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2001_Jun-29: Gov't Seeks Mandatory Recycling of Home-Use PCs from FY02
2001_Jun-29: Olympus to Debut Digital Camera with 4.13 Million Pixels
2001_Jun-29: Korean-Made Products Lose Competitiveness in U.S.
2001_Jun-29: Mobile Phones Using Color Organic EL See Slow Start
2001_Jun-29: Speed for Korea-China Internet Service Bumped Up to 155Mbps
2001_Jun-29: Wireless Ad Industry Group Drafts Standard for Mobile Devices
2001_Jun-29: Shares of Blue-Chip SK Telecom Fall Below 200,000 Won
2001_Jun-29: Qualcomm, VIA Inject Capital Into VIA's Mobile Computing Arm
2001_Jun-29: Sina Chief's Departure Leads to Internet License Dispute
2001_Jun-29: Korea's IT Sector Enjoys Surplus in May Despite Fall in Exports
2001_Jun-29: Compaq, Intel Form Alliance in Beijing
2001_Jun-29: BPL, Birla-AT&T-Tata; in $2 Billion Mobile Phone Merger
2001_Jun-29: Sony to Cut PlayStation 2 Price in Japan
2001_Jun-29: Hitachi Develops World's Smallest IC Chip
2001_Jun-29: Sina.com Urges Wang to Sell to Employees
2001_Jun-29: TSMC Confident of Profitable 2nd Quarter
2001_Jun-28: Casio to Launch High-End 4.13 Megapixel Digital Camera
2001_Jun-28: LG Telecom Forges Strategic Alliance with Powercomm
2001_Jun-28: IC Designers Expect Gloomy Q2 Sales
2001_Jun-28: Japan's Internet Penetration Level is 7th in Asia: White Paper
2001_Jun-28: Quanta Computer Aims to Become World's Top Notebook Maker Over Toshiba, Chairman Says
2001_Jun-28: Patent System Crucial to China's Tech Advancement, Says Commissioner
2001_Jun-28: Access Co.'s Compact NetFront Browser Tech for L-Mode Generates Big Royalties
2001_Jun-28: Fujian Province to Bolster High-Tech Exchanges
2001_Jun-28: Sharp to Launch PDAs in U.S. in October
2001_Jun-28: Indian Tech Firm Invents Cheap E-Mail Device
2001_Jun-28: Legal Wrangle Looms Over Sina.com's ICP
2001_Jun-28: India's BPL, Birla-AT&T-Tata; Decide to Merge
2001_Jun-28: Malaysia's Tech Oasis Faces Dry Future
2001_Jun-28: Linc Media Launches English Magazine for International Investors
2001_Jun-27: Asahi Kasei, Access Develop Voice-Recognition Net Browser
2001_Jun-27: Toshiba Reaffirms Commitment to China
2001_Jun-27: Fuji Film Axia to Market Lower Priced Digital Camera with 0.35M Pixels
2001_Jun-27: ICBC Lends US$1.2 Billion for Unicom's CDMA Construction
2001_Jun-27: Seiko Epson, Transmeta to Cooperate in Crusoe Development
2001_Jun-27: Beifang Bo'er Technology Develops Mobile Satellite Multimedia System
2001_Jun-27: Matsushita Unveils Rugged-Use Portable PC
2001_Jun-27: Silicon Valley Cutbacks Are Felt in Malaysia
2001_Jun-27: Taiwan's Acer Sees Better Times, Plans to Spin Off Unit
2001_Jun-27: DoCoMo Says It Will Boost Investment in Asia
2001_Jun-27: Sina.com Embroiled in Corporate Wrangling
2001_Jun-27: Sony Returns to Its Silicon Roots
2001_Jun-26: DoCoMo Ranked Greenest Telecom Firm
2001_Jun-26: Argogroup's Server Software to Auto-Reformat I-Mode Content to Ezweb, J-Sky
