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2002_Jun-28: Mobile Phone Content Firms Develop E-Commerce Services
2002_Jun-28: LG Electronics Pushes to Become Biggest Supplier of Digital TVs in North America
2002_Jun-28: Sony to Launch DVD-RW-Enabled Recorder
2002_Jun-28: Taiwan's DRAM Chipmakers Keen on One-Transistor Pseudo SRAM Production
2002_Jun-28: Omron Releases Chinese and Korean Input Program for Cell Phones
2002_Jun-28: FIC Becomes Largest Winner as New HP Consolidates Desktop PC Orders
2002_Jun-28: Showroom for IPv6 Trial Opens Near Tokyo Station
2002_Jun-28: China Telecom to Establish Branch in United States

2002_Jun-28: Korea's Exports Increase 6.9 Pct. in May
2002_Jun-28: R&I; Downgrades Long-term Credit Rating of Oki Electric to 'BB+'
2002_Jun-28: From Academic Roots, Tongfang Grows PC Business
2002_Jun-28: Korea Says Hynix Could Remain Independent
2002_Jun-28: Microsoft to Invest US$750 Million in China Push
2002_Jun-27: Softbank to Launch Cut-Price 12Mbps ADSL Service in July
2002_Jun-27: LG Group to Expand Production Focus in China
2002_Jun-27: Shipment of UWB Products to Start in Winter 2003, Report Predicts
2002_Jun-27: Taiwan's Handset Makers to Boost World Share to 7.4 Pct.; Chinese Production Grows Significantly
2002_Jun-27: Philips Electronics Develops 1GB Optical Disc with 3cm Diameter
2002_Jun-27: Samsung Develops SRAM Prototype Chip for Network Equipment
2002_Jun-27: China to Obtain 10-12 Pct. of Global Silicon-Foundry Market by 2005
2002_Jun-27: Korea, Japan Showcase 3G Video Phone Roaming
2002_Jun-27: Beijing's Cow King Temple St. Cool on CDMA Phones
2002_Jun-27: Taiwan's UMC Sees Continuing Growth in Sales
2002_Jun-26: Desktop PCs Emerging as Key Market for TFT-LCDs
2002_Jun-26: OFS of U.S. Expands Business in China
2002_Jun-26: Sewon Telecom Wins Large Order from Legend Group of China
2002_Jun-26: Chartered Semiconductor Names President, CEO
2002_Jun-26: CyberWorks Names New CFO to Replace Executive Tapped for Hong Kong Cabinet
2002_Jun-25: Cybozu Aims to Expand Overseas Software Sales
2002_Jun-25: NEC to Stage Purchase-Sample Exhibition in Taiwan
2002_Jun-25: India's Major Software Exporter Invests in China
2002_Jun-25: Chi Mei Teams Up with Japan's DNP for Color Filter Development
2002_Jun-25: Acca Networks, eAccess to Launch Higher Speed ADSL Services
2002_Jun-25: Macronix Expects June Sales of NT$1.5 Bln.
2002_Jun-25: Poet Software of the U.S. to Tie Up with Two Japanese Companies to Enter Market
2002_Jun-25: Sharp Hopes New PDAs to Revive Japan Market Share
2002_Jun-24: Dell to Discount PCs Sold to Companies by 10 Pct.
