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2002_Apr-30: ANALYSIS: Net-Based Game Distribution Offers Makers New Chance
2002_Apr-30: Polycom Teams with Digital China to Expand China Distribution Network
2002_Apr-30: Lucent to Further Penetrate China Market
2002_Apr-30: Taiwan's Flat Panel Firms Expect Dell's Orders
2002_Apr-30: China's Industrial Profits Drop in First Quarter
2002_Apr-30: Hynix Creditors Approve US$3.8 Billion Deal with Micron
2002_Apr-30: Mobile Downloads Hearten Loss-Making China Portals
2002_Apr-30: Taiwan Chipmaker UMC Surprises with Q1 Profit
2002_Apr-30: Hynix Lenders to Meet on Micron Sale; Shares Plunge
2002_Apr-29: Hynix Union Threatens Mass Resignation on Sale
2002_Apr-29: Kyocera to Expand Wireless Local Loop Ops in Southeast Asia
2002_Apr-29: April Exports Estimated to Grow by 10 Pct.
2002_Apr-29: Buy-Outs Seeen as Shortcut to Enter Chinese Market
2002_Apr-29: Telecom Companies Recruit Chinese in U.S. to Return
2002_Apr-29: Korea Hynix Asks for New Loan, Writeoffs
2002_Apr-29: Hitachi Records Huge Loss for Latest Fiscal Year
2002_Apr-29: Yahoo Japan Net Profit Doubles on ADSL Service
2002_Apr-29: Kyocera Reports Sharp Loss on Chip Slump
2002_Apr-29: Matsushita Loses No.1 Crown, Promises Comeback
2002_Apr-29: Japan Chipmakers Edge to Recovery, but Real Tests Ahead
2002_Apr-26: Supreme Court Gives Green Light for Used Game Software Sales
2002_Apr-26: Motorola to Purchase More Raw Materials in China
2002_Apr-26: Rise in Panel Costs to Drive Up Prices of Low-Cost Laptop PCs
2002_Apr-26: North Korea Holds First International Software Expo in Beijing
2002_Apr-26: PlayStation Success Gives Sony Bullish Profit Outlook
2002_Apr-26: TSMC Q1 profits Exceed Expectations
2002_Apr-26: Indian Auction Site Baazee to Break Even in `03
2002_Apr-26: SiS Turns Profit in Q1 But Cautious on Recovery
2002_Apr-26: Japanese Computer Maker NEC Posts Loss for Latest Fiscal Year
2002_Apr-26: China Not Thought Capable of Hacking Sensitive U.S., Taiwanese Documents
2002_Apr-25: KDDI Software Converts Video Content for 3G Cell Phones
2002_Apr-25: Shanghai to Build Central Business District in Pudong
2002_Apr-25: New Japanese COO Appointed for U.S.-Based i2 Technologies
2002_Apr-25: Huge Potential Seen for Internet Population Growth in China
2002_Apr-25: Samsung Electro-Mechanics Sees Improved Profits
2002_Apr-25: Taiwan's Blue-Light LED Producers to Boost Prices
2002_Apr-25: Hynix Creditors Split over Record Micron Offer
2002_Apr-25: Chartered Semiconductor Head Leaves as Industry Turns
2002_Apr-25: Taiwan ASE's Q1 Loss Narrows; Better Times Ahead
2002_Apr-25: China's Microchip Juggernaut Slowed by Road Bumps
2002_Apr-24: J-Phone Puts Off 3G Service to Dec
2002_Apr-24: KDDI, Three Companies Offer Location Info Test Service Using Mobile Phones
2002_Apr-24: Samsung Electronics Releases Wireless Handset with Digital Camera
2002_Apr-24: Asia-Pacific Organizations Preparing for Rebound, Gartner Says
2002_Apr-24: Samsung Reveals Strategy for 6th-Generation TFT Line
2002_Apr-24: Askey Eyes Record-High Sales in Second Quarter
2002_Apr-24: 'PlayStation BB' Delays Start of Services to May
2002_Apr-24: U.S. Official Calls for Trade Expansion with China
2002_Apr-24: Asia-Pacific Accounts for 44 Pct. of World DSL Subscribers, RHK Says
2002_Apr-24: Shenyang Hosts Russian High-Tech Exhibition
2002_Apr-24: User Fees Push Portal Sohu's Q1 Revenues Up 10 Pct.
