
2001_Mar-22: Ireland's Parthus Technologies to Step Up Asian Sales
2001_Mar-22: Gemplus to Build IC Card Production Center in Tianjin
2001_Mar-22: IT Industry Expected to Recover in Latter Half
2001_Mar-22: Beijing Police to Use Portable Electronic Devices
2001_Mar-22: Sega Appoints COO Sato as New President
2001_Mar-22: Toshiba Pares Long-Term Profit Targets
2001_Mar-22: Nintendo Unleashes New Game Boy
2001_Mar-21: Sharp, Sony to Disclose Specifications for OP I.Link
2001_Mar-21: Korean Site Giving Cash Reward for Posted Information to Expand into Japan
2001_Mar-21: China Telecom Rents Long-Distance Circuits to China Unicom
2001_Mar-21: Win Semiconductors Debuts Six-Inch GaAs Wafers Using 0.15-Micron Process
2001_Mar-21: Printer Shipments in Japan Rise by 20 Pct.
2001_Mar-21: Information Product Sales Score High in China Market
2001_Mar-21: Korea Credit Releases Another Bright Outlook for Economy
2001_Mar-21: DRAM Chip Inventories Fall, Spot Price Rebound Seen: Merrill Analyst
2001_Mar-21: Creative Technology to Cut Global Staff by 10 Pct.
2001_Mar-20: Hitachi, Toshiba to Enter Technology Licensing Business
2001_Mar-20: Silicon Storage Technology to Invest Heavily in China
2001_Mar-20: Taiwan's Com2B, HK Partner Launch B-2-B Joint Venture in Kunshan
2001_Mar-20: NTT DoCoMo Eyes Faster Launch of 4G Phones
2001_Mar-20: India Media Company Says It Is under Fire from Government
2001_Mar-19: Late Sega President Leaves Legacy as Passionate Capitalist
2001_Mar-19: Vertex Link Ships Contents Conversion Server Software for Mobile Phones
2001_Mar-19: Korea Gov't Maintains Economic Recovery Forecast for Second Half
2001_Mar-19: Taiwan's Two TFT-LCD Leaders Merge into World's Second-Largest Maker
2001_Mar-19: Japan's 2000 DVD/WDM Production Increases 23 Pct.: Survey
2001_Mar-19: Nintendo Ups Game Boy Advance Shipments
2001_Mar-19: Sony Says Memory Stick Shipments to Miss Target
2001_Mar-16: INTERVIEW: Murata Chief Expects IT Infrastructure-Related Demand
2001_Mar-16: SCEI, IBM, Toshiba Join to Develop Teraflops Microchip
2001_Mar-16: China's WTO Membership Offers Opportunities for HK, Macau, Minister Says
2001_Mar-16: STATS of Singapore, NEC Sign Manufacturing Pact for ICs in Hard Disk Drives
2001_Mar-16: Sony Bets on Cell Phones as Game Platform
2001_Mar-16: Analysis: U.S. Woes Muddy Picture for Korean, Taiwan Techs
2001_Mar-16: Malaysia Tech Firms Seen Cutting Revenue Forecasts
2001_Mar-15: New Communications Module Uses Body as Conduit
2001_Mar-15: Saehan to Expand Chip Material Biz
2001_Mar-15: Trouble in U.S. IT Industry to Trigger Fall in Chip, PC Exports
2001_Mar-15: Chinese Researchers Develop New Solar Cell for Mobile Phones
2001_Mar-15: Sony to Offer System for DVD/Game Title Purchases in Advance via Cell Phones
2001_Mar-15: Samsung Electro-Mechanics to Expand Output of Rambus DRAM Modules
2001_Mar-15: Hou Hai Sees February Sales Climb Back to High Q4 Levels
2001_Mar-15: Korea to Give CDMA 2000 License to Foreigner
2001_Mar-15: NEC, Thomson Multimedia to Form Display Joint Venture
2001_Mar-14: Bluetooth Chip Prices Expected to Fall on U.K. Firm's Cuts
2001_Mar-14: ETRI Develops Key Chip for 3G Networks
2001_Mar-14: Sharp Develops STN Panel Claiming Better Color Reproduction Than TFT-LCDs
2001_Mar-14: China's Foreign Trade Hits US$70B in First Two Months of 2001
2001_Mar-14: Nokia Opens Application Center for 3G Mobile Telecom in Hong Kong
