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2002_Mar-29: DoCoMo to Revamp Unprofitable Businesses: President
2002_Mar-29: Infineon, Nanya Technology to Construct 12-In. Wafer Plants in Taiwan
2002_Mar-29: China Likely to Account for 20 Pct. of IC Manufacturing Equipment
2002_Mar-29: InfoMax Optical Technology Secures Investment from Japan's Ryosan
2002_Mar-29: Yamaha to Debut Electronic Violins for Stage Performances
2002_Mar-29: Chinese Trade Minister Urges EU to Cut Trade Limitations
2002_Mar-29: Japan's DoCoMo Heads for Red on Overseas Losses
2002_Mar-29: Hynix Says Time Running Out for US$4 Billion Micron Deal
2002_Mar-28: INTERVIEW: Chinese Chip Foundry SMIC Comes on Stream
2002_Mar-28: [OFC] Korea May Target FTTH Systems
2002_Mar-28: European Commission Stresses Cooperation with China
2002_Mar-28: Kadokawa Shoten, NTT to Start Trial Distribution for 'Interactive Drama'
2002_Mar-28: Market Price of 128Mb DRAM Microchips Declines to Two-Month Low
2002_Mar-28: Unsolicited Cell-Phone E-Mails Won't Decrease Despite Stricter Regulation
2002_Mar-28: VIA Technologies Expects Revenue to Exceed NT$40 Billion in 2002
2002_Mar-28: Motorola to Bolster Spending on Chinese-Made Components
2002_Mar-28: J-Stream to Start Packet Transfer Music Data Distribution
2002_Mar-28: Oracle to Double R&D; Facilities Expenditures in China
2002_Mar-28: Chinese Statistics Made Available Online
2002_Mar-28: Japan's No. 2 Telecom to Start 3G Service Next Month
2002_Mar-28: China's Legend Enters Mobile Phone Market
2002_Mar-27: Net Access Firms to Begin Service via I-Mode Cell Phones
2002_Mar-27: TSMC, ITRI to Jointly Develop Magnetoresistive RAM
2002_Mar-27: Corning Establishes China Headquarters in Shanghai
2002_Mar-27: UMC Hints at Price Hikes for Its Service
2002_Mar-27: Advanced Diodes Promise Hefty Earnings for United Epitaxy
2002_Mar-27: China's Mobile Phone Ownership Rises Significantly in February
2002_Mar-27: First Sino-Foreign Telecom Joint Venture Starts Operating
2002_Mar-27: Applied Materials Sees US$500 Million in China Orders
2002_Mar-27: EBay Makes Long-Term China Play with Eachnet Stake
2002_Mar-27: Fujitsu Says Cost Cuts Will Aid Return to Profit
2002_Mar-26: Murata Mfg., Kyocera, Rohm See Signs of Orders Bottoming Out
2002_Mar-26: Samsung Raises DRAM Contract Prices by 5 Pct.
2002_Mar-26: Ta Ya Electric Expects to Profit from Major Taipower Projects
2002_Mar-26: IEEE-SA Approves PAN Standard Compatible with Bluetooth
2002_Mar-26: TSMC to Introduce 0.09-Micron IC Production by Year-End
2002_Mar-26: Legend Holdings Forms IT Consulting Business in China
2002_Mar-26: Korea Grabs Lion's Share of TFT-LCD Market
2002_Mar-26: Dow Corning Reaches Out to Chinese SMEs Via Internet Sales
2002_Mar-26: Asustek, Quanta, Compal Benefit from HP-Compaq Merger
2002_Mar-26: Motorola Cooperates With Eastcom on Mobile Technology in China
2002_Mar-26: Japanese Electronics Maker Shows Test-Model Vacuum-Cleaning Robot
2002_Mar-26: PCCW Says It Will Fire 858 in Cost-Cutting Move
2002_Mar-25: TRON Group Sees Programmers as Cornerstone of System's Future
2002_Mar-25: AT&T; Launches Landmark China Telecoms Venture
2002_Mar-25: Taiwan's High Tech IPO Expected to Shine
2002_Mar-25: Dell Chief Unfazed by China PC Rival's Mimicry
2002_Mar-25: NTT Says It May Consolidate Six Group ISPs
2002_Mar-24: PC Makers to Raise Prices 10-20 Pct. Due to Higher Materials Costs