2002_Apr-24: Memory Chip makers Join Forces to Face Giant Micron
2002_Apr-24: Creative Upbeat, Launches New Products
2002_Apr-24: Taiwan Winbond Turns Around in Q1 But Cautious on Q2
2002_Apr-23: Micron to Acquire Hynix's DRAM Operations
2002_Apr-23: LSI Capability to be Insufficient in Fourth Quarter, Says UMCJ President
2002_Apr-23: China to Become World's Third-Largest Chip Market in 2005
2002_Apr-23: KDDI Starts Trial Payment System by Credit Card Using CDMA2000 1x Mobile Phone
2002_Apr-23: China Railcom Selects Cisco Technology for Network Expansion
2002_Apr-23: Climb in TFT-LCD Panel Prices to Slow Down
2002_Apr-23: Beijing Calls for Investment in Microelectronics
2002_Apr-23: R&I; Upgraded Senior Long-Term Credit Rating of Samsung Electronics to 'A-'
2002_Apr-23: China Is World's Second in Home Internet Access
2002_Apr-23: North Korea Software Firms Meet World Halfway in China
2002_Apr-23: World No.2 Semiconductor Equipment Maker Says Orders Growing
2002_Apr-23: Nintendo Cuts Planned GameCube Price for Europe
2002_Apr-23: Telecoms Minister Says 3G Faces Obstacles in China
2002_Apr-23: Taiwan GoPo Media Eyes Xbox Software Market
2002_Apr-23: NEC, KDDI, 2 Others Ally on Internet Consortium
2002_Apr-23: Creative Expected to Hit Q3 Guidance
2002_Apr-23: Thailand's Delta Rides Tech Wave
2002_Apr-22: NEC to Enter Chinese Venture
2002_Apr-22: LG Electronics Posts Record-High Sales
2002_Apr-22: [EDEX2002] In-Plane Switching TFT-LCDs Showcased with Improved Transmissivity
2002_Apr-22: Survey Reveals Computer Owners on Rise in Chinese Cities
2002_Apr-22: Hanhwa Group Expands Businesses in China
2002_Apr-22: NEC, Shanghai SVA to Build LCD Plant in Shanghai
2002_Apr-22: Asustek Computer Advances into U.S. Cable Modem Market
2002_Apr-22: China, Korea Discuss Cooperation in Information Technology Industry
2002_Apr-22: India's Wipro Shares Sink on Q4 Results, Outlook
2002_Apr-22: Japan's NTT Plans to Cut 17,000 Jobs in Three-Year Restructuring Plan
2002_Apr-21: KDDI-KTF Pact Makes Korean Cell Phones Usable in Japan
2002_Apr-19: Nippon Electric to Make Glass for LCDs in Korea, Taiwan
2002_Apr-19: LG CNS to Set Up Joint Company in Tianjin
2002_Apr-19: UWB Demonstrated for First Time in Japan
2002_Apr-19: Dacom Bids for Powercomm
2002_Apr-19: Japan's 2001 Cell Phone Sales Drop Year-on-Year for First Time: Gartner Japan
2002_Apr-19: Elitegroup Computer Expects to Earn More in 2002 Based on Higher Shipments
2002_Apr-19: Henan Economic Fair's Turnout from Overseas Exceeds Expectations
2002_Apr-19: Gartner Sees Lukewarm Interest in Microsoft Passport Features
2002_Apr-19: China Records 7.6 Pct. GDP Growth in First Quarter
2002_Apr-19: Samsung Electronics Q1 Net Up 53 Pct. Year-Over-Year
2002_Apr-19: Japan's NEC to Start LCD Joint Venture in China
2002_Apr-19: Taiwan's Benq Sees Net Profits Doubling in 2002
2002_Apr-19: Shanghai Chipmaker Grows Away from Limelight
2002_Apr-19: Wipro Q4 Results Seen Supported by Domestic Sales
2002_Apr-18: ANALYSIS: Hitachi-IBM Alliance Shows Int��l Realignment of Storage Ops
2002_Apr-18: China, EU to Boost Cooperation in Information Technology
2002_Apr-18: Working Group Formed for Next-Generation HDMI Digital Interface
2002_Apr-18: Photoresist Production Industry Thrives in Taiwan, China
2002_Apr-18: JEITA Introduces Data-Erasing Guidelines for Disposing of PCs
2002_Apr-18: R&I; Downgrades Long-Term Debt Rating of Casio Computer to 'A-'
2002_Apr-18: Toshiba, Sumitomo Take Stakes in TC
