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2001_Dec-31: Seagrand to Unveil Cassette-Tape MP3/WMA Player
2001_Dec-28: Shares Extend Gains on Rosy Outlook for Hynix Talks
2001_Dec-28: LG Electronics to Release Two New CD-RW Drives
2001_Dec-27: DAC to Sell Animated Net Ads Using Eyeblaster's Technology
2001_Dec-27: Matsushita Unveils CD-RW/DVD-ROM Drive to Duplicate CDs
2001_Dec-27: SK Telecom to Lower Mobile Fees by 8.3 Pct. in 2002
2001_Dec-26: HP Japan to Ship Japanese-Made Servers to China, Korea
2001_Dec-26: SK Telecom Mulls Acquisition of Onse Telecom
2001_Dec-25: Hudson Soft to Provide Game Content to KPN Mobile
2001_Dec-24: New Wireless LAN Net Services To Hit Market
2001_Dec-24: Asia Hopeful on Exports but Tech Outlook Fuzzy
2001_Dec-24: Samsung Electronics to Boost Sales 2.5 Pct.
2001_Dec-24: Forget Flowers. Busy Singapore Singles Dial a Date
2001_Dec-23: DoCoMo Under Pressure to Justify Investment in AT&T; Wireless
2001_Dec-21: Sony, Intec to Test Wireless LAN High-Speed Net Access
2001_Dec-21: Hyundai Curitel to Supply CDMA Phones to India
2001_Dec-21: Softbank to Launch IP Telephone Service in Spring of 2002
2001_Dec-21: Qingdao to Develop into Software Industrial Base
2001_Dec-21: Matsushita Electric to Offer Lightweight Portable Printer
2001_Dec-21: U.S. Targets Japan's NTT in New Deregulation Talks
2001_Dec-21: Sony CEO Fears Delayed Sept. 11 Impact on Economy
2001_Dec-20: NTT DoCoMo Drops Plan to Invest in SK Telecom
2001_Dec-20: Seven Groups Bid for Five 3G Licenses in Taiwan
2001_Dec-20: China Records Double-Digit Growth in Fixed Asset Investments
2001_Dec-20: U.S. TriMedia Opens Japan Office
2001_Dec-20: China Launches New Training Project for Software Engineers
2001_Dec-20: Taiwan's Winbond Still Set on Exiting DRAM Business
2001_Dec-20: Hynix Shares Fall as Micron Seen Rejecting Stake
2001_Dec-19: Enix to Offer Real-Time Online Games to Chinese Users
2001_Dec-19: Taiwan's Opto-Communications Industry Expects Rapid Growth
2001_Dec-19: Hangzhou to Host New IC Design Center
2001_Dec-19: Samsung Electronics, Hynix Raise Chip Prices for Steady Customers
2001_Dec-19: Softbank's Marketplace Operating Firm to Be Liquidated in March
2001_Dec-19: Korean Firms Plan Tight Management Schedules for 2002
2001_Dec-19: China's First Telecom Joint Venture to Start Service
2001_Dec-19: Toshiba Sells U.S. Plant to Micron, Snubs Infineon
2001_Dec-19: Infineon under Pressure to Replace Toshiba Deal
2001_Dec-19: E-Tailing's Popularity Growing in Asia
2001_Dec-19: India's Digital GlobalSoft Adds Products to its Services
2001_Dec-19: Taiwan's IA Industry Production Set to Grow by Nearly 40 Pct. in 2001
2001_Dec-18: Japan Telecom's New Chief Faces Job of Raising Morale
2001_Dec-18: Taiwan Mobile Phone Shipments Expected to Grow in 2002
2001_Dec-18: JEITA Says Mobile Phone Shipments Decline for Five Consecutive Months
2001_Dec-18: Chinese Researcher Develops High-Capacity Storage Disk
2001_Dec-18: Infineon CEO Says Microchip Talks with Toshiba in Progress
2001_Dec-18: Taiwan Gears Up to Meet Surging TFT-LCD Demand
2001_Dec-18: NRI Defies Weak Market with Strong Debut
2001_Dec-17: NTT Communications Makes Hong Kong ISP A Wholly Owned Unit
2001_Dec-17: Multinationals Locate R&D; Centers in Shanghai
2001_Dec-17: Asia's First Microsoft.net Technology Center Located in Taiwan
2001_Dec-17: China Launches Project S219 to Guard Information Networks
2001_Dec-17: Korea's SK Telecom Says Won't Sell Stake to DoCoMo
2001_Dec-16: NTT DoCoMo to Begin I-Mode Net Service in Europe in April
