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2001_Mar-30: Nokia to Close Melbourne Research Labs Fairfax IT
2001_Mar-30: Hyundai Electronics Seeks to Raise $1 Bil. in GDRs Korea Times
2001_Mar-30: Samsung, LG Win Chinese CDMA Auction Korea Times
2001_Mar-30: Sony vs. Sony ZDNetAsia.com
2001_Mar-30: TI Shifts to Four-Day Week in M'sia ZDNetAsia.com
2001_Mar-30: Big Blue Lights Fire Under New Chips ZDNetAsia.com
2001_Mar-30: Richard Li Sets Threshold for B2C Success South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-30: China Net Users Spurn E-Commerce South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-30: Legend to Boost Workforce South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-30: KT Freetel Aims to Capture 35 Pct. of Mobile Market Korea Herald
2001_Mar-30: Acer Seeks Unbeatable Service ft.com
2001_Mar-29: Purchases of PCs Hurt by Sales of Used Equipment Taipei Times
2001_Mar-29: No Upswing in Sight for Local Semiconductor Firms Taipei Times
2001_Mar-29: MDC, BT in Joint Incubator Venture ZDNetAsia.com
2001_Mar-29: China to Be Largest Mobile Market by 2005 ZDNetAsia.com
2001_Mar-29: Carry, Cypress Unveil USB Card Reader South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-29: China Unicom Parent to Invest 20 Bil. Yuan in CDMA South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-29: China No 1 for Mobiles by 2005 South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-29: SK Telecom Sleeps with Enemy to Reduce Number of Subscribers Korea Herald
2001_Mar-29: Acer Scraps Plan to Split ft.com
2001_Mar-28: Open Telecom Pulls Off US$26 Million US Supply Deal Fairfax IT
2001_Mar-28: Daewoo Electronics to Sell Off 10 Non-Core Units Digital Chosun
2001_Mar-28: Free Hardware Design Library Proposed ZDNetAsia.com
2001_Mar-28: Quiet Please! IBM's New Hard Drives ZDNetAsia.com
2001_Mar-28: Oracle Sees Business Booming South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-28: Need Help? Just Call Someone in Bangalore South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-28: Copyright Laws to Encompass Net South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-28: Net Equipment Makers Advance into Japan Korea Herald
2001_Mar-28: KT Signs MOU on IT with Shanghai Telecom Korea Herald
2001_Mar-28: Samsung to Buy Net 'Failures' ft.com
2001_Mar-27: Hong Kong Gets First Sight of Mac OS X South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-27: Extra Capacity Adds to Chip Recovery Woes South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-27: Earthquake Boosts Semiconducter Share Prices Digital Chosun
2001_Mar-27: Pyongyang to Build IT Industrial Complex Korea Times
2001_Mar-27: VIA Provides New Efficient Chip for PCs Taipei Times
2001_Mar-27: Entrepreneur Wants to Turn PCs into Radio Receivers Taipei Times
2001_Mar-26: Creative Chief Says Crisis Worst Ever South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-26: Shadow Cast Over India IT-Sector Boom South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-26: PlayStation2 Shipments Hit 10 Million South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-26: IMIT Takes A Stab at Combination of Online, Offline E-Business Operations Korea Herald
2001_Mar-26: LG Telecom to Bid for IMT-2000 Service If License Fees Lowered Korea Herald
2001_Mar-26: LGE to Export Cdma2000-1x Equipment to U.S. Korea Herald
2001_Mar-26: Optus Sold to SingTel for $17.2 Billion Fairfax IT
2001_Mar-26: LG to Supply CDMA 2000 Service System to US Digital Chosun
2001_Mar-26: LG Telecom to Resume Bids for IMT-2000 Service Digital Chosun
2001_Mar-26: 3Com's Woes Hit Asia Pacific Arm ZDNetAsia.com
