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2001_Oct-31: Cell Phone Lithium Ion Battery Prices Plummet
2001_Oct-31: Samsung Electronics Kicks Off Production of 512Mb DDR DRAMs
2001_Oct-31: Software Businesses to Boost Chinese Stock Market
2001_Oct-31: Taiwan Microchip Manufacturers Focus on Added Value, University President Says
2001_Oct-31: Samsung Electronics Aims to Become World's Biggest Digital TV Supplier
2001_Oct-31: Fujitsu to Unveil 880g Mini Laptop
2001_Oct-31: MOF to Allow Foreign Financial Holding Companies to List in Taiwan
2001_Oct-31: NTT Submits Plans to Encourage Healthy Market Competition, Lower NTT DoCoMo's Stake
2001_Oct-31: Taiwan's Mitac Wins Desktop PC Orders from Dell
2001_Oct-31: Fujifilm to Debut MP3-Compatible Digital Camera With Link to Cell Phones
2001_Oct-31: Chinese Researchers Develop First High-Brightness Blue LED
2001_Oct-31: Hitachi and Matsushita Slash Full-Year Forecasts, Slip Deep into Red
2001_Oct-30: Memory Cards Vie for Standard Title
2001_Oct-30: Shenzhen Launches US$600 Mln. IC Production Project
2001_Oct-30: Tokyo Development Center Established by i2 Technologies Japan
2001_Oct-30: Kyocera to Build Joint Venture in Guizhou Province
2001_Oct-30: [Sales Rankings] Sony's Desktop PC Gets Top Billing Among Windows XP PCs
2001_Oct-30: China Export Fair Sees Fewer U.S., Middle East Attendees
2001_Oct-30: LG.Philips LCD to Ship 4 Mln. 15.1-In. TFT-LCDs
2001_Oct-30: KEPCO to Resume Privatization Negotiations for Powercomm
2001_Oct-30: Korea's Samsung Elec Eyes No.2 Chipmaker by 2005
2001_Oct-30: S&P; Taiwan Partner Sees Cash Crunch for DRAM Firms
2001_Oct-30: Wireless 'Box' Changing Net Access in India
2001_Oct-29: DoCoMo Systems, 2 Partners to Build I-Mode ERP Systems
2001_Oct-29: LinuxWorld C&D;/Tokyo 2001 Held in Tokyo, Korean Vendors Participate
2001_Oct-29: Alcatel's JVs Consolidate to Form Alcatel Shanghai Bell
2001_Oct-29: Toyota Displays Demo Consumer Vehicle With Network Service at Tokyo Motor Show
2001_Oct-29: Overseas Telecom Firms Seek Partners in China
2001_Oct-29: Sharp Develops CCD Image Sensor with Minimum Pixel Size for Digital Cameras
2001_Oct-29: Canon Develops Silica Film Aligning 3nm-Diameter Tubular Mesochannels
2001_Oct-29: NEC Posts Half-Year Loss But Hits Targets
2001_Oct-29: Asian DRAM Makers Seek Ways to Survive Bad Times
2001_Oct-29: TSMC Q3 Profits Beat Expectations, Better Q4 Seen
2001_Oct-29: Wireless Expo Thrills, Teases Low-Spending Chinese
2001_Oct-29: Singapore Techs, SIA Due for Declines
2001_Oct-28: Sony Stays Course as Rivals Dim PC Sales Outlooks
2001_Oct-26: ANALYSIS: Cell-Phone Shipments Fall below Projections
2001_Oct-26: Taiwan Micronix Considers Expansion into China
2001_Oct-26: Taiwan Cellular, Taiwan Fixed Network Team Up, Merger Possible
2001_Oct-26: Dainippon, Idemitsu to Jointly Develop Blue OEL Substrate Panels
2001_Oct-26: Carriers Oppose Proposed Plans for Revised Telecom Business Law
2001_Oct-26: Samsung Displays 40-In. LCD Panel for TVs at LCD/PDP International
