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2000_Aug-31: China Majors Wary of Possible Merger Synergies South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-31: China Telecom Introduces New Net Access System South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-31: Wireless Carriers, Equipment Makers in IMT-2000 War over 3G Standard Korea Herald
2000_Aug-31: Korea, China IT Leaders to Hold Forum Tomorrow Korea Herald
2000_Aug-31: Tokyo to Focus on Better Access to Internet ft.com
2000_Aug-31: Acer Revenues Fall 17 Pct. ft.com
2000_Aug-31: Wireless Growth Aids Telstra ft.com
2000_Aug-31: Intel, IBM Combine Forces on Linux E-Commerce Labs Fairfax IT
2000_Aug-31: SK Telecom Stops Supplying Mobile Phone Sets Digital Chosun
2000_Aug-31: Sony to Spend US$940m on Chip Plant CNET Singapore
2000_Aug-31: New Infobox 2.0 from HK Broadband Network IT Daily
2000_Aug-30: Class Action Brewing for China Mobile South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-30: Map Places Shanghai on IT Path South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-30: Korea-China Steel B2B Site Planned Korea Herald
2000_Aug-30: Setback at Telekom Malaysia ft.com
2000_Aug-30: Scientists Protest Against Outsourcing of IT Services Fairfax IT
2000_Aug-30: High-Tech Sector Wants Money China Daily
2000_Aug-30: Locally-Developed Technology Adopted by MPEG CNET Singapore
2000_Aug-30: Government Decides to Sell TSMC Stake Taipei Times
2000_Aug-29: Indian IT Giant Urges easing of US visa restrictions South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-29: Broadband company in Singapore wins funding South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-29: Korea to revise Internet-related laws South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-29: KT to debut Net service 3 times faster than ADSL Korea Herald
2000_Aug-29: Samsung shifts focus to digital media Korea Herald
2000_Aug-29: Daum claims 100 mil. page views Korea Herald
2000_Aug-29: Chinese dotcoms plan asset auction ft.com
2000_Aug-29: Coms21 to Acquire eGlobal to Boost Products and Presence Fairfax IT
2000_Aug-29: Yahoo Set to Expand Presence in China China Daily
2000_Aug-29: NSI Registry Adopts i-DNS.net's Multilingual Technology CNET Singapore
2000_Aug-29: DCM Opens AIX Centre in New Delhi IT Daily
2000_Aug-28: Sohu.com, CMCC Bring Olympics to China South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-28: Siemens to Participate in Shanghai Expansion South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-28: Time dotCom Confident of Snagging 3G Licence South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-28: Ministry to Promote CDMA Exports Korea Herald
2000_Aug-28: Las 21 Taps Japanese Market with Powerful Search Engine Korea Herald
2000_Aug-28: Korea, China to Set up Joint Venture Consulting Firm Korea Herald
2000_Aug-28: Mergers, Mobile Phone Licences Boost World Banking Fairfax IT
2000_Aug-28: S'pore Spends S$768m in Electronics R&D; CNET Singapore
2000_Aug-28: IBM's ASP Centres to Include Portal's Infranet technology IT Daily
2000_Aug-28: Legend TianXi IT Daily
2000_Aug-25: China Netcom Aims to Take Broadband Services Lead South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-25: 1st Korean-Language Linux Office Software Launched Korea Herald
2000_Aug-25: Naver.com Faces Probe for Privacy Infringement on Web Korea Herald
2000_Aug-25: Two Firms Team up to Offer Positioning System on PDA Korea Herald
2000_Aug-25: LGIC Argues for Asynchronous W-CDMA for IMT-2000 Digital Chosun
2000_Aug-25: SingTel May Join IT Firm in $1b Expansion Straits Times
2000_Aug-25: China Unicom to Further Expand GSM Network IT Daily
2000_Aug-25: Intel Introduces Netburst Micro-Architecture IT Daily
2000_Aug-24: Legend Takes Stake in Net Securities Trader South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-24: Seednet and Intershop in Partnership US Software Vendor Intershop South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-24: Samsung Electronics Has Largest Share of Global TFT-LCD Market Korea Herald
2000_Aug-24: SEM Develops Transceiver Using Bluetooth Networking Technology Korea Herald
2000_Aug-24: Korea IMT-2000 Consortium Decides to Dissolve Korea Herald
2000_Aug-24: Korea's B2B E-Commerce Market to Reach US$15.7B This Year, KISDI Forecasts Korea Herald
2000_Aug-24: Daewoo PC Receives Intel Award Korea Herald
2000_Aug-24: China Mobile Aims to Expand Abroad and Add to Services ft.com
