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2000_May-31: DoCoMo Buying VoiceStream Stake South China Morning Post
2000_May-31: Intel Stock Trade Reflects Faith South China Morning Post
2000_May-31: Japan Faces Fresh Local Outcry South China Morning Post
2000_May-31: Hyperlink Spat Erupts South China Morning Post
2000_May-31: Daewoo Corp. Launches Trading 'Vortal' Korea Herald
2000_May-31: Namo to Export Homepage Tools to China, Taiwan Korea Herald
2000_May-31: Hanaro Opens VoIP Network to Resellers Korea Herald
2000_May-31: PCBankn.com, Samsung to Enter Asian Net Market Korea Herald
2000_May-31: AsiaOne Career Website Attracts Postings from MNCs The Straits Times
2000_May-31: Internet Miners Dig in as Dot-Com Hopes are Buried Fairfax IT
2000_May-31: ASIC Changes Focus Towards Internet Crime Fairfax IT
2000_May-31: Online Gaming Company GOCORP Goes Live, Escapes Moratorium Fairfax IT
2000_May-31: LG Electronics, LGIC Merger in the Works Digital Chosun
2000_May-30: HK Faces Shenzhen Cyber Challenge South China Morning Post
2000_May-30: Dell Hopes HK Listing will Lift Asia Exposure
South China Morning Post
2000_May-30: China Sales Surge 11 Pct. on Back of Net Wave South China Morning Post
2000_May-30: LG.Philips Kicks off Production of Next-Generation TFT-LCDs Korea Herald
2000_May-30: China Backs Portal Listing ft.com
2000_May-30: The Wiring of India The Economist
2000_May-30: SMEs to Receive an NT$600m Boost in Next Year's BudgetTaipei Times
2000_May-30: PSA Likely to Unveil Choice of Advisers Soon The Straits Times
2000_May-30: City Gets High-Tech Business Centre China Daily
2000_May-30: LG Capital, Digital Chosun to Launch New Portal Digital Chosun
2000_May-30: Korea's Pirated Software Ratio Down to 50% Digital Chosun
2000_May-30: Internet Crime Site CrimeNet Plans to Move Offshore Fairfax IT
2000_May-29: Telecoms Firms Back Merit System for 3G Licensing South China Morning Post
2000_May-29: Hi-Tech Money Leads Australia's Rich South China Morning Post
2000_May-29: Microsoft, JobAsia Launch Site South China Morning Post
2000_May-29: China Net Market Uncertain Despite WTO Progress South China Morning Post
2000_May-29: Free Marketing: Developers Giving Software Away to Boost Image Korea Herald
2000_May-29: Korean Internet Users Top 15 Million Korea Herald
2000_May-29: NTT Unveils Robust Figures ft.com
2000_May-29: Korean Firms Struggle with B2B E-Commerce Strategies Korea Times
2000_May-29: Computer Exports to Reach US$15B This Year Korea Times
2000_May-29: UCMS to Raise AU$60M with ASX Listing Fairfax IT
2000_May-29: Ecorp to Launch Online Marketplace for Small Businesses Fairfax IT
2000_May-29: Software Developer Sets up Joint Venture China Daily
2000_May-26: Yahoo, Founder Take Control of HK's MIT South China Morning Post
2000_May-26: New Breed ASPs Set to Boost China's E-Commerce Fortunes South China Morning Post
2000_May-26: New WAP Portal Aims to Roam the World South China Morning Post
2000_May-26: SingTel Mobile Targets North Asia South China Morning Post
2000_May-26: Imports of Internet Equipment on Sharp Rise Korea Herald
2000_May-26: Dot.com Reality Sinking in The Straits Times
2000_May-26: Has Dot.com Love Affair Come to an End? The Straits Times
2000_May-26: Shares at Samsung Electronics See Four-Day Fall Digital Chosun
2000_May-26: Easy Dot.com, Easy Go on Rich List Fairfax IT
2000_May-26: Learning Online Lifts Performance Fairfax IT
2000_May-25: Microsoft's MSN to Invest US$90M in Asia South China Morning Post
2000_May-25: Intel, HKT in Broadband Services Agreement South China Morning Post
2000_May-25: Asian IPOs Hit by Tech Plunge - Expert South China Morning Post
2000_May-25: JP Morgan Plans E-Bond Service South China Morning Post
2000_May-25: China Key Nokia Node South China Morning Post
2000_May-25: Local ISPs Launch B-WLLservice Korea Herald
2000_May-25: SK Global Links Online Shoppers with Counselors Korea Herald
2000_May-25: Bombay Dotcoms Arise ft.com
2000_May-25: DoCoMo Boosted by 'I-Mode' ft.com
2000_May-25: BHP Sells IT Business to CSC in a Deal Worth $215M Fairfax IT
2000_May-25: Melbourne IT Eyeing Buys in Fallen Internet Sector Fairfax IT
2000_May-25: Industry Players Can Digital TV Proposals Fairfax IT
2000_May-25: Catcha Scraps IPO Plans for Now The Straits Times
2000_May-25: Imports Thru E-Commerce on Sharp Rise Korea Times
2000_May-24: Japanese Lead Way in Flat-Panel Displays South China Morning Post
2000_May-24: Cheap LCD Panels Stamp Superiority South China Morning Post
2000_May-24: TSMC Scores Crusoe Chip Breakthrough South China Morning Post
2000_May-24: Firms Need to Be Full of Beans to Compete South China Morning Post
2000_May-24: WAP Hurdle Characteristically Chinese South China Morning Post
2000_May-24: Intel to Ship One Billion Flash Memory Chips by 2002 South China Morning Post
2000_May-24: Nokia Wins US$300M 3G Singapore Deal South China Morning Post
2000_May-24: Carnis Dizi Enters Asian Markets Korea Herald
2000_May-24: L&M; Appoints CyberCity Adviser The Straits Times
2000_May-24: Motorola Plans Marketing Fight to Regain Lead The Straits Times
2000_May-24: StarHub Plans 3G Mobile Network The Straits Times
2000_May-24: Seminar Focuses on High-Tech Development China Daily
2000_May-24: Net Snares More Consumers Each Year: Study Fairfax IT
2000_May-24: Seven Plans Up to 50 Websites Fairfax IT

