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2000_Mar-29: Bejing Has Internet in Its Pocket China Daily
2000_Mar-29: MediaRing.com Dials Up China The Straits Times
2000_Mar-29: Racing a Clock to Buy and Sell on the Internet The Straits Times
2000_Mar-29: Web Portal to House Online Trade Activities The Straits Times
2000_Mar-29: Fashion Show Highlights Wearable Technology Fairfax IT
2000_Mar-29: Microsoft Upgrades Support for Australian Clients Fairfax IT
2000_Mar-29: Next-Generation Internet Network to Be Set Up by 2005 Korea Times
2000_Mar-29: Casual Attire, Jeans OK for LG Electronics Employees Korea Times
2000_Mar-29: Rights of Online Service Users To Be Enhanced Korea Herald
2000_Mar-28: More Asian News on the Net
2000_Mar-27: MPH Online Goes on $3.5 Mil. Ad Spree The Straits Times
2000_Mar-27: Govt to Decide on Telecom Payouts Soon The Straits Times
2000_Mar-27: Samsung Electronics Emerges as World's 4th Largest Chipmaker Korea Times
2000_Mar-27: Wales Development Agency Launches Korean Website Korea Times
2000_Mar-27: IT&e; forms South-East Asian Joint Venture Fairfax IT
2000_Mar-27: Women Workers Waste More Time Surfing the Net Fairfax IT
2000_Mar-27: IBM Singapore Director Splits for Start-Up CNET News.com
2000_Mar-27: Rambus Seeks Ban on Dreamcast Imports CNET News.com
2000_Mar-27: Ccid Aims to Head IT Web Ranks South China Morning Post
2000_Mar-27: Yuxing Infotech to Lift Offshore Partnership in IT South China Morning Post
2000_Mar-27: China Looks to Bridge IT Divide South China Morning Post
2000_Mar-27: B2C E-Commerce on Rise in Korea Korea Herald
2000_Mar-27: Haansoft Gets $50 Mil. in Foreign Investment Korea Herald
2000_Mar-27: Daewoo Motor to Start Internet Car Sales in May Korea Herald
2000_Mar-27: E.Digital Announces Agreement to License Sony's Prprietary ATRAC3 for Portable Internet Music Player Designs Preess Release
2000_Mar-27: Nokia to supply GSM 1800 Network to Chongqing Mobile Telecommunications in China Preess Release
2000_Mar-24: Taitronics Ripped Apart by Bombs -- on DVD Taipei Times
2000_Mar-24: SP to Try out Telecom Services via Power Cables Taipei Times
2000_Mar-24: OCBC Bank Joins Global E-Trade System The Straits Times
2000_Mar-24: Australia Joins Worldwide Hunt for Net Scams Fairfax IT
2000_Mar-24: IT Set to Change Industry as We Know It Fairfax IT
2000_Mar-24: Australian Mobile Phone Users Could Hit 9m: Analyst Fairfax IT
2000_Mar-24: Bell Labs Opens Office in Beijing China Daily
2000_Mar-24: Port City Boosts Hi-Tech China Daily
2000_Mar-24: Chinese Watchdog Goes Online South China Morning Post
2000_Mar-24: Ccid Aims to Head IT Web Ranks South China Morning Post
2000_Mar-24: Asian Telecommunications Firms Rush into Broadband Korea Herald
2000_Mar-24: Samsung Aerospace Changes Name to Samsung Techwin Korea Herald
2000_Mar-24: Sharp and Sony Jointly Develop Small Size High Density Magneto Optical (MO) Disc Press Release
2000_Mar-24: QUALCOMM Extends Hitachi's CDMA License for 3G Press Release

2000_Mar-23: Telecom Firm Gets Large Bank Loan China Daily
2000_Mar-23: Cash Value of S'pore Dot.Com Goes ballistic The Straits Times
2000_Mar-23: Mobile Internet: Is it WAP we Want? Fairfax IT
2000_Mar-23: Iridium Prepares for Fireworks Fairfax IT
2000_Mar-23: Ritz-Carlton Eyes Internet Connection Market for Business Korea Times
2000_Mar-23: KTIC to Set Up $60 Million Info-Tech Fund With Qualcomm Korea Times
2000_Mar-23: Cyber Agent IPO Seen Boost for Japan Net Shares
2000_Mar-23: Samsung Brokerage in Greater China Push South China Morning Post
2000_Mar-23: Comtel Telecom Adds Internet Telephony to New 'Mouse Phone' Korea Herald
2000_Mar-23: Three IT News Services Share News, Contents Korea Herald

