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2002_Jul-31: ANALYSIS: Computer Firms Join Hands in Tough Times
2002_Jul-31: Guangzhou Corporate Registration Made Easier Through Intranet
2002_Jul-31: Korean Firms to Expand Capacities of Lithium-Polymer Batteries
2002_Jul-31: Compal Electronics Strives to Replace Quanta in Notebook Shipments, Executive Says
2002_Jul-31: China Investment Trade Fair to Open in Xiamen
2002_Jul-31: Shipments of Wireless Communications-Enabled Products Rise 56 Pct. in First Half
2002_Jul-31: United Microelectronics Reports Profit in Q2
2002_Jul-31: Japanese Chipmakers Show Strong Q1, Fret Over Future
2002_Jul-30: MTI Technology Lets Employees Access Work PCs via Cell Phone
2002_Jul-30: Amazon.com to Start Contract Business for E-Commerce Operations in Japan
2002_Jul-30: Small Businesses New Driving Force for China's Economy, Economist Says
2002_Jul-30: India's Software Industry Expects 33 Pct. Annual Growth over Next Five Years
2002_Jul-30: Taiwan's SiS Sinks into Red in Q2
2002_Jul-30: Australia's Consumer Watchdog Hails Ruling for Man who Modified PlayStation
2002_Jul-29: Sumitomo Elec Plans ADSL Modem Production in China
2002_Jul-29: Winbond Electronics Gets Largest Slice of China's SMS-Enabled Chip Market
2002_Jul-29: Telstra Picks Sun Micro in Telecoms Platform Deal
2002_Jul-29: Malaysian Government Considers Allowing Schools to Use Pirated Software
2002_Jul-29: Korea Sees Chip Sales Doubling; Analysts Dubious
2002_Jul-26: INTERVIEW: I-Mode Designer to Help Bandai Develop Products
2002_Jul-26: German Software Company SAP Enters Chinese Market
2002_Jul-26: Imports of Cell Phone Parts Soar in Northeast China
2002_Jul-26: Acer Expects 20 Pct. Sales Growth in Europe in 2002
2002_Jul-26: Taiwanese TSMC Reports Higher Q2 Orders But Warns of Slowdown
2002_Jul-26: NEC Profits Surge on Stock Sales Despite Poor Telecom Business
2002_Jul-25: DoCoMo Announces i-Mode Alliance with Spain Telefonica
2002_Jul-25: Nova Asia to Launch Translation Software Compatible with Nine Languages
2002_Jul-25: Vertex Link to Begin Selling Hon Hai Group's PC Parts in Japan
2002_Jul-25: Samsung SDI Enjoys Soaring Demand for Mobile Display Panels
2002_Jul-25: China's PC Industry Expects Slow Growth, CCID Consulting Says
2002_Jul-25: Taiwan PC Hardware Output Seen Growing in 2002
2002_Jul-25: Hynix Says July Cash Flow OK; Analysts Skeptical
2002_Jul-25: EU to Investigate Alleged Korean Subsidies of Memory Chip Makers
2002_Jul-24: ANALYSIS: Japan PC Makers Join Forces to Compete with Dell
2002_Jul-24: Shanghai Attracts Eight-Inch Chip Packaging R&D; Center
2002_Jul-24: Taiwan's Chip Industry Should Enhance R&D; to Lift Competition: Executive Yuan
2002_Jul-24: China's TCL Recruits Talent for International Expansion
2002_Jul-24: [Wireless Japan] Taiwan's DBTEL Exhibits Wireless IP Phones
2002_Jul-24: China's High-Tech Industry Lures More Investment from Taiwan
2002_Jul-24: Amazon Sees Japan Market as Biggest outside U.S.