2002_Mar-22: Apple CEO Sees Recovery in PC Market, Raises iMac Price in Japan
2002_Mar-22: Beijing Leads in National Informatization Quotient
2002_Mar-22: P-Two Earns Handsome Profits on CD-R Drives and FPC Connectors
2002_Mar-22: Shanghai Signs on US$800 Mln. in Joint Venture Projects
2002_Mar-22: Fujitsu Says Talking with Toshiba on Chip Alliance
2002_Mar-21: Toshiba, Fujitsu to Form Broad Chip Alliance
2002_Mar-21: Legend to Battle Dell in China's Made-to-Order PC Market
2002_Mar-21: Downsized PCCW Tops Expectations
2002_Mar-21: Sanyo Lowers Profit Forecast on Sluggish Device Sales
2002_Mar-20: Southern China, Taiwan Seen as New Source for IT Information
2002_Mar-20: Kyocera Wireless Announces A-GPS Wireless Module for CDMA2000 1x
2002_Mar-20: Value of 128Mb SDRAMs Recover to US$4 Level
2002_Mar-20: Processing Trade Dominates Guangdong Province's Exports
2002_Mar-20: Semiconductor, Coms Equipment Firms Under Negative Pressure: R&I;
2002_Mar-20: Report: Five Japanese Electronics Makers to Jointly Develop Next-Generation Semiconductor
2002_Mar-19: DoCoMo to Begin I-Mode Service in Belgium, Netherlands
2002_Mar-19: Samsung Electronics Releases New Multi Chip Package
2002_Mar-19: Telia of Sweden Aims to Team with Companies in China
2002_Mar-19: Fuji Film Axia Unveils Business Card-Sized Digital Camera
2002_Mar-19: Shanghai Unicom, Motorola to Develop Mobile Data Network
2002_Mar-19: Online Auction Powerhouse eBay Expands to China
2002_Mar-19: Hitachi-Mitsubishi Deal to Create Microchip Giant
2002_Mar-19: Taiwan's Powerchip Gets new Mitsubishi Technology
2002_Mar-19: China Mobile 2001 Profit Surges 55 Percent
2002_Mar-18: China IT Firms Enjoy Jump in Orders
2002_Mar-18: Catching Up with Sony's Vaio: Microsoft Discloses eHome Concept in Japan
2002_Mar-18: Shanghai's Pudong Attracts More Foreign Investment in January-February
2002_Mar-18: Microsoft Wireless Communication Platform Wins Support at CeBIT
2002_Mar-18: Sanyo Announces Low-Noise, Blue-Violet Semiconductor Lasers for Next-Generation DVD
2002_Mar-18: R&I; Downgrades Minolta's Long-Term Debt Rating to 'BB'
2002_Mar-15: ANALYSIS: KDDI to Stress Content in 3G Rivalry with NTT DoCoMo
2002_Mar-15: Top 10 Taiwan Fabless Companies, Chipmakers Announced
2002_Mar-15: Four ISPs to Tie Up on Home Appliances Using IPv6 Internet Services
2002_Mar-15: China Absorbs US$400 Bln. in Foreign Investment by February 2002
2002_Mar-15: Sumitomo Electric, TEPCO Develop Fastest 27Mbps PLC Modem
2002_Mar-15: NEC to Fix Bug in Mobile Phones at Outlet Stores
2002_Mar-15: Korean Gov't to Push Ahead with Privatization of Public Firms as Planned
2002_Mar-15: NEC Networks Opens R&D; Center for Telecom Software in China
2002_Mar-14: NTT East, DoCoMo to Launch Wireless LAN Services
2002_Mar-14: Non-State Sector Faces New Development Opportunities in China
2002_Mar-14: Sony Reveals Next-Generation, Super-Small, Lightweight 'Vaio' Notebook
2002_Mar-14: China Poised to Participate in Globalization, Trade Minister Says
2002_Mar-14: Japan's xDSL Subscribers Reach 2 Million: Gov't Report
2002_Mar-14: Chipmakers See Rebound, Hope It's End-User Demand
2002_Mar-14: Amazon Japan to Launch Used Goods Store in 2002
2002_Mar-14: Japanese Electronics Makers Toshiba, Mitsubishi Ally on Mobile Phones
2002_Mar-14: Priceline to Launch Service in Hong Kong in April