2001_Mar-14: Korea's KERI Expects Economy to Rebound in 3rd Quarter
2001_Mar-14: China's 8-In. Monocrystalline Microchip Line Starts Operation
2001_Mar-14: Eastern Broadband to Come On-Stream in April
2001_Mar-14: Acer Display, Unipac Merge to Create Screen Giant
2001_Mar-14: IBM, Hitachi in Deal to Sell Computer Hardware
2001_Mar-13: Computer Repair Firm to Take Orders via I-Mode
2001_Mar-13: Korea Telecom Service Providers Move to Install Caller ID Services
2001_Mar-13: Toshiba to Market Low-Temperature, Polysilicon TFT-LCDs for Mobile Phones
2001_Mar-13: Samsung Releases Multi-Chip Package Product for 3G Handsets
2001_Mar-13: Chunghwa Introduces Hunet's Color-Sequential TFT Panels
2001_Mar-13: China's National People's Congress Calls for Laws on Internet Safety
2001_Mar-13: Korea's Corporate Sector to Nurture 1 Mln. IT Specialists, FKI Says
2001_Mar-13: Severed U.S.-China Fiber-Optic Cable Partly Restored
2001_Mar-13: Sega Holds Network Game Competition for Dreamcast
2001_Mar-13: CRC Branch Enters Shanghai's Telecom Market
2001_Mar-13: Sony, Toshiba, IBM Tie Up to Develop Microprocessor
2001_Mar-13: Analysis: Internet Challenges The Party Line in China
2001_Mar-13: Korea Samsung Promotes Heir to Exec Job Amid Protests
2001_Mar-12: Dell to Double Venture Investment in Japan
2001_Mar-12: Online Medical Service Available in Shanghai
2001_Mar-12: Nintendo Develops Reader to Link Game Boy Advance with Bar Codes
2001_Mar-12: Taiwan's United Test Center Gets WBGA Packaging Service Orders
2001_Mar-12: Korea Hyundai U.S. Unit Pays Debt, But Doubts Persist
2001_Mar-12: Samsung Warns 2001 Earnings Will Be Weak
2001_Mar-12: Taiwan's Chunghwa Eyes China Satellite Business
2001_Mar-9: NTT Chief Defiant on Govt Plans to Ease Telecom Monopoly
2001_Mar-9: Taiwan's Notebook Makers Take Cooler View of Opportunities in China
2001_Mar-9: Yamaha to Start Karaoke Music Distribution Service for I-Appli
2001_Mar-9: Hyundai Electroncs Develops 8Mb SRAM for 3G Handsets
2001_Mar-9: Intel Sets Up Center to Support FTTH, DSL Technologies
2001_Mar-9: LG Electronics to Invest More Than US$785M in R&D;
2001_Mar-9: Seiko Epson to Sell Low-Temp. Polycrystalline Si-TFT LCDs for Mobile Use
2001_Mar-9: VIA to Give 0.13-Micron Microprocessor Orders to TSMC
2001_Mar-9: China's High-Tech Securities Board Suffers Delay
2001_Mar-9: Tokyo Metallic to Expand ADSL Services, Provide Video Streaming and Server Housing
2001_Mar-9: CTM to Invest More Than US$37.5M in Macau
2001_Mar-9: Korea Banks Reluctant to Help Hyundai Electronics' U.S. Unit
2001_Mar-8: KDDI's Handset Can Download Games
2001_Mar-8: OECD Proposals Complicate Tax Treatment of EC Transactions
2001_Mar-8: LG Optical Storage Products Gain Popularity in Europe
2001_Mar-8: Microsoft, Toppan Printing Collaborate to Develop Windows-Enabled IC Card
2001_Mar-8: Taiwan's Motherboard, System Makers Fight for Barebones System Market
2001_Mar-8: More Private Enterprises Target High-Tech Businesses in Zhejiang
2001_Mar-8: Matsushita Expedites Overseas Operations
2001_Mar-8: Matsushita to Replace Malfunctioning GD92 Mobile Phone in China
2001_Mar-8: Samsung Cranks Up Rambus Output, Heats Up Chip Battle
2001_Mar-8: Hyundai Electronics U.S. Unit Misses US$57 Million Payment
2001_Mar-8: Nintendo Unveils New Game System for Next Game Boy
2001_Mar-8: Japan Mobile Net Users Top 30 Million in February
2001_Mar-7: Nintendo, Olympus Ally on Card Game for GameBoy Advance