2001_Oct-26: Sony Stumbles, Posts Q2 Net Loss
2001_Oct-26: Broadband Future Lies Beyond PC, Says Sony's Ando
2001_Oct-26: TSMC Expected to Post Small Hike in Q3 Profit
2001_Oct-26: Samsung SDI Develops Advanced PC Display
2001_Oct-26: ASE Losses Widen in Q3; Better Q4 Expected
2001_Oct-26: Flextronics Q2 in Line, Will Cut 15 Percent of Work Force
2001_Oct-25: IBM Japan LCD Venture to Focus on High-Resolution Products
2001_Oct-25: World Chip Market to See Recovery During Q4
2001_Oct-25: Full TV Screen Realized on NEC's New LCD for Mobile Phones
2001_Oct-25: Pass21 Signs US$100 Million Deal with Saudi Arabian Firm
2001_Oct-25: China to Face Reform Challenges After WTO Entry
2001_Oct-25: New Bluetooth Profile Mapped Out for Cars
2001_Oct-25: Korea Reports Outbreak of Bin Laden Computer Virus
2001_Oct-25: Fujitsu Cuts 4,500 Jobs as Losses Widen
2001_Oct-25: Creative Technology Posts Loss, But Expects Upturn
2001_Oct-25: Giving Up Dreamcast, Sega Switches to Making Games for Other Machines
2001_Oct-24: NEC, Toshiba, Others to File Dumping Suit against Korean Chipmakers
2001_Oct-24: Hewlett-Packard to Invest More in China, CEO Fiorina Says
2001_Oct-24: Honda, NTT In-Car Information System to Provide Info on Time, Place
2001_Oct-24: LG Electronics, Matsushita to Share Home Appliance Products
2001_Oct-24: Pres. Says Softbank EC Will Turn Profit in 2002 by Liquidating Businesses
2001_Oct-24: Forum Speaker Expresses Need for New Int'l Finance Organization
2001_Oct-24: Hitachi Develops LCD Technology to Eliminate Color-Change Problem
2001_Oct-24: Computer Technology Retains Core Position, Bill Gates Says at APEC
2001_Oct-24: Alcatel Unveils Sweeping China Plan
2001_Oct-24: Chartered Semiconductor Seeks Niche Partners
2001_Oct-24: Philippine Electronics Prospects in Doubt till Early 2002
2001_Oct-24: Nokia, Motorola Struggle in Asian Handset Markets
2001_Oct-23: U.S. Telecom Gear Firms Eyeing Higher Sales in Japan
2001_Oct-23: China Fair Brings US$9.1 Billion in High-Tech Deals
2001_Oct-23: Sony Ericsson to Market Wearable Bluetooth Unit with Earpiece for Cell Phones
2001_Oct-23: High-Tech Park Project Under Spotlight at Dongguan Expo
2001_Oct-23: Tokyo's Kogakuin Univ. to Develop PEFC Fuel Cell for Mobile Phones
2001_Oct-23: Marconi's DWDM Technology to Enhance Northwestern China's Network
2001_Oct-23: AOL Time Warner Signs Reciprocal Cable Channel Deal with China State TV
2001_Oct-23: Yahoo Japan Gets Boost from New Broadband Service
2001_Oct-23: China Reimposes Foreign Media Internet Blocks
2001_Oct-23: Vietnam to Liberalize Telecommunications Monopoly
2001_Oct-23: Emerson Buys Unit of China's Huawei for US$750 Million
2001_Oct-22: New Service Allows Mobile Handsets to Access Existing Data
2001_Oct-22: Japan Government to Review IBM Procurement Complaint
2001_Oct-22: Microsoft Adds 300 Jobs, Takes Long View on China
2001_Oct-22: HP to Launch China Center, Add 1,500 Jobs
2001_Oct-22: Applied Materials Eyes Booming China Business