2000_May-23: Lycos Asia Enters Greater China Portal Fray South China Morning Post
2000_May-23: Shin Unit in Internet Partnership Talks South China Morning Post
2000_May-23: WAP to Be Main Gate to Cyberspace South China Morning Post
2000_May-23: Interpark's Web Auctioning Unit to Open Affiliate in U.S. Korea Herald
2000_May-23: New Net Phone Makes VoIP Calls Easy Korea Herald
2000_May-23: Japanese Mobile Net Access Surpasses PCs ft.com
2000_May-23: Korean Broadband Demand up ft.com
2000_May-23: Cell Phone Firms Sign GPRS Deal Taipei Times
2000_May-23: EPA to Halt Work at UMC, Worldwide Semiconductor Fabs Taipei Times
2000_May-23: 128 DRAM Becomes Main Semiconductor Export Digital Chosun
2000_May-23: PC Market Shows Highest 1Q Growth Digital Chosun
2000_May-23: LG Technology Transfers to Chinese TV Manufacturer Digital Chosun
2000_May-23: Legend Announces 75 Pct. Profit Growth China Daily
2000_May-22: Yahoo! Tied to Red Chip for Listing South China Morning Post
2000_May-22: BT-SmarTone Mobile Tie-up South China Morning Post
2000_May-22: Icon Medialab Details Asia Internet Expansion Plans South China Morning Post
2000_May-22: Microsoft to List in HK on May 31 South China Morning Post
2000_May-22: Securities Firm Launches WAP Service South China Morning Post
2000_May-22: Daum Communications to Start Japanese Network Korea Herald
2000_May-22: LG Exports Flat TV Tech to China Korea Herald
2000_May-22: Korea's Transition to Digital Economy Calls for Massive Investment in IT Korea Herald
2000_May-22: Stock Options the Norm at Dot.Coms The Straits Times
2000_May-22: Chief FinatiQ Thrives on Challenges The Straits Times
2000_May-22: Guangdong Sees Foreign Trade Rise China Daily
2000_May-22: Telecom NZ Renews Interconnection Agreement with Vodafone Fairfax IT
2000_May-22: Net Gambling Licences 'Disgusting': Newman Fairfax IT

