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2000_Feb-29: Ulead, FAST in Video Partenership Taipei Times
2000_Feb-29: Net Income at NT$453m, Expansion Plans Unveiled Taipei Times
2000_Feb-29: Gul to Expand E-Business The Straits Times
2000_Feb-29: Asia-Pacific Online Sales Still Booming The Straits Times
2000_Feb-29: New Property Website 'Has Edge' in New Listings The Straits Times
2000_Feb-29: Domain Name Chief Quits over Agreement Fairfax IT
2000_Feb-29: China Unicom Plans CDMA Network South China Morning Post
2000_Feb-29: 200 Small Firms Join IMT-2000 Korea Consortium Korea Herald
2000_Feb-29: LGIC Develops Broadband CDMA WLL System Korea Herald
2000_Feb-29: 3Com and Samsung Team to Deliver cdma2000 High-Speed Wireless Networks Press Release
2000_Feb-28: SingTel Offer Runs into a Great Wall The Straits Times
2000_Feb-28: Electronics Co. Record Highest Export in January Korea Times
2000_Feb-28: Hansol M.com Concentrates on Mobile Internet Service Korea Times
2000_Feb-28: Cable & Wireless HKT Delves into the Net Travel Business Yahoo Technology News
2000_Feb-28: Internet Security Solution Firms See Share Prices Rise More than 500 Pct. Korea Herald
2000_Feb-28: Buying Insurance Products via Net To Be Allowed Soon Korea Herald
2000_Feb-25: China Resources in E-Commerce Strategy South China Morning Post
2000_Feb-25: TriGem Eyes China's PC Markets South China Morning Post
2000_Feb-25: Keyin, RWE in Tie-up to Provide Net Access through Power Lines Korea Herald
2000_Feb-25: Disk-Drive Makers Will Recover The Straits Time
2000_Feb-25: Only One Car Sold On Used-Car Website The Straits Time
2000_Feb-25: Fortune Finds Taiwan Firm in Dongguan Taipei Times
2000_Feb-25: US Sets Leap Day Computer Monitoring Plan Fairfax IT
2000_Feb-25: Prepare for Electronic Attacks, Expert Warns Fairfax IT
2000_Feb-25: B2B Websites Must Do More, Trader Says Fairfax IT
2000_Feb-25: 75 Pct of Households to Use High-Speed Internet in 2005 Korea Times
2000_Feb-24: SingTel May Gain Even If It Loses Out The Straits Times
2000_Feb-24: Merrill Lynch Encourages Investors to Buy Korea's Internet Stocks Korea Times
2000_Feb-24: E-parenting Co. Offers Services for Families Korea Times
2000_Feb-24: Hansol Opens Online Int'l Marketplace Korea Times
2000_Feb-24: ST Telemedia Forms E-Commerce JV in Thailand CNET Singapore
2000_Feb-24: CSE Systems to Acquire 55 Pct. in M'sian E-Commerce Firm CNET Singapore
2000_Feb-24: Telstra, Saturn Plan Joint Telecom NZ Challenge Fairfax IT
2000_Feb-24: NZ Telecommunications Industry Set for Shake-Up Fairfax IT
2000_Feb-24: Asia Plays a Game of Commercial Catch-up ft.com
2000_Feb-24: Yahoo! Korea Demands Special Terms for Listing on Local Bourses Korea Herald
2000_Feb-24: Samsung to Sign Alliance with Yahoo! Korea Herald
2000_Feb-24: Local MP3 Developer Signs Joint Development Tie-up with AIWA Korea Herald
2000_Feb-24: Shinsegi Bolsters Overseas Contents for Wireless Service Korea Herald
2000_Feb-23: Melbourne IT Exceeds Prospectus Forecast Fairfax IT
2000_Feb-23: Open Telecommunications Wins C&W; Optus Contract Fairfax IT
2000_Feb-23: More E-Commerce IPOs in the Works for Koo's Group Taipei Times
2000_Feb-23: Taiwan Takes CeBIT Spotlight Taipei Times
2000_Feb-23: SingTel to Create Net Firm The Straits Times
2000_Feb-23: Venture Fund's Investments Surge The Straits Times