2002_Mar-14: Top chip Foundries Eye Capex Moves as Demand Rises
2002_Mar-13: ANALYSIS: PC Giants Hit by Weaker Yen, Mandatory Recycling
2002_Mar-13: Network Game Fever Goes On
2002_Mar-13: CD-R Producers Predict a Booming Second Quarter
2002_Mar-13: IPA Reports 60 Pct. of Virus Incidents Exploit IE Security Holes

2002_Mar-13: Chinese Scientist Calls for More Research Spending
2002_Mar-13: Instant Messaging Services for Mobile Phones Mushroom in Japan
2002_Mar-13: Intel P4-Supported Chipsets, Motherboards on Display at CeBIT in Hannover
2002_Mar-13: Bandai Group Cos. Establish Content Distribution Company
2002_Mar-13: China's Manufacturing Sectors Drive Industrial Output Growth
2002_Mar-13: Taiwanese Consider Lifting Ban on Investing in Computer Chip Plants in China
2002_Mar-13: Korea's Samsung SDI Develops New LCD for Handsets
2002_Mar-12: NTT Comm to Launch Internet Certificate Exam in Singapore
2002_Mar-12: Exchangeable HDD Standard 'iVDR' Aims for Wide Consumer Applications
2002_Mar-12: Korea Economic Research Institute Expects Lower Than 5 Pct. Growth Rate
2002_Mar-12: Japan's Printer Shipments in 2001 Fall Below Year-Ago Level for First Time Since 1994
2002_Mar-12: Taiwan's IT Companies Get Ready for CeBIT Show
2002_Mar-12: Oracle Considers Relocating R&D; Center from India to China
2002_Mar-12: Cybozu COO Aono Opts for Coexistence with Notes/Domino in Groupware Market
2002_Mar-12: Hynix Creditors Join Negotiating Team in U.S. with Micron
2002_Mar-12: Winbond Electronics Set to Sign Cooperation Contract With Infineon
2002_Mar-12: Micron, Hynix in Final Talks for Memory Assets
2002_Mar-12: Japan's No. 2 Telecom to Start 3G Service Next Month
2002_Mar-12: Infineon in Production Deals with Two Taiwan Firms
2002_Mar-12: Creative Buys 3DlAbs, Re-Enters Graphics Market
2002_Mar-11: Major IT Firms to Hire 140 Pct. More Chinese Software Engineers
2002_Mar-11: Compeq Wins Order from Motorola
2002_Mar-11: Western China's Popularity Rises Among Foreign Investors
2002_Mar-11: Toshiba Aims to Bolster Sales in Korea's Laptop Computer Market
2002_Mar-11: China to Emerge as Largest 3G Wireless Market, China Unicom Pres. Says
2002_Mar-11: Coming 'Smart' ID Card Worries Hacking-Prone Hong Kong
2002_Mar-11: Malaysia Digital ID Card Slow to Take Off
2002_Mar-11: Panasonic Banking on Digital Homes for The Elderly
2002_Mar-11: Taiwan to Ease China Chip Ban, But with Conditions
2002_Mar-8: Toshiba to Enter LCD TV Market
2002_Mar-8: MiTAC Gives Place to LG in Partnership with Compaq
2002_Mar-8: China to Explore New International Export Markets
2002_Mar-8: Walt Disney Internet Develops Wireless Contents for Qualcomm's BREW Platform
2002_Mar-8: China to Boost Foreign Trade and Investment
2002_Mar-8: Sweden's Decuma to Develop Input System Using Handwriting Feature, Justsystem's ATOK
2002_Mar-8: Hynix Semiconductor May Stand on its Own if DRAMs Maintain US$4 Price Level
2002_Mar-8: Winbond's Revenue Rises on Brisk Sales of Graphics Chips
2002_Mar-8: China United to Buy 500,000 Handsets to Stimulate Market
2002_Mar-8: Report: Half a Billion People Have Home Internet Access
2002_Mar-8: Hitachi Data Systems See IT Recovery From Mid-Year
2002_Mar-8: Taiwan's Biggest Chipmaker Sues Former Employee for Allegedly Stealing Trade Secrets
2002_Mar-7: TSMC, Philips, STM Confirmed in Joint 90nm Chip Development
2002_Mar-7: Sony Marketing Unveils Network Camera for LAN Access