2001_Oct-22: Priceline Asia Launch May Be Delayed
2001_Oct-22: Vietnam to Liberalize Telecommunications Monopoly
2001_Oct-22: China Telecom Merger to Aid Netcom's about Face
2001_Oct-21: Matsushita Comm., UTStarcom Join in 3G Base Stations
2001_Oct-19: NEC Tops in Cell Phone Shipments in 1st Half
2001_Oct-19: TSMC Uses 80 Pct. of High-End Production Lines
2001_Oct-19: Omron Unveils Cat-Like Robot
2001_Oct-19: China Reports Sharp Increase in Investment from Overseas
2001_Oct-19: Research on Carbon Nanotubes Expands to 15 Countries
2001_Oct-19: Taiwan's MOTC Announces Floor Bid Prices for 3G Telecom Licenses
2001_Oct-19: Cyber Music, Yedang to Sell Classical Music Resources of Former USSR
2001_Oct-19: Siemens Increases Asia Investment, With Eye Toward China Market
2001_Oct-19: Ericsson Signs Two Contracts in China in A $535 Million Deal
2001_Oct-19: Toyota and Sony Develop Mood-Sharing, Tail-Wagging Car
2001_Oct-19: Rights Group Says Nortel Aids China Eavesdropping
2001_Oct-19: Fujitsu And IBM in Talks Toward Forming Comprehensive Alliance
2001_Oct-18: Fujitsu, IBM Negotiate Comprehensive Tie-Up
2001_Oct-18: Matsushita Presents Next-Generation DVD With Two-Layer, 50GB Capacity Per Side
2001_Oct-18: More Overseas Chinese to Start Businesses at Home
2001_Oct-18: Cabinet to Fast-Track Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions Law
2001_Oct-18: China-Based Holley Group Acquires Philips CDMA Reference Design
2001_Oct-18: Samsung SDI Exports PDP TVs to Italy
2001_Oct-18: China 3C Expo Attracts Foreign Buyers and Investors
2001_Oct-18: China Eases Internet Censorship during APEC Talks
2001_Oct-18: Toshiba and Matsushita Forming LCD Joint Venture
2001_Oct-17: Bill Gates Predicts Windows XP Will Boost PC Market
2001_Oct-17: China Develops First Home-Made CPU Called 'Godson'
2001_Oct-17: TIS, Four Other Companies Promote SAN to Connect Heterogeneous Devices
2001_Oct-17: HP Chairwoman Visits Seoul
2001_Oct-17: 'Depressed Times Serve as Spur to Linux,' Says Pres. of Miracle Linux
2001_Oct-17: China Mobile to Launch 3G Service in 2003 or 2004
2001_Oct-17: Signs of Progress Seen in China Anti-Piracy Push
2001_Oct-17: Taiwan's Acer to Invest US$1 Billion in E-Services
2001_Oct-17: Report: China Approves Breakup of Telephone Company
2001_Oct-16: ANALYSIS: PC Makers Count on Windows XP to Unleash Demand
2001_Oct-16: Honkworm International to Produce Ads in Japan, Using Brand Names in Animation
2001_Oct-16: Multinationals Help Boost High-Tech Industries in Shandong
2001_Oct-16: 'Bar Code on Mobile' Tickets for Motor Show Issued on Web Accounts
2001_Oct-16: Indian Tech Workers Get Lessons in Post-Attack Etiquette
2001_Oct-16: Key Asian Markets Stuck in Negative Territory
2001_Oct-15: ANALYSIS: NTT East/West Sales Reflect Weak Telecom Sector
2001_Oct-15: Qualcomm Starts Shipping CDMA2000 1x Chipset Supporting Bluetooth Ver. 1.1
2001_Oct-15: Beijing to Hold Exhibit of Optical Technologies, Personal Digital Products
2001_Oct-15: Taiwan's PC Companies See Short-Lived U.S. Demand Surge