2001_Mar-23: Beijing Web Site Helps Job Hunters South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-23: British Robodog to 'Scare Off' Japan Rivals South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-23: Shinsegi Pioneers in Wireless Internet Service Korea Herald
2001_Mar-23: Hutchison Profits Drop 71 Pct. ft.com
2001_Mar-23: Finland Seeks Greater Cooperation in IT Digital Chosun
2001_Mar-23: VIA Awarded Ellison Order Taipei Times
2001_Mar-23: Transmeta Chips to Cool Off Intel? ZDNetAsia.com
2001_Mar-23: AMD to Unveil New Chips, Delay Others ZDNetAsia.com
2001_Mar-22: Asia, Europe 'Pretty Good' for Dell South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-22: Nearly Half of Australian Homes on Net South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-22: Compaq Joins M-Commerce Fray South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-22: SAS Software to Analyse Census South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-22: Nokia Advances into Local Mobile Phone Market Korea Herald
2001_Mar-22: Taichung County Loses Channels in Cable TV Dispute Taipei Times
2001_Mar-22: Nokia Enters in Local Mobile Phone Market Korea Times
2001_Mar-22: Dell, Samsung Ink US$16 Billion Parts Deal ZDNetAsia.com
2001_Mar-21: World's Fastest Mobile PC Processor Fairfax IT
2001_Mar-21: Korea Leads in Internet Access Digital Chosun
2001_Mar-21: Compal Gets Approval for China Plant Taipei Times
2001_Mar-21: Cell makers take aim at Gen Y ZDNetAsia.com
2001_Mar-21: Police Block Access to Chat Room South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-21: IT Leaders Confident Despite US Problems South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-21: Call Centre Services Market Set to Soar South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-21: Olympus Enters Korean Camera Market Korea Herald
2001_Mar-20: Sites Told 'Stop Piracy or Face Music' South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-20: Chinese Surfers Use Proxies to Go under Firewall South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-20: Korea's E-Consultants Not Feeling Pain of Tech Slowdown Korea Herald
2001_Mar-20: Mpman.com Under Fire for Unfair Royalty Program Korea Times
2001_Mar-20: Half of Taiwan without Net Access Taipei Times
2001_Mar-20: Notebook Makers Unleash 1GHz Blitz zdnetasia.com
2001_Mar-20: IBM Takes on Sun's Server Dominance zdnetasia.com
2001_Mar-19: Asia 'not serious about Web security' South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-19: Korea Telecom Launches 3G Group South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-19: Local Venture Firms to Boycott Microsoft over Pricing Policy Korea Herald
2001_Mar-19: Big Web Research Firms Enter Korea Korea Herald
2001_Mar-19: Advanced Silicon to Reduce Senior Salaries ft.com
2001_Mar-19: Solid Start for Australian 3G ft.com
2001_Mar-19: DoCoMo Aims to Start 4th-Generation Cellular Service in 2006 Fairfax IT
2001_Mar-19: Samsung Card Issues Electronic Certified Card Digital Chosun
2001_Mar-19: IT Firms to Be Sent to M-E Digital Chosun
2001_Mar-16: Law Changes Threaten Privacy, Commerce South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-16: Too Many Portals Fight for Ad Revenues South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-16: Compaq Unveils HK M-Commerce Alliance South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-16: Taiwan PC Makers Look to Net Appliances South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-16: Korean Robot Pets Ready to Hit Japanese Market Korea Herald
2001_Mar-16: Microsoft Launches Korean Language Domain Service Korea Herald
2001_Mar-16: Australian 3G Auction Draws $398M on First Day ft.com
