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2000_Jan-31: Minister Sets Phone Target to Beat Japan South China Morning Post
2000_Jan-31: Local Network Equipment Firms Challenge Foreign Companies Korea Herald
2000_Jan-31: Certification Body Forms Partnership with VeriSign Korea Herald
2000_Jan-28: SK Telecom Conducts Successful Test of IMT-2000 Service with NTT DoCoMo Korea Herald
2000_Jan-28: Phone Manufacturers Active in GSM Handset Exports Korea Herald
2000_Jan-28: Hansol PCS, Namo Interactive to Develop Mobile Web Editor Korea Herald
2000_Jan-28: S'pore Electronics Industry Grew 15.3% in 1999 CNET Singapore
2000_Jan-28: Gov't Seeks Legislation of Cyber Trade Law Korea Times
2000_Jan-28: GSI Electronics Orders Samsung Laser Trim Systems Korea Times
2000_Jan-28: Hi-Tech Staff Shortage Prompts Call to Action Taipei Times
2000_Jan-28: Real Media Swallows MediaFusion Stake Fairfax IT
2000_Jan-27: Chinese Government Tightens Hold on Net Content CNET News.com
2000_Jan-27: China Clamps Down on Net South China Morning Post
2000_Jan-27: Web Site Operators Receive Jolt as Beijing Moves to Protect 'State Secrets' on Net South China Morning Post
2000_Jan-27: Symantec to Establish China R&D; Operations South China Morning Post
2000_Jan-27: Venture Firm Develops VDSL Technology: New Digital Subscriber Line Carries Data at a Maximum Speed of 20Mbps Korea Herald
2000_Jan-27: Microsoft Launches Web Portal Targeting Asian Markets Korea Herald
2000_Jan-27: Long March Launches Satellite China Daily
2000_Jan-27: Hackers Deface KK Hospital Website CNET Singapore
2000_Jan-27: One Million Housewives to Receive Internet Education at Discount Fees Korea Times
2000_Jan-27: Eight Online Firms to Create Venture Fund of W10 Billion
Korea Times
2000_Jan-26: China Steel Boosts Internet Investment Taipei Times
2000_Jan-26: Mosel Vitelic to Fund New Development via Bond Sale Taipei Times
2000_Jan-26: Serome Allowed to Offer Free Internet Telephony Korea Times
2000_Jan-26: Sony Cranks up Production of Aibo Robotic Dog CNET News.com
2000_Jan-26: Singtel/C&W;: Muted Reaction as Investors Question Synergies of Deal ft.com
2000_Jan-26: China Telecom Tight-Lipped about Possible Merger South China Morning Post
2000_Jan-26: Schwab Joins WAP Trading Roll-Out Race South China Morning Post
2000_Jan-26: Major Manufacturers Expected to Invest $1.5B in TFT-LCD
2000_Jan-26: Development Projects
Korea Herald
2000_Jan-26: Serome's Internet Phone Service Judged as Legal Korea Herald
2000_Jan-25: Singapore Cable Vision Projects 50 Pct. Cost Savings with Liberalization (CNET Singapore)
2000_Jan-25: SingTel-C&W; HKT Merger Will Create S$100b Company and More (CNET Singapore)
2000_Jan-25: Privacy Laws for E-mails The Australia
2000_Jan-25: Net Gift from Heritage The Press
2000_Jan-25: Four Hong Kong Firms Form E-Commerce Venture CNET News.com
2000_Jan-25: Level 3 to Build Asian Undersea Network Connection CNET News.com
2000_Jan-25: Major Manufacturers Expected to Invest $1.5B in TFT-LCD Development Projects Korea Herald
2000_Jan-25: 50 Internet Companies to Launch Road Shows Korea Herald
2000_Jan-24: Government Plans to Help Businesses Move Online Taipei Times
2000_Jan-24: Export Orders Strong on High Electronics Demand Taipei Times
2000_Jan-24: All Eyes on SingTel as Telecoms Market Fully Liberalized by April 2000 CNet Singapore
2000_Jan-24: Korea's 11 Top Business Groups Move to Form Giant E-Commerce Alliance Korea Herald
2000_Jan-24: Internet Domain Registrations Skyrocket Korea Herald
2000_Jan-24: Financial Services to Lead Growth in On-Line Trading South China Morning Post
2000_Jan-24: Chung Hwa Sale to Net $47B South China Morning Post
2000_Jan-20: E-Billions There for the Taking Taipei Times
2000_Jan-20: Don't Do It My Way, says Ellison The Australian
2000_Jan-20: HK: Island Gets Interactive TV ft.com
2000_Jan-20: Cyber-Crooks Face Radical New Laws South China Morning Post
2000_Jan-20: China Maps Out E-Commerce Strategy South China Morning Post
2000_Jan-20: Hurdles in Wait for Regulators South China Morning Post
2000_Jan-20: Venture Firm Develops Digital Watermark Technology Korea Herald
2000_Jan-20: Korean Internet Users Top 10 Mln.; Survey Shows Men Outnumber Women 2 to 1 Korea Herald
2000_Jan-19: New Website Offers E-Commerce to Small Firms The Straits Time
2000_Jan-19: Kals to Focus on Software Products Economic Times
2000_Jan-19: Trade Data Shows Weak Foundation for Economic Recovery Business World
2000_Jan-19: Softbank: Internet Investment Company to Back Portal ft.com
2000_Jan-19: Pacific Century: Mr Internet Sets Sights on Pan-Asian Network ft.com
2000_Jan-19: Rambus Sues Hitachi--Will Others Be Next? CNET News.com
2000_Jan-19: On-Line Potential Attracts Core Pacific-Yamaichi South China Morning Post