2001_Dec-14: Toshiba's European Base Designs Quantum Encryption Gear
2001_Dec-14: PC Industry May Miss Year-End Rally
2001_Dec-14: Japan's Network Storage Products Market to Grow 182.7 Pct. in 2001, IDC Says
2001_Dec-14: Most Industrial Sectors to Recover in 2002, KCCI Says
2001_Dec-14: Broadband Services via PS2 to Roll Out Overseas: CEO of Sony Computer
2001_Dec-14: Asustek Computer Expects Notebook PC Deliveries to Double in 2002
2001_Dec-14: Qingdao Attracts Large Investments from Korea
2001_Dec-14: Formosa Plastics Group to Build Car Parts in Kunshan
2001_Dec-14: Bluetooth SIG Announces Definition for Input Devices
2001_Dec-14: China Designates 141 Industries for High-Tech Development
2001_Dec-14: Singapore Airlines Scraps Plans for In-Flight Internet Service
2001_Dec-14: Taiwan Delays Decision on China Chip Investments
2001_Dec-14: Hynix Said to Eye Samsung Tie, Analysts Doubt It
2001_Dec-14: Battered Asian Chipmakers See Glimmers of Change
2001_Dec-13: CORPORATE ANALYSIS: NTT DoCoMo Needs New Investment Strategy
2001_Dec-13: Daum to Expand Paid Services
2001_Dec-13: DoubleClick, Others Join Forces to Distribute Moving Image Ads
2001_Dec-13: Hynix Adds U.S. Semicon Factory to Sell-Off List
2001_Dec-13: Giant Network System in Pipeline to Support World Cup 2002
2001_Dec-13: Hong Kong's Tom.com Buys Taiwan's Business Weekly Media Group
2001_Dec-13: TechMatrix Launches Middleware for Cell Phone/PDA-Application Development
2001_Dec-13: WTO Membership to Boost China's GDP Growth, Economists Say
2001_Dec-13: Korea Emerges as Leading Shipbuilding Nation
2001_Dec-13: Beijing's High-Tech Industrial Base Recruits Domestic, Overseas Talent
2001_Dec-13: Sony and NTT Cooperate on Broadband Services in Japan
2001_Dec-13: Hynix Reform Head Won't Cancel Shares
2001_Dec-13: Hitachi Cable Says to Set Up JV with Corning Unit
2001_Dec-13: Indian TV Tie-Up Could Bring to Zee
2001_Dec-12: LG Electronics to Sell Thin LCD, Plasma Displays In Japan
2001_Dec-12: Hynix Installs 0.13-Micron Technology in DRAM Production
2001_Dec-12: Matsui Securities Gets Award for Corporate Excellence: First Porter Prize
2001_Dec-12: Hynix-Micron Talks Aim for Results by Year End
2001_Dec-12: China to Ban Foreign-Funded Medical Institutions, Despite WTO Accession
2001_Dec-12: Japan's IT Strategy Headquarters Discusses Telecom Reform
2001_Dec-12: Qinzhou Seeks Investments from Hong Kong
2001_Dec-12: Infineon Seen Nearing Chip Deal with Toshiba
2001_Dec-12: Ericsson Receives US$143 Million Contract Chinese Mobile Phone Company
2001_Dec-12: Cisco Says Asia May Be First to Recover
2001_Dec-12: China Pushes Telecoms Reform on WTO Entry
2001_Dec-11: NEC to Build Cell Phone Software Development Center
2001_Dec-11: Micron Negotiators Return to United States After Review of Hynix
2001_Dec-11: Mitsubishi Firms Establish Company to Make, Sell Fullerene Materials
2001_Dec-11: Taiwan Cellular to Set Up Offices in Beijing, Shanghai
2001_Dec-11: Large-Capacity Flash Memories to See Short Supply by Late 2002
2001_Dec-11: Taiwan's November Tech Sales Mixed; Outlook Dims
2001_Dec-11: Micron Completes Due Diligence on Korea's Hynix
2001_Dec-10: Japan High-Tech Makers Accelerating Output Transfer to China
2001_Dec-10: AMEI Launches Service to Imprint Electronic Watermarks in MIDI Files
2001_Dec-10: Sina.com to Relocate Financial Headquarters from Silicon Valley to Shanghai
2001_Dec-10: Oracle Japan, Fujitsu Tie Up for High-Availability System Building
2001_Dec-10: Beijing's Software Development Companies Exceed 700
