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2000_Sep-29: Cellular, Broadcast Companies Offer Interactive TV Show
2000_Sep-29: Japan's IT Services Market Forecast to Grow 9 Pct. in 2000
2000_Sep-29: New Players to Deliver High-Speed Access Services in Japan Using Optical Fiber
2000_Sep-29: DRAM Investment Rating Cut by Foreign Securities Firms
2000_Sep-29: Intel's Japan Unit Beefs Up Solution Businesses
2000_Sep-29: Guangdong Province Establishes Super-Speed IP Network
2000_Sep-28: DoCoMo, AOL in Pact to Combine Fixed, Wireless Services
2000_Sep-28: RioPort.com Focuses on Obtaining Audio Content for Online Distribution
2000_Sep-28: Korea's Cosam, Japan Steel Works Join Hands to Develop Asher Equipment
2000_Sep-28: IDO/DDI Cellular Group to Offer Improved EZweb E-mail Functions
2000_Sep-28: Guangdong Province Surpasses 10M Mobile Phone Users
2000_Sep-28: Alan to Start Electronic Coupon Service for I-Mode Users
2000_Sep-27: TTNet Likely to Offer 10Mbps FTTH Service Ahead of NTT
2000_Sep-27: Six Japanese Electronics Companies Start Color Filter Firm for Reflective LCDs
2000_Sep-27: Shanghai's First Online Supermarket Attracts Many E-Shoppers
2000_Sep-27: DDI Pocket to Sell PHS Phone with Compact Digital Camera
2000_Sep-27: U.S. IT Firms to Boost Investments in Korean Venture Companies
2000_Sep-27: Posts Minister Asks NTT East to Open Facilities to Rival
2000_Sep-26: NEC Reaches Zero Waste Goal at 14 Domestic Units
2000_Sep-26: Dell Computer KK to Offer Net Infrastructure Consulting Service for Businesses
2000_Sep-26: Mediawall.cc to Start .cc Domain Registry Service
2000_Sep-26: Korea's PCS Servicers Vie to Bring in New Subscribers
2000_Sep-26: Top Layer Networks of U.S. Establishes Unit in Japan
2000_Sep-26: Contract Prices for 64Mb DRAM Microchips Set to Recover
2000_Sep-25: NTT DoCoMo Beefing Up Mobile Intranet System Offerings for IMT-2000
2000_Sep-25: EAccess Adds Six ISPs in ADSL Tests in Tokyo, Osaka
2000_Sep-25: VIA Technologies Aims to Continue Boosting Market Share
2000_Sep-25: Oracle Japan, Others Competing for Major E-Commerce Exchange
2000_Sep-25: Nortel Networks Delivers Optical Internet to China
2000_Sep-25: Sony to Market New Super Audio CD Player on Oct. 21
2000_Sep-22: Internet Capital Group to Invest in Japanese Ventures
2000_Sep-22: Satellite-Based IP Service for Intranets in The Works
2000_Sep-22: LG.Philips LCD to Mass-Produce 15-In. TFT-LCD for Notebooks
2000_Sep-22: Sanyo Develops Industry's Thinnest Prismatic Lithium-Ion Battery
2000_Sep-22: Taiwan's IA Sector Sees Brisk Growth
2000_Sep-22: Price of 64Mb DRAM Chips Falls to US$6
2000_Sep-21: Korean B2B Marketplace Operator EC Plaza Comes to Japan
2000_Sep-21: Cybozu Aims to Extend Business Overseas
2000_Sep-21: Korea's Chaebol Groups Suspend Investments in Venture Sector
2000_Sep-21: NEC to Use Intel's StrongARM Chip in Its 3G Mobile Phone
2000_Sep-21: Flagging Household Consumption in Korea Expected to Continue
2000_Sep-21: Hitachi to Provide China Firm with Mobile Phone Technology
2000_Sep-20: Eleven Chipmakers to Pool R&D; in Advanced 0.1 Micron Chips
2000_Sep-20: Global Mobile Phone Shipments Near 100 Million Units in Q2
2000_Sep-20: Olympus Links Face-Mount Display with Toshiba's Portable DVD Player
2000_Sep-20: CPC Moves into High-Tech Chemical Material Development
2000_Sep-20: Ericsson, J-Phone Team for 3G Mobile Telecom Services
2000_Sep-20: SII Develops Reflective STN Color LCDs for Mobile Phones
2000_Sep-19: NTT to Allow Rivals More Flexible Use of Fiber-Optic Networks
2000_Sep-19: Y Media to Sell 3.17 Mega-Pixel CMOS Image Sensor in Japan
2000_Sep-19: Sony to Unveil Digital Camera That Can Generate Animation, Send to I-Mode Phones
2000_Sep-19: Corning to Invest US$320M in Taiwan's Glass Substrate Production
2000_Sep-19: Digital Cameras Selling under US$100 Prove Popular
2000_Sep-19: China Develops First High-Brightness LED
2000_Sep-18: Chip-Making Device Orders Soar 195 Pct. in July
2000_Sep-18: Sony Computer to Quadruple Performance of GScube Graphics System in 2001
2000_Sep-18: Taiwan's Major Cell Phone Manufacturers See Lower August Shipments
2000_Sep-18: Japan's Convenience Stores Form Alliance to Offer Escrow Services for Online Auctions
