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2000_Jul-31: Seasonal PC Sales Peak in Second Week of July
2000_Jul-28: Taiwan's PC Prices Out of Line with United States
2000_Jul-26: Boom Expected for Cable-Free Notebook PCs
2000_Jul-26: Taiwan's Electronics Firms Prepare to Make Notebook PCs in China
2000_Jul-25: Japanese Companies to Expand Purchases from Taiwan
2000_Jul-25: Inventec Electronics Group Firms Compete for Notebook Orders
2000_Jul-24: Matsushita Trails Sony in Notebook PCs, Matsushita Chief Says
2000_Jul-24: Quarter of PC Owners to Use LANs in Homes: Nikkei Survey
2000_Jul-24: PC Sales in First Week of July Lose Steam Due to Supply Shortages
2000_Jul-24: Akia to Sell 14-in. TFT-LCD Monitor for US$550 with Desktop PC
2000_Jul-24: Taiwan's DynaLab to Enter Market for Net Home Appliances
2000_Jul-21: Sony Marketing to Introduce Digital Camera with CD-R
2000_Jul-17: PC Sales in 4th Week of June See Double Digit Increase
2000_Jul-14: Supply Shortage of PC Parts in Japan Worsens
2000_Jul-13: Oracle Japan to Release HTML Conversion Middleware for Cellular Phones
2000_Jul-12: Global PDA Production to Reach 10 Million Units in 2000: Nikkei Survey
2000_Jul-12: Intel to Slash Prices of Pentium III Microprocessors
2000_Jul-11: Chinese Firms Develop Handheld Computers
2000_Jul-10: PC Sales in Third Week of June See Recess, with Beckoning Summer Shopping Season
2000_Jul-10: Gateway Japan, Dell Share Top Place in PC Maker Support Rankings
2000_Jul-7: Nagano Police Investigate Video Game Piracy
2000_Jul-7: Compaq Places Notebook Orders to Quanta
2000_Jul-7: Hitachi's Face-Reading Tech to Help Handicapped People Operate PCs
2000_Jul-6: Adobe Systems Wins Chinese Copyright-Infringement Lawsuit
2000_Jul-6: Legend Group Eyes World's Top 500 Slot
2000_Jul-5: Legend Ranks Eighth on Top 100 IT Company List
2000_Jul-5: Acer Restructures Outsourcing Network to Bolster Efficiency
2000_Jul-3: Sony, NEC Desktops Drive Japan's PC Sales into High Gear
2000_Jul-3: NEC, Fujitsu Regain Popularity Among PC Buyers, Survey Says


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