2000_May-19: China Hi-Tech Stocks Suffer as WTO Talks Weigh South China Morning Post
2000_May-19: Kyocera Profits Rise Nearly 80 Pct. South China Morning Post
2000_May-19: Unicom Document Reveals New Law's Intent South China Morning Post
2000_May-19: Game Software Shares Seen to Rally in Kosdaq Korea Herald
2000_May-19: Korean Financial Portal Service Provider Advances into Taiwan Korea Herald
2000_May-19: Ericsson Seeks Local Partners for 3G Infrastructure Korea Herald
2000_May-19: Korea's IT trade surplus hits US$2.7 Billion in Q1 Korea Herald
2000_May-19: Chip Demand Buoys Japan ft.com
2000_May-19: To Merge Or Not To Merge -- That's Not the Only Question in Korea ASIAWEEK
2000_May-19: News Corp Seeks Partners for Digital Platform The Straits Times
2000_May-19: Caltex Launches Internet Site for Road Travellers Fairfax IT
2000_May-19: `Low-Technology' Investment to be Allowed in China Taipei Times
2000_May-19: B2B, B2C, Shanghai to E China Daily

2000_May-18: Regulators Sharpen Guidelines in First Step Towards Content Licence South China Morning Post
2000_May-18: HK$135,000 Fine for Angry E-Mailer South China Morning Post
2000_May-18: Eyevision Enters Web Security Solutions Mart Korea Herald
2000_May-18: SK Global Opens Finance Portal Service on Internet Korea Herald
2000_May-18: Daum, Hong Kong Firm Join Hands for Venture Incubating Korea Herald
2000_May-18: Transmeta Awards ASE, TSMC Microchip Order Taipei Times
2000_May-18: Conflict between UMC, Hsinchu Simmers Taipei Times
2000_May-18: Tie-up to Equip Homes with Net Features The Straits Times
2000_May-18: Internet Hosting Facility Offers Easier Way to Web The Straits Times
2000_May-18: Village Ten Online Secures IBM as Technology Partner Fairfax IT
2000_May-17: KGI Shelves Net Trade Commissions South China Morning Post
2000_May-17: E-Pic Networks Launches Chinese Site South China Morning Post
2000_May-17: DRAM Shortage Forecast for Q3 of 2000 Korea Herald
2000_May-17: Korean Firms Supply over 40 Pct. of World TFT-LCDs in Q1 Korea Herald
2000_May-17: Microsoft Project 2000 Goes on Sale in Korea Today Korea Herald
2000_May-17: Samsung to Raise Rambus DRAM Output Korea Herald
2000_May-17: Intel and Mitsubishi in Chip Alliance ft.com
2000_May-17: Optus Says 3G 'Overvalued' ft.com
2000_May-17: Last Supper -- Asian Internet Boom Runs the Risk of Being over before It Really Began ASIANOW
2000_May-17: Arima Hit by Notebook PC Consolidation Taipei Times
2000_May-17: Census to Be Computerized China Daily
2000_May-17: Parts Shortage Still Hurting Manufacturers The Straits Times
2000_May-17: AsiaOne Blazes Trail with Online Tranche The Straits Times
2000_May-17: Will the Real Dummy Please Stand up? Fairfax IT

2000_May-16: Beijing Shuts Web Site after Report on Graft South China Morning Post
2000_May-16: Alibaba Banks on Surviving Storm South China Morning Post
2000_May-16: China Netcom in US$2.5B Spree South China Morning Post
2000_May-16: Handysoft to Supply Software to U.S. Government Institute Korea Herald
2000_May-16: AltaVista to Acquire Pyungchang to Enter Korean Market Korea Herald
2000_May-16: Korean Sites Make Big Jump in Global Web Traffic Ranking Korea Herald
2000_May-16: Japan Stiffens Mobile Phones Emissions Rules Korea Herald
2000_May-16: Taiwan Says Hello to Tomorrow Taipei Times
2000_May-16: Part of AsiaOne IPO via Net The Straits Times
2000_May-16: Keppel TatLee Will Treble High-Tech Fund to S$150M The Straits Times
2000_May-16: Manufacturing Firms Eager to Polish Image by Adopting High-Tech English Names Korea Times
2000_May-16: Cybersquatters Seeking Domain Address Related to NK Theme Korea Times
2000_May-16: Telstra, KPN to Form Satellite Joint Venture Fairfax IT