2000_Jan-19: Fairfax Talks Feed Rumours of Web Tie-up with Telstra South China Morning Post
2000_Jan-19: Korea Informatics Telesis Inc. Serves Niche Telecom Markets South China Morning Post
2000_Jan-19: Palm-Size Computers Offer Portable Internet Access Korea Herald
2000_Jan-19: Software Exports Topped $100 Million in 1999 Korea Herald
2000_Jan-18: GE Capital's New Website First to Offer Online Credit Bangkok Post
2000_Jan-18: Alcatel Sets up Asia-Pacific Headquarters in China China Daily
2000_Jan-18: CMC Joins Net Domain Name GameTaipei Times
2000_Jan-18: Advertisers Target Online Women: Survey South China Morning Post
2000_Jan-18: Global Sources Make Inroads into Korea Mart Korea Herald
2000_Jan-18: Retail Giant Lotte Group Enters Cyberspace Korea Herald
2000_Jan-17: Computer Sales Topped 2 Mil. Last YearKorea Herald
2000_Jan-17: Hanaro Telecom Sets up Professional PC Game Team Korea Herald
2000_Jan-17: Thrunet Takes over Nowcom for US$31.5 Million Korea Herald
2000_Jan-17: Net Service to Be 1,000 Times Faster by 2004 Korea Herald
2000_Jan-17: Critical Path Teams with Japanese Giants CNET News.com
2000_Jan-17: China Telecom Costs Cut South China Morning Post
2000_Jan-17: Web Dealing in China a Step Closer South China Morning Post
2000_Jan-17: Half-Million Subscriber Target for i-Cable South China Morning Post
2000_Jan-17: Internet Business Deals 'Erode Tax Revenues' South China Morning Post
2000_Jan-17: China Unicom Expanding Overseas Market South China Morning Post
2000_Jan-17: SOFTBANK: Internet Company Raises Stake in Korea ft.com
2000_Jan-17: YAHOO: Japanese Unit to Merge with Two Internet Groups ft.com
2000_Jan-14: Unicom to Start IDD Services China Daily
2000_Jan-14: Chinese Petroleum Corp Taps into Telecom Industry Taipei Times
2000_Jan-14: HKNet Links up for Web Domain-Name Registration Service South China Morning Post
2000_Jan-14: CASH to Scan Listing Hopes with Academy South China Morning Post
2000_Jan-14: Acer in Network Deal with AT&T; South China Morning Post
2000_Jan-14: Qualcomm CDMA Royalty Reasonable Korea Herald
2000_Jan-13: Samsung, Toshiba Planning Net-Connected DVD Player CNET News.com
2000_Jan-13: Samsung, Hyundai to Boost Flash Memory Production Korea Herald
2000_Jan-13: Qualcomm: Hitachi Joins in Mobile Project ft.com
2000_Jan-13: Singapore ISPs Given Security Scanning Guidelines South China Morning Post
2000_Jan-12: Motorola, Nokia Bolstering Presence in Korea Korea Herald
2000_Jan-12: Household Telecom Service Expenditure on Sharp Rise Korea Herald
2000_Jan-12: Qwest Looks to Asia for New Business CNET News.com
2000_Jan-12: Sino Land Unit Shapes $3 Bln. Telecoms Venture South China Morning Post
2000_Jan-11: Seoul Unveils Plan to Offer Tax Breaks to E-Commerce Firms Korea Herald
2000_Jan-11: Korea Telecom Plans Asia's Largest Internet Data Center Korea Herald
2000_Jan-11: Sino-i.com Taps IBM for On-Line Commerce Move South China Morning Post
2000_Jan-11: Bright Trading Forecast on Net South China Morning Post
2000_Jan-11: E-Commerce Catching on with 400 Pct. Growth in Sales South China Morning Post
2000_Jan-7: Toyota in Talks about Joining GM Net Venture CNET News.com
2000_Jan-7: IT Exports Estimated at $44.5 Bil. This Year Korea Herald
2000_Jan-7: High-Speed Internet Users on Rise Korea Herald
2000_Jan-7: Korea IMT-2000 Consortium Joins Hands with Ericsson Korea Herald
2000_Jan-7: Yam Maintains Caution on Y2K Risk South China Morning Post
2000_Jan-6: Korea Telecom : Telco Expands Internet Ambitions ft.com
2000_Jan-6: Samsung Electronics Develops World's First FLCD-Equipped TV Korea Herald
2000_Jan-6: Korea to Allow Sales of Liquor, Pharmaceuticals via Internet Korea Herald
2000_Jan-6: Companies Hit by Y2K Bug and Virus South China Morning Post
2000_Jan-6: Chinadotcom Eyes Shopping Link-up with BigStore.com South China Morning Post
2000_Jan-5: St George Bank Adds Online Research Australian IT
2000_Jan-5: S'pore GDP to Grow 6 Pct. This Year and Next, MAS Poll Business Times
2000_Jan-5: Australian Telecom Surges on China Net Deal CNET News.com
2000_Jan-5: Hong Kong: Regulator Launches Telecoms Inquiry ft.com
2000_Jan-5: Semiconductors: Chip Sales Hit Record ft.com
2000_Jan-5: Government Planning to Set up Ministerial Panel on E-Commerce Korea Herald
2000_Jan-5: Still No Major Y2K Glitches Korea Herald
2000_Jan-5: Hanaro Sets up Internet Data Center with Fund from HP Korea Herald
2000_Jan-5: Samsung Develops 288M Direct Rambus Chip Korea Herald
2000_Jan-5: LG Develops New High Definition DVD Player Korea Herald
2000_Jan-5: Electronics Exports Boost Growth Forecasts South China Morning Post
2000_Jan-5: OnLine Credit Launch in Sight South China Morning Post
2000_Jan-5: Mobile Firms Oppose Fourth Operator South China Morning Post


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