2002_Jun-24: Silicon Valley Keeps Bets on India Despite Tension
2002_Jun-24: Mitsubishi Electric to Make Next Generation Antenna for Boeing Net Service
2002_Jun-23: NEC, Hitachi, Others to Jointly Make TRON-Compatible Chips, Software
2002_Jun-21: IT Telecom to Sell i-mode Compatible Cell Phones in Taiwan
2002_Jun-21: Toshiba, Fujitsu to Form Alliance in Semiconductor Business
2002_Jun-21: 'Dual Number Service' for FOMA and PDC Phones to Start
2002_Jun-21: Taiwan Enjoys Rapidly Growing Orders from Apple Computer
2002_Jun-21: KTF Releases K-Merce Wireless Handsets
2002_Jun-21: Asahi Optical to Launch Compact Digital Cameras with 3D Functions
2002_Jun-21: Taiwan's Motherboard Companies Expect Recovery in July
2002_Jun-21: Nokia May Produce CDMA Handsets in China
2002_Jun-21: Korean Chip Shares Fall on U.S. Chip Probe
2002_Jun-20: ANALYSIS: Rules on Content Distribution Key to Deregulation
2002_Jun-20: China Opens First Opto-Electronic IP Rights Information Center in Wuhan
2002_Jun-20: IT Service Market Sees Lowest Growth Rate in 2002: Gartner Japan Forecast
2002_Jun-20: Stocks Plummet Following News of U.S. Probe into Micron
2002_Jun-20: Intel to Beef Up Its White Box Business in Japan
2002_Jun-20: Fujitsu, Toshiba Tying Up in Chip Business
2002_Jun-20: Two Teens Arrested on Suspicion of Starting Fatal Beijing Cybercafe Fire
2002_Jun-19: Kyocera Unit to Distribute Cell Phone Content in SE Asia
2002_Jun-19: Nearly 60 Pct. of Users Accept HTML Mail Magazine: Survey
2002_Jun-19: Sun Microsystems Dominates Korea's Unix Server Market
2002_Jun-19: Plazmic to Distribute Free Content Development Tool for Mobile Phones
2002_Jun-19: India's MosChip Makes Ambitious Foray in Microchips
2002_Jun-18: Makers of Plasma Display Panels Shifting Production to China
2002_Jun-18: Samsung SDI to Produce Lithium-Ion Batteries for Slim Mobile Phones
2002_Jun-18: Taiwan's High-Tech Circles Speed Up Manpower Exchanges with China
2002_Jun-18: Taiwanese DRAM Makers Expect Revenues to Rebound by End of June
2002_Jun-18: Dongbu Electronics Cultivates Talks with Foreign Investors
2002_Jun-18: Beijing Orders Internet Cafes Closed after Fire Kills 24
2002_Jun-17: NEC China Unit to Make Chips for Chinese National ID Cards
2002_Jun-17: Tatung Strives to Boost Orders from New Hewlett-Packard
2002_Jun-17: LG.Philips Displays Records Brisk Sales, Takes 24 Pct. of Worldwide CPT Market
2002_Jun-17: Prices of Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo Game Consoles Continue Falling
2002_Jun-17: PCCW's Financial Chief to Join HK Cabinet
2002_Jun-14: ANALYSIS: Seiko Epson Aims to Make New Technology The Industry Standard
2002_Jun-14: Singapore, Asia-Pacific Push Nanotechnology
2002_Jun-14: Microsoft Becomes Member of China Software Industry Association
2002_Jun-14: Au Starts Service to Update Status of 'Team' Fellows by Mobile Phone
2002_Jun-14: Legend to Relocate Headquarters to Shanghai, CEO Says
2002_Jun-14: JR East Adds Wireless LAN Participants in Internet Connectivity Test
2002_Jun-14: Taiwan Emerges as Largest Export Market for Applied Materials
2002_Jun-14: Nortel Sees Light on Horizon in China Market
2002_Jun-14: CDMA Standard Steals Early 3G March on Rival UMTS
2002_Jun-14: Taiwan Handset Output Seen Doubling in 2002, Analyst Says
2002_Jun-13: ANALYSIS: Reform of Sony Chip Business Hinges on R&D; Capability
