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2001_Feb-28: Microsoft Improves Japanese Accessibility Software Page
2001_Feb-28: Sourcenext Debuts Peripheral Series for Beginners
2001_Feb-28: Japan's PC Shipments in 2000 Up 30 Pct. to 14 Mln.: IDC Japan
2001_Feb-27: HP Japan Displays Wireless LAN-Compatible Printer Server at Macworld
2001_Feb-27: Palm-Friendly Solar Charger, Movie Player on Display at Macworld/Tokyo
2001_Feb-27: PC Sales in Japan in First Week of February Increase in Volume, Value
2001_Feb-26: Apple Reveals Environment for Next-Generation Application Development
2001_Feb-23: Quanta Computer to Deliver Casio Crusoe-Based Notebooks in March
2001_Feb-23: Justsystem to Sell Audio Software with Net Music/Image Replay
2001_Feb-23: Mac Fans Not Happy with Jobs' Speech at Macworld/Tokyo
2001_Feb-22: Apple CEO Steve Jobs Unveils New Line of iMacs at Macworld/Tokyo
2001_Feb-22: NEC, Casio Unveil Notebook PCs with Transmeta's Crusoe CPU
2001_Feb-22: Zenrin, Cybird Start 'Vector' Map Data Distribution to Java I-Mode Phones
2001_Feb-22: Dell Japan to Strengthen Corporate PC Server Business in FY2001: President
2001_Feb-20: Sanrio to Debut 'Hello Kitty' Character Crusoe Notebook PC
2001_Feb-19: PC Sales in Japan Register First Increase in Three Weeks
2001_Feb-19: Ask to Launch Home Page Editor Software for Mobile Phones
2001_Feb-15: NEC Plans to Sell PDA in Japan by Fall
2001_Feb-14: Sony to Sell Mobile CD-R/RW Drive with Music-Playing Function
2001_Feb-14: Korean Web Game Vendors Enter Japanese Market
2001_Feb-13: [NET&COM21;] Viewing, Editing MS Word/Excel Documents on Mobile Devices Possible: iDini
2001_Feb-13: Procomp Informatics Muscles Into IA Contract Manufacturing
2001_Feb-13: Japanese PC Sales Continue to Fall Due to Seasonal Model Changes
2001_Feb-9: Sony Jumps Toshiba to Place 4th in PC Shipments: Gartner
2001_Feb-9: Jobs to Make Keynote Speech at MACWORLD/Tokyo
2001_Feb-9: Palm Seeks PDA Contract Manufacturers in Taiwan
2001_Feb-8: [NET&COM21;] Alps Displays Map Software for Sony's PDA
2001_Feb-8: [NET&COM21;] Red Hat's Software Makes MS Office Compatible with Linux
2001_Feb-8: Justsystem Debuts 'ATOK14' Japanese Input Program for Mac OS X
2001_Feb-7: Matsushita-Kotobuki to Launch USB Super Disk Drive Using FD32MB Technology
2001_Feb-7: Fujitsu to Give PDA Orders to Firms in Taiwan
2001_Feb-6: Japan's 2000 PC Shipments Break 10M Mark: JEITA
2001_Feb-6: IBM Teams Up with Beijing, Qinghua Universities
2001_Feb-6: Six Million PCs May Make Dialing Errors, JEITA Says
2001_Feb-5: Japanese PC Sales in the Second Week of January Fall to Half of Prior Week Level
2001_Feb-2: Rosy Prospects Predicted for DVD Players in 2001
2001_Feb-2: Sony Announces Vaio Notebook with Bluetooth Module
2001_Feb-1: Asia-Pacific PC Market to Remain Strong Despite Global Slowdown: Gartner


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