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2001_Jan-31: Sanrio to Sell Limited-Issue 'Hello Kitty' LCD Monitor Desktop PC
2001_Jan-30: Canon Sales to Start Selling Bluetooth Printer Adaptor in Spring
2001_Jan-30: Chinese Grow More Positive About Microsoft, Says Survey
2001_Jan-29: PC Unit Sales in Japan in the First Week of January Hit Record High
2001_Jan-29: IBM Japan Tackles Accessibility for 'Have-Nots' in Information Society
2001_Jan-29: Slowing Growth in Notebook Output Raises Concern over Fall in LCD Production
2001_Jan-25: U.S. Xpeed to Start Shipping ADSL Modems to Japan
2001_Jan-24: HP Japan Distributes Computer Virus from Web Site; Cause is Lax Linux Security
2001_Jan-22: Japan's PC Sales in December Mark Record-High Increase
2001_Jan-22: Taiwan's Acer to Produce Notebook PCs in China
2001_Jan-22: Desktop PC Sales in Japan in Fifth Week of December See Another Decrease
2001_Jan-19: Want to Try Limited-Edition Men's Suit with Pocket for Palm?
2001_Jan-19: World, Korean PC Industries Faltering Due to Supply Glut
2001_Jan-19: Acer to Debut Brand Name PDA Using Linux This Spring
2001_Jan-17: Sales of Desktop PCs Suffer Double-Digit Decline at End of December 2000
2001_Jan-16: Justsystem to Launch Enhanced Voice-Activated Word Processor in March
2001_Jan-15: PC Sales in Japan in Third Week of December See Slight Decrease
2001_Jan-12: Design Is Main Factor in Internet-Capable Cell Phone Purchases: Gartner Survey
2001_Jan-12: PC Processors to Speed Up Towards 2GHz in 2001
2001_Jan-11: Taiwan's Notebook PC Sector Sees Higher Sales, Lower Profit Margins
2001_Jan-10: Japan's PC Shipments to Rise 4 Pct. to US$59B in FY2001: JEITA
2001_Jan-9: Dell is Undisputed Winner in Product Satisfaction Rating: Nikkei Computer
2001_Jan-9: Sun, IBM Rank Top in UNIX Server Product Rating: Nikkei Computer
2001_Jan-9: PC Sales in Japan in Second Week of December Maintain Growth
2001_Jan-8: IA Industry in Taiwan Expected to Grow at Brisk Pace
2001_Jan-5: Information Hardware Output Growth to Fall to Single Digits in 2002
2001_Jan-4: MOEA Tracks Foreign Procurement Patterns in Taiwan, China
2001_Jan-4: Acer Announces Large-Scale Reconstruction Plan
2001_Jan-4: Twinhead to Set Up PC Plant in Jiangsu
2001_Jan-4: [IT Channels] Part II: Impact of the Internet and E-Commerce in Korea
2001_Jan-2: [IT Channel] Part I: Overview of Korean IT Market


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