2000_Feb-23: Govt to Set up $10b Development Fund The Straits Times
2000_Feb-23: Korean Electronics Firms Racing to CeBIT 2000 Korea Times
2000_Feb-23: Samsung to Supply Marine Digital Control Systems to Ratheon Korea Times
2000_Feb-23: Via, AMD Bring out Cheap Chips CNET news.com
2000_Feb-23: Personal-Data Sites May Have to Register South China Morning Post
2000_Feb-23: SUNeVision Targets Chinese Medicine South China Morning Post
2000_Feb-23: IMT-2000 Users to Outnumber Regular Mobile Phone Service Users in 2006 Korea Herald
2000_Feb-23: Local Internet Sites Found Lax about Privacy Korea Herald
2000_Feb-23: Samsung to Supply ADSL Equipment to Korea Telecom Korea Herald
2000_Feb-22: Silicon Valley Dream Remote from Reality South China Morning Post
2000_Feb-22: New Plants Boost Singapore's Chip Sector South China Morning Post
2000_Feb-22: Y2K Experts Ready to Leap South China Morning Post
2000_Feb-22: Plan for Laptops Instead of School Books in Malaysia South China Morning Post
2000_Feb-22: Profile: Gururaj Deshpande ft.com
2000_Feb-22: MediaRing.com Ventures into Australia CNET Singapore
2000_Feb-22: Aussino.com to Raise S$14m in IPO CNET Singapore
2000_Feb-22: Telstra Denies Free Net Access Report Fairfax IT
2000_Feb-22: Hotels Group Pays $1.4m for Technology Service Provider Fairfax IT
2000_Feb-22: Putting the Dot into Dotcom Taipei Times
2000_Feb-21: Via Fires Back at Intel, Readies New Chip CNET News.com
2000_Feb-21: Electronics Companies Embrace E-Commerce Korea Herald
2000_Feb-21: LG Breaks Ground for New PC Display Plant in China Korea Herald
2000_Feb-21: Qualcomm signs HDR license accord with LGIC Korea Herald
2000_Feb-21: Asia B2B to Reach US$1 Trillion in 2004 - Gartner South China Morning Post
2000_Feb-21: China Unicom to Connect to Asian Internet Backbone South China Morning Post
2000_Feb-21: Lycos Asia, SilkRoute and Partners Start New Net Company CNET Singapore
2000_Feb-21: i-One.net to Sell Groceries Online The Straits Times
2000_Feb-21: Legal Footing to Be Set Up for Internet Broadcasting Korea Times
2000_Feb-21: C&W; Optus, Virgin to Form Joint Mobile Company Fairfax IT
2000_Feb-21: NAB Considers Web Asset Spin-off Fairfax IT
2000_Feb-18: KT, Shinsegi, LG Telecom Jointly Push for WAP-Based Mobile Internet Korea
2000_Feb-18: Times

2000_Feb-18: NSC Plans for the Post-PC Era Taipei Times
2000_Feb-18: Taiwan Stays Top Monitor Maker Taipei Times
2000_Feb-18: PI to Launch ISP Services in M'sia CNET Singapore
2000_Feb-18: Sony Enters S'pore PC, E-commerce Market with Vaio CNET Singapore
2000_Feb-18: China: Pine TechTeams up with Dell to Sell MP3 ft.com
2000_Feb-18: Virgin in Talks to Secure Partner for Mobile-Internet Services South China Morning Post
2000_Feb-17: Sony Files New Suit against Connectix CNET news.com
2000_Feb-17: Firms Backed to Tap Surging PC Market South China Morning Post
2000_Feb-17: Internet PC Program Spurs Growth of Korea's PC Market Korea Herald
2000_Feb-17: LGIC Markets High-Speed Net Gear Korea Herald
2000_Feb-17: Hansol M.com Forms Consortium of IMT-2000 Technical Partners Korea Herald
2000_Feb-17: Apple Adds Australia to Key Market Sphere Fairfax IT
2000_Feb-17: Breakthrough Seen in Flat-Screen Computer Problems Fairfax IT
2000_Feb-17: Pact Establishes Cellular Network China Daily