2002_Apr-18: DoCoMo to Boost European Presence with French I-Mode
2002_Apr-18: Taiwan Government Ordered to Ditch Illegal Software
2002_Apr-18: Korea Chipmakers Turn the Corner; Q2 Outlook Bright
2002_Apr-17: Taiwan's LED Makers Report Hefty Q1 Revenues
2002_Apr-17: Toshiba to Market 60GB, 2.5-inch HDD That is 9.5mm Thick
2002_Apr-17: Hong Kong Tops Tianjin Contractual Investment
2002_Apr-17: Benq, Philips Electronics Collaborate to Tap DVD+RW Market
2002_Apr-17: R&I; Assigns AA+ Rating to NTT Data's Long-term Debt
2002_Apr-17: Japan's Sop Telecom NTT to Pick Vice President as Next President
2002_Apr-17: Siemens Sees China Growth in New Mobile Networks
2002_Apr-17: Shanghai's Grace Ready to Join China Chip Race
2002_Apr-17: Priceline Launches Service in Hong Kong
2002_Apr-17: Japanese Internet Company Softbank Sells Part of Yahoo Stake to Cut Debt
2002_Apr-16: Canon, Applied Material to Ally in Chip-Making Technology
2002_Apr-16: South China's Shenzhen Reports Surge in Foreign Direct Investment
2002_Apr-16: Elpida May Build 12-In. Wafer Plant in Taiwan
2002_Apr-16: Total IPv6 Users in Japan Still Fewer Than 1,000
2002_Apr-16: Elitegroup's DeskNote Enlists Support in China
2002_Apr-16: Samsung Electronics Set for Best Q1 Net on Chips, Phones
2002_Apr-16: Indian State Sees Jump in Biotech Investments
2002_Apr-15: Pressure On for China to Open Up
2002_Apr-15: Samsung Electronics Develops CPU for PDAs
2002_Apr-15: TSMC Sees Better Prospects for Microchip Industry
2002_Apr-15: U.S. PeopleSoft Extends Reach into China
2002_Apr-15: Samsung Electronics Moves to Launch into Next-Generation TV Market
2002_Apr-15: Dell Promotes Taiwan-Made Laptop Computers in China
2002_Apr-15: Motorola, STMicroelectronics, Philips in US$1.4 Billion Chip Alliance
2002_Apr-14: NEC to Triple USB2.0 System Chip Output on Growing Demand
2002_Apr-12: NEC Develops Optical Disc That Can Store 14 Hours of Film
2002_Apr-12: Heisei Denden to Offer Inexpensive 8Mbps ADSL Service
2002_Apr-12: West China to Build State High-Tech Zone
2002_Apr-12: One Third of Member Stores are Reviewing Contracts with Rakuten: Survey
2002_Apr-12: High-Tech Dominates China's Industrial Production in First Quarter
2002_Apr-12: Samsung Electronics Considering Hike in Memory Investment
2002_Apr-12: CalTiger And Net2Phone to Offer Net Telephony in India
2002_Apr-12: Japanese Electronics Maker Fujitsu Links with NCR in ATMs
2002_Apr-12: TSMC Says it Will Speed Up Plan to Build Two Chip Plants
2002_Apr-11: Kyocera Unveils Cheaper Light Source for 10Gbps Optical Comm
2002_Apr-11: China Officially Launches CDMA Operations
2002_Apr-11: Hitachi Markets PCs with Wireless LAN-Capable Keyboard
2002_Apr-11: Many Taiwanese Electronics Companies Perform Well in March
2002_Apr-11: LG to Release 30-In. Digital LCD TV
2002_Apr-11: Nintendo Says Weak Yen Boosts Profits
2002_Apr-11: Flextronics Bets on China as Tech Sector Slogs On
2002_Apr-11: Micron, Hynix deal Clouded by 'fire sale' dispute
2002_Apr-11: LCD Maker Varitronix Slumps After Profit Warning
2002_Apr-10: Taiwan's Electronics Industries Set to Recover in 2002
2002_Apr-10: Samsung to Make TFT-LCDs for Wireless Handsets with Color Displays
2002_Apr-10: Shanghai Aims at US$6 Bln. in Foreign Investment in 2002
2002_Apr-10: Broadcasters, DoCoMo to Explore Digital TV for Mobile Phones
2002_Apr-9: NEC to Market Power-Saving USB Host Controller
2002_Apr-9: Sony Ericsson to Set Up Chinese Mobile Phone Subsidiary
