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2002_May-31: NEC Infrontia Develops Anti-Hacking System for Wireless LANs
2002_May-31: E3 Brings More Fun for U.S. Gamers -- on Cell Phones
2002_May-31: TSMC Likely to Build 8-Inch Wafer Plant in Shanghai
2002_May-31: Half of Rapidly Growing Chinese Online Games Made in Korea
2002_May-31: Toshiba Establishes Electrical Appliance JV in Guangdong
2002_May-31: U.S. Aligo, Fuji Electric to Collaborate on Software Sales for Mobile Devices
2002_May-31: China's Foreign Trade to Continue Growth, Despite Global Uncertainties, Says Official
2002_May-31: Agilent Technologies to Become First WiFi ICL in Japan
2002_May-31: Taiwanese Electronics Investors Help Create Chinese Silicon Valley
2002_May-31: TTNet, Poweredcom to Consolidate Management in 2003
2002_May-31: Nintendo Profits Down amid Price War
2002_May-30: PC Makers Maintain Prices Despite Cheaper Intel MPUs
2002_May-30: NEC Receives Asia's First I-Mode Handset Order from KG Telecom of Taiwan
2002_May-30: SK Telecom Begins Talks with KT for Swapping Stakes
2002_May-30: Chunghwa Telecom to Release 550 Million Shares in June
2002_May-30: Honeywell to Boost China Sales to US$2 Billion
2002_May-30: LG.Philips Will Take over The Lead from Samsung in 5G Panel Production
2002_May-30: Samsung Japan to Cut into Japanese LCD TV Market with World's Largest 40-In. TV
2002_May-30: China's Telecom Sector Opens Wider with Alcatel Shanghai Bell Launch
2002_May-30: Five Firms Bid for Malaysia's 3G Mobile Licences
2002_May-29: ANALYSIS: 3G Service May Reshape Cell Phone Industry
2002_May-29: CD-R Prices Predicted to Rebound in Second Half
2002_May-29: LG.Philips' TFT-LCD Plant Begins Production of Large Glass Substrates
2002_May-29: China's Guangdong Province to Produce Microsoft's Xbox
2002_May-29: Mosel-Vitelic Reassesses Acquisition of Hynix Eight-Inch Fab
2002_May-29: Unitone Electronics Expands Footholds in China
2002_May-29: Samsung Electronics Launches Trial Service for 3G Mobile Phones
2002_May-29: Cross-Strait Technology Forum Opens in Beijing
2002_May-29: Beijing Launches Construction of Optical, Electromechanical Zone
2002_May-28: Citizen Watch Develops PDA with Fingerprint Recognition
2002_May-28: Chinese Premier Urges International Technological Cooperation
2002_May-28: Bank of America, 724 Solutions to Introduce Wireless Securities Trading Services
2002_May-28: Guangdong Maintains Strong High-Tech Export Momentum
2002_May-28: Usen Broad to Launch Coax-Based Internet Access Service Priced Lower Than ADSL
2002_May-28: Taiwan High-Tech Enterprises Debut at Beijing Sci-Tech Fair
2002_May-27: Japan, Korea Researchers to Hold Net Vote for World Cup MVPs
2002_May-27: Samsung Electronics under U.S. Patent Investigation
2002_May-27: China Cellphone Radiation Law Could Cost Billions
2002_May-27: Yamauchi Stepping Down as Nintendo President
2002_May-27: UMC Says Q2 on Track for 70 Pct. Utilisation Rate
2002_May-26: Sony to Collect, Recycle Used Corporate PCs
2002_May-24: Chipmakers Working on Tiny ICs to Foil Counterfeit-Money Schemes
2002_May-24: LG Electronics Moves to Take Over PDP TV Market
2002_May-24: 'We Will Overtake Xilinx in Two Years,' Altera Japan President Claims
2002_May-24: Ericsson Builds New R&D; Center in China
2002_May-24: NTT-ME's Home Server Features Camera, Wireless LAN Functions
2002_May-24: China Develops HDTV Chip
2002_May-24: NEC Mulls Acquisition of Information Systems Enterprise in U.S.