2000_Feb-17: High-Tech Export Product List Aired China Daily
2000_Feb-17: Taipei Book Fair Seeks Synergy with Electronic Media Taipei Times
2000_Feb-17: Dell Makes US$1m a Day in AP Sales CNET Singapore
2000_Feb-17: IDA Seeks Views on Telco Regulatory Issues CNET Singapore
2000_Feb-16: Phone Banking Goes Mobile China Daily
2000_Feb-16: This Is the Year of Broadband Fairfax IT
2000_Feb-16: E-Commerce to Cover 8 Industries Korea Times
2000_Feb-16: Taiwanese Chipmakers Soar on Strong Demand CNET news.com
2000_Feb-16: Virgin in Singapore Venture ft.com
2000_Feb-16: IBM Taps E-Commerce Growth South China Morning Post
2000_Feb-16: Korea to Set up E-Commerce Backbone to Support Manufacturing Industries Korea Herald
2000_Feb-16: High-speed Internet to Be Available in New Buildings Korea Herald
2000_Feb-15: Gov't to Set Up 1 Tril. Won Venture Fund Korea Times
2000_Feb-15: Picture Perfect Taipei Times
2000_Feb-15: IT Capital Lifts Exo-net Stake The Press
2000_Feb-14: Via Set to Unveil Intel Processor Competitor CNET News.com
2000_Feb-14: Softbank in Deal with IFC ft.com
2000_Feb-14: Where Money Meets Youth ft.com
2000_Feb-14: Pacific Internet Enters China, Ties up with IBM South China Morning Post
2000_Feb-14: Growing Number of Large Enterprises Rushing into Web Casting Market Korea Herald
2000_Feb-14: Domestic Firm Develops World's First Laser LCD-Cutting Device Korea Herald
2000_Feb-14: Mobile Phone Users Top 24 Million in Jan. Korea Herald
2000_Feb-14: Investors Likely to Stay away from the Market Jakarta Post
2000_Feb-14: Hot-Fax Hits Hong Kong IT Daily
2000_Feb-14: Ninemsn Llinks with ExpansiveNew Host Finance News
2000_Feb-10: Yahoo! Shores up Japanese Defences after US Attack South China Morning Post
2000_Feb-10: Dacom Markets E-Commerce Solutions Korea Herald
2000_Feb-10: LGIC Ships CDMA Equipment to Japan Korea Herald
2000_Feb-10: Guidelines Set to Protect E-Commerce Users Korea Herald
2000_Feb-10: Pacific Internet, IBM in US$10m Alliance CNET Singapore
2000_Feb-10: Natsteel Acquires NEC America Facility for US$200m CNET Singapore
2000_Feb-10: US Company Plans A$41.6m Australian IPO Fairfax IT
2000_Feb-10: Telstra Moots Decision on CDMA Early Rollout Fairfax IT
2000_Feb-10: Wireless Internet Market Heats Up Korea Times
2000_Feb-10: Kookmin, Yahoo! Agree on Strategic Ties Korea Times
2000_Feb-10: Johor Noodle Firm to Start Online Trade The Star
2000_Feb-10: RM650m Celcom Job for Ericsson The Star
2000_Feb-8: Korean Firms Scramble to Enter Chinese CDMA Market Korea Times
2000_Feb-8: KT-Freetel Offers Virtual Horseracing Korea Herald
2000_Feb-8: Korea to Make Telecom Satellite with Own Technology by 2005 Korea Herald
2000_Feb-8: Cyber Venture Incubating Service Launched Korea Herald
2000_Feb-8: Telstra Launches High-Definition TV Platform Fairfax IT
2000_Feb-8: Power Cuts Leave Online Retailers Feeling Flat Fairfax IT
2000_Feb-8: PI, Asiacontent.com in Content Deal CNET Singapore
2000_Feb-8: Far East Forms Venture with Software Leader South China Morning Post
2000_Feb-8: Information Development a Catalyst for Change South China Morning Post
2000_Feb-7: Hackers Form Venture Firm to Fight Computer Crime Korea Herald
2000_Feb-7: KOSDAQ Web Site to Allow Real Time Trades Korea Herald
2000_Feb-7: Indian Dealers Enter E-Trading with Caution South China Morning Post