2000_Mar-22: NEL to Pay $274 Mil. for Illinois Plant The Straits Times
2000_Mar-22: Business as Usual at 3Com's S'pore Unit The Straits Times
2000_Mar-22: Stanchart, PacNet in Net Banking Pact The Straits Times
2000_Mar-22: Korea Technology, Qualcomm to Raise US$60 Million Fund Digital Chosun
2000_Mar-22: Incubator Nurtures Internet Companies China Daily
2000_Mar-22: Architect Designs Telstra E-Future Fairfax IT
2000_Mar-22: Davnet in Distributor Agreement with Jolt Fairfax IT
2000_Mar-22: Japan Inc's Internet Crusader ft.com
2000_Mar-22: Beijing to Step up Net Curbs ft.com
2000_Mar-22: HP Re-Focus for Second Billion South China Morning Post
2000_Mar-22: Hotrade Eyes Share of On-Line Market South China Morning Post
2000_Mar-22: Internet Portal myAladdin.com to Be Launched Soon in Korea Korea Herald
2000_Mar-22: Standard Telecom Makes Inroads into China Market Korea Herald
2000_Mar-22: Seoul to Host Global Linux 2000 in June Korea Herald
2000_Mar-22: TSMC Unveils Design Service Alliance Press Release
2000_Mar-22: Hitachi-UMC 300mm Joint Venture Company Established as Trecenti Technologies Press Release
2000_Mar-22: Nokia announces world's first GPRS roaming between M1 Singapore and Cable and Wireless HKT Mobile Services, Hong Kong Press Release

2000_Mar-21: Market Shows Mild Jitters over Taiwan Election CNET news.com
2000_Mar-21: Japan Giant NTT Eyes U.S. Expansion CNET news.com
2000_Mar-21: Investment Rules Set by Mid-Year South China Morning Post
2000_Mar-21: Chip Stocks on Rollercoaster over Taiwan Election South China Morning Post
2000_Mar-21: HancomLinux Develops Chinese Word Processor Korea Herald
2000_Mar-21: LG Begins Production of Key LCD Parts Korea Herald
2000_Mar-17: Blueprint for an E-Business The Straits Times
2000_Mar-17: Telecom Ad Spending Surges before April 1 The Straits Times
2000_Mar-17: Seminar to Lure Telecom Investors China Daily
2000_Mar-17: Advertisers to Spend $100m for Your Click Fairfax IT
2000_Mar-17: Australian Company Wins Nortel Internet Phone Contract Fairfax IT
2000_Mar-17: Telstra Enters Insurance E-Commerce Business Fairfax IT
2000_Mar-17: SK Global Markets Visualize NT Workstation Korea Times
2000_Mar-17: New Device Lets Users Talk, See on TV Korea Times
2000_Mar-17: WTO Entry Could Force Parks to Shut South China Morning Post
2000_Mar-17: Fibre-Optics Network to Further Boost Citic South China Morning Post
2000_Mar-17: Net Commerce Expo Opens for Four-Day Run Korea Herald
2000_Mar-17: Serome Technology, Naver.com Plan Merger to Create Mega Internet Firm Korea Herald
2000_Mar-17: Internet Notebook PCs Due Late This Month Korea Herald
2000_Mar-17: Internet Fever among Mothers Fanning Growth of Web Users Korea Herald
2000_Mar-17: Hansol M.com Invests in Taiwan's Vacom Korea Herald
2000_Mar-17: SK Global to Supply Hewlett Packard Workstations Korea Herald

2000_Mar-15: Microsoft Buys Stake in Malaysian TV Network CNET news.com
2000_Mar-15: TD Waterhouse, HKT Seal Deal South China Morning Post
2000_Mar-15: UK Firm Forms SAR Alliance to Set up E-Commerce Incubator South China Morning Post
2000_Mar-15: Internet Users Surpass 11.3 Million Korea Herald
2000_Mar-15: LG TeleCom forms alliance with DreamWiz Korea Herald
2000_Mar-15: Korea Telecom Establishes IMT-2000 System Standard Korea Herald
2000_Mar-15: India's Software Leader Sets up S'pore Centre The Straits Times
2000_Mar-15: Microsoft, Andersen Ink $1.7b Deal The Straits Times
2000_Mar-15: Times Pub Launches Portal for Builders The Straits Times
2000_Mar-15: Exhibition to Bolster IT Sector China Daily
2000_Mar-15: High Tech Sparks Foreign Trade China Daily
2000_Mar-15: Bio-Firm May be First to List Taipei Times
2000_Mar-15: Telstra Pursues Internet Options Fairfax IT
2000_Mar-15: Telstra, Microsoft Join Forces in Software Rental Trial Fairfax IT
2000_Mar-15: DoubleClick Brings Internet Advertising Solutions to Korea Korea Times