2002_Jul-24: 45 Million Online: China Claims Third Place among Nations in Net Usage
2002_Jul-23: IT Slump: Parts Makers Boost Output But Trim Capital Outlay
2002_Jul-23: Taiwan High-Tech Equipment Makers Will Tie Up with Seven World-Class Powerhouses
2002_Jul-23: Motorola Energy Department Establishes Asia-Pacific Headquarters in Shanghai
2002_Jul-23: 'Needs Are High for Hotspot Service,' Tully's Coffee Japan Pres. Says
2002_Jul-23: Nokia Further Localizes to Increase Market Share in China
2002_Jul-23: Taiwan Exchange Finds No Macronix Insider Trading
2002_Jul-22: Competition, Cooperation Mark Japan-China Business Relations
2002_Jul-22: China's Exports Realize Unexpected Growth
2002_Jul-22: Eastern Multimedia Signs Intent to Buy GigaMedia's Broadband Subscribers
2002_Jul-22: China Portal Sohu.com Reports First Profit
2002_Jul-22: Samsung Electronics Reports Rise in Profit
2002_Jul-22: Korean Broadband Internet Access Hits 20 Pct.
2002_Jul-22: Yahoo Japan's Net Profit Jumps in Quarter
2002_Jul-21: LG Group to Offer Online Games in Japanese
2002_Jul-19: Cell Phone Sales, Led by Camera-Equipped Models, Soar in June
2002_Jul-19: Ritek Consolidates Marketing Unit to Tap Chinese Brand-Name Market
2002_Jul-19: Foreign Direct Investment in China Expected to Reach US$50 Billion in 2002

2002_Jul-19: New Telecom Alliance to Challenge NTT
2002_Jul-19: MegaChips Develops Digital TV Chip; Shares Surge
2002_Jul-19: Taiwan Macronix Denies Insider Trade Probe Talk
2002_Jul-18: Sony, NEC, Fujitsu, Others Cut PC Prices
2002_Jul-18: Greatek, Siliconware Eclipse Peers with First-Half Performance
2002_Jul-18: Shenzhen Reports Double-Digit Rise in Exports
2002_Jul-18: Chinese Software Developers Highly Interested in Linux, Evans Data Says
2002_Jul-18: SK Telecom to Sell 1.79 Pct. Stake in KT in Exchangeable Bonds
2002_Jul-18: China Mobile Records 8.53 Billion Short Messages in June
2002_Jul-18: Chinese Internet Portal Sohu Sees Revenues Increase
2002_Jul-17: DoCoMo to Set Up Dutch Unit to Spread I-Mode Use in Europe
2002_Jul-17: Japan's FY2002 Mobile Phone Shipments to Decline, Yano Research Says
2002_Jul-17: Planex Communications Launches USB-based Bluetooth Adaptor
2002_Jul-17: SK Telecom's Net Profit Jumps 48 Pct. in First Half
2002_Jul-17: Hon Hai Considers Entering Fifth-Generation TFT-LCD Production
2002_Jul-17: Chinese Official Expects Faster Economic Growth in 2002
2002_Jul-17: Acer Adopts Single-Tier B2B Strategy to Boost Low-End PC Sales
2002_Jul-17: Japan's DoCoMo, IY Bank to Offer ATM Access via Cell Phones
2002_Jul-17: Camera Phones Conquer Japan, Take Aim at the World
2002_Jul-16: OPINION: Chipmakers Must Aim to Become More Innovative
2002_Jul-16: Matsushita Debuts DVD Recorder with Built-In HDD PC Card Slot
2002_Jul-16: Top 200 Korean Firms Set Facilities Investments at 24 Trln. Won in 2002
2002_Jul-16: Toshiba Matsushita Display Unveils Low-Molecular Organic EL Panel
2002_Jul-16: CD-R Makers Predict Prices Will Rebound in September
2002_Jul-16: KDDI to Conduct Trial of 5GHz Wireless Network
2002_Jul-16: PC Economy Likely to Recover in 2003, KGI Securities Says
2002_Jul-16: China's IC Design Industry Still in Its Infancy
2002_Jul-16: NTT to Offer Fast Net Access at Train Stops
2002_Jul-16: Internet Portals in China Sign Pact to Restrict Access to Information Deemed Subversive
2002_Jul-16: New Frethem Computer Virus Detected in Japan
2002_Jul-15: Sharp to Sell Cell Phones with Built-In Camera Overseas
2002_Jul-15: Taiwan's Online Shopping Market Reaches Nearly NT$9 Bln.