2000_Feb-7: DoCoMo Plots 'Friendly' Global Expansion South China Morning Post
2000_Feb-7: S'pore minister: SingTel-C&W; HKT Deal Not Our Idea CNET Singapore
2000_Feb-7: SingTel-M1 SMS Interconnect SVC to Launch End Feb CNET Singapore
2000_Feb-7: Preparations for IMT-2000 Licensing Process Kick Off Korea Times
2000_Feb-7: Telstra Fights on OzEmail Fairfax IT
2000_Feb-7: ACCC to Study AOL-Time Merger Australian Impact Fairfax IT
2000_Feb-4: Toyota Denies Proposal for Online Sale, GM Partnership CNET News.com
2000_Feb-4: Samsung Electro-Mechanics Enters Internet Phone Market South China Morning Post
2000_Feb-4: Korea Telecom Opens Internet Shopping Mall Korea Herald
2000_Feb-4: S'pore Govt Lifts Half-Life Ban CNET Singapore
2000_Feb-4: Local Messaging Startup 2bsure.com to Go IPO in 15 Mths CNET Singapore
2000_Feb-4: Telstra, India's NIIT form Services Alliance Fairfax IT
2000_Feb-4: ANZ Sides with Microsoft's Windows 2000 Fairfax IT
2000_Feb-4: Webcast Firms Oppose Gov't Regulation of Online Content Korea times
2000_Feb-3: Online Trading Systems Forms Virtual Venture Fairfax IT
2000_Feb-3: Telstra Seeks Higher Universal Service Cost Cap Fairfax IT
2000_Feb-3: Singapore's Economy Seen Boosted by Telecom Overhaul CNET Singapore
2000_Feb-3: WebOffice Makes S$1m Sales, Expands CNET Singapore
2000_Feb-3: ICBC Plans to Boost Its Web Profile Taipei Times
2000_Feb-3: Korean Firms to Benefit From China-Qualcomm's CDMA Deal Korea Times
2000_Feb-3: Clinton Frees up Computer Exports South China Morning Post
2000_Feb-3: PSINet Uses Satellites to Beat Net Congestion South China Morning Post
2000_Feb-3: Ban on Bets via Internet 'Impossible' South China Morning Post
2000_Feb-3: Goldman Sachs Invests in Local Net Firm Korea Herald
2000_Feb-3: Video Pay Phones to Debut for Test Run Korea Herald
2000_Feb-2: IDA Lifts Licensing Fee, to Save Telcos Between S$50k to S$10m CNET Singapore
2000_Feb-2: KPMG Boss Joins S'pore Start-up i-DNS.Net CNET Singapore
2000_Feb-2: Acer Shares Strategy for IA Market Taipei Times
2000_Feb-2: Watchdog to Scrutinise Telstra CDMA Rollout Fairfax IT
2000_Feb-2: Internet Boom Threatens to Widen Gap for Poor Fairfax IT
2000_Feb-2: Chip Exports to Reach $23.5 Bil. This Year, Up 16 Pct Korea Times
2000_Feb-2: Shanghai Shuts Doors on Unlicensed Net Cafes CNET News.com
2000_Feb-2: Compaq's Asian Sales Soar 64 Pct. to Near Pre-Crisis Mark South China Morning Post
2000_Feb-2: Billing Link for e-New Media, China Telecom South China Morning Post
2000_Feb-2: Microsoft Joins Indonesian Portal Venture South China Morning Post
2000_Feb-2: Portal Service Provider Daum Enters Internet Finance Market Korea Herald
2000_Feb-1: No Disk Drive Plant Shutdowns After CNY, Says Seagate CNET Singapore
2000_Feb-1: NZ Government Pulls Plug on Digital TV Fairfax IT
2000_Feb-1: Supply Chain Technologies Bring 300pc Return: Survey Fairfax IT
2000_Feb-1: LG Announces Ambitious Display Project
Digital Chosun
2000_Feb-1: Net Firms Deal with Pitfalls of Expanding in Asia CNET News.com
2000_Feb-1: PC Sales Surge in Japan CNET News.com
2000_Feb-1: Business Races to Meet Net Code Law South China Morning Post
2000_Feb-1: CCT Has High Hopes for Chinese Site South China Morning Post
2000_Feb-1: Ministry to Lead Formation of Standards Forums for Web Korea Herald


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