2001_Oct-15: China to Export More Machinery, Electronic Products, MOFTEC Official Says
2001_Oct-15: Japanese Electronics Giant Expects Bigger Losses
2001_Oct-15: Microsoft to Broaden Ties with Sega
2001_Oct-15: Virgin Mobile Left Hanging on The Telephone
2001_Oct-15: Lycos Shuts Indian Operations in Asian Revamp
2001_Oct-15: Asia Markets Fail to Pull Out of Funk
2001_Oct-14: ANALYSIS: PC Makers Rush to Streamline Amid Weak Sales
2001_Oct-12: Optical Head by Hitachi, Asahi Optical Enables 100GB DVD
2001_Oct-12: U.S. Set to Ease Restrictions on China's Chip-Making Equipment Imports
2001_Oct-12: J-Phone's In-Service Mobile Phones with Cameras Reach 2 Million Units
2001_Oct-12: TU-KA Suffers Loss of Subscribers for Third Consecutive Month
2001_Oct-12: [Sales Rankings] Sony Gives Lead to Canon in Digital Camera Sales in September
2001_Oct-12: China Mobile Sees 100 Million Customers by Year-End
2001_Oct-12: Lycos Asia to Cut 200 Jobs
2001_Oct-12: Singapore's Economy Expected to Shrink This Year
2001_Oct-11: IT Storage Market to See Quick Expansion in China, IDC Analyst Says
2001_Oct-11: [Sales Rankings] Fujitsu Notebook Topples Sony, NEC Counterparts
2001_Oct-11: NTT Com to Launch IC Card Authentication Service for Small Payments
2001_Oct-11: ValueClick Japan to Offer Ad Distribution System as ASP
2001_Oct-11: Asia's Venture Capitalists Still Making Deals
2001_Oct-11: Korean Chipmakers Brace for Dismal Quarter
2001_Oct-11: Microsoft Says Asia Maintains PC Potential
2001_Oct-11: Infosys Shares Jump after Q2 Net Beats Forecast
2001_Oct-10: Toshiba, Hitachi, Oki to Standardize Video Data Storage Format
2001_Oct-10: CEO Says PeopleSoft Ready to Compete With SAP, Oracle in Japanese Market
2001_Oct-10: LG Electronics to Release New 15-In. TFT-LCD Monitor
2001_Oct-10: FIC Delays New Share Issue Plan, Cuts Revenue Projection
2001_Oct-10: China's IT Industry Robust, Despite Global Sluggishness
2001_Oct-10: Wide Telecom Exports CDMA Phones to Europe
2001_Oct-10: Overseas Investment Dominates Pudong Economy
2001_Oct-10: Japan's Electronics Titans Turning away From Chips
2001_Oct-10: U.S. Raids Could Give More Pain to Indian IT Firms
2001_Oct-9: KDDI to Distribute Free Cell-Phone Video Software
2001_Oct-9: Hynix Creditors Agree to Jointly Manage Chipmaker
2001_Oct-9: Mitsui to Set Up Nanotechnology R&D; Companies, Invest 10 Bln. Yen for Next Five Years
2001_Oct-9: ALI Lands Notebook Chipset Orders from Major Corporations
2001_Oct-9: Korean Gov't Announces Measures to Boost Kosdaq Market
2001_Oct-9: Foreign Trade Booms in Tibet Following Reforms
2001_Oct-9: Korea's Hynix Considers Sale of Chip Plant to Chinese Consortium
2001_Oct-9: Asia Markets Pare Losses after Strikes
2001_Oct-9: Taiwan Chip Foundry Revenues Show Worst May Be Over
2001_Oct-8: Toshiba to Bolster Overseas Plasma-Display TV Sales
2001_Oct-8: TDK to Cut 24 Pct. of Workforce by 2004
2001_Oct-8: Motorola and Telekom Malaysia Sign US$44 Million Deal
