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2000_Mar-28: Taiwan's PC Makers Hail Easing of Rules on Exports to China
2000_Mar-27: February PC Sales in Japan Double from a Year Ago
2000_Mar-27: Twinhead, Tottori Sanyo to Tie Knot
2000_Mar-27: Spring PC Sales in Recess
2000_Mar-27: More Than 10 Percent of Families Own Computers in Tianjin
2000_Mar-27: SecuGen Japan Unveils Mouse with Fingerprint Authenticator
2000_Mar-24: '2000 Tokyo Toy Show' Airs High-Tech Toys from Playmates to Home Security Robots
2000_Mar-23: Toshiba, Sony Seek Notebook Purchases From Taiwan
2000_Mar-23: PCs Extravagances in Homes, Tokyo Mutual Life Survey Says
2000_Mar-23: Microsoft's Chinese Windows 2000 OS Debuts in Beijing
2000_Mar-23: WACOM Releases Pen-Input Mail Software for Macintosh
2000_Mar-22: Microsoft's Japan Unit to Get New President: Shinichi Ata
2000_Mar-21: PC Sales Remain Brisk, Spring Campaign to Accelerate
2000_Mar-21: Dell Leads in PC Sales Over Internet to Corporate Users; Gateway First for Consumers
2000_Mar-21: Palm to Establish Japanese Subsidiary
2000_Mar-17: Computer-Aided Counterfeiting Rises Rapidly in Japan
2000_Mar-17: Compaq to Develop PC Models Unique to Japanese Market
2000_Mar-16: CA China Launches Anti-Virus Software for Windows 2000
2000_Mar-15: CD-R/RW Market to Expand Rapidly: JEIDA Report on '99 PC Peripherals
2000_Mar-13: Toshiba Seeks Second Outsourcing Partner in Taiwan
2000_Mar-13: PC Unit Sales in February Rise 90 Pct. Y-O-Y in Japan
2000_Mar-10: Microsoft Launches Chinese-Language Version of Windows 2000
2000_Mar-9: IBM Plans Optimized 'Edge of Network' Information Devices
2000_Mar-9: IBM Launches Direct-Sales Assault in Taiwan
2000_Mar-7: Twenty Top IPO Purchases Hit US$22.6B in 1999
2000_Mar-6: PlayStation2 Predicted to Become Hit Product of 2000
2000_Mar-6: Spring PC Sales Campaign Hits Full-Scale
2000_Mar-3: Computer Associates Injects US$3.6M into Chinese Software Company
2000_Mar-3: Intuit, Guangzhou Suda Team to Develop Finance Software
2000_Mar-2: Japanese Enterprise Users Prefer Windows 95: Survey
2000_Mar-1: Korea's Trigem Completes PC Production Base in Shenyang


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