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2000_Dec-29: Justsystem Announces Beta Version of Java-Based Spreadsheet Software
2000_Dec-28: Compal Plans to Build More Notebook PC Plants in China
2000_Dec-27: PC Sales in Japan for First Week of December Remain Brisk
2000_Dec-27: Japan's PC Sales Rise in Nov. on Strength of New LCD Desktops
2000_Dec-27: [IT Channel] PC Market Overview in Malaysia: The Distribution Business Viewpoint
2000_Dec-27: Inventec to Set Up Notebook Plant in Shanghai
2000_Dec-22: China Leads A-P Server, Workstation Markets, Gartner Says
2000_Dec-20: PC Version of Dreamcast 'Seaman' Game Debuts
2000_Dec-20: Gateway Eyes China's Computer Market
2000_Dec-18: PC Sales in Japan for Fourth Week of November Break Record in Value
2000_Dec-15: TurboLinux Bundles Linux OS with Game Software for Sales
2000_Dec-15: NEC Starts Sales of TV Board with Timer Function for Videotaping via I-Mode
2000_Dec-15: Acer to Close Most Overseas Production Centers
2000_Dec-15: Hitachi Announces Internet Terminal with Mobile Linux, Crusoe
2000_Dec-14: Palm Licenses Palm OS to Samsung for Use in Wireless Terminals
2000_Dec-14: MTX Increases Virus Discoveries to Record High in November
2000_Dec-14: Apple Japan Offers Bargains to Celebrate Third Anniversary of Online Store
2000_Dec-14: NTT DoCoMo to Launch 'GFORT' PDA with Pocket PC
2000_Dec-14: Cross-Strait Alliance Points Way Forward for VIA
2000_Dec-12: China PC Market Enters Readjustment Phase
2000_Dec-12: IBM Japan, Microsoft to Begin Used PC Recycling, Donation Program
2000_Dec-11: PC Sales for Third Week of November Top Second Week in Units, Value
2000_Dec-8: Microsoft Debuts Middleware for Win CE Devices to Receive E-Mail with Power Off
2000_Dec-8: First Computer to Set Up Notebook Computer Plant in China in 2001
2000_Dec-6: Survey: Consumers Pick Sony's Desktop PC as Favorite
2000_Dec-4: PC Sales in Japan Increase 36 Pct. Y-O-Y
2000_Dec-1: Sony Recalls Crusoe Notebooks, Following NEC


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