2000_May-15: Intel Flaw Highlights Taiwan PC Firms' Supply Woes South China Morning Post
2000_May-15: More Options Available for Free Internet Phone Service in Korea Korea Herald
2000_May-15: Korean Venture Firm Develops Internet, Digital TV Set-Top Box Korea Herald
2000_May-15: Korea's Cellular Phone Exports Surpass White Home Appliances Korea Herald
2000_May-15: KAIST to Hold Hacking Contest Korea Herald
2000_May-15: Cutting off NTT The Economist
2000_May-15: Motorola Eyes China CNNfn
2000_May-15: Good Content Is Not Enough The Straits Times
2000_May-15: Telecom NZ Suspends 2 Percent per Minute Internet Use Charge Fairfax IT
2000_May-15: Nanhai Encourages High-Tech Industry
China Daily
2000_May-15: Major B2B Network to Be Set Up for Small Businesses Digital Chosun
2000_May-12: Officials Red-Faced over Slow Start for Scheme South China Morning Post
2000_May-12: US Customs Chief Applauds HK for Piracy Fight South China Morning Post
2000_May-12: New Headset Offers Extended Virtual Image for Cell Phones Korea Herald
2000_May-12: Telecom Firms' Sales Revenue Grows Korea Herald
2000_May-12: SK Telecom to Offer Broadband Net Service Korea Herald
2000_May-12: High-Tech Should Stay Here: Lin Taipei Times
2000_May-12: US Decides to Cut Anti-Dumping Tax on Taiwan SRAMs Taipei Times
2000_May-12: CityDev, Far East Units in Net Venture The Straits Times
2000_May-12: CM Telecom Set for Revamp The Straits Times
2000_May-12: Internet Law Threat to TV Fairfax IT
2000_May-11: SG on-line forex service targets retail investorsSouth China Morning Post
2000_May-11: Taiwan's Nan Ya Tech plans wafer plantSouth China Morning Post
2000_May-11: Star East arm launches e-commerce platform, plans Jackie Chan siteSouth China Morning Post
2000_May-11: LG Group becomes largest shareholder of Hanaro TelecomKorea Herald
2000_May-11: Three telecom giants see their operational profits jumpKorea Herald
2000_May-11: Commerce minister proposes Korea-U.S. e-commerce networkKorea Herald
2000_May-10: DoCoMo in KPN Mobile Tie CNNfn
2000_May-10: Trading Companies Urged to Shift Focus South China Morning Post
2000_May-10: ELiren Jostles into Women's Arena South China Morning Post
2000_May-10: PC Exports Surge 121 Pct. in 1st Quarter Korea Herald
2000_May-10: Internet Portal Services Report Strong Growth in Ad Revenue Korea Herald
2000_May-10: Compaq Plans to Invest US$100 Mil. in Korean Firms Korea Herald
2000_May-10: Korean, Taiwanese Firms Sign E-Commerce Alliance Korea Herald
2000_May-10: Component Makers Fight for Power in Chip Race Taipei Times
2000_May-10: Computer Exports Sharply Increase Korea Times
2000_May-10: KT Freetel Unveils Cable-Free Wireless Internet Connection Service Korea Times
2000_May-10: Dongbu Group to Advance to Semiconductor Business Korea Times
2000_May-10: Retailer Shells out for Peapod Source Code Rights Fairfax IT