2002_Apr-9: Investors Seek Rebound Clues from Infosys Earnings
2002_Apr-8: Rohm Invests US$1 Mln. in U.S. OEL Display Developer eMagin
2002_Apr-8: KDDI to Begin Telecom Service in Brazil
2002_Apr-8: China Implements Measures Against Pirated Software
2002_Apr-8: Micron Seen Opposed to Hynix's Revised Offer
2002_Apr-8: NEC Joins Japanese Handset Makers' March to U.S. Market
2002_Apr-7: BROADBAND: Expansion Sparks Demand for Products/Services
2002_Apr-6: ANALYSIS: Sony Leads Restructuring of Chip Industry
2002_Apr-5: Dell Forgoes PC Price Hike Despite Higher Parts Prices
2002_Apr-5: Powerchip to Start Production at 12-Inch Fabs in Four Years
2002_Apr-5: Samsung Electronics Develops SRAM Microchip for Wireless Handsets
2002_Apr-5: VIA Technologies Enters DVD Player Chipset Business
2002_Apr-5: Japan's NTT Rings Up Deep Losses on Writedowns
2002_Apr-5: India's Satyam Infoway Starts Net Telephony Service
2002_Apr-4: YAHOO VS RAKUTEN: Online Giants Battle for Supremacy
2002_Apr-4: Private Enterprises Become New Area of Growth in Beijing
2002_Apr-4: Toyota Subsidiary, NTT-ME, South Africa's Dimension to Set Up E-Business Consulting Firm
2002_Apr-4: Korea's Phone Charges for Fixed Lines to Mobile Handsets to Decline
2002_Apr-4: New Policy Encourages Shanghai Businesses in Foreign Trade
2002_Apr-4: Japan Patent Advisers Play Corporate Matchmakers
2002_Apr-4: Japanese Scientists Teach Cellphones to Lip-Read
2002_Apr-4: Boto to Sell Christmas Tree Unit, Turn to Computer Animation
2002_Apr-4: Taiwan Vows to Stamp Out CD Piracy; Artists Set to March
2002_Apr-3: Video-Game Makers See Future in Massive Online Tournaments
2002_Apr-3: China's CSMC Unveils Plan to Boost Production of IC Wafers
2002_Apr-3: April Ad Index Improves, Korea Ad Association Says
2002_Apr-3: Lifting of Taiwan Investment Ban to Help China Fulfill Chipmaking Dream
2002_Apr-3: Sichuan Changhong Electronics Establishes TV Plant in Indonesia
2002_Apr-3: IBM Signs Chip Development Pact with Sony, Toshiba
2002_Apr-2: Chinese Firms Reluctant to Pay Royalties on DVD Player Patents
2002_Apr-2: All Data in a Personal Computer or PDA Can Be Encrypted
2002_Apr-2: Messe Frankfurt Sets up Company in China
2002_Apr-2: Oki to Debut PCM-Based VoIP Gateway, Quality of VoIP Comparable to Regular Phone
2002_Apr-2: Taiwan's High-Tech Industries Escape Damage in Major Earthquake
2002_Apr-2: PalmSource CEO Says Microsoft Not a Rival
2002_Apr-2: Nintendo Says It May Consider GameCube Price Cut
2002_Apr-2: KDDI Offers Next-Generation Cell Phone Service in Japan
2002_Apr-2: Unmanned Chinese Craft Returns to Earth, Pronounced 'Technically Suitable' for Astronauts
2002_Apr-1: Korean Broadband Internet Firms End Merger Talks
2002_Apr-1: DoCoMo to Equip Cell Phones with Sony's E-Money
2002_Apr-1: [EDEX2002] NEC to Exhibit TFT Panel with Improved Color Quality for Mobile Phones
2002_Apr-1: Taiwan's Motherboard Price-Slashing Battle Starts After CeBIT Show
2002_Apr-1: Pioneer, Sharp, NSC, Others Form Joint Company for MPEG-4 Based Cable Systems
2002_Apr-1: Korea's Industrial Production Declines in February
2002_Apr-1: Fujitsu Labs to Develop 562GHz-fT Transistor for 160Gbps Optical Communications
2002_Apr-1: LG Electronics Enters Brazil's Wireless Handset Market
2002_Apr-1: Taiwan to Allow Companies to Make Eight-In. Wafer Investments in China
2002_Apr-1: Lottery Links Isolated N.Korea to High-Tech World


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