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2001_Nov-30: E-BUSINESS: Solectron VP Targets Japan Design, China Production
2001_Nov-30: I-O Data Develops Web Server with HDD Protection System
2001_Nov-30: PDP TV Market to Attract Heated Competition
2001_Nov-30: Council Details Field Test Plan for IPv6 Consumer Electronics Appliances
2001_Nov-30: Industrial Sector Shows Signs of Recovery on Stronger Consumer Sentiment
2001_Nov-30: [ISSCC Preview] Bluetooth Chips from Hitachi, Ericsson-STM, Transilica to Debut at ISSCC 2002
2001_Nov-30: Korea Forecasts Earlier-Than-Expected Recovery in 2002
2001_Nov-30: SGI Japan's Broadband SI Unit to Begin Operations
2001_Nov-30: ITRI's New Chipset to Boost Local Machine Tool Industry
2001_Nov-30: Chinese Chip Maker Starts Trial Production in Shanghai
2001_Nov-30: Taiwan Approves Notebook PC Investment in China
2001_Nov-30: Fantasy-Gaming Korean CEO Wants to Expand Empire
2001_Nov-30: Dell Hopes to Lure Chinese Buyers with Cheap PCs
2001_Nov-30: Hitachi to Cut 44 Pct. More Staff at Singapore Chip Affiliate
2001_Nov-30: China to Join Information Technology Trade Pact
2001_Nov-29: Asian LCD Panel Makers Ask for Price Increase
2001_Nov-29: Macromedia to Offer Server-Interactive 'Flash' for Cell Phones, PDAs
2001_Nov-29: China's Mobile Phone Industry to Get Major Boost from WTO Entry
2001_Nov-29: Taiwan's ETWebs, Era Group Launch Active Media Deployment in China
2001_Nov-29: Hong Kong's Big Challenge is to Woo Foreign Companies
2001_Nov-29: Acer Set to Expand Sales in Greater China Market
2001_Nov-29: Vodafone Installs New President at Japan Telecom
2001_Nov-28: DoCoMo to Begin Convenient Cell Phone Fixing Service
2001_Nov-28: NTT Communications Acquires Remaining Stake in Davtel
2001_Nov-28: Quanta Due to Set Up Delivery Warehouse in Shanghai January 2002
2001_Nov-28: Sony to Add Thin Models to CLIE PDA Series
2001_Nov-28: China Netcom Promotes Commercial Wideband Network
2001_Nov-28: Taiwan's Chipset Suppliers Expect Higher Revenues
2001_Nov-28: China's Graphics Card OEM Seeks to Avoid Price War
2001_Nov-28: Samsung Rejects Infineon Pricing Comments
2001_Nov-27: Cell-Phone Market Nears Saturation
2001_Nov-27: Japan's New Gov't Procurement System Opens to SMEs, Ventures
2001_Nov-27: Cisco to Participate in APEC Internet Project
2001_Nov-27: EAccess to Build 10Gbps Ring for Metropolitan Area Using Ciena's Optical Switch
2001_Nov-27: SK Sets Entry Guidelines for Chinese Market
2001_Nov-27: Taiwan's Four Cell Phone Companies Fight for DoCoMo's I-Mode Handset Orders
2001_Nov-27: Chinese Experts Urge Digitalization of Trunked Radio Communications
2001_Nov-27: IIJ to Launch IPv6-based Internet Access Service for Consumers in December
2001_Nov-27: China, Japan Remain Trade Partners After China's WTO Entry, Say Economists
2001_Nov-27: Samsung Electronics Releases 256Mb NAND Flash Memory Microchip
2001_Nov-27: Taiwan's Motherboard Makers Expect Decline in Nov. Revenues
2001_Nov-27: China Railcom Builds China's Longest Broadband Telecom Network
2001_Nov-27: Sony to Cut Price of PlayStation 2 in Japan by 15 Pct.
