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2001_Mar-30: Samsung Electronics Ships Memory Module Sample for Servers
2001_Mar-30: Sharp's Zaurus PDA to Mount Java and Linux, to be Shipped to U.S., Europe
2001_Mar-30: Samsung Selected to Bid for CDMA Licenses in China
2001_Mar-30: DDI Pocket Adds Music Delivery Method to PHS Using SD Memory Card
2001_Mar-30: MIC to Invest US$76.8 Million to Nurture PDA Biz
2001_Mar-29: Softbank, Akamai to Establish Content Delivery Service Company
2001_Mar-29: Taiwan's Handset Industry Sees Hope Ahead Through China Strategy
2001_Mar-29: Konami to Adopt Sony's 3D Sound Technology in Horror Adventure Game for PS2
2001_Mar-29: Korea-Japan to Establish High-Speed Undersea Cable
2001_Mar-29: Rim Net's FTTH Service Canceled
2001_Mar-28: NTT DoCoMo Outlines Next-Generation FOMA Service for European Market
2001_Mar-28: SingTel to Set Up Internet Data Center Business in Japan
2001_Mar-28: Samsung Electronics Expects US$760M in Q1 Profit
2001_Mar-28: Sales of PC-Related Businesses Recover Partially, But Overall Industry Remains Weak
2001_Mar-28: China Develops First Core Router for Telecom Use
2001_Mar-27: NetEase, Music.com.tw Partner to Tap Greater China Markets
2001_Mar-27: TSMC Faces Another Downward Revision of Investment Plan
2001_Mar-27: Samsung Electronics Seals Order with Dell Computer
2001_Mar-27: SpeedNet, Networks Gain Type I Telecom Licenses for Wireless Services
2001_Mar-27: Dalian Reports US$110 Million in Software Output
2001_Mar-26: Japan's Mobile Net Users to Reach 86 Million by 2005: IDC
2001_Mar-26: U.S. GlobiTech to Build CMOS Epitaxial-Wafer Factory in Taiwan
2001_Mar-26: China Telecom, Alcatel Sign Preliminary Broadband Contracts
2001_Mar-26: AOL Hong Kong Delivers Content to Users of Mobile Phones
2001_Mar-26: China's E-Commerce Firms Battle for Survival
2001_Mar-23: New Access Browser to Support Overseas Expansion of I-Mode Content
2001_Mar-23: Internet-Telephone Equipment Market Set to Grow Tenfold in 2001
2001_Mar-23: U.S. SST to Invest in Shanghai Foundry, Launch Chinese Subsidiary
2001_Mar-23: Nokia Begins Selling Mobile Phones in Korea
2001_Mar-23: Internet Access Via Mobile Phones to Expand in China: Strategis Group
2001_Mar-22: Inprobe Demos Remote VCR from Cellular Phone
2001_Mar-22: TSMC, UMC Cut Capital Expenditures More Than 40 Percent
2001_Mar-22: Siemens Eyes SMT Market in China
2001_Mar-22: NTT DoCoMo Debuts Mitsubishi's D503i Handset With 'ATOK Pocket'
2001_Mar-22: China Aims to Address Issue of Foreign Software Dominance
2001_Mar-21: Taiwan's TFT-LCD Makers ADT and Unipac Merge to Assure Survival
2001_Mar-21: Ambit Lands Large Chunghwa Telecom ADSL Equipment Purchase Order
2001_Mar-21: ICBC to Provide US$15.7 Billion in Loans for Key Projects
2001_Mar-21: Japan Telecom, Avaya, Nihon Unisys Team Up in Call Center Business
2001_Mar-21: Taiwan, Shanghai Seminar Proposes Web Site on Enterprise Cooperation
2001_Mar-20: Hong Kong's New World Telephone Launches New IP Broadband Network Powered by Cisco
2001_Mar-20: Online Securities Trading Accounts in 2000 Increase Dramatically Over 1999
2001_Mar-20: NEC Remains Top for PC Sales, Sony Rises to 2nd Ahead of Fujitsu in Rankings
2001_Mar-20: KT Freetel to Open Mobile Services in Indonesia
2001_Mar-20: Intel, Microsoft and Unisys Tie Up for Data Center System Biz
2001_Mar-19: Hitachi, Parthus to Develop Bluetooth Microchip Products
2001_Mar-19: New Technology City Established in East China
2001_Mar-19: Korean Web Agencies Shifting Focus to Japanese Market
2001_Mar-19: Matsunichi, Dalian Group Join to Produce Digital Video Phones
2001_Mar-19: Two LG Chinese Branches to Go Public
2001_Mar-16: Hutchison, Smartone to Break Monopoly in Macau's Telecom Market
2001_Mar-16: Most Telephone Subscribers Select NTT Group for MyLine Service, Association Says