2002_May-24: J-Phone Invites Consumers to Test 3G Mobile Telecom Services
2002_May-24: Shanghai Prepares for APEC Telecom, Information Meeting
2002_May-24: Kyocera to Introduce PocketCosmo Java-Executable Business PDA
2002_May-24: Taiwan's Acer Labs Changes Name to ALi
2002_May-23: Brisk Shipments to China Push Up Japan's Total Exports
2002_May-23: SK Telecom, Verizon Wireless Agree on Int'l Roaming Service in Korea, U.S.
2002_May-23: Shanghai to Host APEC Ministerial Meeting on Telecommunications
2002_May-23: Lite-On IT Advances into Optical Pick-Up Head Production
2002_May-23: Intel Prepares for Pentium 4 Production in Shanghai
2002_May-23: Interim President Named for Qualcomm China
2002_May-23: Low PC Sales in India Could Hurt IT Ambitions
2002_May-22: Matsushita Electric Develops GPS-Compliant Chip
2002_May-22: Samsung, Hynix Lower Contract DRAM Prices to Less Than US$4
2002_May-22: KDDI Starts Fixed Mobile Convergence Service
2002_May-22: IDM Companies Follow UMC Into IC Design Industry
2002_May-22: Sanyo Electric to Market Mobile Phones with Color Organic EL Display Panel
2002_May-22: Zhongxing, Agere Join in R&D; for Telecom Product
2002_May-22: Disclosure for 'Blue-Ray Disc' Specifications to Start in June for a Fee
2002_May-22: Taiwan Notebook Producers Boost China Direct Shipment Ratios
2002_May-22: Beijing's Zhongguancun Science Park to Invite More Multinational Firms
2002_May-22: China Telecom to Set Up Units in North in Two Months
2002_May-21: LG Electronics Unveils Set-Top Box to Record Digital Broadcast
2002_May-21: Notebook Computer Makers Expect a Harvest Second Quarter
2002_May-21: Alps Electric Develops Neck-Strap Controller
2002_May-21: Korea's April Economic Index Appears Satisfactory
2002_May-21: China to Host International Information-Based Manufacturing Expo
2002_May-21: M'shita Electric Flexible Circuits Include Wiring, Elements
2002_May-20: Japan, China Electronics Groups to Discuss China Environment
2002_May-20: China's Ministry of Culture Tightens Controls on Internet Cafes
2002_May-20: VeriSign Japan to Start Domain Registration, Settlement Services
2002_May-20: D-Link Teams Up with TI to Consolidate Position in Wireless LAN Market
2002_May-20: China's Telecommunications Reforms Near Completion
2002_May-20: Matsushita Plans to Commercialize First-Prize Fan in Net Contest by Spring 2003
2002_May-20: Chinese Health Official Calls for Closer Biomedical Cooperation with U.S.