2002_Mar-7: Shenzhen Strives for Sharp Rise in High-Tech Production in 2002
2002_Mar-7: NTT DoCoMo and Oracle to Jointly Develop New Wireless Telecom Technology
2002_Mar-7: Taiwan Ban on China Chips Becomes Political Football
2002_Mar-7: Hynix Turns Profit for First Time in Nearly a Year
2002_Mar-6: Honda to See 600 Bln. Yen in 2001 Operating Profit; to Push New Technologies Like Humanoid ASIMO Robot
2002_Mar-6: East China Jiangsu Province Attracts Taiwan Investors
2002_Mar-6: Hitachi to Offer Hotspot Deployment Service with @Venture at Commercial Places
2002_Mar-6: Nikon to Market Design-Oriented Digital Camera with 2 Mln. Pixels
2002_Mar-6: Samsung, Hynix Strive to Raise Prices of DRAM Microchips
2002_Mar-6: Sony Ericsson Unveils New Phones, Licensing Deal with Sun Microsystems
2002_Mar-6: India to Build Grid of Supercomputers
2002_Mar-5: Casio Computer Develops Long-Life Fuel Cell for Mobile Terminals
2002_Mar-5: Nokia Announces PC Card Supporting GPRS, Wireless LAN
2002_Mar-5: Great Wall Technology to Manufacture HDDs for IBM
2002_Mar-5: U.S. Plumtree Enters Enterprise Information Protocol Market in Japan
2002_Mar-5: Hynix, Micron Resume Negotiations
2002_Mar-5: China Integrates 46 Research Institutes into Single Business Group
2002_Mar-5: Companies Implementing More Measures Against Junk Mail in March
2002_Mar-5: Analyst Says CDMA Growth in China Will Miss Estimate
2002_Mar-5: Chinese Legislators Slam Internet Spam Blocks
2002_Mar-5: As Micron Talks Drag on, Hynix Investors Lose Out
2002_Mar-5: Taiwan Firm to Finish Asian Gene Map Draft by July
2002_Mar-4: Net Auctioneer EBay Downs Hammer
2002_Mar-4: China Records 7.3 Pct. GDP Growth in 2001
2002_Mar-4: Kenwood Develops Bluetooth Headphone System
2002_Mar-4: Polycom Partners with Achieva to Strengthen Presence in China
2002_Mar-4: Daiichikosho to Offer Ring Melody Service in Korea
2002_Mar-4: Ricoh's Long-Term Debt Obtains 'AA' Rating from R&I;
2002_Mar-4: Hynix Lender Sees Micron Deal Closed by End of March
2002_Mar-4: DoCoMo Seeks New European I-Mode Partners
2002_Mar-4: Mitsubishi Electric, Toshiba to Set Up Electric Power Joint Venture
2002_Mar-4: Korea Launches Digital Satellite TV Broadcasting
2002_Mar-4: Intel Says China to Overtake Japan as Top Customer
2002_Mar-3: ValueClick Japan to Enter China Net Ad Market
2002_Mar-1: Association to Promote Use of Korean Software in Japan
2002_Mar-1: LG Electronics Sets PDP Sales Goal at 100,000 Units in 2002
2002_Mar-1: Sales Rise, But Customer Satisfaction Declines, IBM Japan President Says
2002_Mar-1: Iljin Diamond Enters Data Projector LCD Market
2002_Mar-1: NTT DoCoMo Starts Streaming Service for FOMA
2002_Mar-1: China Unicom Reports 40 Pct. Revenue Increase
2002_Mar-1: NTT DoCoMo to Open I-Area to Unofficial Site Operators
2002_Mar-1: PCCW Japan to Start Online Game for a Fee from April
2002_Mar-1: China Passes New Regulation to Attract Foreign Capital
2002_Mar-1: Japan Telework Assoc. Begins Field Test of POF 1Gbps Ethernet Network
2002_Mar-1: Tokyo Electronics Giant Sony Making Ailing Aiwa into Wholly Owned Subsidiary
2002_Mar-1: Samsung Electronics Sees 2002 Net Rising, Sales Dipping
2002_Mar-1: NEC, Matsushita Develop Basic 3G Technological Design for Mobile Phones
2002_Mar-1: Korean Official Rules Out Hynix Solo Survival


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