2001_Mar-16: SK Telecom Opens Mobile Phone Services in Mongolia
2001_Mar-16: U.S. TRUSTe to Launch Online Privacy Seal Program in Japan
2001_Mar-16: Korea's Software Exports to Top US$5.5B by 2005
2001_Mar-15: Mitsui to Launch LinkShare Affiliate Marketing Program in Japan
2001_Mar-15: TSMC, UMC Expect Month-on-Month Sales Drop in March
2001_Mar-15: Alarm Clock Designed to Use MP3 Music Data as Alarm Sound
2001_Mar-15: Matsushita Battery Unveils Alkaline Cell with 1.3 Times Longer Life
2001_Mar-15: Compaq Doubles Investment to Turn Around Sluggish China PC Sales
2001_Mar-14: Daitokyo to Introduce 50,000 Wireless Palms Using DoCoMo's Packet Data Service
2001_Mar-14: FIC Receives Large Orders from Hewlett-Packard
2001_Mar-14: Hyundai Electronics to Seek Overseas Partners, MOFE Head Says
2001_Mar-14: Samsung Declared Winner in Large TFT-LCD Panel Market in 2000: DisplaySearch Survey
2001_Mar-13: New Century, Chunghwa Telecom Ink Network-Interconnecting Pact
2001_Mar-13: DDI Pocket to Use XHTML Basic in Web Browser for PHS Phones
2001_Mar-13: LG Electronics Enters Russia's Telecom Market
2001_Mar-13: ISID to Introduce IPv6 for Its Enterprise Network Covering 5,000 Clients
2001_Mar-12: Toshiba Develops Bluetooth Baseband LSI Using Nokia's Core Technology
2001_Mar-12: Taiwan Motherboard Makers Perform Better in February
2001_Mar-12: Sony Strengthens Advanced Intelligent Tape Standard Storage Business
2001_Mar-12: U.S. APW Builds System Integration Equipment Center in Shanghai
2001_Mar-12: Japanese Subscribers to Internet Services for Mobile Phones Top 30 Million
2001_Mar-9: China, Russia to Build High-Tech Development Zone
2001_Mar-9: NTT Group Plans to Shift Focus from Voice to Data in FY2001
2001_Mar-9: Taiwan's TFT-LCD Panels Slumping for Notebooks, Up for Monitors
2001_Mar-9: LG Electronics Forms Joint Telecom Company in China
2001_Mar-8: Sony-Made I-Mode Phone with Over 65,000 Color TFT Display Goes on Sale
2001_Mar-8: China Telecom, Nortel Join Hands in New Network Development
2001_Mar-8: Toshiba Launches Notebook PC with High Image Quality LCD
2001_Mar-8: Taiwan's TFT Panel Industry Sees Improving Fortunes
2001_Mar-8: Samsung to Mass Produce 10 Million Direct RDRAMs
2001_Mar-7: J-Phone Postpones IMT-2000 Service till June 2002
2001_Mar-7: Competition Heats Up in Memory Microchip Market
2001_Mar-7: Japan to Lead World in 3G Mobile Telephony, Former Ericsson Executive Says
2001_Mar-7: First International Computer Gets Orders from Gateway, Micron
2001_Mar-6: NTT DoCoMo's I-Mode Subscribers Exceed 20 Million
2001_Mar-6: Hewlett-Packard Expands Partnerships with Lite-On IT
2001_Mar-6: Agilent to Sponsor Program to Help Children with Science Education
2001_Mar-6: Zhejiang Province Launches Info Network System Project
2001_Mar-6: SAS Institute Japan to Renew Partner Strategy to Boost Indirect Sales
2001_Mar-5: Sanyo to Launch High-Resolution Security Camera with Built-In 10GB HDD
2001_Mar-5: Korea's Soribada Accused of Copyright Infringement
2001_Mar-5: Sharp to Open Application Development for Java on Zaurus PDA
2001_Mar-5: Dacom to Establish Venture for Undersea Cable Network
2001_Mar-2: Intel Offers Standards for Low-Priced Personal Computers
2001_Mar-2: Asian Firms Must Nurture B2B Commerce to Compete with West, BCG Says
2001_Mar-2: DreamArts' Web-Based Groupware to Support I-Appli
2001_Mar-2: January Sales Hit Bottom for Some Taiwan PC Parts Makers
2001_Mar-1: Old Rivals Now Friends: NEC to OEM Supply Supercomputers to Cray
2001_Mar-1: Sony Entertainment Unveils Network Business Strategy, Tie-Up with I-Mode
2001_Mar-1: Samsung, Intel Forge Strategic Alliance for Rambus DRAMs
2001_Mar-1: Aplix, MegaChips Team Up to Develop Java, MPEG4 Applications
2001_Mar-1: SinTek Becomes Member of DNP Group in TFT-LCD Color Filter Production


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