2000_Aug-24: HP Releases Patch for Floppy Disk Controllers Fairfax IT
2000_Aug-24: Legend Aims for IT Leadership China Daily
2000_Aug-24: Korean Firms Top Global Large-Sized TFT-LCD Market Digital Chosun
2000_Aug-24: Chartered Semi Wins US$250m Manufacturing Deal CNET Singapore
2000_Aug-23: First B2B Oil and Gas Portal for China South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-23: Oracle, CateringX and Future of Asian E-Business South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-23: China Telecom Combats Junk Mail South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-23: Alteon, Nortel Eye China South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-23: Interwoven Sets Sights on Asian Corporate Web Content South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-23: Specialist Prepares for China Debut South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-23: Microsoft Penetrates Korea's Application Service Market Korea Herlad
2000_Aug-23: Daewoo Targets High-End Digital Television Market Korea Herlad
2000_Aug-23: Worldman Adds 8 Languages to Its Multilingual Search Service Korea Herlad
2000_Aug-23: Nations Face E-Commerce Challenge ft.com
2000_Aug-23: Reckon Sticks to Software, Curtails Dot-Com Activity Fairfax IT
2000_Aug-23: New Circuit to Better Link Beijing and Wuhan China Daily
2000_Aug-23: Daewoo Launches Affordable 32-in. HDTV Digital Chosun
2000_Aug-23: WTLS PLUS Security for Sony's GSM Handsets IT Daily
2000_Aug-22: German 3G Licence Sale Keeps Options Open for Hutchison South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-22: Great Wall-IBM Partnership Expands South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-22: ET Net Seeks Partners for Multimedia System South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-22: Mobile Users Face Heavy Price Burden If 3G Goes to Auction Korea Herald
2000_Aug-22: Venture Valleys in Taedok, Seoul Seek Cooperation Korea Herald
2000_Aug-22: HIT, Chunwoo Soft Enter China's IT Education Market Korea Herald
2000_Aug-22: Consortium Planned for Unified Korean-Language Domain Service Korea Herald
2000_Aug-22: Via Targets PC Segment ft.com
2000_Aug-22: IT Fair Looks Back, Forward China Daily
2000_Aug-22: Problems Lurking for IMT2000 Carriers Digital Chosun
2000_Aug-22: NTT DoCoMo to Form US Net Venture With AOL CNET Singapore
2000_Aug-22: Lucent Delivers Video Compression to China IT Daily
2000_Aug-21: HK Dotcom Early Birds Survive on Pickings South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-21: English Internet White Paper to Be Published Korea Herald
2000_Aug-21: Korea's CDMA Exports Up 55 Pct. in First Half Korea Herald
2000_Aug-21: Samsung to Invest W12.5 Tril. in Chip Production Korea Herald
2000_Aug-21: IMT-2000 Bidders Face Hurdle in Attracting Large Equipment Makers Korea Herald
2000_Aug-21: Toshiba to Double Outsourcing of Semiconductors ft.com
2000_Aug-21: 3.4GHz Spectrum Auction Attracts 9 Bidders Fairfax IT
2000_Aug-21: Capitel Producing More Mobile Phones China Daily
2000_Aug-21: IBM, Red Hat Partner to Deliver Linux Solutions IT Daily
2000_Aug-21: AMD Commences Shipments of 1.1GHZ Processors IT Daily
2000_Aug-18: Hong Kong's Silicon Valley Wanna-Be Snags First IT Tenant South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-18: Ariba to Make Huge Investment in China South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-18: Singapore's Efforts to "Dotcom" Its Businesses in High Gear South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-18: 24 B2B E-Marketplaces Have Actual Transaction Records Korea Herald
2000_Aug-18: KT to Offer Roaming Abroad with UIM Card Korea Herald
2000_Aug-18: Ministry to Activate VoIP Industry Korea Herald
2000_Aug-18: Webcasting Sites Exceed 700 Korea Herald
2000_Aug-18: Advantest Considers NY Listing ft.com
2000_Aug-18: EftNet Launches New Mobile EFTPOS Terminals Fairfax IT
2000_Aug-18: Singapore Can Rival Silicon Valley Straits Times
2000_Aug-18: Blue Spike Leads Digital Watermarking Tech Korea Times
2000_Aug-17: Dot-Coms Need to Be Patient in Southeast Asia Korea Herald
2000_Aug-17: BT Wireless to Pursue 3G License Here with LG Group Korea Herald
2000_Aug-17: Chipmakers Set to Boost Output Korea Herald
2000_Aug-17: Korea's Largest Game Venture Launched Korea Herald
2000_Aug-17: Korea's Domain Name May Change upon Reunification Korea Herald