2001_Jun-26: Taiwan's SiS to Build Fab in Luchu Science Industrial Park
2001_Jun-26: Number of Accesses to Prime Minister's Residence Site Shows Rapid Increase
2001_Jun-26: Micotel to Supply US$16M Worth of Internet Equipment to China
2001_Jun-26: Sony to Sell Sega's PS2 Titles in Europe
2001_Jun-26: Value of DRAMs Falls to Annual Low
2001_Jun-26: Koreans Banned from Using Hand-Held Cell Phones While Driving
2001_Jun-26: Ciena to Provide Optical Networking Equipment to Beijing IDN
2001_Jun-26: NTT Hits Eight-Year Low on Break-Up Reports
2001_Jun-25: Guangzhou to Set Up Venture Capital Fund for Returning Students
2001_Jun-25: Index Corp., Open Loop Develop Content Protection Tech for FOMA Phones
2001_Jun-25: Quanta to Manufacture 3 Million Notebooks for Dell in 2002
2001_Jun-25: Chinese Web Companies Must be Self-Reliant
2001_Jun-25: Microsoft Has No Contingency Plan for Breakup: Report
2001_Jun-25: Asian Shares Tussle with Economic Woes, U.S. Gains
2001_Jun-25: Japan Stores, Omron to Tie on Internet Sales-Paper
2001_Jun-25: AOL to Tie with Toshiba in Digital Movies, Report Says
2001_Jun-25: Nortel Networks Wins US$270 Million Contract for China
2001_Jun-25: Korean Chip Giants Loathe to Cut Output
2001_Jun-25: Reported SK Telecom Deal May Be Pricey for DoCoMo
2001_Jun-25: Hitachi, Sanyo Elec. Create Secure Memory Card for Palm PDA
2001_Jun-22: DoCoMo to Finally Deliver Video Handset for 3G Trials
2001_Jun-22: Low-Cost Notebook Computers Spur Buying Interest
2001_Jun-22: Hynix Agrees to Sell LCD Biz
2001_Jun-22: Samsung Japan Reduces Price of 15-in. TFT-LCD to Around US$400
2001_Jun-22: Taiwan Paging Network to Compete for 3G Telecom License
2001_Jun-22: Plunge in Chip Sales Forecast for This Year
2001_Jun-22: Konami Provides Java Contents to All Three Japanese Cell Phone Carriers
2001_Jun-22: Korean Ministry to Nurture IT Industry with Big Investments
2001_Jun-22: Softbank Taking over ADSL Venture
2001_Jun-22: Ericsson-Sony Joint Venture to Unveil New Phones Next Year
2001_Jun-22: DoCoMo 3G Videophones Set for Delayed Debut
2001_Jun-22: Swede Joins Sony Board of Directors
2001_Jun-22: Japan's Fujitsu to Focus on 3G Corporate Users
2001_Jun-21: Nintendo to Unify Global Pokemon Copyright Management
2001_Jun-21: Business Sentiment Expected to Recover in Q3, Bank of Korea Says
2001_Jun-21: Aplix to Collaborate with RSA Security
2001_Jun-21: LG Electronics Offers 15.1-In. LCD Monitor Priced Less Than US$440
2001_Jun-21: Shanghai Unicom Partners With Shanghai Bell, Lucent for CDMA
2001_Jun-21: Taiwan's Electronics Sector Sees Poorer PC Sales in May
2001_Jun-21: Shanghai Delays New Digital Application
2001_Jun-21: Ericsson to Defend China Mobile-Gear Market Share
2001_Jun-21: Hotmail Co-Founder's Latest Venture Goes Under
2001_Jun-21: Toshiba to Temporarily Trim Chip Output
2001_Jun-21: Cisco Sees 50-60% China Sales Growth for Coming Year
2001_Jun-21: Japan's Hikari Tsushin Seizes Control of Crayfish