2002_Jul-15: Agilent Opens Maintenance Center in Shanghai
2002_Jul-15: Usen to Get Type-1 Telecom License for HFC Service; Sept. Launch Planned at 3,000 Yen/Mo.
2002_Jul-15: China Telecom Market to See Double-Digit Growth, Morgan Stanley Analyst Says
2002_Jul-15: Yahoo Banks on Asian Online Ad Growth
2002_Jul-14: Casio Computer to Double Thin Digital Camera Output
2002_Jul-12: DoCoMo Aims for 1 Million I-Mode Users in Europe
2002_Jul-12: Fujifilm to Enter Camera Market for Mobile Phones
2002_Jul-12: Matsushita Electric Works, Others Develop Network Socket for In-House Network
2002_Jul-12: TCL, Ericsson Collaborate to Develop New Mobile Phones
2002_Jul-12: Omron's New Production Management Co. in Hong Kong to Accelerate EMS in China
2002_Jul-12: Japanese Electronics Makers Set Up Company to Develop Computer Chips
2002_Jul-12: China Post, Finding Space between E-Mail and Regular Mail, Hopes for a Moneymaker
2002_Jul-12: Report Forecasts Booming Demand for Integrated Circuits Imports in China
2002_Jul-11: Mitsubishi Elec. Encryption Tech Selected for Europe Cell Phones
2002_Jul-11: Seiko Instruments Sells Single-Cell, Li-Ion Battery Protection IC for Mobile Secondary Battery Pack
2002_Jul-11: KDDI to Offer IP Phone Service for Corporate Users in July, for Households this Fall
2002_Jul-11: Chinese Entrepreneurs Show Confidence in Economy
2002_Jul-11: NEC to Launch 5GHz Band Wireless LAN Products for Outdoor Use
2002_Jul-11: Virus Damage for First Half of 2002 Exceeds Entire Reports in 2001: Trend Micro
2002_Jul-11: Matsushita to License Nokia Phone Software
2002_Jul-11: LG.Philips LCD Posts Higher Q2 Earnings
2002_Jul-11: Korea's Hynix Says It's Not in Merger or Sale Talks
2002_Jul-10: Cell Phone Unit Sets Up in China
2002_Jul-10: Sanken Electric's Color LED Chips Have 100 Times the Conventional Luminosity
2002_Jul-10: Legend Develops Voice System to Check E-Mail by Phone
2002_Jul-10: Takara to Start Selling Remote-Controlled Robot for Household Electric Appliances
2002_Jul-10: Formosa Plastic Group Moves into Nanotechnology, PDP TVs
2002_Jul-10: Mobile Game Market to Reach US$9.3 Billion by 2008, Frost & Sullivan Says
2002_Jul-10: China to Import Wireless Internet Access Technology from Hughes Network Systems
2002_Jul-10: NTT DoCoMo Retakes Top Cell Phone Subscriber Slot in June
2002_Jul-10: Korea's KTF Says in Alliance Talks with NTT DoCoMo
2002_Jul-10: Samsung Electronics to Spend US$136 Mln. on New Memory Lines
2002_Jul-10: Taiwan Contract Chipmakers Show Rising Sales in June
2002_Jul-9: Cybird System Delivers 360 Panoramic Views to Cell Phones
2002_Jul-9: Toshiba Debuts PDA with Built-In Wireless LAN for Corporate Use
2002_Jul-9: Avnet Sets Up Headquarters, Design and Distribution Facilities in China
2002_Jul-9: Chunghwa Telecom Ranks Top with Seven Million Handset Subscribers in Taiwan
2002_Jul-9: Chinese Home Appliance Makers Eye Russian Market
2002_Jul-9: [N+I 2002] WECA Establishes Wireless LAN Certification Lab in Japan