2000_Aug-17: DoCoMo Poised for US i-mode Alliance ft.com
2000_Aug-17: Taiwan Telecoms Sale Begins ft.com
2000_Aug-17: India's Telephony Shake-Up ft.com
2000_Aug-17: Samsung to Roll Out Largest TFT-LCD Digital Chosun
2000_Aug-17: Omni Industries' Earnings Rise Straits Times
2000_Aug-17: New Digital Cordless Phone Solution for 900MHZ,2.4HZ ISM IT Daily
2000_Aug-16: Losses Widen at Two HK-Listed Dotcom Firms South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-16: Three Questioned over HK Pirate Music Web Site South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-16: Net Benefit of Online Signatures South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-16: Wireless Operators in War of Nerves over 3G Technology Standard Korea Herald
2000_Aug-16: Database to Compile Statistics on IT Sector in Two Koreas Korea Herald
2000_Aug-16: Raising the Technology Curtain ft.com
2000_Aug-16: NSW Government Cracks Down on Cyber Crime Fairfax IT
2000_Aug-16: AMD Cuts Up to 44pc Off High-End Chip Prices Fairfax IT
2000_Aug-16: Samsung Brings On the Largest Added Value Digital Chosun
2000_Aug-16: AMD Releases x86-64 Manual for 64-bit Computing IT Daily
2000_Aug-16: Netsol Launches ISP in Pakistan IT Daily
2000_Aug-15: China Unicom Merger Plans on Hold South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-15: Sega, Gigamedia Eye Taiwan Web-Gaming Venture South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-15: KT to Offer Telecom, Webcast Services for Family Reunions Korea Herald
2000_Aug-15: LG Electronics Becomes Top Monitor Vendor in Germany Korea Herald
2000_Aug-15: ACCC Seeks to Set Standards for Phone Access Disputes Fairfax IT
2000_Aug-15: Global TFT-LCD Markets Saturated, Prices Dropping Digital Chosun
2000_Aug-15: Sony to Introduce Notebook Powered by Transmeta Chip CNET Singapore
2000_Aug-15: IBM Introduces New Pricing, Upgrade for Linux on S/390 Servers IT Daily
2000_Aug-14: Motorola Sued for Copyright Infringement in China South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-14: Executives More Choosy as Hi-Tech Bubble Bursts South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-14: In Order to Survive, Dot-Com Companies Need to Act More Like Traditional Firms Korea Herald
2000_Aug-14: Hutchison Whampoa Takes Control of Andala Consortium ft.com
2000_Aug-14: India Fulfils Phone Shake-up Pledge ft.com
2000_Aug-14: 'Resisters' Are Most Common Techno-Type, Says Researcher Fairfax IT
2000_Aug-14: Tighten the Net on Computers China Daily
2000_Aug-14: National Semiconductor Announes 42-BIT Scanner-on-a-Chip IT Daily
2000_Aug-11: 'Big 9' China Web Sites Given Status Boost South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-11: Trade-Platform Hopeful MeetChina.com Secures US$30M South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-11: Internet Brings Ideas Unwelcome in Beijing South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-11: Seoul Earmarks W144 Bil. to Develop of Core Parts of IMT-2000 Equipment South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-11: IT Industry Output Grows 3.7 Times Since 1995 Korea Herald
2000_Aug-11: KT, E-Net Join Hands to Promote E-Commerce Korea Herald
2000_Aug-11: Chartered Semi, Lucent to Invest US$700m in R&D; CNET Singapore
2000_Aug-11: Orient Semiconductor Rises Taipei Times
2000_Aug-11: IBM Research Demonstrates Linux on a Watch IT Daily
2000_Aug-10: Yahoo! HK Matches Rivals with Launch of Cybermall South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-10: China Revises Method of Certifying 'Hi-Tech' Enterprises South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-10: Hong Kong WAP Portal on the Move in Taiwan South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-10: C-DN Says Service to Boost Net Adoption in China South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-10: LG Telecom Unveils Ez-Java Korea Herald
2000_Aug-10: Korea Is Leaving Japan in the Digital-Age Dust BusinessWeek
2000_Aug-10: New Communications Company Pushes Multichanneling Fairfax IT
2000_Aug-10: Software Goes Abroad China Daily
2000_Aug-10: Wafer Fab Built in Under 1 Year Straits Times
2000_Aug-10: Outlook for Chips Strong, US Firm Says Taipei Times
2000_Aug-9: PC Prices Hitting Rock Bottom Digital Chosun
2000_Aug-9: Citibank Picks SMS for New Wireless Service Straits Times
2000_Aug-9: DRAM Forecast Helps Winbond Taipei Times
2000_Aug-9: A$850m Optic Fibre Network to Be Built in Australia by Nextgen The Age