2001_Nov-27: Minister Says China to Break Dominant Phone Company in Two
2001_Nov-26: K Laboratory, Gemplus Team Up on 3G Digital Wallet
2001_Nov-26: Liquidation Value for Hynix Semiconductor Estimated at 3.66 Trln. Won
2001_Nov-26: Formosa Komatsu Silicon Begins Manufacture of 8-Inch Wafers
2001_Nov-26: Packaged PC Software Market in Japan for FY2000 Rises 5.4 Pct. Y-O-Y
2001_Nov-26: China's Mobile Phone Users Hit 136 Million
2001_Nov-26: Matsushita, Fujitsu, Hitachi to Present MPEG4 Video ICs at ISSCC 2002
2001_Nov-26: Samsung Releases Slim Digital Camcorders to Compete with Sony
2001_Nov-26: Pirated "Harry Potter" CDs Magically Appear in Hong Kong
2001_Nov-26: Hynix Denies in Micron Merger Talks, Shares Fall
2001_Nov-26: KepTel to Focus on Networking Business
2001_Nov-26: Satyam Deal Hints at New Software Trend
2001_Nov-26: Bharti Tele Could Be India's Largest IPO Ever
2001_Nov-23: Competition Heats Up for Wireless Net Technologies
2001_Nov-23: NTT Rings Up Big Losses, Cuts Jobs
2001_Nov-22: Olympus to Restructure Digital Camera Business
2001_Nov-22: LG Electronics to Establish Financial Center in New Jersey
2001_Nov-22: Hynix to Sell STN-LCD Unit to Korea-China Consortium
2001_Nov-22: UMC, Lightcross Team Up in Variable Optical Attenuator IC Development
2001_Nov-22: Hynix to Get $518 Million in Loans in Slimmed Rescue Deal
2001_Nov-22: Report: China Has Shut Down 17,000 Internet Bars
2001_Nov-22: China Netcom Sees Mobile Licence, But No Time Soon
2001_Nov-22: Nintendo Stays in Game in Three-Way Machine War Against Microsoft, Sony
2001_Nov-22: HK Firm Says Has Answer to Annoying Cellphone Rings
2001_Nov-22: Japan Telecom Reports Loss on Ailing Fixed Line Business Despite Stronger MobileRevenue
2001_Nov-21: Trend Micro Anti-Virus Software to Come Standard on Sony PCs
2001_Nov-21: Oracle Sees Japanese Businesses Going to China, Oracle Exec. Says
2001_Nov-21: Intel, Huali to Launch DIY Laptop in China
2001_Nov-21: Japanese Game-Maker Sega on Rocky Road to Recovery after Dropping Dreamcast
2001_Nov-21: Hackers Attack 156 Web Sites in Vietnam
2001_Nov-21: Japanese Internet Giant Softbank Racks Up Losses on Investments
2001_Nov-20: Taiwan IC Designers Dedicated to Chinese Wafer Foundries
2001_Nov-20: Average Users Spend 2,600 yen Monthly for I-Mode
2001_Nov-20: Japan Top Site for Shanghai's Overseas Investment
2001_Nov-20: Nokia May Offer FOMA Cell Phones in Q3 2002, CEO Says
2001_Nov-20: Hitachi, NEC to Develop Corporate Software Together
2001_Nov-20: TELECOM SLOWDOWN: Cell Phone Firms Suffer from Sluggish Market
2001_Nov-19: NEC Plans 3 Bln. Yen Broadband Telecom Chip Facility
2001_Nov-19: SiS, Asustek Unveil New Motherboard in Korea
2001_Nov-19: China Mobile, China Unicom Begin Network Interconnection
2001_Nov-19: Intel's First P4 DDR Solution Appears at Comdex Fall 2001
2001_Nov-19: LG Electronics to Complete Separation by April
2001_Nov-19: Furukawa Seals Long-Awaited Lucent Deal
2001_Nov-19: Asian Markets Take Heart from U.S. Data
2001_Nov-18: E-Commerce Operators Face Industry Shakeout
2001_Nov-16: ANALYSIS: Sony Brand Name May Help China PC Market Entry
2001_Nov-16: Wireless Internet Service Attracts More Than 9,000 Subscribers in One Month
2001_Nov-16: Korean Dot.coms Look to Double Growth in 2002
2001_Nov-16: Sharp, Cisco Systems to Team for 5GHz Wireless LAN
2001_Nov-16: Motorola to Expand Technical Transfers to China
2001_Nov-16: Nokia Alliance Set to Shake Up Taiwan's Handset Manufacturing Industry
2001_Nov-16: Furukawa to Buy Lucent Unit at Lower Price-Sources
2001_Nov-16: Asian Telcos Reward Investor Faith with Performance