2001_Jun-20: Pioneer to Distribute Karaoke via Broadband Service
2001_Jun-20: FIC Projects Earnings of US$43 Million in 2001
2001_Jun-20: Amkor Technology to Merge with TSTC, Sampo Semiconductor
2001_Jun-20: Lucent Eyes China's 3G Market
2001_Jun-20: Sega to Venture in Non-Gaming Businesses
2001_Jun-20: China, Taiwan Conflict Causes Flag Flap at Comdex
2001_Jun-20: VC Says China Must Marry Tech Skills with Market Savvy
2001_Jun-20: Motorola to Launch Low-Cost Phone Chip in China
2001_Jun-19: LogoVista, Others to Offer Japanese-Korean Net Translation
2001_Jun-19: UMC Likely to Buy Conexant's 8-Inch Wafer Plant
2001_Jun-19: Tianjin Telecom Develops Internet ID Card
2001_Jun-19: JVC to Introduce 100Mbps Optical Wireless LAN System
2001_Jun-19: Hynix Raises US$1.2 Billion in Foreign Capital
2001_Jun-19: NTT DoCoMo, Sony, NTT Data to Start Joint Experiment on Mobile Commerce
2001_Jun-19: Japan Network Gear Makers Cushioned by Asia Growth
2001_Jun-19: Namco, Square, Enix Ally on Online Games
2001_Jun-19: Agilent Sees Strong Asian Sales Growth
2001_Jun-18: Chinese, Korean Interpretation Fees Rise Amid Growing Demand
2001_Jun-18: Samsung Starts CDMA Shipments to China Unicom
2001_Jun-18: Chinese IT Firms Lag Behind in Patents, Official Says
2001_Jun-18: Texas Instruments Reconfirms its Intent to Take Over US$100M in Hynix GDRs
2001_Jun-18: High-Tech Firms Proliferate in China's Science Parks
2001_Jun-18: Samsung Electronics Develops 128M NAND Flash Memory Microchip
2001_Jun-18: First International Computer Expands into China for High-End PC Market
2001_Jun-18: LG Electronics Develops VoDSL Technology to Replace ADSL
2001_Jun-18: Ericsson Signs US$850 Million Contract in China
2001_Jun-18: Celestica Launches Omni Bid
2001_Jun-18: Japan's NTT to Set Up Audiovisual Broadband Venture
2001_Jun-18: NTT DoCoMo to Replace 1,400 Third-Generation Models
2001_Jun-18: CDMA Makes Asia Strides, Has Ways to Go
2001_Jun-15: DoCoMo to Replace All Handsets in 3G Cell Phone Trial
2001_Jun-15: Unico Develops Data Compression System for Lower Packet Data Charges
2001_Jun-15: Beijing Aims to Construct Large Microelectronics Base
2001_Jun-15: LDP to Collect Donations from Individuals Using I-Mode Phones
2001_Jun-15: Network Advertising Sales Growth in 2001 May Fall Below 50 Pct.
2001_Jun-15: Hitachi 'Buttonless' Information Device Prototype Only Sends, Receives
2001_Jun-15: CDMA Adoption Promises Phone Boost in China
2001_Jun-15: ADSL Future Overshadowed by Short Funding, Emergence of FTTH
2001_Jun-15: Report: DoCoMo Plans to List in New York
2001_Jun-15: Taiwan's Giga Denies Merger Report
2001_Jun-15: Sony Adds Digital Photos to Its Field of Vision
2001_Jun-15: Japan April Chip Equipment Orders Fall 58.9 Percent
2001_Jun-15: Network Associates Sees Asian Growth Picking Up
2001_Jun-14: KDDI to Open Net-Compatible Cell Phone Network to Outsiders
2001_Jun-14: SK Telecom Slashes Market Share to 49.99 Pct.