2000_Aug-8: Speed Comes with a High Cost Fairfax IT
2000_Aug-8: E.U. Decides Anti-Dumping Duty on PET Chips Digital Chosun
2000_Aug-8: SingTel Invests in Undersea Network Straits Times
2000_Aug-8: Micro-Star Starts Mass-Production of JNT-Based Thin Clients IT Daily
2000_Aug-7: CSIRO Scientists Slam IT Outsourcing Plans Fairfax IT
2000_Aug-7: RedFlag Linux Takes on Windows China Daily
2000_Aug-7: LG Electronics Reaches 6.9 Trillion Won in First-Half Sales Digital Chosun
2000_Aug-7: New Chinese Internet Police to Crack Down on Online Crime CNet Singapore
2000_Aug-7: SCV Pays "Millions" for UUNet Bandwidth CNet Singapore

2000_Aug-4: HK Arrests 12 over Fake Microsoft, Epson Goods South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-4: China 'Cybersquatter' Appeals for Public Support South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-4: Tech Leader Says Taiwan Firms Need China Presence South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-4: Hong Kong's Cyber-Port Lures Global Giants South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-4: Korean Phone Leader Surges on Data, Internet Sales South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-4: Gov't to Provide Financial Assistance to Promote Data Broadcasting Korea Herald
2000_Aug-4: Epostop, IBM in Trademark Battle Korea Herald
2000_Aug-4: Sparks Fly Again on Telstra's Tough Stand Fairfax IT
2000_Aug-4: Hyundai Electronics to Raise US$100M by Selling Shares Digital Chosun
2000_Aug-4: Aztech Systems Back In The Black Straits Times
2000_Aug-4: Macronix May Gain From Flash Memory Shortage Taipei Times
2000_Aug-4: Sybase and North 22 Form JV IT Daily
2000_Aug-4: New 3Com Switches Lower The Ethernet Enterprise Network Costs IT Daily
2000_Aug-3: Liquidation Move for Chinese-Language Bookseller South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-3: SecureNet Says HSBC to Join Hong Kong Joint Venture South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-3: Singapore Legal Review Eases Way for Global Online Ambitions South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-3: Sina.com to Use ClickServices Technology South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-3: Consortium Launched for Entertainment E-Exchange Korea Herald
2000_Aug-3: U.S. Net Transaction Solution Firm Enters Korean Market Korea Herald
2000_Aug-3: Sybase Strengthens ASP Operation in Asia Korea Herald
2000_Aug-3: Samsung SDS to Provide ERP System to China Korea Herald
2000_Aug-3: HSBC Takes Stake in SecureNet, C&W; Optus Venture For $US16M Fairfax IT
2000_Aug-3: Foreigners' Net-Purchase Pushes KOSPI Near 730-Mark Digital Chosun
2000_Aug-3: 3G Impetus for M1 Listing Straits Times
2000_Aug-3: IT Staff Shortage Hits Australian Companies IT Daily
2000_Aug-2: Hong Kong Firms to Be Allowed Multiple Domain Names South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-2: Sony Sees HK Debut of Wideband Mobile Services in 2001 South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-2: Singapore Launches Drive to Get Companies Online South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-2: Dot-Coms Demand Law Revisions to Foster Ailing Internet Industry Korea Herald
2000_Aug-2: LG TeleCom Develops Mobile Modem for PDA Korea Herald
2000_Aug-2: Qantas to Announce Plans on Internet Portal Fairfax IT
2000_Aug-2: More Support for High-Tech Hub China Daily
2000_Aug-2: LG Ships Notebooks to IBM Digital Chosun
2000_Aug-2: Prudential Sells Life Policy Online Straits Times
2000_Aug-1: Taiwan Semi First-Half Profits Beat Forecasts South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-1: China's Taxman Ready to Pounce on Web Revenue South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-1: SingTel, Lycos Asia in Net Content Tie-Up South China Morning Post
2000_Aug-1: 250 Linux Servers Infected by Denial-of-Service Program Korea Herald
2000_Aug-1: Internet Phone Venture Sejoo Enters Chinese Market Korea Herald
2000_Aug-1: Hyundai Clashes with New Global Economy Korea Herald
2000_Aug-1: Melbourne Company gets Grant for Mobile Phone Technology Fairfax IT
2000_Aug-1: Royalty Payments on Foreign Technologies Rising Rapidly Digital Chosun
2000_Aug-1: StarHub Links Up to AT&T; Service Straits Times
2000_Aug-1: Can't Control the Internet: Analysts Taipei Times
2000_Aug-1: Japan's IIJ links With Ayala in Philippines IT Daily


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