2002_May-20: Openwave Systems to Support J-Phone with Short Movie Clip Attachment
2002_May-20: EU Urges Scrapping Investment Ceiling on Taiwan's First-Type Telecom Business
2002_May-20: Korea's SK Telecom Seeks 5 Pct. Stake in KT
2002_May-20: Sega Back in Black, Sees High Score Ahead
2002_May-19: KDDI, Cisco Systems to Unite 3G Phone, Wireless LAN Services
2002_May-17: Israeli Firm to Sell Security System for IT Devices in Japan
2002_May-17: Asia/Pacific Telecom Service Market to Reach US$137 Bln. in 2006: Gartner Japan
2002_May-17: LG Reveals Plan to Purchase 3 Pct. Equity Stake in KT
2002_May-17: Prices of 128Mb SDRAMs Continue to Rise
2002_May-17: SCE Pres. Kutaragi Says Next-Generation Microprocessors Are for Servers
2002_May-17: Overseas Investment in China Soars
2002_May-17: Microsoft to Manufacture Xbox in China
2002_May-17: World Leaders to Attend Beijing International High-Tech Expo
2002_May-17: Japan's Mobile Phone Shipments Decline in March, JEITA Says
2002_May-17: China Unblocks Foreign Media Web Sites
2002_May-17: NEC to Spin Off Semiconductor Business
2002_May-17: Upturn Drives India Tech Firms to Hunt Chip Skills
2002_May-17: Morgan, Deutsche to Help Lenders Sell Hynix Assets
2002_May-16: NTT East, West to Launch Wireless LAN-Based Net-Access Service
2002_May-16: Powerchip to Integrate into Japan's DRAMs Production Center
2002_May-16: Intel's CEO Barrett Starts Inspection Tour of China
2002_May-16: Telecom Ministry Announces Revised Regulation to Promote IP Telephones
2002_May-16: China, ASEAN Officials Discuss Free Trade Area
2002_May-16: Hynix Fails to Sell TFT-LCD Business
2002_May-16: Microsoft to Make Xbox in China, Eyes New Partner
2002_May-16: Singapore's Venture Manufacturing in Talks to Buy Agilent Unit
2002_May-15: Nintendo of America Getting Ready for Online Gaming
2002_May-15: Two Korean Internet Bookstores Announce Merger
2002_May-15: Pressure Grows on Taiwan's DRAM Makers to Stop Production
2002_May-15: Optical Storage Chipmakers Face Price-Slashing Battle
2002_May-15: China to Build Largest Software Processing Center in Shaanxi Province
2002_May-15: Macau Telecom Yields Profits Despite Loss of Monopoly
2002_May-15: Taiwan Powerchip Plans Plant for 12-in. Chip Wafers
2002_May-15: Flextronics Buys Casio Plants, Makes Outsourcing Deal
2002_May-15: Chinadotcom Shrinks Q1 Loss 71 Pct. after Cost Cuts
2002_May-15: Sony Reduces Price of PS2 by A Third
2002_May-15: World Cup Sets Stage for Mobile Phone Showdown
2002_May-14: Deloitte Tohmatsu to Provide Legal Consulting for IT Sector
2002_May-14: Asustek, Micro-Star to Debut Wireless-Enabled Motherboard
2002_May-14: Scalable Vector Graphics Specifications for Mobile Devices Drafted: W3C
2002_May-14: LCD Panels to Yield More Than NT$230 Bln. in 2002
2002_May-14: Six Companies Reach Framework Agreement on Royalties in China
2002_May-14: NEC to Introduce Crusoe Desktop with No Cooling Fans
2002_May-14: China to Hold Exhibition of Digital Info for Public Service
2002_May-14: Report: Asia Server Market Shows Recovery Signs
2002_May-13: China Rivals to Get Japanese Tech
2002_May-13: Intel Shanghai Plant to Assemble and Test Microprocessors
2002_May-13: Information Products Distributors Explore New Channels in Taiwan
2002_May-13: Sony Unveils 2M-Pixel Digital Camera with Six Color Selections
2002_May-13: Tianjin to Host 2002 BusinessWeek Forum
2002_May-13: TSMC, UMC Report One-Year High Sales in April
2002_May-13: More Foreign-Owned Firms Established in Beijing
2002_May-13: Top Three Chaebols Likely to Participate in Korea Telecom Equity Sale