2001_Dec-10: Chunghwa Telecom to Procure ADSL End-User Equipment
2001_Dec-10: China's Capinfo Plans HK$350 Million Hong Kong IPO
2001_Dec-10: Vietnamese Police Seize Large Number of Pirated Videos And Compact Discs
2001_Dec-10: Ericsson Details Expansion amid China Frenzy
2001_Dec-10: Ericsson Readies Itself for Indian Phone Boom
2001_Dec-10: Indian Software Companies' Acquisition Plans in Spotlight
2001_Dec-9: Broadband E-Business to Set Up Free Access Sites at Shops
2001_Dec-7: ANALYSIS: No Immediate Result for Crackdown on China Piracy
2001_Dec-7: Stock Market Hits Year-High Marked by Blue-Chips
2001_Dec-7: Demand for Color Handheld Devices Stirs Up STN-LCD Market
2001_Dec-7: China Expects Seven Pct. Economic Growth in 2002
2001_Dec-7: Samsung Electronics to Miss Production Goal for PDP TVs
2001_Dec-7: China's Development Requires More Exchanges of Talent
2001_Dec-7: VIA Unseats Winbond as Taiwan's Third-Largest IC Company
2001_Dec-7: Toshiba Establishes CDMA Mobile JV in Nanjing
2001_Dec-7: Microsoft Wins Anti-Piracy Pledge from Chinese PC Makers
2001_Dec-7: Microsoft Unveils Chinese Pocket PC 2002
2001_Dec-6: CEOs See No Early Recovery for Japanese Economy: Nikkei Poll
2001_Dec-6: Dell Taiwan Executive to Set Up Venture Capital Fund
2001_Dec-6: Fuji Chimera Research Says Intelligent Traffic System Market to Hit US$130 Bln.
2001_Dec-6: Taiwan Reports World's Second-Highest ADSL Penetration Ratio
2001_Dec-6: NTT Develops High-Speed Digital Money Processing System
2001_Dec-6: Acer Pins Future Growth on New Benq Brand
2001_Dec-6: Micron, Hynix Begin Negotiations
2001_Dec-6: 'Goner' Computer Worm Goes to Ground in Asia
2001_Dec-5: New CMOS Transistor Can Handle Milliwave Applications
2001_Dec-5: Sharp to Start Mass Production of 'Least-Volume' Power Amps for W-CDMA Cell Phones
2001_Dec-5: IT Companies Optimistic about China's Market
2001_Dec-5: Hynix-Micron Alliance Likely to Show Visible Results Soon, Says MOFE Head
2001_Dec-5: Hot Sales of P4 Chipsets Boost Graphic Cards
2001_Dec-5: China's First Bismuth HTS Wire Goes Into Production
2001_Dec-5: Singapore Could Be India's Gateway to China
2001_Dec-5: China's First Chip Foundry Chock Full of Orders
2001_Dec-5: Hynix Shares Jump as Micron Set for Tie-Up Talks
2001_Dec-5: ICANN Names Web Dispute Resolution Service in Asia
2001_Dec-4: Sanyo, Eastman Kodak to Jointly Produce Organic EL Panels
2001_Dec-4: Lite-On Wins Major CD-ROM Drive Order from Dell
2001_Dec-4: Korea's Cyberbank Picks Citrix MetaFrame to Run Windows Applications on PDA
2001_Dec-4: SiS Licenses RDRAM Technology from Rambus
2001_Dec-4: Konami Begins Sales of Robochu Digital Pet for Young Children
2001_Dec-4: Samsung Electronics Develops New 4Mb Fast SRAM Microchip
2001_Dec-4: Multinationals Relocate Purchase Centers to Shenzhen
2001_Dec-4: Semiconductor Companies Micron, Hynix Confirm Talks
2001_Dec-4: Sanyo Plans Display Venture with Kodak
2001_Dec-3: Battle Looms over 3G Phone Services
2001_Dec-3: Samsung Electronics Develops SoC Chip for Digital TVs
2001_Dec-3: IBM Japan Announces PC Server with Next-Generation Intel CPU
2001_Dec-3: Computer-Related Products Top Guangdong Exports
2001_Dec-3: Bluetooth Chipset Shipments Outnumber 802.11b Chipsets, Say IMS, Cahners In-Stat
2001_Dec-3: Exports of Machinery, Electronic Equipment Lead China's Trade
2001_Dec-3: ERATO Announces Technical Data on PINO Robot
2001_Dec-3: Hong Kong Mobile Carriers Seek to Share 3G Network Costs
2001_Dec-2: Omron to Supply Ford, Nissan with Hands-Free Comm Devices


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