2002_Jul-9: Siemens, Huatong Launch High Voltage Switch Joint Venturev
2002_Jul-9: R&I; Downgrades Long-term Credit Rating of Deutsche Telekom
2002_Jul-9: R&I; Downgrades Long-Term Credit Rating of Furukawa Electric to 'BBB+'
2002_Jul-9: Internet users in eastern China soon to have wireless access
2002_Jul-9: Study: Israel, Hong Kong Hotbeds for Hacking Attacks
2002_Jul-8: Car Navigation System Market to Hit 3.2 Million Units in FY05: Study
2002_Jul-8: U.S. Stock Markets Invite Listing of Taiwan's Electronics Companies
2002_Jul-8: Chinese ISPs Sign 'Self-Discipline Pact'
2002_Jul-8: Report: Micron CEO Says Hynix Deal Still Possible
2002_Jul-8: Sony, Toshiba Target Higher Overseas PC Sales
2002_Jul-8: India Rolls Out Cheap, Handheld Computer in July
2002_Jul-7: Sony, Toshiba to Boost Overseas PC Sales 20-40 Pct. in FY02
2002_Jul-5: ANALYSIS: New Copyright Management Law Creates New Opportunities
2002_Jul-5: Walsin Lihwa Remains Enthused About Micro-Electro-Mechanical System Development
2002_Jul-5: Tech Giants Woo Indian Developers in Web Battle
2002_Jul-5: Chinese Net Retailer Finds Success Pedaling Its Wares
2002_Jul-4: Sanyo Elec to Make LCD Projectors, PDP TVs in China
2002_Jul-4: India's Tech Capital Expects 60 Pct. Growth in Exports
2002_Jul-4: Taiwan's Macronix Warns of 2002 Loss
2002_Jul-3: Market for Cell Phones with Built-In Cameras Set to Explode
2002_Jul-3: Taiwan's Xander International to Embark on M&A; Strategy
2002_Jul-3: 'Dell Japan to Further Concentrate on Customer Satisfaction,' Pres. Says
2002_Jul-3: Motorola Eyes Automobile Electronics Market in China
2002_Jul-3: Askey, D-Link Apprehensive About Uncertain NTT ADSL Bridge Tender
2002_Jul-2: Wireless LANs Spark Turf Wars over Base Station Sites
2002_Jul-2: Taiwan LED Makers Ask for Government Aid for Better Technology Development
2002_Jul-2: Fujitsu to Build Network System for 'E-Japan' Market
2002_Jul-2: Taiwan IC Makers Look Toward High-End Bumping Process for Chip Packaging
2002_Jul-2: Sony Sees Q1 Profit, Denies Reported Loss
2002_Jul-2: Telstra Buys Remaining 40 Pct. Stake in CSL
2002_Jul-1: PlayStation 2 Domestic Sales to Hit 10 Million Units by July
2002_Jul-1: Casio to Release 4-Mega-Pixel Digital Camera for Grab Shots
2002_Jul-1: Shanghai Bids for 2010 World Expo
2002_Jul-1: KDDI to Test Access from Mobile Phone to IPv6 Network
2002_Jul-1: Microsoft, Chinese Commission Agree on Software Cooperation
2002_Jul-1: Japanese Companies to Cut FY2003 IT Budgets by 3.2 Pct.: Gartner Japan
2002_Jul-1: Shanghai Pudong's Per-Capita GDP to Surpass US$7,000 in 2002
2002_Jul-1: U.S. Companies Expect Budget Increase for E-Mail Marketing: DoubleClick Survey
2002_Jul-1: Taiwan Tech Recovery Lifted by U.S., Japan Cost Woes
2002_Jul-1: Terra Lycos Sells Stake in Korea Venture
2002_Jul-1: Australian Music Industry Considers Deal with CD Burning Company


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