2001_Mar-16: KT to Set Up Telecom Network for KEDO Site in NK Digital Chosun
2001_Mar-16: International Firms Show Interest in IMT-2000 Korea Times
2001_Mar-16: Freetel Enters Indonesian CDMA Market Korea Times
2001_Mar-16: Local Firms Outdo Others on Net Taipei Times
2001_Mar-16: IDC: 1.3M Broadband Users by 2005 in S'pore ZDNetAsia.com
2001_Mar-15: Chinadotcom to Take Hit from Write-Offs South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-15: SmarTone Posts HK$113M Interim Loss South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-15: Wireless Handset And Systems Exports Seen Surging This Year Korea Herald
2001_Mar-15: Korea Scores First with Fast Power-Line Net Link Korea Herald
2001_Mar-15: Korea: Asia's Hotbed of Online Gaming, Survey Shows Korea Herald
2001_Mar-15: Time DotCom IPO Investigation Called ft.com
2001_Mar-15: New Web Mail System May Drive Out Existing Players Korea Times
2001_Mar-15: Chunghwa Telecom Awards ADSL Contract Taipei Times
2001_Mar-15: Samsung to Sell Intel Networking Equipment ZDNetAsia.com
2001_Mar-14: Survey Rates Korea One of World's Largest Internet Markets Korea Herald
2001_Mar-14: Consumers Turn Back on Wireless Modem Services Korea Herald
2001_Mar-14: Gov't Unveils 5-Year Plan for Security Technology Korea Herald
2001_Mar-14: Internet Sting Traps India's Ruling Party Leader ft.com
2001_Mar-14: Korea Telecom to Stick with 2G ft.com
2001_Mar-14: First Steps Taken to New .info Internet Address Fairfax IT
2001_Mar-14: LG to Launch Fastest Read/Write Drive for Notebooks Digital Chosun
2001_Mar-14: Korea Telecom Phone Monopoly to Be Ended Korea Times
2001_Mar-14: Rivals Unite to Form Computer Display Giant Taipei Times
2001_Mar-13: Singapore Calls for Visa-Free IT Travel South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-13: China B2B to Drive Asian E-Business South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-13: Asian Firms Get Tougher Online South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-13: DoCoMo Stars in Net Awards South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-13: China Unicom Plans HK$468b CDMA Spend South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-13: Dreamwiz Rates No.1 in E-Mail Service Survey Korea Herald
2001_Mar-13: Single CDMA Network to Link Korea, Japan, China Korea Herald
2001_Mar-13: Prospects Bright for W-CDMA Service Korea Herald
2001_Mar-13: Manufacturers Not Ready for DoCoMo 3G Launch ft.com
2001_Mar-13: Sony in IBM Chip Link ft.com
2001_Mar-13: DVD Player Sales Jump Two-Fold Digital Chosun
2001_Mar-13: Computer Storage Industry to Be Bullish Korea Times
2001_Mar-13: Internet Economy Surges 81 Percent in 2000 Korea Times
2001_Mar-13: No Decision Made on 3G Licenses Taipei Times
2001_Mar-12: Singapore Cuts Minimum Bid for 3G Auction South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-12: Internet Portal Sites Link Banner Ads to Keyword Search Results Korea Herald
2001_Mar-12: PC Cafes Exceeded 20,000 Last Year Amid Slowing Growth Rate Korea Herald
2001_Mar-12: SingTel Hopes to Foil Rivals with US$8.9 Bln. Optus Bid ft.com
2001_Mar-12: Hyundai And Samsung World Leaders in Semiconductors Digital Chosun
2001_Mar-12: Caller ID Service to Be Offered Next Month Korea Times
2001_Mar-12: Nintendo Orders Boost Macronix Taipei Times
2001_Mar-12: Intel, Tech Shares Slammed ZDNetAsia.com
2001_Mar-9: Myrice Goes on Lycos Asia Regional Menu South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-9: Daum, Yahoo! Korea Deny Merger Reports Korea Herald
2001_Mar-9: Seoul Set to Help IT Firms Crack Overseas Markets Korea Herald
2001_Mar-9: Heated Debates Expected at Samsung Electronics's Shareholders Meeting Korea Times