2002_Jun-13: Oracle Views China as Strategic Market
2002_Jun-13: Japan's xDSL Subscribers Exceed 3 Million; NTT's Market Share Rises
2002_Jun-13: Taiwan's Hon Hai Precision Expects Sales to Rise
2002_Jun-13: Serome Technology Under Probe by Financial Watchdog
2002_Jun-13: Micronas, Taiwan's UMC Sign 5-Year Production Deal
2002_Jun-12: RSA Security Provides Encryption Software for J-Phone Service
2002_Jun-12: Taiwan's Opto-Electronics Industry Beats Downturn
2002_Jun-12: China to Continue State-Owned Enterprise Reform, Vice Premier Says
2002_Jun-12: Taiwan's Lite-On Tech to Buy Back 30 Mln. Shares
2002_Jun-11: Electronics Firms to Move PDP TV Production to China
2002_Jun-11: Iomega to Market Portable Hard Disk Drives for USB2.0
2002_Jun-11: Mobile Phone Sales to Rise 5-10 Pct. in Taiwan
2002_Jun-11: Two Koreas to Jointly Push for CDMA-Based International Phone Services
2002_Jun-11: Palm to Launch Chinese OS within a Year
2002_Jun-11: India-U.S. Business Group Seeks Broader Base
2002_Jun-10: Ricoh to Disclose Multifunction-Printer APIs to Boost Sales
2002_Jun-10: Taiwan's Nanya Tech Inks US$3 Billion Deal with Dell
2002_Jun-10: Vietnam Steps Up Fight Against Anti-Government Materials on Internet
2002_Jun-10: Omron Opens Its Largest Parts Production Base in China
2002_Jun-8: Japan's Cell Phone Users Top 70 Million
2002_Jun-7: Nintendo Hopes To Ship 50 Mln. GameCubes By End Of FY04: Iwata
2002_Jun-7: China's Foreign Trade Faces More Challenges After WTO Entry
2002_Jun-7: In India's Silicon Valley, War Tensions Making Themselves Felt
2002_Jun-7: Sony Says Sales and Forecast Look Good
2002_Jun-7: Negative Ion Fad Has Japanese Buying up Feel-Good Gadgets
2002_Jun-6: DoCoMo To Offer i-Mode Service In Taiwan, Malaysia
2002_Jun-6: APEC TELMIN5 Stresses Telecom Cooperation in Asia-Pacific
2002_Jun-6: Hynix Semiconductor to Hold Special Meeting in July
2002_Jun-6: Intel Boosts Cooperation with Taiwan's Optical Communications Firms
2002_Jun-6: India-Pakistan Crisis Threatens India's IT Future
2002_Jun-6: The World Is Becoming Flat for PC Monitor Makers
2002_Jun-6: Taiwan ALi Spins a Turnaround with DVDs
2002_Jun-5: Chipmakers to Sharply Boost Assembly in China
2002_Jun-5: China's Vice Premier Li Calls for Science, Technology Reform
2002_Jun-5: Hong Kong Embraces the Octopus Card
2002_Jun-5: Creditors Become Korean Chipmaker's Largest Shareholder
2002_Jun-4: LCD: Toshiba M'shita Display Chief Foresees Strong Demand

2002_Jun-4: About 1.45 Mln. Users Illegally Download 75 Mln. Music Files Via File-Swapping: ACCS and RIAJ
2002_Jun-4: Chinese Entrepreneurs Gather to Promote Technological Cooperation
2002_Jun-4: JASRAC Receives More Royalties in FY2001
2002_Jun-4: Taiwanese Broadband Equipment Makers Expect Better Q2 Shipments
2002_Jun-4: Sino-Ukrainian High-Tech Park Launched in Shandong Province
2002_Jun-4: Flextronics Warns It Will Miss Quarterly Forecasts
2002_Jun-4: Acer Sees Higher 2003 Notebook PC Shipments
2002_Jun-3: Hitachi Aims to Expand Semiconductor Sales in China
2002_Jun-3: Intel, Sony EMCS Verify RosettaNet Interconnection
2002_Jun-3: Taiwan's Kinpo Electronics Raises Sales Target
2002_Jun-3: China to Tighten Controls over Imports of Electronic Waste
2002_Jun-3: Asia Global Crossing to Get Bids Friday


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