2000_May-9: Asia in Need of Proper Web Audit Methods South China Morning Post
2000_May-9: Mobile Commerce Poised for Lift-Off in Asia South China Morning Post
2000_May-9: Qualcomm Plans to Bid for 3G Mobile Licence in Face of DDI's Indecision South China Morning Post
2000_May-9: New Version of Hangul to Be Launched in June Korea Herald
2000_May-9: JDS Uniphase in China Deal ft.com
2000_May-9: Sony Shifts Its Focus ft.com
2000_May-9: Toshiba to Invest in Israel ft.com
2000_May-9: PSA Sets up Online Subsidiary The Straits Times
2000_May-9: Keppel Treads E-Business Path The Straits Times
2000_May-9: US-Based Akrion Sets up $18m Lab The Straits Times
2000_May-9: Powertel Transfers Mobile Customers to Vodafone Fairfax IT
2000_May-9: Computer Misprint Blamed for M5 Tolls Bungle Fairfax IT
2000_May-9: `Digital Kids' Go to Corporate Boardroom in Web Age Korea Times
2000_May-8: HKMA Says Virtual Banks Need HK Presence, Prudence South China Morning Post
2000_May-8: WAP Service Seen Bringing Cell Firms Strong Incomes South China Morning Post
2000_May-8: Consortium Sees LAN Future Paved with Fiber South China Morning Post
2000_May-8: 58 Pct. of Koreans Own Mobile Phone Korea Herald
2000_May-8: Chae Seung-yong Named Head of PSINet Korea Korea Herald
2000_May-8: Chinese Telecom Delegation in Seoul to Look at IMT-2000 Developments Korea Herald
2000_May-8: China-Taiwan Conflict Poses Threat to Global Electronics Industry CNNfn
2000_May-8: Love Bug Suspect 'a Woman' BBC WORLD
2000_May-8: Small Business Solution Taipei Times
2000_May-8: Major Jump into High Speed Delivery Services Digital Chosun
2000_May-8: Samsung to Market 256M Flash Memory Digital Chosun
2000_May-5: 3M Inks Deal with 14 Local Companies Taipei Times
2000_May-5: Port Infor to Be Offered in 4 Languages Korea Times
2000_May-5: KNOC to Launch B2B Site on Internet to Facilitate Oil Trade Korea Times
2000_May-5: Asian Tech Firms Steam Ahead with Listing Plans The Straits Times
2000_May-5: Chip Industry 'Not Slowing Down' The Straits Times
2000_May-5: Telstra to Form Two New Units, Consolidates Business Units Fairfax IT
2000_May-4: SingTel Buys Stake in Thailand Dot.Com The Straits Times
2000_May-4: Thakral to Set up Online Marketplace The Straits Times
2000_May-4: OCBC to Launch Financial Portal The Straits Times
2000_May-4: Research Now, New Tech Later China Daily
2000_May-4: Cell Phone Use Subsidies for Listening to Ads
Digital Chosun
2000_May-4: GPS Industries to Be Encouraged Digital Chosun
2000_May-3: Web Will Keep Marine Workers Busy The Straits Times
2000_May-3: Bidding War Hots up for Time dotCom The Straits Times
2000_May-3: Top Indian Group to Expand in Australia Fairfax IT
2000_May-3: Two Charged over Transmission of Spam E-mail Messages Fairfax IT
2000_May-3: World's Largest B2B Venture Launched Digital Chosun

2000_May-2: Games-Maker in Chinese Portal Plan South China Morning Post
2000_May-2: Loan Extension for Hutchison Arm South China Morning Post
2000_May-2: Hanaro Sees Rapid Growth of Broadband Service Korea Herald
2000_May-2: Hanaro to Take Pre-Subscription for IMT-2000 Consortium Shares Korea Herald
2000_May-2: Food Empire Buys 75 Pct. Stake in Website The Straits Times
2000_May-2: Asian Banks Rush into Cyberspace The Straits Times
2000_May-2: High-Tech Firms Form Alliance for Online Component Purchases Fairfax IT
2000_May-2: Hutchison Moves on Data Network Following Spectrum Buy Fairfax IT
2000_May-2: Samsung to Auction New Goods Over Internet Digital Chosun

2000_May-1: Tech Chiefs Back China on WTO Membership South China Morning Post
2000_May-1: Toshiba Posts Record Loss, Fujitsu Back in Black South China Morning Post
2000_May-1: Start Tech Buys into Chinese Software Firm South China Morning Post
2000_May-1: Hollywood Praises Anti-Piracy Raid South China Morning Post
2000_May-1: Online Sales Likely to Boom South China Morning Post
2000_May-1: Two Mergers Could Leave Three Telecom Giants Korea Herald
2000_May-1: Local Chipmakers Increasing 128M DRAM Production Korea Herald
2000_May-1: U.S. Linux Company Enters Partnership with Korean Firms Korea Herald
2000_May-1: GizmoLand! -- Rage for the Machine ASIANOW


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