2001_Mar-9: Hyundai Electronics Set to Shed LCD, Telecom Sectors Korea Times
2001_Mar-9: Hyundai's DRAM Output Cut May Help Spot Prices Taipei Times
2001_Mar-9: Sales Slump for Chip Contractors ZDNetAsia.com
2001_Mar-8: Foundries Driving Chip Industry South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-8: IBM to Battle Rival for HK Server Market South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-8: Cisco Plans New Initiative in China South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-8: LGE Joins Three Chinese Firms in Making CDMA Handset Korea Herald
2001_Mar-8: HEI Develops High-Speed, Low-Voltage Mobile Chip Korea Herald
2001_Mar-8: DoCoMo AOL Sets 1Million Target ft.com
2001_Mar-8: Information and Communication M&As; Increase Digital Chosun
2001_Mar-8: Digital Broadcasting Suffers Launch Delay Korea Times
2001_Mar-8: Cell Phones Make Online Shopping Safer ZDNetAsia.com
2001_Mar-8: 3G Plan to Be Finalized Soon? ZDNetAsia.com
2001_Mar-7: HK, Singapore Lead Asia E-Commerce South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-7: Regional Printer Sales Drop South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-7: E-Mail Security Market Heating Up Korea Herald
2001_Mar-7: Gov't Eyeing Certification System for Internet Banking Korea Herald
2001_Mar-7: Seoul Promoting Four New IT Centers Abroad Korea Herald
2001_Mar-7: KT Freetel, KT M.Com Merger Expected to Cost 1.4 Trillion Won Korea Herald
2001_Mar-7: A Nation with A Soft Spot for Hardware ft.com
2001_Mar-7: ITU Lauds New Fasttrack Standards Process Fairfax IT
2001_Mar-7: Internet Banking Shows Explosive Growth Digital Chosun
2001_Mar-7: PDA Makers And Online Content Providers Team Up for Marketing Korea Times
2001_Mar-7: TransAsia Cautious About Moving into GPRS Taipei Times
2001_Mar-7: Micron ASP HostPro Opens for Business ZDNetasia.com
2001_Mar-6: Red Hat Rides High in Crowded Market South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-6: SK IMT Formally Inaugurated Korea Herald
2001_Mar-6: Cyber B2C Sales Extend Growth at A Faster Pace Korea Herald
2001_Mar-6: ACA Sets 2GHz Spectrum Auction Start Date Fairfax IT
2001_Mar-6: Ministry to Crackdown on Software Piracy Digital Chosun
2001_Mar-6: Motorola Sells Wireless Operator Assets ZDNetasia.com
2001_Mar-6: Vitesse Semi and LSI Logic Warn ZDNetasia.com
2001_Mar-2: New Look for Thai Mobile Company South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-2: Consortiums for IMT-2000 to Be Incorporated Korea Herald
2001_Mar-2: 15 Pct. of Korean Mobile Phone Users Surf Wireless Web Korea Herald
2001_Mar-2: Korean Telecoms Carrier Delays 3G ft.com
2001_Mar-2: Three Quit Digital Race News.com.au
2001_Mar-2: Two Mobile Phone Giants Haggle Over Market Share Digital Chosun
2001_Mar-2: IBM Preps Voice SDK for Mac ZDNetAsia
2001_Mar-2: Desktops: Kiss Pentium IIIs Goodbye ZDNetAsia
2001_Mar-1: IBM Focus on SME Services South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-1: China Telecom Eyes Broadband Network South China Morning Post
2001_Mar-1: SK Telecom, Shinsegi Telecomm Start Limiting New Subscriptions Korea Herald
2001_Mar-1: Oracle Korea Launches New Venture Support Program Korea Herald
2001_Mar-1: Webcasting Sites Exceed 900 Korea Herald
2001_Mar-1: Intel Bows to Market Forces as VC Lake Dries Up Fairfax IT
2001_Mar-1: ROK to Groom 200,000 IT Experts by 2005 Korea Times
2001_Mar-1: Delta Picks Up NEC Order Taipei Time
2001_Mar-1: NSC Planning New Systems-on-A-Chip Design Center Taipei Times
2001_Mar-1: Nanya to Boost Profits with Speedier Chip Taipei Times


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