2000_Mar-14: Broadband Access Excitement Spreads to Equipment Makers Taipei Times
2000_Mar-14: Just Talk Taipei Times
2000_Mar-14: Konka Eyes Developing Regions in the West China Daily
2000_Mar-14: Newcomer Expects 9% Market Share The Straits Times
2000_Mar-14: 3G Network Upgrade Could Cost M1 $1.5b The Straits Times
2000_Mar-14: SingTel Services Just a Click Away The Straits Times
2000_Mar-14: DVD Ready to Break Out of the Lounge Fairfax IT
2000_Mar-14: Making the Most of Your Memory Fairfax IT

2000_Mar-13: Pundits to Float Ideas on the West China Daily
2000_Mar-13: Hyundai Development Builds Intelligence Into 'I.Tower' Korea Times
2000_Mar-13: 210,000 More Info-Tech Professionals Needed by 2004 Korea Times
2000_Mar-13: Open Acquires Wireless Software Developer Fairfax IT
2000_Mar-13: Murdoch Eyes India's IT Sector, Promises 'Millions' Fairfax IT
2000_Mar-13: SingTel Mobile Offers Share Trading through Mobile Phones The Straits Times
2000_Mar-10: Asian Telecoms Are Next in Line ft.com
2000_Mar-10: CyberWorks Talks on Taiwan Hook-up South China Morning Post
2000_Mar-10: New T&T; Joins Web Monitor South China Morning Post
2000_Mar-10: Web Leaders Preach the Net-Faith Taipei Times
2000_Mar-10: eCorpServe Joins Forces with IBM Taipei Times
2000_Mar-10: M1 and PacNet to Apply for Telco Licences The Straits Times
2000_Mar-10: SK Telecom Sees Little Problem in Acquiring Shinsegi Korea Times
2000_Mar-10: Cybercard to Make Online Trading Easier Korea Times
2000_Mar-10: Spike Seeks Radio Partner Fairfax IT
2000_Mar-10: NewTel Seeks $59.5m for China Kick-Start Fairfax IT

2000_Mar-9: Qualcomm, Softbank Back Wireless Investment Firm CNET News.com
2000_Mar-9: Plans Laid for Leap to 'K-economy' South China Morning Post
2000_Mar-9: Aeon Links with HKNet South China Morning Post
2000_Mar-9: Firms' E-Business Investments Likely to Rise 61 Pct. Korea Herald
2000_Mar-9: Pidemco Plans 'Wireless' Buildings The Straits Times
2000_Mar-9: Two Portals for One Trade Finance System The Straits Times
2000_Mar-9: CA Gets into Local Joint Venture Taipei Times
2000_Mar-9: C&W; Optus Considering Media Joint Ventures Fairfax IT
2000_Mar-9: ComOps Expands E-Commerce Reach Fairfax IT
2000_Mar-9: LG Introduces CD Recorder Korea Times
2000_Mar-9: Dkims Brings Small Internet Sites Closer to Advertisers Korea Times