2002_May-13: Solomon Technology to Make Small GPRS Modules in October
2002_May-13: Beijing to Simplify Procedures for Fixed-Asset Investments
2002_May-13: Vietnam's Emerging IT Industry Eyes Huge Foreign Contracts
2002_May-13: Japan's NTT Expected to Unveil Record Loss
2002_May-12: ANALYSIS: Electronic Parts Demand Gets Harder to Predict
2002_May-10: Rohm to Release Blue LED in June
2002_May-10: Chunghwa to Introduce Wireless Broadband Online Services
2002_May-10: Japan's Broadband Users Soar Five-Fold in One Year: NRI Report
2002_May-10: Shanghai Hosts ADB Annual Meeting Exhibition
2002_May-10: Linux Operating System Boosted by Chinese Government
2002_May-10: Toshiba, Samsung to Make Common Interface Network-Specific DRAM
2002_May-10: Post-WTO China to Bolster Regional Trade Growth, Says ADB Specialist
2002_May-10: Sony Sticks by Rosy Outlook, Sees Broadband Growth
2002_May-10: EFI Buys Out U.S.-Indian Unimobile for a Song
2002_May-10: Korea's Hynix Agrees to Split, Sell Assets
2002_May-9: Micron Technology to Begin Direct Sales of DRAM in Japan
2002_May-9: Samsung Electronics Releases Plan to Become Top DVD Player Maker
2002_May-9: Experts Call for Economic Cooperation in Northeast Asia
2002_May-9: Taiwan Cellular Gears Up 3G Business Deployment
2002_May-9: China-Belgian Fund to Aid Chinese Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
2002_May-9: Korea's Facility Investment Rises, Korea Development Bank Says
2002_May-9: Boeing, CAAC to Conduct Study on Beijing Airport Capacity
2002_May-9: China's Changhong Keen on Partnering with Taiwan's LCOS Makers
2002_May-9: DoCoMo Profit Withers on Writedowns
2002_May-9: Nintendo, Namco Form GameCube Alliance
2002_May-9: TDK Vows Reforms, Profit; Doubts Linger
2002_May-8: Hitachi to Boost LCD Projector Output in China
2002_May-8: Guangzhou Export Fair Indicates Rise in Foreign Trade
2002_May-8: Taiwan Memory Technology Set to Develop Logic ICs
2002_May-8: China's Progress Creates Opportunities, Not Threat, Says Former Japanese PM
2002_May-8: Hynix Creditors Push for Debt-Equity Swap as Micron Rejects New Negotiations
2002_May-8: Chi Mei Optoelectronics Expects Panel Prices to Continue Rising
2002_May-8: China Revises IP, Other Laws to Meet WTO Requirements
2002_May-8: China Mobile Defies Trend, Seeks Debt-Funded Growth
2002_May-7: ANALYSIS: Growing R&D; in Prototypes May Boost Economy
2002_May-7: Shanghai Boosts New Materials Production
2002_May-7: LG Releases Portable DVD Player
2002_May-7: Recovery Begins for Asia Chipmakers, But Doubts Linger
2002_May-7: Hynix Ends at Lifetime Low as Minister Talks Tough
2002_May-6: Fujitsu to Cut Parts/Material Costs via Online Purchases
2002_May-6: China Vice President Visits Silicon Valley
2002_May-6: Venture Manufacturing in Talks to Buy Iomega Plant
2002_May-6: Korea Considers Receivership for Hynix
2002_May-6: Hynix, Creditors Revamp Asset Sale Plans
2002_May-5: LG Elec to Sell Net-Compatible Appliances in Japan
2002_May-2: ANALYSIS: PC Market Recovery Uncertain amid Rising Prices
2002_May-2: Korea Stocks May Rebound After Short Correction
2002_May-2: Shanghai to Host Internet Conference of China
2002_May-2: DoCoMo to Post Loss, Put Focus on Rebound
2002_May-2: Hynix Creditors May Try to Revive Micron Deal
2002_May-2: Nanya Tech closes in On Wafer Deal with Infineon
2002_May-1: Fuji Photo Sets Its Sights on China's Digital Camera Market
2002_May-1: Hutchison Buying Asia Global's HK JV Stakes
2002_May-1: Hynix Board Rejects Micron's US$3 Billion Bid


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