2001_Jun-14: Access Develops Web Browser for Sharp's Linux PDA for Overseas Markets
2001_Jun-14: LG Electronics, Philips Sign Joint-Venture Deal
2001_Jun-14: Konami, Takara Announce Wireless 'ChoroQ' with CPU
2001_Jun-14: China Hosts APEC Science/Technology Industrial Parks Network Meeting
2001_Jun-14: Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Expects Difficult Q2
2001_Jun-14: SK Telecom, Hewlett-Packard to Form Venture Fund
2001_Jun-14: China Telecom, CRC Collaborate in Network Development
2001_Jun-14: Amazon Expands Japan Online Book Business to Music, DVDs
2001_Jun-14: NEC, Veritas and Oracle Japan Tie Up in Data Storage
2001_Jun-14: J-Phone Group May Be Spun Off from Japan Telecom
2001_Jun-14: Network Associates Sees Asian Growth Picking Up
2001_Jun-14: Indian Firm Bets on Pre-Paid Cards for E-Commerce
2001_Jun-14: India's Mittal Answers His Telecoms Calling
2001_Jun-14: Survey Says Hong Kong Tops in Asia for Home Net Use
2001_Jun-13: Legend, AOL Form Joint Venture
2001_Jun-13: At Home Japan, Two Others to Offer Linux-Based Internet Video Content Distribution System
2001_Jun-13: Digital China as BEA Software Distributor
2001_Jun-13: China's Legend Shows Interest in SiS Graphic Chips
2001_Jun-13: Smart Cards Rise in Popularity in China
2001_Jun-13: NTT DoCoMo to Exchange Sony Cell Phone Terminals
2001_Jun-13: Cyber Cafes Duck China Internet Clampdown
2001_Jun-13: Japan Camera Makers Jostle to Catch Digital Wave
2001_Jun-12: Rockwell Establishes Automation Lab in China
2001_Jun-12: JCI to Provide Mobile Service for Enterprises
2001_Jun-12: China Emerges as Third Largest Power in IT Industry
2001_Jun-12: Toshiba, E-Frontier to Tie Up on Digital Character Development, Production
2001_Jun-12: NTT DoCoMo, Dentsu, Intec Invest in Content Technology Firm
2001_Jun-12: AOL, Legend Unveil US$200 Million Joint Venture
2001_Jun-12: Hitachi, Microsoft to Join Hands on Data Storage
2001_Jun-12: Sony's Internet Bank Opens to Glitches
2001_Jun-12: NetEase.com's CEO And COO Resign
2001_Jun-11: Sony Bank Opens for Business, Online
2001_Jun-11: Shenzhen to Become Major Venture Investment Center
2001_Jun-11: Sega to Release 'Shenmue II' in September
2001_Jun-11: World Microchip Market to Expand by 20 Pct. in 2002
2001_Jun-11: IT Alliance Formed in Taiwan to Break into VoIP Market
2001_Jun-11: Korea's Infranet Invests in Japan
2001_Jun-11: Proposed Legend-AOL Venture to Impact China's Internet Industry
2001_Jun-11: Lycos Joins Forces with LG Capital
2001_Jun-11: Matsushita to Slash SD Memory Card Prices
2001_Jun-11: Wipro/Sapient Talk Fuels Buzz on Indian Tech Buys
2001_Jun-11: HP Opens US$100 Million Plant in Singapore
2001_Jun-11: DoCoMo to Issue 80bln. Yen in 5-Year Debt
2001_Jun-11: India's Fabmart Aims to Buck Internet Retail Trend
2001_Jun-8: Japan's Cell Phone Sales Total 10.8 Million Units in 4th Qtr
2001_Jun-8: Matsushita Announces Microwave Oven Equipped with SD Card for Recipes
2001_Jun-8: Mytrip Net Gets 1 Million Registered Users in Single Year
2001_Jun-8: NTT DoCoMo Employs Visualization Tool for Management in FOMA Network
2001_Jun-8: LG Telecom Extends Deadline for Forming IMT-2000 Consortium until June 13
2001_Jun-8: Toshiba Debuts Compact Digital Camera with 4.2 Million Pixels
2001_Jun-8: LG Electronics to Release VSB Microchips in Global Market
2001_Jun-8: Kawasaki Steel Markets W-CDMA Chipset with Small Power Dissipation
2001_Jun-8: Forum on IT Industry Across Taiwan Straits Opens in Fuzhou
