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  • [Computex Taipei'98] Three Makers Debut Slot 1 Chip Sets Running at 100MHz
  • June 5, 1998 (TAIPEI) -- Three Taiwan-based chip makers, Via Technologies Inc., Acer Laboratories Inc. and Silicon Integrated Systems Corp., exhibited chip sets for Slot 1 that run at the memory bus clock rate of 100MHz at Computex Taipei'98.
    The show is being held in Taipei from June 2-6.

    Via Technologies "Apollo Pro" and Acer Laboratories "ALADDIN-Pro II" have already been commercialized, and both are being marketed at a price that is about 60 percent of the "Intel440BX AGPset." Silicon Integrated Systems plans to make the first shipments of the "SiS5600" in late June. The price has not been announced.

    Giga-Byte Technology Co., Ltd., a leading motherboard maker based in Taiwan, announced that in mid June it will begin shipments of a motherboard that is capable of increasing the bus clock rate to 133MHz.

    The company will use Slot 1, which is mounted with the "Intel440BX AGPset" chip set, for the motherboard. Intel Corp. does not guarantee operation exceeding 100MHz. Giga-Byte claims the chip set can run at 133MHz by changing the basic input/output system. However, the company said it will not guarantee operation at 133MHz.

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