2000_Mar-8: Goldman at Head of Chinaren.com Move South China Morning Post
2000_Mar-8: Gwcom Courts IBM, Palm for Alliance South China Morning Post
2000_Mar-8: Ex-Trade Official Named Head of Cyber Crime Unit South China Morning Post
2000_Mar-8: Windows 2000 Launched in Korea Korea Herald
2000_Mar-8: Hansol M.com, Goldbank Team up for E-Cash Korea Herald
2000_Mar-8: Samsung Moves into Net Solution Business Korea Herald
2000_Mar-8: NSB Web Sites Attacked Taipei Times
2000_Mar-8: Chunghwa Taps Redback Taipei Times
2000_Mar-8: Korean Windows 2000 Promises Big Returns for Business Internet Korea Times
2000_Mar-8: PDP TV Gaining Booming Popularity Korea Times
2000_Mar-8: Ihug Acquires Two ISPs Look to Further Growth Fairfax IT
2000_Mar-8: Telstra to Shed 10,000 Jobs within Two Years Fairfax IT
2000_Mar-8: US-Based Sakon Can Offer International Call Services The Straits Times
2000_Mar-7: Bank Lends Support to High-Tech Future China Daily
2000_Mar-7: Microsoft Launches into Pakistan China Daily
2000_Mar-7: Bringing Fabs to Clients on the Net Taipei Times
2000_Mar-7: SingTel May Reconsider HKT Merger Pullout CNET Singapore
2000_Mar-7: Bank Loans Via Internet Rising Sharply Korea Times
2000_Mar-7: Hanaro Telecom, Tongyang Merchant Bank to Set Up Cyber Bank Korea Times
2000_Mar-7: Vodafone Moves Forward on High-Speed Internet Access Fairfax IT
2000_Mar-7: News Corp, Rockwell Collins to Establish In-Flight Network Fairfax IT
2000_Mar-7: Net Stocks Propel Hang Seng to Record High South China Morning Post
2000_Mar-7: Sunevision Tackled on Name and Logo South China Morning Post
2000_Mar-7: Hongkong.com Earmarks $495 Mil. for Ads, Marketing South China Morning Post
2000_Mar-7: Windows 2000 to Boost Shares of Software Firms Korea Herald
2000_Mar-7: MIC to Invest 71 Billion Won in ASIC Korea Herald
2000_Mar-6: Police Step up War on Cyber Crime ]South China Morning Post
2000_Mar-6: On-Line Payment Hampers Chinese E-Commerce South China Morning Post
2000_Mar-6: Online Stock Trading at Big Five Brokerages Exceeds W100 Trillion Korea Herald
2000_Mar-6: KT-Hitel, CA Sign Contract for Application Service Joint Venture Korea Herald
2000_Mar-6: South-North Joint Software Development Center to Open in Beijing, Samsung Says Korea Herald
2000_Mar-6: China to Foster IT Giants China Daily
2000_Mar-6: Wiring Buildings More Efficiently The Straits Times
2000_Mar-6: Proposed Award Recognises Risk-Taking Technopreneurs The Straits Times
2000_Mar-6: CA, KT Hitel Form Joint Venture for Internet Applications Korea Times
2000_Mar-6: Hansol CSN, Samsung Battle in Cyber Mall Korea Times
2000_Mar-6: Samsung, Hyundai Due for Windfall as DRAM Prices Recover Quickly Korea Times
2000_Mar-6: BHP to Focus on E-Commerce Opportunities Fairfax IT
2000_Mar-3: MediaRing's Loss Balloons to $26m The Straits Times
2000_Mar-3: DBS Bank, SingTech in B2B Website Venture The Straits Times
2000_Mar-3: PacNet Plans Listing for E-Business Arm The Straits Times
2000_Mar-3: China Telecom Switched on to E-Commerce China Daily
2000_Mar-3: Plessey to Install Microwave Telecoms System in Laos Fairfax IT
2000_Mar-3: AGL Flags Internet Opportunities as Earnings Grow Fairfax IT
2000_Mar-3: Mitsui Joins Broking Giants in Japan's First On-Line Network South China Morning Post
2000_Mar-3: Cellular Service Charges to Be Cut 16 Pct. Due to Public Outcry Korea Herald

2000_Mar-2: Tiered Pricing No Magic Wand for Cable TV Taipei Times
2000_Mar-2: SingTel "Changed Mind about Merger of Equals" The Straits Times
2000_Mar-2: Korea Recorded 10.2 Pct Growth in 1999 Korea Times
2000_Mar-2: LG Electronics Carves Out No. 1 Digital TV Market Share in Britain Korea Times
2000_Mar-2: Australia Adds to Record Server Sale Revenues Fairfax IT
2000_Mar-2: Datafast Brings Broadband Link up to Speed Fairfax IT
2000_Mar-2: US Site to Bring WAP Net Service South China Morning Post
2000_Mar-2: Year of Internet Leaders Looms South China Morning Post
2000_Mar-2: Revenue from Wireless Communication to Surpass That of Fixed-Line Services Korea Herald
2000_Mar-2: Mergers and Acquisitions to Sweep Local Internet Sector in Second Half Korea Herald
2000_Mar-2: LGIC Exports $150 Mil. Worth of Phones to Sprint Korea Herald
2000_Mar-2: DisplaySearch: Digital LCD Monitor Shipments Soar in Q4 Press Release

2000_Mar-1: SingTel May Yet End up a Big Winner The Straits Times
2000_Mar-1: Relaunch Boosts AsiaOne's Growth 30 Pct. The Straits Times
2000_Mar-1: Yahoo! to Invest $ 60 Mil.In Yahoo! Korea Korea Times
2000_Mar-1: Banks Focus on Improving Internet Services Korea Times
2000_Mar-1: Telstra Expands GSM Mobile Phone Prefixes Fairfax IT
2000_Mar-1: Murdoch Makes $1b SingTel Deal without Paying a Cent Fairfax IT
2000_Mar-1: Hutchison Seals Broking Venture with DLJdirect South China Morning Post
2000_Mar-1: Online 7-Eleven Joint Venture Targets Elderly Nursing Market South China Morning Post
2000_Mar-1: Markets Pass Leap-Year Test South China Morning Post
2000_Mar-1: Korea, Japan, China to Push for Native-Language Domain Standards Korea Herald
2000_Mar-1: No Leap Year Bugs Reported in Korean Networks Korea Herald
2000_Mar-1: Thrunet Signs Agreement with Cisco Systems Korea Herald


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