2001_Mar-7: Korea to Promote Trade in Intellectual Property
2001_Mar-7: ON Semiconductor to Add 6-Inch Fab at Sichuan Joint Venture
2001_Mar-7: NEC to Sell LCD Desktop PC for Digital Broadcasting
2001_Mar-7: SK's IMT Unit to Launch 3G Services in May
2001_Mar-7: Quanta Likely to Land Nokia's Webpad Orders
2001_Mar-7: Zhejiang University Sets Up Institute on Software and Network
2001_Mar-7: E-Commerce Sales Rise 40 Pct. in Fourth Quarter of 2000
2001_Mar-7: 'Digital Project' Prevails in Beijing
2001_Mar-7: Xerox Announces Deal to Sell Part of Joint Venture
2001_Mar-7: Japan Telecom Delays Hyped 3G Service to 2002
2001_Mar-6: DoCoMo to Release i-Mode Site Certification Rules
2001_Mar-6: SK Telecom Joins Forces with China Unicom
2001_Mar-6: NTT DoCoMo to Start Push Information Service via I-Mode
2001_Mar-6: Delta Electronic to Expand Operations into Servers
2001_Mar-6: Samsung Electronics Selects Qualcomm 3G Chip for W-CDMA Mobile Phone
2001_Mar-6: Hyundai Electronics Spins Off Customer Service Business
2001_Mar-6: Minister Calls for High-Tech Intellectual Property Rights Protection
2001_Mar-6: Japan Crafting Internet Plan to Play Catch-Up with United States
2001_Mar-5: Koreans on Net More than Twice as Long as Japanese: Poll
2001_Mar-5: NEC to Make Color TFT Drivers for Mobile Phones, Aiming for Summer
2001_Mar-5: Taiwan's High Tech Computer Corp. Projects Profits
2001_Mar-5: Generic Media to Distribute Video Content in Tailored Form
2001_Mar-5: Acer Communications & Multimedia Expands Sales in China
2001_Mar-5: Beijing, Taiwan Seek Cooperation Opportunities in Seminar
2001_Mar-5: Singapore's GigaWaveTech, Austria's NewLogic to Tie-Up on Bluetooth Software
2001_Mar-5: Asset Management Firm to Sell Assets Via U.S. Chinawe's E-Commerce Platform
2001_Mar-5: Taiwan's Hon Hai Lands PS2 Orders from Sony
2001_Mar-5: Motorola Tops China's Mobile Phone Market
2001_Mar-5: Japan, U.S. Discuss Telecom Regulations, Broadband
2001_Mar-5: Sony Drops Out of Interactive TV Consortium, Will Go It Alone
2001_Mar-5: India Approves US$100 Million Investment by AOL
2001_Mar-5: Palm Grows in Japan, Plans New Product with DoCoMo
2001_Mar-2: Canon President Optimistic about U.S. Economy
2001_Mar-2: NTT DoCoMo to Debut NEC-Made I-Appli-Compatible Mobile Phone with Speedy Display Screen
2001_Mar-2: Siemens to Boost Investment in Western China
2001_Mar-2: VIA to Introduce DDR DRAM Package
2001_Mar-2: China Unicom to Earmark US$193M for Tianjin Network Expansion
2001_Mar-2: Gov't to Expand Lending to Small- and Mid-Sized IT Firms
2001_Mar-2: Internet Users Top 110,000 in Zhuhai
2001_Mar-2: Newfangled Cell Phones Offer Lots More Than Talk
2001_Mar-2: Toshiba Executive Cautious on Chip Market Rebound
2001_Mar-1: Sega Toys to Offer New Toy Robot Series
2001_Mar-1: KDDI's High Data Rate System Test Confirms 2.4Mbps Maximum Throughput
2001_Mar-1: Taiwan's Mobile Net Access Market Expected to Take Off in Q3
2001_Mar-1: Toshiba, Matsushita to Set Up Joint Venture to Manufacture LCD Panels in Singapore
2001_Mar-1: Chinese Internet Fever Cools Down
2001_Mar-1: IBM Japan to Distribute Development Kit; Adds Voice Recognition for Macs
2001_Mar-1: Town in Jiangsu Province Emerges as China's Cable Production Base
2001_Mar-1: Poo-chi Finds A Family as Sega Unveils More Robots
2001_Mar-1: NEC Invests US$25 Million to End Feud with Cray


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