2001_Jun-8: ASECI Cuts Salaries, Aims for Quick Recovery
2001_Jun-8: NTT Dominance Hindering Japan Net Access, Minister Says
2001_Jun-8: Job Scene Optimistic for India's Tech Workers
2001_Jun-8: Matsushita, Thomson Multimedia to Unify Cathode-Ray Tube Operations
2001_Jun-8: NEC Says U.S. Slump Worse Than Expected
2001_Jun-8: BREW News from Around the Web
2001_Jun-8: Taiwan's Asustek Bets on New Businesses
2001_Jun-7: DoCoMo 3G Cell Phone Service Receives Mixed Reviews
2001_Jun-7: Fudan University's Network Uses Optics-Based Transmissions
2001_Jun-7: Sanyo Unveils 2 Mln. Pixel Digital Camera for Taking 10 Frames/Second
2001_Jun-7: China Displays Buying Power at Taiwan Computer Show
2001_Jun-7: Taiwan's Acer Sees Mobile Phone Recovery
2001_Jun-7: Japan's KDDI Seals Broad Tie-Up with China Unicom
2001_Jun-7: A Week on, DoCoMo's 3G Users Report Minor Glitches
2001_Jun-6: Japan's Domestic PDA Shipments Jump 81.4 Pct. in FY2000
2001_Jun-6: Yiso Telecom Signs Agreement with Sprint on PDA Products
2001_Jun-6: Registrants of Hudson's 'I-Appli' Site Exceed 400,000
2001_Jun-6: China's Broadband Services Expected to See Rate Cuts
2001_Jun-6: Sega and Sony to Link Game Consoles via Internet
2001_Jun-6: Analysis: Consolidation of China portals seen imminent
2001_Jun-6: Japan's Omron Develops Fast 3G Chip to Run Java
2001_Jun-6: Sony Aims High in Consumer Printer Market
2001_Jun-5: Omron Develops Java-Enabling MPU for Cell Phones
2001_Jun-5: Sony to Add ROM Version of Memory Stick
2001_Jun-5: Hon Hai Precision to Replace TSMC as Taiwan's Largest Manufacturer
2001_Jun-5: KDDI to Boost Security for Browser Phone-Enabled 'EZweblink' Intranet Service
2001_Jun-5: China's Mobile Phone Makers Form Alliance to Win in Domestic Market
2001_Jun-5: DoubleClick Japan Sees Higher Revenues from Partnering with Web Sites
2001_Jun-5: Multinational Firms Open Research Centers in Guangdong
2001_Jun-5: JustNet Launches Content Delivery Service Using Java Applets
2001_Jun-4: KDDI Cell Phone Service Pinpoints Users' Location on Screen
2001_Jun-4: Hubei Telecom Selects Infranet for Merged Data Networks
2001_Jun-4: LG Electronics Aims to Export US$20 Million of Telecom Equipment in 2001
2001_Jun-4: U-CONN, U.S. Terra Form Partnership
2001_Jun-4: Hynix Develops 21.3-In., 17-In. TFT-LCD Modules
2001_Jun-4: China Mobile to Rival China Unicom's CDMA with 2.5G Services
2001_Jun-4: DNS Korea to Supply High Marginal Chip Spinners to Samsung
2001_Jun-4: Beijing Most Attractive to Venture Capitalists in China
2001_Jun-4: Failed Dot-Com President Scores Big as Japan's Symbol of Change
2001_Jun-4: Report Says Sony to Move Financial Operations to London
2001_Jun-4: An Architect of Taiwan's Economic Miracle Dies
2001_Jun-4: Chinese Mobile Phone Makers Forge Alliance-Paper
2001_Jun-4: E-mail Service Breaks Down in Japan's Third-Generation Cell Phone Test-Run
2001_Jun-2: Govt to Draw Up Tech Requirements for 3G Cell Phones
2001_Jun-1: PDA Market to Double by 2005 on Net Access
2001_Jun-1: Hitachi to Launch IPv6 Network Building, Operation Services
2001_Jun-1: Hotung VC Raises US$30 Million Fund
2001_Jun-1: J-Phone East to Conduct Research for Service to Link Cellular Phone with Wireless LAN
2001_Jun-1: N. Korea Sees Economic Growth for Two Consecutive Years
2001_Jun-1: China Sees Rapid Growth in VoIP Usage
2001_Jun-1: Legend, Digital China Scramble for Mobile Manufacturing License
2001_Jun-1: Technology transforms rural land records in India


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