2001_Nov-16: Indian Software Engineers Find Opportunity Speaks Many Languages
2001_Nov-15: ANALYSIS: Advanced Japanese Technology Moves to Taiwan, Korea
2001_Nov-15: Patent Awareness Still Weak Among Chinese Enterprises
2001_Nov-15: Optical Communication Giants Focus on Ritek, Others
2001_Nov-15: U.S. Components Firm to Offer Scholarships to Tianjin University Students
2001_Nov-15: AOL Time Warner Forms Joint Venture with China-Backed Conglomerate
2001_Nov-15: Casio Computer to Cut 3,000 Jobs, Posts First-Half Loss
2001_Nov-14: IBM Software Lets Users Reply to E-Mail, View Video from PDA
2001_Nov-14: China Faces Difficulties in Export Market, CAITEC Report Says
2001_Nov-14: First Mobile Phone of Sony Ericsson Brand Likely to Come in Q2 2002
2001_Nov-14: Samsung Selected as 3G Supplier for Shangahi
2001_Nov-14: Upgrade Rallies Korea, Helps Sooth Investor Nerves in Asia
2001_Nov-13: Sony, Nokia Tie Up on Middleware Technology
2001_Nov-13: High-Speed Internet Market Saturated in Korea
2001_Nov-13: Sony's PDAs Win Best Recommendation for Enterprise Use: Gartner Survey
2001_Nov-13: Taiwan's IT Contract Manufacturers Threatened by New Compaq Policy
2001_Nov-13: NTT DoCoMo to Expand FOMA Service Area Nationwide by Spring 2002
2001_Nov-13: Zhongguancun Aims to Become World-Class, High-Tech Park
2001_Nov-13: Winbond, Sharp Agree to Develop Next-Generation Flash EEPROM for Cell Phones
2001_Nov-13: Macronix Increases Mask ROM Features on Booming Market Expectations
2001_Nov-13: Vodafone Opens Office in Beijing
2001_Nov-13: Asian Shares Mixed as China WTO Entry Has Muted Impact
2001_Nov-13: Flextronics Says Industry Rebound Still Elusive
2001_Nov-13: India's Digital Buys Compaq Product for $2.5 Million
2001_Nov-13: PCs Gain Popularity in HK Homes, Stall in Firms
2001_Nov-13: Nokia and Sony to Cooperate on Mobile Standards
2001_Nov-13: Sony Unveils Broadband Pact with AOL Time Warner
2001_Nov-12: Motorola to Invest US$1 Billion in R&D; in Beijing
2001_Nov-12: DDI Pocket, HP Japan, DreamArts to Collaborate on CRM Business
2001_Nov-12: Culture Convenience Club Freezes Mobile Phone Retail Plans
2001_Nov-12: Vietnam Fights Rampant Copyright Piracy; Agency Given No Enforcement Power
2001_Nov-12: Singapore Media Lays Off Staff
2001_Nov-12: Microsoft Touts XP in China, Held Back by Pirates
2001_Nov-12: Hynix's Foreign Banks Not to Push for Early Payment
2001_Nov-12: Taiwan Tech Firms Face China Challenge after WTO
2001_Nov-12: Taiwan Tech Sales Shine, But Rebound Elusive
2001_Nov-9: PEOPLE: J-Phone Gets U.S. Boss with Japan Background
2001_Nov-9: Fujitsu Markets Embedded Bluetooth Baseband LSIs for Mobile Appliances
2001_Nov-9: Cadence Shows Interest in Cooperating With Beijing
2001_Nov-9: English Map of Japan, Sight-Seeing Database Offered for 2002 World Cup
2001_Nov-9: China Netcom Launches Online Toll-Free Service
2001_Nov-9: Kyocera, Rohm Post Lower First-Half Profit
2001_Nov-9: Taiwan's Winbond Moving Out of Chip Production
2001_Nov-9: Kyocera, Rohm Post Lower First-Half Profit
2001_Nov-8: ANALYSIS: DoCoMo Paying Price for Strategic Missteps
2001_Nov-8: SK Telecom Posts Sales Profits of 1.6 Trln. Won in Q3
2001_Nov-8: FIC Debuts Achievement in Wireless Handheld Devices
2001_Nov-8: Taiwan's Electronics Companies Expected to Have Seen High Sales in October
2001_Nov-8: Sony Chairman Ohga Hospitalized
2001_Nov-8: Sony to Sell a Macho Teen AIBO Robot for $1,500
2001_Nov-8: Japan's Leading Mobile Carrier Reports Sharp Drop in Profits for Charge in Overseas Stake
2001_Nov-8: Asian Shares Stumble over Tech Outlook