2000_Sep-18: Prime View to Move into Large-Scale TFT-LCD Productions
2000_Sep-15: Giga-Byte's August Revenue Reaches Record High
2000_Sep-15: Marubeni Allies with China Firm on Cell Phones, LCDs
2000_Sep-15: Hitachi Maxell Launches Low-Priced, Card-Sized Digital Camera
2000_Sep-15: Ricoh to Launch Net-Enabled Digital Camera with Image Filing Features
2000_Sep-15: Dainippon Screen Opens Service Base Near Taipei
2000_Sep-14: Manufacturers to Make 3.5-in. MO Discs Pirate-Proof
2000_Sep-14: Shockwave.com Creates Japanese Web Site
2000_Sep-14: NTT's 10Mbps FTTH Service to Start in December
2000_Sep-14: Samsung to Show 3G Wireless Communications at Sydney Olympics
2000_Sep-14: NTT DoCoMo Debuts Windows CE Device in Zero Halliburton's Case
2000_Sep-14: Yahoo Offers Net Auction for Cell Phone Users
2000_Sep-13: MediaQ of U.S. Sets Up Japanese Subsidiary to Enhance Support for Manufacturers
2000_Sep-13: JEIDA Introduces Environmental Label System for PCs
2000_Sep-13: China Satellite Communication Joins Telecom Competition
2000_Sep-13: Centillium Communications Unveils 2 DSL Chipsets for Japan
2000_Sep-13: IBM to Establish Linux Technology Study Center in Taiwan
2000_Sep-13: Ishii Hyoki to Sell Chip, LCD Production Equipment
2000_Sep-12: Fujitsu, Oracle Japan Strengthening ERP Partnership
2000_Sep-12: Epson Spends US$71 Million on Environmental Conservation Activities in FY99
2000_Sep-12: Mitsubishi Electric Develops Power Line Modem of 3Mbps
2000_Sep-12: AMT Insists Bright Future Ahead for Semiconductor Industry
2000_Sep-12: Sanyo Develops Red Laser Diode with Light Output of 80mW
2000_Sep-12: Flash Memory Microchip Prices Likely to Decline
2000_Sep-11: Sony to Release Vaio Laptop with Power-Saving Crusoe Chip
2000_Sep-11: Movienet Plans Membership Movie Streaming Service
2000_Sep-11: Li18nux Adhoc Meeting Convenes in Beijing
2000_Sep-11: EHotelZone.com Brings Online Hotel Supply Chain Solution to China
2000_Sep-11: Motherboard Sector Performance to Fall Below Par in Sept.
2000_Sep-11: Shipments of Bluetooth Devices to Top 1.4 Billion by 2005: ABI
2000_Sep-8: Alps, Casio, Others to Form Venture for Color LCD Parts
2000_Sep-8: SAP Japan Chief Foresees US$945M Business in 2003
2000_Sep-8: Supply Shortage of Touch Panels Offers Opportunity for Taiwan
2000_Sep-8: Japan's LAN Shipments Rise 39 Pct. in 1st Half, Dataquest Says
2000_Sep-8: Samsung Targets US$30B in Annual Device Sales by 2005
2000_Sep-8: Hitachi to Implement Linux on Mainframe, Server, Mobile Products
2000_Sep-7: Compact Transceiver Module Supports Bluetooth
2000_Sep-7: NTT Pres. Rejects Nationwide Fixed-Fee, ISDN Service Obligation
2000_Sep-7: IBM Japan to Sell Bluetooth-Compliant PCMCIA Card
2000_Sep-7: Samsung DVD Player Takes Lion's Share in Spain
2000_Sep-7: Prices of 64Mb DRAM Chips Expected to Peak in November
2000_Sep-7: MPT to Approve NTT's IP Connection Service for Enterprises in Sept.
2000_Sep-6: LCD Monitor Prices Dropping in Tokyo
2000_Sep-6: U.S., Japan Firms to Offer Mobile Device-Based Business Support Service
2000_Sep-6: LG Electronics Sues PC Makers for Alleged Patent Infringement
2000_Sep-6: Mitsui Mining to Form Production Base for LCD Parts in Taiwan
2000_Sep-6: SKC Develops 16x CD-R Unit with 650MB Capacity
2000_Sep-6: Philips Semicon to Open Assembly and Test Plant in Guangdong
2000_Sep-5: NTT DoCoMo to Fight I-Mode Junk E-Mail
2000_Sep-5: NTT East Chief Rejects Calls for Merger with NTT West, Sharing Fiber-Optic Network with Competitors
2000_Sep-5: Taiwan's Motherboard Components See Scant Chance for Price Rise
2000_Sep-5: Yamaha Starts Sales of 'Print Rights' of Music Scores
2000_Sep-5: Hantong Multimedia of Korea Assists China with CDMA Expansion
2000_Sep-5: Internet Prevalence Hits New High in Taiwan
2000_Sep-4: NTT DoCoMo, Palm to Offer Net Access via PDA Terminals
2000_Sep-4: Japan's Server Market Grows in H1: Dataquest
2000_Sep-4: Dentsu Introduces URL Search Function for I-Mode
2000_Sep-4: China Launches Cable Box for Online Stock Trading
2000_Sep-4: Tomy to Launch Virtual Pet Robot That Grows Personality
2000_Sep-4: China Discovers Superplastic Extensibility of Nanocrystalline Copper


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