2001_Oct-8: General Motors, Toyota to Look into Working together on Online Services for Drivers
2001_Oct-5: DDI Pocket's Data Transmission Service Wins Subscribers
2001_Oct-5: VIA Fades in September Performance, While Rival SiS Steals Spotlight
2001_Oct-5: Fusion Communications Tops 700,000 Subscribers, Forecasts 1 Mln. by March 2002
2001_Oct-5: UMC Launches AWG Chip Production as New Standard for Semiconductor Industry
2001_Oct-5: LCDs to Obtain 52.5 Pct. of Monitor Market by 2007; U.S. Research Group Says
2001_Oct-5: China Establishes High-Speed Demonstration Info Network
2001_Oct-5: JVC Launches Digital Video Camera with 'Web Camera' Function
2001_Oct-5: Korean Portal Seeks Injunction Against Windows XP
2001_Oct-5: Creditors of Korean Chipmaker Hynix to Provide New Bailout
2001_Oct-4: ANALYSIS: Electronics Firms Shift Investment to Data Storage
2001_Oct-4: JEITA to Give PC Green Label Certificates to 20 Companies
2001_Oct-4: SMIC Begins Microchip Wafer Production in China
2001_Oct-4: Fujitsu, NEC Temporarily Shutting Semiconductor Chip Plants
2001_Oct-4: Pacific Century CyberWorks Closes Its Advertising Unit
2001_Oct-4: Samsung Electronics Sees Slow Q4, Concerned about U.S.
2001_Oct-4: Samsung Says to Launch Pocket PC Handhelds in 2002
2001_Oct-4: Korea Gets in First with Nascent 3G Mobile Service
2001_Oct-3: Bluetooth Chip Prices Set to Fall as Shipments Rise
2001_Oct-3: ProMos Technologies 12-Inch Wafer Plant Passes Initial Test
2001_Oct-3: Tokyo Market Shines While Others Struggle
2001_Oct-2: NTT DoCoMo Kyushu to Start 3G Cell Phone Service in April
2001_Oct-2: Canon to Debut 4.15M-Pixel AF Digital SLR Camera for Professional Use
2001_Oct-2: China's Ningbo Making Progress in IT Investments
2001_Oct-2: A Dozen More Record Companies Launch Ring Melody Distribution Service
2001_Oct-2: WebTV to End Service March 2002
2001_Oct-2: As 3G Hits Japan, Low-Tech Phone Rings Across China
2001_Oct-2: 3G Mobile Phones -- Worth The Wait?
2001_Oct-1: Creditors to Jointly Manage Hynix Debts
2001_Oct-1: Price Declines for Wireless Internet Connection Service at 2Mbps
2001_Oct-1: China's IT Investment to Reach US$120 Bln. in Next Five Years
2001_Oct-1: Mos Burger Demonstrates Cashless Drive-Through Store
2001_Oct-1: Official Urges Upgrade of Core Technology for IT Development
2001_Oct-1: Kawasaki Microelectronics Develops Base-Band LSI for Bluetooth
2001_Oct-1: DRAM Group Seeks Possible Financial Aid From Taiwan's Gov't
2001_Oct-1: Beijing Reveals Plans for 10 New High-Tech Bases
2001_Oct-1: Japan Debuts 3G, But Who Wants Video on A Cellphone?
2001_Oct-1: HK's PCCW to Cut Web, Mobile Phone Link Costs
2001_Oct-1: DoCoMo Offer Discount for 2G, 3G Phones
2001_Oct-1: China Web Dissidents Tried, Verdict A "Month" Off
2001_Oct-1: Sony, NEC Give Taste of Post-Attack Profit Woes
2001_Oct-1: Asian Shares Up as Tokyo Cheers Lower Yen
2001_Oct-1: Sony Cuts Outlook as Sales Slump
2001_Oct-1: DoCoMo to Cut Ties with Non-Green Partners


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