2001_Nov-8: China May Have Most Online Traders in Asia by 2005
2001_Nov-8: Motorola Boosts China Investment Amid Global Slump
2001_Nov-7: Multinational Equipment Vendors Compete for China's CDMA Project
2001_Nov-7: Overlapping Investments Found in High-Speed Internet Network Sector
2001_Nov-7: Chunghwa Telecom to Purchase 3G Mobile-Phone Equipment
2001_Nov-7: Overseas Investors in China Favor Shenzhen
2001_Nov-7: Mitac International Opens New Computer Maintenance Store in Shanghai
2001_Nov-7: Intel to Invest $25 Million for Indian R&D; Unit
2001_Nov-7: DoCoMo's Battle Against Spam Heats Up
2001_Nov-7: Asian Stocks Run Up after Wall Street Sets Pace
2001_Nov-7: Toshiba to Lay Off Workers for Several Days Amid Slumping Demand for Chips
2001_Nov-7: Welch Sees Bright Spots in Japan's High-Tech Struggle
2001_Nov-7: Trend Micro Chief Urges Better Measures to Combat PC Viruses
2001_Nov-6: Online Gaming Poised to Take Off in Broadband Era
2001_Nov-6: China's Internet Use to See Speedy Growth; Most Users Prefer News
2001_Nov-6: Japanese Companies Won't Regain Vitality Without Lifetime Employment, 'The Goal' Author Says
2001_Nov-6: Official Says Timetable Set for China's Entry into WTO
2001_Nov-6: Hutchison Whompoa Places Order with NEC for 3G Wireless Devices
2001_Nov-6: NTT DoCoMo, TBS Test Realtime Digital TV Broadcasting for Mobile Phones
2001_Nov-6: Global Crossing, Asia Global End Merger Talks
2001_Nov-5: Digital Camera Makers Reduce U.S. Christmas Shipments
2001_Nov-5: Hon Hai Accuses AMP/Tyco, Avnet Asia of Patent Infringement
2001_Nov-5: China Becoming a Global Manufacturing Center
2001_Nov-5: Korea Telecom Records Profit of US$2 Billion in Third Quarter
2001_Nov-5: Datang Telecom, Siemens Sign Agreement on TD-SCDMA Technology
2001_Nov-5: Infineon, Toshiba DRAM Talks Making Progress-Source
2001_Nov-5: Chinese Computer Maker Legend Will Cut 500 Jobs
2001_Nov-5: Matsushita Closing Mobile Phone Plant in England
2001_Nov-5: Japanese Electronics Maker Sends Semiconductor Workers Home at Lower Pay for A Few Days
2001_Nov-5: Korea's Samsung Says to Double Sales in China by 2005
2001_Nov-5: Thai INET IPO seen Fully Subscribed, Underwriter Says
2001_Nov-5: Drop in Components Prices to Boost Nintendo Profits
2001_Nov-4: Pioneer Sets Up Office uo Promote DVD-RW Format
2001_Nov-2: Korean Firm Entering Japan's Security Systems Market
2001_Nov-2: Fujitsu Tests Optical WDM Communication Spanning 7,400km at 2.4Tbps
2001_Nov-2: China's Legend to Build Supply Chain Management System
2001_Nov-2: Internet Initiative Japan to Launch IPv6/IPv4 Dual Stack Service
2001_Nov-2: Sino-Japanese JV Expects US$37.5 Mln. in Software Exports
2001_Nov-2: Tokyo Motor Show: Two Firms Exhibit Car-Navi Map Distribution Standards
2001_Nov-2: SingTel Signs Deal to Buy Dutch Stake in Indonesia's Telkomsel
2001_Nov-2: Report Says Toshiba Says Open to Mobile Deal with Siemens
2001_Nov-2: India's Software Export Growth Rate Cut Further
2001_Nov-2: China-Based Website Offers E-Mail Links to Isolated North Korea
2001_Nov-1: U.S.-Based ISSI Sets Up IC Firm in Shanghai
2001_Nov-1: No Outflow of Taiwan's Leading-Edge Technology to China, Ministry Says
2001_Nov-1: Official Believes Chinese, East Asian Economies Can Cooperate on Win-Win Basis
2001_Nov-1: Restructuring is Not Enough to Win: Samsung Executive
2001_Nov-1: Korean Banks Give New Bailout for Chipmaker Hynix
2001_Nov-1: Sharp, Pioneer Report Drops in Profit
2001_Nov-1: SK Telecom to Buy 2nd-Largest Stake in Mobile Broadcasting


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